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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 29, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather showers tonight tuesday More data on Page 3a 92nd year a no. 89 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2181 High Point n. C., monday afternoon March 29, 1976 22 pages daily 15c. Sunday 35c with cuban soviet adventures . Strength questioned Washington a spurred by cuban and soviet involvement in Africa the issues of . Military strength and americans posture As a world Power Are being debated with unusual intensity in this presidential election year. The wrangling Over the weekend included democratic congressional leaders defending detente and the . Refusal to commit itself in Angola while former Pentagon officials attacked Secretary of state Henry e. Kissinger and warned that americans might is eroding. From separate quarters came these words. A defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld warned sunday that president Ford May veto the defense Bill if Congress pares his proposed lol billion military budget. A Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield claimed sunday that Kissinger was a talking off the top of his hat last week when he said the United states would not accept further cuban interventions in South Africa. A former defense Secretary James r. Schlesinger warned that the United states role As a global Power was a a diminishing while soviet strength was increasing. A House majority Leader Thomas p. O Neill accused Ford and Kissinger of political a Saber rattling against Cuba and warned that Congress will not a allow or. Ford to push the american people into an adventure against a retired adm. Elmo r. Zumwalt or. Claimed the United states got a a bad bargain in the 1972 nuclear arms agreement with Russia and he blamed Kissinger. A sen. William Proxmire accused the Pentagon of undercutting . Strength by pressing for highly sophisticated costly arms instead of conventional weapons. He claimed that More of for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Furniture Market attendance q. I think it would be of interest to Many people in High Point if we had an accurate statement in the paper of How Many people attend the furniture Market. I always see that each one is better and bigger than the last one and the attendance was up so Many percentage Points but that is in terms of Gross figures. I think it would be a big help if people knew exactly How Many people were coming to the High Point Market. Anonymous Man. A. Jim Casey director of communications for the Southern furniture Market Center says the number of persons attending is approximately 30.000 which includes manufacturers buyers suppliers designers and sales representatives. When they refer to percentages they Are referring Only to buyer attendance. The exact number of buyers is not released As a matter of building policy. He says the important buyer figure is the fact that the retailers attending this Market Are the ones who sell 85 per cent of the furniture sold in this country. They come Here says Casey because this is the place where manufacturers unveil their new styles and fashions. Aluminium recycling q. When will the Man that collects aluminium be Back at Westchester mall As a lot of people have missed him. Thank you. Anon woman. A on the last couple of visits the truck arrived around 3 30 by which time most of the people had Given up Hope and left we called the Reynolds recycling company office in Raleigh to see if perhaps the hour of its arrival should be changed to avoid the Long wait they said that before coming to High Point the truck stops in Burlington and is supposed to leave there at la a m. If the Driver sees the truck will be filled there he Calls Raleigh so a stand by truck can head for High Point. There s always a Chance of delays in this system a either in the time the truck leaves Burlington or when the Driver Calls Raleigh or from heavy traffic on the Way. For the time being the hours will remain 2 to 3 30. They will try to be at Westchester on time on the every other tuesday schedule March 30, april 13 and 27but please try to be patient if it should be late occasionally. If experience shows the truck is tardy More than on time they will move the arrival hour a Little later in the Day. But this change has to be made with the approval of the Richmond Headquarters of the company. Re action in answer to or. question about working on the alaskan pipeline it is not possible due to the new changes the first of the year. After my songs recent visit Here and his return to work on the pipeline he writes that All persons present and future have to fill out Many papers stating they have lived in Alaska one year and must be Able to prove it. All persons at present who have been there one year or More have to have a Grade a work card by the unions he works for. This new ruling is to eliminate the people coming in and to get rid of the surplus people already there plus the undesirables. My son asked me to pass this information on to All who ask As i have had Many Calls since he was Home. Canada also is making it More difficult to pass through to Alaska. I Hope this will help All those who have thoughts about attempting this. Work has slowed Down and Many Camps have closed As the line is nearing completion. Mrs. . Low Cost weapons would strengthen the military and at the same time save $6 billion. Rumsfeld in warning against cuts in the record . Peacetime defense budget said that in the past to to 15 years America has dropped from Clear military superiority Over the soviet Union to a rough appearing on Abc s a issues and answers program he said Congress has Cut $40 billion from defense budgets in the past six years. A there has been a mind set in the Congress that we can continue to Cut billions and billions and billions of dollars out of the defense establishment at no loss to our country s Security and that is false a he said. His predecessor Schlesinger. Charged that the Public has been lulled into acceptance of military cutbacks by a soothing stories which mask the underlying trends. As a nation we Are once again averting our gaze burying our Heads in the Sand a Schlesinger wrote in a readers digest article released sunday. Mansfield said that there is fat in the defense budget that should be Cut. He said America was a in a parity militarily with the soviet Union. A i think we spend too much Money on research and development of exotic weapons which done to turn out to be what their originators thought they would be a Mansfield said on cd so a face the socialists action $27 million suit filed against Fri Washington apr in predawn darkness on a deserted new York City Street an Fri agent broke into an office rifled the files photographed several Hundred pages and left As stealthily As he had come. That scene happened As often As twice a month from 1960 to 1966 As Fri agents carried out 92 burglaries at the new York offices of the socialist workers party and the Young socialist Alliance. Two other burglaries in i960 were conducted at the los Angeles Home of a socialist workers party Leader and the Hamden conn., Home of a Man the Fri said was linked to the party. The burglaries were described in 354 pages of Fri files obtained by the party in its $27-million suit accusing the Fri and other government Agen cies of unconstitutional harassment of Legal political activities. A these documents show an outrageous series of violations of the Law by the Fri a said Peter Camejo the socialist workers presidential candidate. The party is an old line socialist organization whose leaders advocate nonviolent Means to attain socialist goals a former Fri intelligence official William c. Sullivan also has said it is illegal for the Fri to use burglaries As a Means of gathering intelligence referring to burglaries As a Black bag jobs a Sullivan wrote in an internal memo in july 1966, a we do not obtain authorization for Black bag jobs outside the Bureau. Such technique involves trespass and is clearly illegal see $27 million on 2a lung cancer rate higher in East Raleigh apr no one knows Why but White males in a dozen Eastern North Carolina counties have been dying of lung cancer at a rate higher than in the rest of the state and nation. For example statistics from the National cancer Institute for a 20 year period show that in Carteret county the death rate among White males from lung cancer was almost twice the rest of the state. The . Rate from 1950 to 1969 was 37.98 deaths per 100,000, but the rate in Carteret was 56.6 per 100,000 dare 50.4 Craven 46 6, Pasquo tank 44.2 and Warren 42.1. The rate for the rest of the state was 29 93 per 100,000 from 1950 to 1969 in 1974, the North Carolina rate was 38 per 100,000. Other counties with High rates include Chowan Currituck Durham Hertford Martin new Hanover and Mecklenburg apparently air pollution is not the cause of the excess of lung cancer deaths Thomas Allen of the department of natural and economic resources said All those counties except Carteret Are a among the cleaner counties in the smoking is a possibility and a group of doctors at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will try to determine if people in the Eastern part of the state smoke More than those in the Western half. A if we find they smoke one and a half or two times More than people in the rest of the state then we have something a said or. David Deubner a cancer epidemiologist at Duke. Deubner said preliminary studies had found Only White males have the higher death rate from lung cancer and also from heart disease and stroke. A that argues against a general thing such As air pollution or something in the water a said Deubner. However researchers at the University of South Carolina do have a Grant to study the possibility or a relationship Between soft water along the coast and the incidence of stroke. Competition favored monopoly on mail May end in Dorothy hat ill top others by Sassoon a wire photo Washington a postmaster general Benjamin f Bailar said today that the postal service could go bankrupt within a year if the Treasury refuses to continue loaning it Money. Bailar has spoken repeatedly of mounting deficits but this warning to Congress was the first time he has put a time limit on the postal services ability to continue financing itself under present Levels of funding. A we have the capacity to be rendered insolvent within a year from now a Bailar told the Senate Post office committee in a plea for increased subsidies from the Treasury. A we need the Money and we need it now Quot he declared. Sen. Gale w. Mcgee d-wyo., has sponsored a Bill to double the postal services annual $1.5 billion subsidy for three years # schedules cited Bailar s testimony came amid controversy Over the postal services finances and operations and amid increasing favor Tor proposals to strip the Agency of its monopoly on first class mail. Federal Law now protects the postal service from Competition in delivering first class mail which accounts for 57.5 per cent of All mail by forbidding anyone from carrying first class mail for a profit repeal of the monopoly Laws would a let the forces of Competition provide this country with the kind of efficient mail service it needs and deserves a said sen. James l. Buckley con r n y Buckley introduced a Bill earlier this month to abolish the postal monopoly. Similar legislation has been sponsored in the House by rep. Bill Archer a Tex. Ford administration officials have said that Quot permitting Competition to the postal service s first class service probably would result in significant benefits to the Economy and to the mail user a the White House has urged the Independent postal rate commission to Convene a symposium of economic and postal experts to discuss the effects of the monopoly the commission is expected to decide within a few weeks whether it has jurisdiction Over the postal service regulations that put the monopoly Laws into effect. The postal service vigorously opposes repeal of the monopoly Laws at the same time the service has made some service cuts to reduce costs and has threatened other cutbacks the service anticipates a record deficit of $1.5 billion this fiscal year despite a Federal subsidy of about the same amount. Ham Iii Reagan refused by to networks haircut catches on by the associated press they May not be Able to do a Alamill Camel but hundreds of women Are getting the Hai Pill haircut. It s All due to Dorothy Hamill the 19-year-old Connecticut resident who won the Gold medal for figure skating at the Winter olympics in Innsbruck Austria while the olympic judges were looking at Dorothy a skating including Complex moves like the Hamill Camel a spin she developed herself women watching on television were looking at her Short swinging hairstyle and Beauty salons across the country report they re getting requests for the Hamill look. A it s amazing. Every third client if it s at All suitable wants the look a said a spokesman at Vidal Sassoon in new York. Sassoon a whose Salon charges a minimum of $22 for a haircut a is famous for Geometric hairstyles similar to the one worn by Dorothy. Several hairdressers said the Basic haircut a generally called a the wedge a has been around for some time. So Hamill on 2a by the associated press Ronald Reagan faced with the refusal of the three major television networks to sell him air time says they should Grant his request Quot in the interest of fairness and Justice As Well As the Peoples right to Reagan said that by refusing to sell him time Abc lbs and Abc Are denying him equal Access to the people because a the other contender a president Ford a can usually get network time whenever he requests it for an address that Isnit considered purely political. Meanwhile As the final full week of campaigning before the april 6 presidential primaries in Wisconsin and new York was launched Alabama gov. George Wallace said that if he does no twin the democratic presidential nomination this time he probably will retire from politics after serving out his term As governor. Wallace who ran second to sen. George Mcgovern in Wisconsin a 1972 primary said sunday on no cd so meet the press that he intends to continue his Campaign for the presidency until the democratic National convention in july despite defeats by democratic front runner Jimmy Carter in three consecutive primaries a Florida Illinois and North Carolina. The hustings were relatively quiet on sunday As Ford Reagan and Democrat Jimmy Carter All took the Day off. Following his North Carolina Victory Over Ford Reagan decided to change his tactics. He appears on the ballot in Only one of three primaries to be held next month so he decided to desert the stump so Reagan on 2a Bishop believed in Africa Pretoria South Africa apr Bradford Bishop jr., wanted for the murder of his wife Mother and three sons in Maryland is believed hiding in South Africa the head of the South african criminal investigation department Gen. P w. Kruger said today. Kruger said the United states embassy in Pretoria has asked the police to keep a Lookout for the missing Man. Bishop who formerly headed the . Diplomatic Mission in neighbouring Botswana is alleged to have beaten to death his wife Annette his Mother and his three sons William 14, Brenton to and Geoffrey 5, in their Maryland Home on March i and to have set the bodies afire in a shallow grave in Columbia . What s inside amusements8-9a bridge.7b classified ads7-11b contise6b crossword.7b editorials4a financial .2a obituaries .2b sports3-5b television .2b women a news6-7a weather.3a of slower rate . Reports economic gains Washington apr the government reported today its Index anticipating economic trends gained for the fourth straight month in february but at a slower rate than during the previous month. The Commerce department said its composite of a dozen economic statistics called leading indicators climbed by eight tenths of i per cent in february. That compared to a gain of 1.5 per cent in january which had been the largest increase in six months. The january figure was revised downward from an original estimate of 2 2 per cent. The Index has been gaining steadily except for a four tenths of i per cent setback in october. It signals steady economic growth in the months ahead although still at a Pace slower than before the nation hit recession in 1973. Commerce said the biggest Factor in the latest increase was a higher percentage of companies reporting slower deliveries from their suppliers. The percentage reporting slower deliveries climbed from 42 per cent in january to 50 per cent in february slower deliveries Are taken As a sign of increased demand and quicker economic activity. In All eight of the la individual sectors available in time for compilation into the february composite showed a gain. Among them were a lower Layoff rate in Industry an increase in the wholesale prices of key commodities a faster formation of new businesses higher Stock prices a bigger Money Supply after adjustment for inflation a higher volume of orders for manufactured goods and greater demand for building permits

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