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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 29, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Washington merry go round an Independent newspaper Randall b Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor tales of torture in Brazil and India by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate 4 a monday March 29, 1976 change in Lebanon More fighting in the civil War in Lebanon where More than 13,000 people have been killed in the past year adds to the misery death and destruction in a country once envied for its Beautiful coastline its hospitality and its apparently Happy commingling of european and Middle Eastern cultures Lebanon was also admired for the fragile balancing in its government of the interests of its Christian and moslem citizens. The government was always carefully structured to reflect the nearly equal division of the two religious groups in Lebanon. All of this is now destroyed by the War. Compromise might have been made a year ago with changes reflecting the greater number of moslem in the country As a result of the influx of palestinian refugees. The Chance for Compromise seems Remote now with the latest outburst of fighting in the Wake of the refusal of president Franjieh a Christian to resign As demanded by moslem. In the renewed fighting not Only in Beirut but in other towns and villages throughout the country the moslem appear to be winning militarily a significant Factor in the Success of the moslem is the support Given them by the palestinian guerrillas. Paradoxically. The Only Hope for the Christian phalanges party is the intervention of Syria in the civil War. Most of the arms used by the moslem forces come through Syria. Syrian president Assad has sought to act As mediator in the past achieving at times a Compromise agreement to end the latest round of fighting Syria has acted in the Lebanon crisis with awareness of the situation in the Middle East. President Assad reportedly has kept Israel informed through Washington about what has been happening in Lebanon. So far Israel has seen nothing to threaten her Security in the lebanese civil War. This condition could change overnight however prompting israeli intervention which would just As surely draw Syria fully into Lebanon that is the danger the War in Lebanon poses to the Middle East. A moslem Victory will change Lebanon the question for Syria and for Israel is one of just How drastic this change is to be. Washington our most tragic mail comes from political prisoners who have been brutalized because of their beliefs. Their Stark stories have been smuggled to us together with corroborative evidence by courageous friends and priests who have risked torture themselves to place the documents before us. We have just received More smuggled reports from Brazil and India. Once again we will publish the sickening stories in an attempt to stir world opinion against the torturers. For the suffering prisoners this is their last flickering Hope. In Brazil the renowned journalist Vladimir Herzog voluntarily appeared at an army interrogation Center in Sao Paulo for questioning. A few hours later he was dead the army put out the incredulous Story that he had hanged himself by his Belt after confessing to membership in the communist party. But the brutal truth according to the smuggled evidence is that Herzog was tortured and murdered journalist Rodolfo Konder has stated that during his own detention he witnessed Herzog s torture according to Konder s account he and another journalist were taken into an interrogation room where they saw Herzog they were Able to recognize him even though he was wearing a Hood. A guard instructed them to urge Herzog to confess to communist activities. But the hooded prisoner denied any part in these activities. The two journalists were led away but they could hear Herzog screaming. Later they saw Herzog again he was trembling uncontrollably. The next Day they were informed he had committed suicide Konder himself endured sadistic torture at the hands of the Security men he was beaten badly and was tortured with electric Shock. The torturers wearing hoods to hide their identities attached wires to his fingers hands and Ankles and then prodded him in the face shoulders and kidneys with wires from a portable Generator. Konder went into hiding after his release. Alfonso Celso Nogueira Monteiro a Sao Paulo lawyer was kidnapped off the streets by government agents in november 1975. He was subjected to beatings Semi asphyxiation and electric Shock for several Days. It Jose Ferreira de Almeida died in detention in Sao Paulo on aug. 8, 1975, three Days after his arrest. The official explanation again was that he had committed suicide but his lawyer reported observing torture scars on Almeida a body during a visit to the Center. The lawyer also contended that the ceiling of the cell was too Low for a successful hanging. One group of political prisoners in Sao Paulo has compiled a list of 55 prisoners whom they know have died of government torture since 1969. Of course president Ernesto Geisel has the Power to Stop this inhumanity. The world should hold him responsible therefore As if he personally applied the electric prods. Similar stories have been smuggled to us from India since Indira Gandhi seized dictatorial Powers. She should also be held personally responsible for the terrible tortures that have been practice in her name. Heart Kumar Bishnoi Leader of a Delhi University student group which opposes the Gandhi regime was arrested at a picnic. He was Hung upside Down and projecting the news Ozone controversy by John Hamer editorial research reports Washington a the Ozone controversy burst into Public debate in the mid 1970s with confusing and frightening suddenness americans were told that their use of aerosol Spray cans and air conditioners among other things might be endangering the fragile stratospheric Ozone layer that protects the Earth from solar ultraviolet rays. It the Ozone layer were depleted it was said the result could be More human skin cancer damage to Plant life. And even global climate changes cries to ban fluorocarbons a the allegedly guilty substances that Are used primarily As propellants and refrigerants a were heard throughout the land and the familiar aerosol Spray can was branded As a dangerous weapon that could bring ecological doom before Long however a catch appeared it turned out that scientists disagreed As to the seriousness of the Hazard no one readily knew How fast the Ozone was being depleted How Long it would take before a real danger existed or even if aerosol sprays were indeed the culprits. The american Public accustomed to cries of Wolf about the environment shrugged collectively and sat Back to await the final verdict today the jury is still out on the Ozone controversy. In april a special panel of the National Academy of sciences is scheduled to release a comprehensive report on the Ozone question the result of More than a year of study but the chances Are slim that it will resolve the debate completely. For if there is one thing on which the majority of scientists now seem to agree it is that a definitive answer on the effects of fluorocarbons on the Ozone layer is still Many years away fluorocarbons were not even suspected of affecting the Ozone layer until 1974, when f Sherwood Rowland and Mario j Molina of the University of California at Irvine began an academic study of what happens to fluorocarbons in the atmosphere their findings aroused a great Deal of alarm and a spate of similar research studies . Fluorocarbon manufacturers have pledged to Stop making the substances if a Clear and imminent Hazard is proved conclusively but since a ban on fluorocarbon clearly would have a significant economic Impact nationwide the affected industries argue strongly that any restrictions should be imposed gradually rather than immediately fluorocarbons Are used in More than $8-billion Worth of products manufactured every year in the United states including about $5 5 billion Worth of refrigeration and air conditioning systems and $2-billion Worth of aerosols fluorocarbon producers and related manufacturing industries employ More than 200.000 workers on an annual payroll of about $4 5 billion but fluorocarbon usage is estimated to be Only about half of total world usage the foreign manufacturers seem to be waiting to follow the american Lead beaten. Then burning candles were applied to his Bare soles and Chili powder was smeared into his nose and his rectum. Omprakash arrested for participating in a Satya Draka a a nonviolent resist ence movement was beaten mercilessly. He was also Hung upside Down and his Testicles were poked with a Rod. Narasinha Rao a graduate student at Bangalore had his hands lashed behind him with rope which was Strung through a Pulley on the ceiling. He was hauled a few feet above the ground and left dangling for 20 minutes there with All his weight pulling on his painfully tied hands. In Indira Gandhi s India this agonizing torture is called a the seven persons arrested by the police for putting up political posters were cruelly tortured at the and a Pravesh police station. Three were stripped and their bodies were burned with Wax candles. Indian lawyers who later visited the prisoners at the Hospital were horrified and lodged a protest. At i Duki prison a prisoner named than Garban was beaten with a Torch and a Farmer named Par Blank aran was beaten into senselessness. A blows were rained on his Chest with the butt of a Rifle a the affidavit alleges the two men were Given nothing to drink for to Days. And in the Center ring footnote an Indian spokesman denied the charges of torture. He said that political prisoners Are treated humanely and that the a Indian prison system is one of the Good ones a brazilian embassy spokesman said that it is Quot not the practice in Brazil to torture people both the Indian and Brazi Lian spokesmen claimed the reports of torture were propaganda intended to tarnish the regimes. A word edgewise pruning in the Groves of Academe by John p. Roche King features Syndicate the two fluorocarbons of principal concern Are known As full and f-12, which Are used mainly As propellants the other types of fluorocarbons Are More commonly used As refrigerants in Home and commercial refrigerators and freezers in automobile and building air conditioners and As solvents foam blowing agents and in other Industrial processes fluorocarbons Are the propellant in 50 to 60 per cent of All aerosol products and they constitute More than 90 per cent of All refrigerants on Earth fluorocarbons Are chemically stable odourless nonflammable and insoluble in water but when released into the air they Are lifted eventually into the stratosphere by wind circulation Here according to some theories Strong sunlight in the form of ultraviolet rays decomposes fluorocarbons and releases chlorine atoms capable of destroying Ozone molecules while no one knows for sure what would happen if the Ozone Laver were depleted significantly science provides some clues. Stratospheric Ozone screens out most of a Middle Wavelength band of solar radiation known As a ultraviolet a. Which is considered harmful to humans animals plants and Marine life. Each i per cent reduction in the Ozone layer causes about a 2 per cent Rise in ultraviolet a at the Earth s surface it is widely believed that this is Likely to produce about a 2 per cent increase in skin cancer cases. Although Many scientists Industry spokesmen and government officials have called for More research before a final decision is made on fluorocarbons Many others believe that the risks of waiting outweigh the economic problems that would be caused by an immediate ban a consensus seems to be developing that if the National Academy of sciences study essentially confirms previous Federal research findings then restrictions should be put in effect by january 1978 already the Oregon legislature has passed a Law to forbid the Sale of most aerosols beginning in 1977, and similar measures Are pending in at least to other states there Are also Bills before Congress to ban or control fluorocarbons but like Many other issues in recent years involving technology and the environment the fluorocarbon Ozone controversy tends to become More complicated the More it is studied the new s that an alumnus of the University of Rochester one of the Eastman Kodak pioneers left Over $25 million to that institution must have sent Shock Waves through College and University administrations from Maine to California $25 million and what s More he did not leave instructions to build a Pyramid in his memory the income is to be employed in general University maintenance no one unacquainted with the Pinch on our institutions of higher learning a Public and private a can fully appreciate the value of such a pile not tagged for a Monument million of pounds fluorocarbon production 2000 1500 1000 500 1958 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 a. Soung Federal inter Agency teak Force on inadvertent modification of the stratosphere unfortunately most schools Lack donors of such generosity and state Legislatures have been Busy chopping away at the budgets of Public colleges and universities Given the fact that education is. Next to the infantry the most labor intensive operation to be found most cuts have to take the form of firing teachers and administrative personnel and closing Down academic programs. As one who has taught for a Quarter of a Century and also has served time As a Dean of faculty i have watched this process of cutting Back with some sardonic amusement a and a Good Deal of dismay. What has happened As one might suspect is that everybody recommends Economy measures a in somebody else a area presidents provosts Deans and faculty can All agree on the first priority buildings and grounds so the number of custodians electricians carpenters Security guards and other members of the general work Force Are dismissed the faculty and administration congratulate themselves on this consensus a until events suggest that perhaps the downgraded nonacademic group the invisible men and women As far As the curriculum is concerned has More Utility than the elite Ever imagined the Library roof is not repaired a nor easter does $100,000 Worth of damage to the books the Bookstore and faculty offices Are robbed because the Security Force has been thinned out. Of a no More cuts there in fact better add More Security to Deal with the rape problem. At this Point the faculty and administration begin circling each other knives in hand the faculty position is that there is All kinds of fat hidden in the administration. What do All those vice presidents do they Are usually right the 1960s saw a geometrical increase in administrators. No president Provost Dean of faculty Dean of the graduate school or Dean of students feels existentially fulfilled unless he or she has a troupe of flunkies. This process is often hidden by naming As an assistant professor an assistant Dean but carrying him for financial purposes on the academic table of organization. A real audit by someone who knew How to read an academic budget would probably Lead directly to a grand jury if faculty have a Good Case for trimming the administration a As i think they generally do a there Are some Sweet academic rackets where presidents and provosts can get the professors in their crosshair. At the top of my list Are superfluous graduate programs of course to the faculty involved their graduate offerings Are pearls without Price. Given the academic marketplace for at least the next to years they Are also pearls without purchasers. With a . In a number of Fields and 50 cents you can ride the subway at this Point in the argument the deluge of High rhetoric begins the possibility of closing the City University of new York s graduate Center has created a Niagara Falls the main line of resistance is that you can not have a Good undergraduate program without graduate studies that teaching graduate students provides teachers with an Elan that spills Over to their undergraduate offerings frankly this is sheer nonsense my teaching Alma mater. Haverford College where i spent my first Happy seven years probably provides far better undergraduate education than any one of a dozen top universities where students done to meet professors if they re Lucky until they Are juniors. And i could name probably 25 other purely undergraduate colleges in roughly the same category. The real tragedy of faculty cuts merits separate treatment namely How to maintain the principle of tenure and still keep Young vital teachers who Are the first victims of retrenchment i will return to this at a later Date. Afflit vhf senator soaper at times even in this Bicentennial year we yearn for a Singer who would merely warble the tune without telling us Quot and that s what America is All Reading in the press about a extra marital sex Shotgun Schultz says he assumes that it Means Hanky Panky Between civilians. The Art Buchwald column no one bribes the . Washington one of the big problems in a National election is Money. Most of the presidential candidates who have dropped out have said they did it because the Well ran dry. Maccabee a Friend of mine is very bitter about the system and blames our allies for this. A a whenever a foreign country has an election the United states gives their politicians Money. Why done to they give us Money when we have an election a a Well for one thing Maccabee its against the a a it s against the Law in their countries too but that does t seem to Stop the Cia from financing elections All Over the world look at Italy. The Cia has poured millions of dollars into italian elections you would think Italy would show its gratitude by giving our politicians some Money in Exchange. After All Friendship in t a one Way a i done to think you understand a i said. A a the reason we support politicians in Italy is so that the country won t go communist. It s to our interest to see the wrong government does no to get in. Italy has nothing to fear from us no matter which party wins so there is no reason for her secret service to bribe any of our a that s just an excuse. I think the italians Are cheap. They done to want to spend a Nickel on our elections. All their politicians know How to do is take Money from us. But when the shoe is on the other foot and our candidates Are going broke they look the other Way. I think we should pass a Law which says that we Don t interfere in any country selections unless they re willing to interfere in a a that a not fair a i told Maccabee. A most of the politicians we be supported in other countries have accepted Money from the Cia on the condition they have to give it Back. How would we look if we went to a foreign dictator and said a look we be put you in office. Now it s your turn to give us the wherewithal to put one of our people in a Maccabee said a whats wrong with that a look what we did in Chile we made it possible for a Bunch of unknown army officers to take Over the country. Without our dough they might never have been Able to do it they re Riding High now. The least they could do to show their gratitude is finance our presidential elections in 1976. A a a but it would be i protested. A if Chile financed our presidential candidates they would be interfering in our Domestic affairs you Don t want that do you it a we interfere in their Domestic affairs. Iti bet you there has t been an election in the free world that the United states has t tried to swing with Money. In a not against it All i m saying is there should be a a quid pro quo if we help them get elected they should help our people get elected that a what allies Are a the Only thing wrong with your argument a i told Maccabee a is that intelligence agencies of these countries done to have Money to throw around the Way the Cia does. A million dollars to bribe one of our politicians is a lot of Money for them to a i done to buy that argument Quot Maccabee said a you know what i think most of our so called friends done to give a Damn about our elections. Of they May pay lip service to them but when it comes to putting their Money where their Mouth is they pretend we done to exist. The United states has been the most generous country in the world whatever a foreign politician asks for we give him without question. But when our politicians run out of Money not one foreign intelligence agent say a is there anything we can do for you a i Tell you they re All playing us for a a in a sorry you feel that Way Maccabee a i said. A a in a not the Only one a he replied Quot a lot of americans Are getting sick and tired of bribing foreign politicians and getting nothing Back for it in . I i

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