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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 28, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather weekend fair More data on 2a 92nd year a no. 88 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., sunday morning March 28, 1976 126 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c Randleman Bicentennial it does no to take a big City to stage an All out Bicentennial Bash. Local support of a Small town a like Randleman a can be enough. Here citizens of Randleman Are waiting for the Bicentennial Parade to pass saturday. And people did More than just come out for the event. They came out in style a circa 1776. Many townspeople came out in colonial attire but the Young Man on the far right apparently had to make some concessions for Comfort with his Good old american Tennis shoes which in All probability did not exist in the revolutionary period. Additional photo is on 2a photo by Art Richardson Ford says nation on Road to Prosperity for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Days of the past q. This has been called into action line before about a month or two ago and we have not had an answer yet and it is very important. What Day of the week was May 3, 1898? thank you very much. h. A if it makes you feel better everybody question was called in a month or two or longer ago. The Day was tuesday. Perpetual calendars Are in every almanac and encyclopedia should anyone else wish to pinpoint the weekday an event occurred or will occur up to the year 2059 which should suffice. Planting time q. When is the proper time to put Strawberry plants out and transplant a camellia Bush thank you. Mrs. J. It a when strawberries Are to be planted in the Spring it is Best to prepare the bed the previous fall working in manure or compost or Leaf Mold. During the planting operation the roots should be kept in Damp Sphagnum Moss or Burlap so they Are not exposed to drying wind or Sun keep the soil moist for several Days Atter planting. If you la give us your name and address Well mail you some More detailed information on where and How strawberries should be planted and the Beds renewed. Camellias have their most Active growth period in late Spring and late summer so should not be transplanted during or Between these two periods. They should be mulched heavily to avoid drought. It is better not to Plant them near Walls or sidewalks As reflected heat in the summer can damage them. The recommended location is in Light Shade where there is Protection from Strong or drying winds. Sign does conform q. Why does our City permit the Atlas Massage parlor on South main to have a sign out so near the Street that the ones who have to go to the drug stores for Medicine can to see up the Street to get out. Other businesses have had to move their signs which were not even traffic hazards. Thank you. Anonymous caller. A. The City a chief building inspector Freeman Hill whose department enforces sign regulations says they checked this sign and found it does conform. A permit was issued for it the sign does not project into or Over the Public right of Way and he says in their opinion it does not impede vehicular visibility with the intersection of the Street and driveway. Restaurant management q. Will you please print in action line correspondence schools which offer restaurant management. . A. This seems to be an occupation that would require your physical presence in training for it sort of like bricklaying. Whether one is supervising the sauce and service or mixing the mortar there s so much to learn about ingredients proportions equipment timing coordination etc., that without practical experience the banquet or the building would fall apart. We have beep told by one manager that the Best ones Start at the Bottom and work their Way up so they understand each problem and facet of the operation. There is a textbook course at git and a Good one at Buncombe technical Institute at Asheville which has the facilities to practice food preparation if there is a course offered by mail you can find accredited correspondence schools listed in a reference Book at the Public Library. Los Angeles a president Ford campaigning in Ronald Reagan s Home state said saturday that America is on the Road to a new Prosperity a and we Are not about to take any detours now Quot a your economic recovery is going to be full and Complete and will be As healthy As in the Best years of the past Quot Ford said in remarks prepared for a luncheon of the California Republican state committee in Fresno. The president was winding up two Days of politicking in California. Ford collected about $600,000 for his Campaign Chest in fund raising meals Friday in san Francisco and los Angeles on saturday night in route Back to Washington the president arranged an appearance in Lacrosse wis the next head to head primary Battle Between Ford and Reagan will be in Wisconsin april 6. Reagan the former California governor who scored his first Victory inside rec school columns. Iding. Page 14c absenteeism problem. Page 2a capital punishment cases page16a editorial. Women s news. Sports. Television. Entertainment. Obituaries. Classified. Economic recovery to enter slowdown against Ford in last week s North Carolina primary wound up a Campaign break at his Southern California Home and went to Richmond. Va., for a saturday night speech. He plans a nationwide television address sometime this week the former California governor told reporters in Richmond however that he was having trouble lining up time from the major television networks. But he added a i think Well be Able to put together a pretty Good network of Independent among the democrats sen Henry m. Jackson of Washington campaigned in new York where he has predicted his second Victory in the state s april 6 primary former Georgia gov Jimmy Carter Winner of More primaries and delegates than any of the democratic candidates wound up a Campaign tour in new York and went Home for a few Days rest. By r. Gregory Nokes associated press writer Washington a although the country is recovering from recession the period of rapid improvement in unemployment and inflation May be about Over government economists say. The recovery will continue at least this year most economists agree but they also believe that the big decline in the unemployment and inflation rates in the past few months cannot continue. A in the six and one half years i be been Here i be never seen a set a statistics converge so nicely Quot said Sidney l. Jones assistant Treasury Secretary for economic affairs. But Jones added that a statistics can move pretty rapidly and then hang up for awhile a it s the hang up stage that May be about to begin. Although the statistics of recent months have made the recovery from recession look spectacular its really not Specular at All. In the opinion of some top economists. A it s about an average recovery Quot Julius Shishkin chief of the labor department s Bureau of labor statistics. Told newsmen last week. A i think that these declines it in unemployment and inflation will turn around that has always happened before and i think it will happen this time again a he added. The consumer Price Index which increased one per cent in july of last year has slowed sharply for three months and Rose just one tenth of one per cent in february of this year. That s an annual rate of 1.2 per cent. Which nobody thinks can be sustained for Long. Wholesale prices have declined or remained unchanged for the past four months and in february were nine tenths of one per cent below their level in october unemployment declined in february for the fourth month and was 7.6 per cent of the labor Force a full one per cent below the october jobless rate. The improvement in unemployment and inflation has been so favourable that the president s Council of economic advisers is preparing new economic forecasts for the year. Other economic indicators such As Industrial production retail sales personal income hous ing starts also have made notable gains but Shishkin told newsmen he would t be surprised to see the unemployment rate creep up again when the March unemployment report is released this Friday. He said the Normal decline in unemployment during the first year after a recession ends is about a 15 per cent drop it already As fallen Tine per cent and he predicted a drop of a another 4 Point to i of a Point somewhere in that neighbourhood during the rest of this Jones said in an interview Friday there is a some concern among economists that problems with seasonal adjustment figures have distorted the unemployment Index downward by a much As two tenths of one per cent which would be corrected in subsequent indexes by summer at the latest the big drop in the rate of inflation also is considered deceiving by Many economists. Chairman Arthur m. Burns of the Federal Reserve Board warned against an a euphoria Quot emanating from the recent Price reports. Both Burns and Treasury Secretary William e. Simon have said repeatedly that the underlying inflation rate remains about 6 per cent after subtracting the up and Down effects of food and fuel prices. A six per cent is still a very bad inflation rate Quot Jones said Friday bomb blast injures 85 in London Hall London a a bomb concealed in a trash bin exploded at a crowded London exhibition Hall saturday injuring 85 persons. Scotland Yard reported. A there were bleeding bodies lying All Over the floor Quot one witness said. A people were running and screaming to the exits and others just standing around crying Quot Anonymous Telephone Calls to British news Media attributed the bombing to extremists of the Irish Republican army. A Scotland Yard spokesman said the bomber apparently aimed for maximum casualties by placing the device in a plastic trash Container in a do it yourself Quot Section of the Home products show at Olympia Center about 15,000 persons attending the exhibition in the Hall located at Karl s court were evacuated investigators estimated the bomb contained about two pounds of explosives. Medical officials reported four persons lost limbs in the blast and 26 were hospitalized most of the injured including some children were treated a released. Earlier police reports had put the number of injured at 80 first reports from the Hall in West London said a Gas Cylinder had exploded but Scotland Yard later confirmed it was a bomb explosion a coded warning sometimes Given by the Irish Republican army was not received beforehand a Scotland Yard spokesman said but he added Quot i Don t know any others who Are doing any bombing around i be Ira is campaigning to wrest Northern Ireland from British Rule and police have blamed most of the seven bomb incidents in England so far this month on the Ira in Revenue sharing few changes projected by James Gerstenzang associated press writer Washington apr a House subcommittee is devel Oping a renewed Revenue sharing program nearly identical to the program begun by the Nixon administration and immensely popular with the nation s governors mayors and county executives. To the dismay of several Liberal democrats who would like to replace the program with a system of direct Grants under greater congressional control few changes in the 1972 program Are being approved. The House government operations subcommittee on intergovernmental relations has met for 12 hours Over the past two weeks hammering out a program to continue Revenue sharing beyond its dec. 31 expiration Date. Its decisions could be reversed or modified in future meetings in the full committee or on the House floor similar work is not yet under Way in the Senate although committee chairman Jack Brooks a Texas adamantly opposed continuing the program Revenue sharing is not expected to be dropped next year. Brooks admits he does not have the votes to Stop it. The program has distributed approximately $30 billion to state county and municipal governments since 1972, with practically no directions from the Federal government on How it should be spent. The Ford administration s $7 4 billion expenditure request for fiscal 1977, beginning oct. I has been tentatively approved by the House budget committee. That compares with the current $6 65 billion annual outlay. One third of the Money will go to state governments and two thirds will go to county and local governments. The subcommittee democrats have succeeded in shortening the next program from the 54 years requested by the Ford administration to 34 years they have rebuffed Republican attempts to increase the funding authorization by $150 million annually indicating they Are unwilling to go along with the higher figure sought by Ford however the Cost could increase anyway As a result of a provision guaranteeing that each jurisdiction will receive in 1977 at least As Many Revenue sharing dollars As it received this year. The original Over All economic formulas by which the Money is distributed remain intact after unsuccessful attempts to assist poorer areas by including in the equation a measurement of persons living below the poverty level the one fundamental change so far in the View of one economist assisting the panel is the budgeting procedure under which annual funds must be approved by the congressional appropriations system rather than being distributed automatically by the Treasury As in years past. Ballot Box stuffing switcheroo reported Kannapolis . A John h. Quot red Quot Mcintyre and his wife Vivian Aren t dead after All. But Rowan county election officials thought they were so the Mcintyre did no to get to vote in last week s North Carolina presidential primary. Election officials said the error occurred when someone mistook the main tyres cards for those of Mcintyre a parents and had the cards switched to the a a deceased file. A precinct judge refused to let them vote despite their having balloted in that precinct for several years. By the time the error was discovered the polls had closed. Mcintyre 52, was miffed. A i figure my vote is the Only free practice i have As a citizen to say what i have to southerners see new political Era by Robert b. Cullen associated press writer Raleigh . Apr Southern liberals Are cautiously optimistic that the defeats Georgia a Jimmy Carter has inflicted on Alabama gov. George c Wallace this year May signal the beginning of a new Era in the Region s politics. They see in Carter a Southern politician who demonstrates that appeals to racial prejudice no longer win elections and that a candidate can assemble a coalition of Blacks and Whites Carter did that in North Carolina where he won 54 per cent of the vote to Wallace s 35 per cent and in Florida where he got 36 per cent to Wallace a 31 per cent Wallace carried both states in 1972. Carters feat impressed Vann Woodward the Arkansas born Southern historian who now teaches at Yale University. A when a Man publicly says he intends to a appoint a Black Cabinet member and will consider a Black running mate and then wins in a Southern state. I Dan t help but agree that it s significant Quot said Woodward who is not endorsing Carter s candidacy a i done to want to be too optimistic or to exaggerate it but i would say it Marks a watershed an overt racist Appeal has been discredited. But whether it Means the salvation of the Black Man or of the South i would t know Quot he said. Historian Paul Gaston of the University of Virginia and southerners have been looking for an alternative to Wallace so negativism. They accept a Northern Liberal but at the same time they Felt frustrated and ashamed by the politicians who represented the South to the nation. Quot in Carter they see a Bona fide southerner who is not negative and they feel very comfortable with him Quot Gaston said former gov Robert Scott of North Carolina an Active Carter supporter said he Felt there were other factors at work in Wallace s losses a one was that he s been a candidate two or three times before he swearing thin the other was his health Quot Scott said but he also said that a Wallace s issues Aren t relevant Scott was referring to the busing Issue which was a major Factor in North Carolina s cities in 1972 but had died Down by this Spring. Southern Blacks have Given huge majorities to Carter in Florida and North Carolina they have seen it As an Opportunity to defeat Wallace. A that s Paramount. We be had enough of his stuff after All these years Quot said state rep. H m. A a Mickey Michaux of Durham ., who worked for Carter other Black leaders have been less than enthused about Carter himself. A in a not sure i know what he is or what he stands for Quot said mayor Charles Evers of Fayette miss Evers thinks Wallace has been unfairly treated because of his past stands a we can t forgive him for it but the fact is that he s not standing in the door anymore the Alabama Highway patrol has a higher percentage of Blacks than any in the country including new York and North Carolina Quot Evers said a when it boils Down to actual delivery i d just As soon have Wallace. I would rather Trust a converted racist any Day than a lifetime do nothing Liberal Quot Evers said. Nonetheless Evers thinks that the Wallace losses mean that the a Day of standing in the door is gone forever. Even White people have Learned How stupid that was Quot he raid

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