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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 30, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy and mild More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 90 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation m2-1711 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2111 High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon March 30, 1976 32 pages daily 15. Sunday 35carter, Blitz clash on peanuts Atlanta a Peanut Farmer Jimmy Carters race for the presidency has Given agriculture Secretary Earl Butz a Chance to push his Long standing claim that Peanut supports Cost the average american in higher taxes and higher prices. Butz charged sunday that Carter a is growing fat off Federal Peanut subsidies to which the former Georgia governor replied a i done to receive any a Check by Federal officials monday revealed that the Carter family farm in Southwest geor Gia has sold some peanuts to the government support program but Only $2,728.85 Worth since 1970. Carter aides however do not entirely dispute Butzu Contention that Carter is subsidized Quot indirectly like any other Peanut a it s never been our convention that Jimmy Carter As a Peanut Farmer and part owner of a Peanut warehouse does no to Benefit from the Peanut subsidy program Over All a said Carter Campaign spokesman Rex Granum. # How do Carter and other Peanut Farmers Benefit from the govern see Carter on 2a court hears arguments on death Washington apr once More the supreme court hears arguments on the question of whether the death penalty is such cruel and unusual punishment that it should be banned. Is the death penalty an a insensate lottery As lawyers for convicted men claim or is it a a Means of self defense for the members of society who have a right to be protected As one state claims9 the lives of 468 people on death rows in 30 states depend on the answers based on arguments heard by the court today and wednesday. One of the cases is from North Carolina the Appeal of James Woodson and Luby Waxton. They were sentenced to die upon conviction of fatally shooting a woman from Dunn during the Holdup of a store in 1974. Deputy atty. Gen Sidney eagles of North Carolina will present arguments for the state in defense of the death penalty. Atty. Gen. Rufus Edmisten also is in Washington for the court session. It has been nearly four years since the supreme court ruled 5-4 that the penalty As then applied was unconstitutional. All nine justices wrote separate opinions in that 1972 Case of William Henry Furman is. Georgia. Most of them objected to the fact that judges and juries had wide discretion in deciding who shall live and who shall die. This led to unconstitutional arbitrariness Many of the justices ruled. Since then 34 states have passed new Laws designed to meet the objections and death Row cells Are filling anew. The cases being heard by the court represent a Cross Section of the approaches Legislatures have taken to the capital punishment see court on 2a Arab rioters Are killed in Israel Tel Aviv Israel apr Security forces killed seven israeli Arab rioters today in clashes during an Arab general strike called by the communists. The government said the clashes were the first fatal skirmishes Between israeli troops and the nation s 500,000 Arab citizens in the 28 years since Israel became a state. The strike was called to protest the governments takeover of about 1.600 acres of Rocky unused Arab land in Galilee for jewish and Arab development projects. The government is to pay for All the land. The arabs were shot to death in four villages As rioters fought troops and police with stones and kerosene bombs police said. More than 20 soldiers and police and an unknown number of israeli arabs were reported injured. Security forces arrested about 200 rioters and suspected agitators. Most of the violence was entered in Galilee. Border police battled rioters at the Home of Nazareth s communist mayor. Tewfik Zayad a member of parliament who was regarded As the strike Leader. House considers Federal workers political activities Washington apr the House is preparing to vote on a Bill to allow government employees to participate in partisan political activities and is debating a measure restoring the Federal election commissions Power to pay tax funds to presidential candidates. House members Are expected to take action today on the controversial measure to repeal the 37-year-old Hatch act ban on partisan activities by Federal employees. A vote was not expected on the Bill to reconstitute the election commission until wednesday at the earliest. The Hatch act amendment is strongly opposed by the administration and president Ford is expected to veto it. Both the House and Senate have passed versions of the measure and the Bill before the House today comes from a conference committee empanelled to resolve differences Between the Chambers the measure would allow Federal employees to run for local state and Federal offices except for employees in a few sensitive positions in the Justice department the internal Revenue service and the Cia in addition provisions in both the House and Senate versions of the Bill would free civilian employees to take an Active part in political campaigns and would allow them to solicit and make political contributions. Opponents of the Bill worried that it would return government employment to the spoils system and would undermine Confidence in government integrity. But backers of the measure said repeal of the Hatch act prohibitions would merely Grant government workers the citizenship rights enjoyed by those outside government. The House originally passed the measure 288 to 119 last october More than enough to override any veto. Senate approval 47 to 32 on March la fell Short of the two thirds needed to override. The House rules committee on monday cleared the election commission measure for floor action approving the Bill by Only 8 to 7 because of some controversial provisions. Fac payment of Federal Matching funds to presidential candidates and their parties was halted on March 22 after Congress failed to pass supreme court ordered changes that would require All Fec members to be appointed by the president. Under rules established by the rules committee the House will Ponder not Only the change ordered by the supreme court but 14 other amendments and substitutes including one that would extend the Public financing concept to House and Senate elections. Other amendments would give Congress veto Power Over All Fec rulings and opinions and would set out ground rules for solicitation of political contributions by political action committees representing corporations and labor unions. The Senate has passed its own version of the Fec Bill but it appears certain the two measures will differ and will be shunted to a conference committee for Resolution May crucial month for Reagan for answers to questions or help with a problem rail or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Hamster stains q. Can you Tell me How to get Hamster wastes stains off of a velvet gown i have tried Many Home remedies but none of them seems to work. Thank you. Mrs. . A we did hear you correctly did t we you la have to put it in the hands of a professional dry cleaner who probably can t give any guarantee of Success. The damage May be irreversible either from the cause of the stain or the effect of the Home remedies we realize this was no laughing matter to you. But there a bound to be a Good Story in this. Did you just say Doodna tiredly a ooh dear a a and continue on to the ball9 letters to protest please occasionally action line receives Calls or letters from people who wish to urge others to Contact their state legislators congressman or some government official or Agency to protest or support something these subjects Are in the province of the editorial Page and the letter should go to the editor and be signed with the writer s address included top rated shows q. I am very much interested in the Neilson ratings. If you can will you please give me the names of the top ten to shows recorded by the Neilson ratings for the week ending March 13. Thank you. . A. Gary Robinson programming director for Channel 8, secured from the Abc network in new York the list of shows which according to the ratings had the greatest number of viewers nationwide for the week of March 8-14 1. Rich Man poor Man Abc 2. Welcome Back Rotter Abc 3. The wizard of of lbs movie 4. The family Abc 5 Happy Days Abc 6 High Plains drifter Abc movie 7 Laverne and Shirley Abc 8. Police Story no 9. Barney Miller Abc 10. Sanford and sons no a bit of history q. In class we Are studying Germany and the other countries of Europe. I would like to know who the German Leader is and How Long he has been in service and where was Hitler born . A. Our doing your Homework in t Good for your mental health . A so we looked up your questions for our Benefit not having the foggiest notion who the current German Leader is since Willy Brandt retired Helmut Schmidt succeeded Brandt who resigned May 6, 1974. Schmidt the fifth and youngest Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany was elected by the bundestag lower House on May 16, 1974. The president of the Republic is Walter Scheel but the Chancellor is the Leader of the government and head of the Cabinet. Hitler was born in Brunau Austria on april 20, 1889 needed Caner connection action line would like to hear of or from local people who can Cane chairs. Those on our old list Are no longer doing it or available and several people Are looking for a Caner. Thanks. Washington apr for Ronald Reagan the first four Days of May loom As crucial ones with a set of presidential primary elections his managers believe will make or break his Campaign for the White House f first Reagan plans an Effort to define in his own terms the issues of the Campaign for the Republican nomination that process begins with a nationally televised speech by the former California governor. Reagan s address is being taped today in Hollywood and will be televised at to 30 . Est wednesday by the neg television network which is charging $100,000 to carry the 30-minute address. With that. Reagan s Camp Hopes to revive the Challenge to president Ford Winner in five out of six of the Early primaries. Reagan a win was in the most recent test a week ago in North Carolina the Campaign overhaul was in the works before Reagan s upset 52-per cent Victory there. John p. Sears his Campaign manager said the initial goal is to define the issues in Reagan s own terms instead of responding to what has been said about him Sears said Reagan was Able to do that in fashioning his North Carolina Victory concentrating on questions of foreign policy and defense a and on charges that the administration is letting the United states slip to no 2 in military might. Reagan began his race vowing to Challenge what he called the a buddy system in Washington he apparently wants to go Back to that theme. The television talk will include a plea for funds but Sears said he doubts it will bring in much More than the program costs. Success or failure of the new Reagan push will not get its major test for a month Reagan is not entered in the april 6 new York primary and has dropped his personal Campaign for the Wisconsin primary the same Day. Ford will Campaign in Wisconsin Friday and saturday a we Don t have great expectations a Sears said a there Isnit any plan for Reagan to go there Quot Jack Nicholson and Louise Fletcher react after winning a wire photo cuckoo s nest sweeps awards los Angeles apr one flew Over the cuckoos nest a a movie whose message of Hope and perseverance has special meaning to the people who fought for 15 years to get it made became the first film since 1934 to sweep the four most prestigious Academy awards a a cuckoo a nest ups named Best picture of the year. Jack Nicholson As the Leader of a rebellious group of mental Hospital inmates and Louise Fletcher As the Strong willed nurse who keeps them in line won the top acting oscars for 1975 Milos Forman was named Best director. In addition Lawrence Hauben and to Goldman took Best screen adaptation honors at the 48th annual presentations monday night. A to anybody who s got a dream and there s a possibility that it s not going to be a reality just hang on it la be All right a said a cuckoo s nest co producer Michael Douglas accepting the Oscar for Best picture. That was the message of the film and of making the film comedian George Burns 80, became the oldest actor Ever to win an Oscar. His supporting performance in a the Sunshine boys was his first motion picture part in 37 years. Lee Grant whose Abc television series a a Fay was cancelled three weeks after it debuted last fall was named Best supporting actress for her role As an adulteress in a it happened one night Quot with Clark see cuckoo s nest on 2a Post office bankruptcy is feared by Jeffrey Mills associated press writer Washington a the deficit plagued postal service May be bankrupt within a year unless the Treasury department agrees to Grant new Loans to the postal Agency says postmaster Gen Benjamin f. Bailar. Bailar for the first time placing a time limit on the ability of the postal service to remain in operation told the Senate Post office committee on monday that some action must be taken in two to four months to prevent new cutbacks in service Bailard a testimony came on a Day when in to major East coast cities business deliveries were reduced to once daily. Such cutbacks along with the closing of Rural Post offices prompted the Senate panels hearing meanwhile the House postal service subcommittee was to open hearings today on a Bill to abolish the postal rate commission which has been criticized for lengthy deliberations that have contributed to the rising deficits in the postal service. What s inside amusements.5b bridge.8b classified ads8-11b comics.12b crossword.8b editorials4a financial2a obituaries .2b sports3-4b television .2b women a news6-7a weather.3a instead the Reagan strategy Aims at three primaries in the South and one in the Midwest All during the first week of May Texas with too gop delegates votes May i. Sears said a Victory there is essential then on May 4. There Are three More primaries in Georgia. Alabama and Indiana with 139 delegates among them get going there and Well have a Good shot the rest of the Way a Sears said. By the same Token he acknowledged that defeats in those primaries would effectively eliminate Reagan As a credible candidate Reagan himself avoids settling on any state vote As crucial to his Campaign saying Only that he intends to be in the race All the Way. In private strategy sessions As in Public. Sears said Reagan has dismissed without discussion the possibility of withdrawing. A the s been the most Adamant about not getting out a Sears said candidates direct fire at Carter new York apr for almost an hour the candidates took turns suggesting remedies for the financial plight of the big cities a things like More Federal Aid for education help with welfare costs some kind of National health insurance. Before they finished monday night the debate that began As a polite Exchange had taken on something of a a get Carter Quot flavor the target was Jimmy Carter Winner of five of six democratic presidential primaries. He and Sens. Henry Jackson of Washington and Frank Church of Idaho Arizona rep Morris Udall and former Oklahoma sen Fred Harris talked Urban troubles for 90 minutes in a forum sponsored by the league of women voters. All but Church who entered the race for the democratic presidential nomination Only recently Are vying with Carter for a share of the 274 Delegate votes at stake in next tuesdays primary election in new York. Activity elsewhere monday was at a minimum a Ronald Reagan challenging president Ford for the Republican nomination prepared to tape today a 30-minute speech to be telecast nationally by Nhuc at to 30 . Est wednesday night. Plans for the taping in Hollywood were announced shortly after Reagan persuaded Abc to reverse an earlier position and sell him 30 minutes of time reportedly for $100,000 All three networks initially turned Down his request for time. A Carter said in Roanoke va., before heading for new York City that he regretted having said last week that sen. Hubert h. Humprhey at 64, is too old to be president. Humphrey is not an announced candidate for the democratic nomination but has said he would accept a draft. A democratic National convention planners voted to open the convention floor to All of the party a members of Congress governors and lieutenant governors

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