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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 26, 1940, High Point, North Carolina I mgr r by i ii j Chi it j in i it soc Chakales Sdoia f j i tor v if Toots we sva Oporto 1 h hire of f l a a ii id duh .llhi1 i or Mil pm Wisboro open i is it Kahihi aniline a a a a a of of of Outfield is our others big headache complaints with conditions such As they Are it is obvious that not is ill right with Tho world. Conditions Are deplorable. If it were lot that we Are sitting in this comfortably warm office with Lothing to bother us but the business of writing this thing it could not be amiss to describe conditions As horrible Boeing solicitous about humanity a welfare perhaps because of particularly Fine breakfast under the watchful Eye of Alec pc take our pen in hand today to lament our plight. First of All there is Piedmont North Carolina s Ultra Ultra golfing extravaganza the creator Greensboro Gus open. For two Days this stupendous spectacle comparable to a Hollywood premiere for those extroverts who must he Swanky has been thwarted by the unkind elements. One preacher name not furnished on request smirked with satisfy Atsion at the deluge of Snow. He As you might suspect has not patience with this sunday recreation business particularly on easter sunday. He was very pleased with the weather although his a a Gate at the night service was nothing to mention. While the preacher derived his Small satisfaction from the inclement weather the sponsors of the show Are inclined to be philosophical about it. After All they gratefully Point hut we be had two years of splendid weather for the tournament and ifs about time we had some hard Luck hut we certainly weren to looking for Snow. Hilo was please anyway the a snowing out of the goo is our first complaint of the Day. The dismal business now underway Between mister Ira nth Rickey and Joseph a Ducky Medwick should come i for some consideration under the head of a things ainu tight a tie Lusty punching Cardinal outfielder would be Orth at least $150,000 if or. Rickey and his associate Sam Deacon were to put him on tile open Market and the buyer mid by More than glad to pay the difference in the salary tiered by or. Rickey and what or. Medwick figures he is rth. Simple arithmetic if or. Rickey is determined to keep ii Medwick in his plate would indicate that the Sale of led Xvi cd would net the cardinals 290,000 a 150,000 in ale Price and 20,000 per year in salary for seven seasons hats a screwy figuring we reckon but you get the idea. Chih we would never believe that messers Rickey and Deacon would let Medwick retire from baseball under any circumstances the brass hats set tonight at Midnight As the Eadline for menu it k to come to terms a the Cardinal terms. My the danger lies in the fact that or. Breadon is opposed menu Lek s stand on the a principle of the he avers he 2,000 difference in t the real trouble. He a afraid that a of of the Cardinal hands might get the same idea next sea on if the St. Louisianans w in the Bunting. A they ought to Uit bickering and get Down to work third on the Agenda Falls into the classification of civic Pride. The chamber of Commerce entertained a week of business clinics during which most everyone had a Chance to get up and let out his or her pet squawk about a what is wrong with High Point a some of our squeamish citizens who shudder at the naked truth took exception to the truth timing told much preferring to play Ostrich with its head in the Sand. But during the whole time not one citizen got up to Point out that an adequate baseball Plant is needed in the City although Uba put Sims too in Fields at High Point College supposed for a Public of i was there and could have squawked hut it have been Cricket a. There a a lot More squawks but i m tired of them. Rent von sport i til ii nil ii p Ivy i Dii lilt Niz new Vouk March 26 up a or operative report tin Throe i foot a ii Tram in Tho South t fail will hot Lane. Duke Auh Genuo Soo. A a Wallace Wade. Uke s head Man is going around Carolina nit tournaments coking like to had just a allow of entire aviary. T anti it i it a t pm Golf score he la so proud of. Tithe1 Civ doll Istle Man a poor showing is the biggest Dos appointment of the Spring to Bui ferry. X Ong Al Davis who is Jot in very Good repute with polite Fristic society because of Brandy store smacking etc., Quot ill Given a terrific buildup Hgt the Ighel mph xxx irk Iski Sci vol we d like Long vacation Blit where is there to go when Golf in North Carolina is twice postponed in Snow. At tout iou. Scouts Here is the noun Cement you have been ii in. For. Down in Dix it Mere s an ambitions is boat Oldoni or to can hurl a Rock ii Quot feet with Leit aint and 2-7 with his right i. ,. His control is so Good lies j been barred from All the Hall throwing games at the county fairs. He does t Chew by j for a Root Beer or two on saturday niglis., he has hts i own uniform and a Home made j hat is 11ii which he socked a 400- foot Homer plumb Over the school i Hon a last summer ,. Hell work for #2 a week and his Board and i if he does no twin four of his first five games hell pay his own j Board. Alt he risks is a Chance. Ivs Larry Williams manager of the Lawrenceville a t j club has the inside 11ack.hobkirk thu Filiti sum in ton one of the Netter i Roadway bund Appretis Lite first out with figures on the major league races. In the american league the Vank Are , the red sox it the indians m i. Detroit Io-1, White sox him. Washington .�?~Io-1. Philadelphia 501 Ami St. Louis 2 my. The arils Are quoted i in the National followed by tile reds i cubs 6-1, dodgers Pur a by wrestling wed., March 27, 8 30 p. M. 119 s. Hamilton a steam heated bldg. Point n. I Ali. St nit card tickets $1.19 a tic a 55c promoter Blind world War veterans Serge i. Mcmahon flu nod hotel phone lid 17 main Kef it a is a out of 3 a so minutes Semi san Al. A is a chief Little Beaver one fait a is minutes Oak Nino a is. A one fall a to minutes ringside lit Kris on Sale Al Skeaton and Elwood hotels Section reserved for coloured fans Blackjack Haker Johnny Marrs Floyd Marshall Rosey red Ryan Allen Eustace bowl women Bon Ling is the Greaten indoors met Iii the w orld. It is a game that women can compete with men and some times a Soo Pound Matt find himself at the mercy of a ilk Pound girl. Join the coterie of women howlers every tuesday and thursday. It s thrilling and it keeps you physically fit. Arcade amusement company arc Ade i 11.1 1 no tournament officials Start flax tomorrow final 36 holes thursday by Bill Boni Greensboro March 26. Up it a the tournament committee postponed the second round of the $5,000 Greensboro open Golf tournament again today setting up a schedule that Calls for 18 holes tomorrow and the final 36 thursday. Fred Corcoran pea tournament manager inspected the Snow covered Star mount course and observed that today a Bright Sun promised to put the layout in shape for tomorrows round. The Asheville open will Start Friday As scheduled yesterday after an easter sunday snowstorm caused first delay in the Greensboro meet. Ben Hogan of White Plains n. Y., and Clayton Heafner of Mville n. C., were tied for the Lead with 69 s after the opening round saturday. During Idle Days talk turned to other things. Baseball was played first at Cooperstown n. A. And Cooperstown is the site of baseball s Hall of Fame Golf in the United states was played first at St Andrews in Yonker n. A. And that would seem the logical spot for a Golf a shall of Golf could use Surh an institution and it will have one if pres pm Plana of professional Golf a striation officials go through. In Britain there be no need for a Hall of Fame Over there. Memories Are Long and heroes live forever. Achievements of present Day golfers still done to rate unless they stack up favourably against those of Harry Vardon. Ted Ray and j. Ii Taylor. Theres a Static to Vardon at Torrington his old club. Ray at 65, still Drew a big Valle v in the 16 it British open. Memories Short in this country memories Are Short and heroes supplant each other at a diary Pace. Already Francis Quiret and Chick Evans Are Little More than names in the record Hooks. Yet Oti met was the Man who brought Golf out of the social Register into the tabloids. Evant was the first Man to win i he Amateur and the open in the same year i 9 of i and his open record of 26 stood up for 20 year. If the 3,000,000 american golfers were to vote today for the first contingent to enter the Hall of Fame certainly Ouimet and Evan would have to be among them. With them one would say should go Walter Hagen Winner of two it. S. And four British opens and five p. G. A. A Hampton ships four of them in a Row and still the most colourful figure in the same Gene Saracen who won his first title in 1932. Hts last in 1934. And at 38 is still Good enough to be Only two strokes Oft the Lead when and if the greens Boro Onen is resumed and Bobby Jones who. In Rase anyone has forgotten won i Quot v. 8 and British championships Between 19 23 and 1930. From i Here on it s every Man for himself and protect yourself in the clinches. John Reid president of St Andrews and one of the founding fathers of the u. S. Golf Assoc la Hon Walter Travis. Jerry travels Willie Anderson Only Man to win three i. 8. Opens in succession 1912141 Tom in Armour the Silver Scot Johnny Mcdermott. Open Champion in 1911 and 1912 dieted he vote and arguments about All of them. Deserved it would he deserved recognition tor every one. It would he Well associated recognition too. For even Tycobb in spite of All the honors he won at a player regarded his election t a the Hall of Fame As one or the greatest Ever received he told Fred Corcoran so. When the pm a a tournament Bureau manager mentioned a similar plan for Golf and to is an enthusiastic Backer of the idea. Starting with a foundation of old timers the next step would he to elect a new member each year. 6-1, giants 8-1, pirates to bees Ao-1 and Phillies 1500-1. A Spokas cocktail Tho n. Papers Are taking turns Selling the yanks again. Ten do is ago one had pm going to governor Murphy of new Hampshire. Yesterday another tame up Quot till a doubleheader bite from postmaster general Farley and former governor Cox of Ohio and by Joseph Patterson new York publisher and an associate. Who a next. Mrs. Ben Hogan says Ben who ran away with the North and South open always said head win his first big tournament by getting so far out front nobody could catch him. ,. Adi y Yankees Vale dept. It i possible tile x Yankee could use a Little fresh Don us at that ,. Anyway we see they be got the world champions bumping around Florida on a bus. Today ski est Stab Tom Meany n. World Telegram a a those rookies who were a going to go far Are on their Way to Rochester id Points Marrs is named referee a of Ryan and Ruder Boul a vim w a 11 a t a chief hoaxer backs out of match and will be replaced by Jake Patterson Johnny mane. Tho Memphis Toughie will referee the hotly discussed bout Between Rosy red Ryan of Philadelphia and Blackjack Hader of Kansas City Here in the main event wednesday night. Promoter sergeant l. Mcmahon announced Here this morning. The sudden shift of referees brought about by the demand of the Public also brought about another development whee chief Little Beaver. The much Hurt Cherokee Indian refused to go through with his contracted match with Marrs. Reaver gets Lyle feet Beaver was originally scheduled to have battled Marrs in the semifinal but last night got cold feet and backed out of the match. Sergeant Mcmahon then arranged for Jake Patterson the former intercollegiate Champion from Syracuse to Mee it mans. The Bange in referees for the main event Wax hinted earlier in the week by the promoter but he was not expected to come up with Maria who has a tremendous local follow Itig Here. The referee switch was Well received by local fans who have a lot of Faith in Marrs. The chief Contention surrounding Ernie Powers work last week in the main event was caused by his tapping Blackjack Hader on the Back a the Winner when a patently Ryan was having the Hest of the argument. The decision was greeted by a wholesale wave of Boos and jeers from the Crown while Rosy Ryan who put tip a great exhibition protested the derision with Fervour but could not get the Canadian to Bange his de. Ision Okay by Ryt a few Days ago Ryan corresponded with the promoter saying that he was coming to High Point fully prepared for any tricks that a Shader and the referee might try. With la sudden switch in official it is expected that Ryan will be greatly pleased. While actually a it Ballet for Marrs position in the Loral ring Ryan is believed to have a great Deal of respect for Marrs As an official. Xxx Hen contacted later today by the promoter Ryan told sergeant Mcmahon that the change was a Okay by him the curtain Raiser will see Allen Eustace and Floyd Marshall get together in a one fall bout. It will he the first bout her for Marshall in several weeks. In his previous shows Here Marshall was undefeated Eustace turned Back chief Little Beaver last week with a punishing Arm lock. Reserved seats Are on Sale at the Elwood and Sheraton hotels. Weather hampers Kentucky horses broken training schedule Max put Bielech out of Deriv Louisville Tkv a March 26.�? do a continuance of cold weather has brought uneasiness to the pitchers Are so much alike in a hard boots hopeful of seeing a i they Are Alt so Good against this Kentucky wintered horse win the t minor league Competition thru Mack will use movies to look v Over rookies Johnny Marrs. He will referee main event be to Veen Rov red Ryan and Blackjack Bader wednesday i night. Annual Pinehurst horse show one Hundred entries i Rin Ehorst March 26 a a eighteen classes were schedule i de for the annual Pinehurst i horse show which was held Here i today nearly one Hundred Fine horses were entered. The morning program consists of these classes Green Hunters i Handy jumpers thoroughbred Type Hunters bridle path Hacks children up to 18 years working j Hunters and open jumping the afternoon program Hunter Haks ladles Hunters Chil i ten 12 years and under lightweight Hunters two year old bar news Hunters Middle and heavyweight Hunters three year old harness horses Hunt teams open jumping stake. Championship j Hunters and a class for children i up to 18 years. Fights last night by the associated Prest Bai Timorfy a Louis i kids Cocoa 14a, puerto Hico knocked out Bill White. Iss Baltimore rat. Newark n Bill Boyd in. Baltimore knocked out big Jim Robinson 210. Philadelphia it. New Orleans a Jimmy Perrin 1 127 v new Orleans out pointed Al Reid. 125. New York <10�. Mtg York Abe Simon. 257 Brook Lyn technically knocked out by hard Rocki Harden. 1m�. Burlington. N a i a it. Hot Sprino Ark Eddie Linyer Iva dents. Tex technically knocked j out Tiger Burna. 142. Memphis. Term my. Hollywood March 26.�? ply a the motion picture in Rius try has claimed Connie Mark. He going in for screen tests the Boss of Philadelphia a american leagues xviii not become n leading Man nor even a producer. Hut he will he the Means of providing screen lest for a number of Young men within the next year or so. Here s Hose i in Smith Ace cinematographer and Rabid baseball fan Ai on the athletics Bench Whit Mack and scouts Ira Thomas and Phil Haggerty. The talk got around to Young players How to find and develop hem. Quot Why not take a look at them before you sign them a asked Smith. A i mean do it by movies explained Smith. A Xou know slow motion 6mm film. Equip Thomas and Haggerty and let them photograph the Young primed a they can get Hatting style running Fielding throwing and the rest that go to make interesting fads concerning Young and promising players. So Onnic Lack has entered the movies. His scouts will he instructed in camera technique and or. Mark can lean Hack and see on a screen the reason they recommend a Rookie. A a a a boys team guest at opening of women s do tournament St. Joseph mo., March 26.�? i pm in Spring even a Young woman fancy often turns to things other than Basket Ball. The women s National aau tournament opens today and the guest of Honor will boy a boys team. The High geared quintet from nearby Tarkio College Hull swished to the National intercollegiate title at Kansas City to Days ago has promised to attend the opening ceremonies. Tremy six of the team Are after the Crown held by the Galveston. Tex., Zanicos dodgers still a year away from Pennant Brooklyn Sui it till rack infield and i air Grade pitching by Gayle Talbot Clearwater fin., March 26.�? apr somewhat earlier than usual it becomes necessary to Tell the Ever Hope til Brooklyn fans log wait until next this is a paint fill duty. 1 0 a use the dodgers got their following even More excited than usual by climbing into third place in last years National league Chase and the Flatbush fans Are going to be loud in their disappointment if the team does no to do at least As Well this Lime ooh infield but that a the Point. They might have difficulty staying that High xviii Al their new players including outfielders foe Vosmik and Roy Cullenbine and the lilt in Squirrel of a shortstop a a Peewee Reese the dodgers still Are really sound in Only one department their infield. Manager Leo Durocher. Who imported and exported outfielders like a commission merchant All last season Stilt has t found a combination that suits him. All he knows for sure at this Point is that the towing Vosmik. Purchased from Boston for $25.oho. Will hold Down left Field. Despairing of finding an established slugger to patrol the Center Garden. Durocher is thinking seriously of Stirling the rare with 20-year-old Bailie Gilbert from Nashville in that important spot if he does. It can be taken As an admission thai the dodgers done to Hope to win this year but Are building seriously for the Lorn haul. Of Cullenbine can hit better than a cinch he did with Detroit he is for the third outer Post is a bail Hawk and owns in. Otherwise fall Bac k on in my Jim ripe1 in of the mine it not the kind of i a ads to make r he to n e unlike both Hie training amps Fred Haney to Haxe troubles Lien he starts pruning pitchers dodger leading a Grapefruit girl till in Home runs Harris give i p on Alban by the a it in Dot 4 Sun Laredo Tex. A theres a hard Job in is Ore for Fred Haney when the time comes to reduce the by Louis Browns pitching i staff. Until he can test them i a Ca inst major league opposition he won t name Een a limited list of players certain to be with the club when the season opens. A the Kentucky Derby Mav 4. Its going to be Tough to decide col. E r. Bradley a by Melee i which ones to keep a Haney sex it Treut 5-2 Winier Book Choice to j Plains Romp Home first in the $75,000 i added Churchill Downs Dassie Sec Ond re Hest Rac e to he run in America this year wintered at Bradley e Idle hour farm near Lexington a prolonged spell of inclement weather that has interfered with training schedules of Quot Bini Eye Aud numerous other Derby can Dada a both Here and in the Bluegrass prompted one track scout to remark a Elf we Don t get a break in the weather and that right soon you a an count the a boots a including Bradley and Bielech out of the Derby picture and atari casting your peepers around for some horse which wintered in the Derby nominees which have Bern favored this year by warmer climes include Andy k., por Ranco. Rough pass roman Flag pit. Prompt pay red Dock Gramps Midland Blue suit and crusader it. Several horsemen hovering around stoves in Backrooms at the Dow us ventured the opinion that a Ooi catching i on Angele a Gabby Harnett Chicago Libs manager who should know All Al Init big league catching. Rates All three of his Rookie receivers As la igl it Agio possibilities Boti Collins from i to Angeles is listed for the third string Jolt supporting Gabby and i Todd this season Clyde Mccullough looks Good except for weak hitting while him car old la Montgomery is Ron dered the Best pros tei i of All. By in War Haven Quot Fla Paul Dean who was planning to retire a few week ago now bps Hopes of clicking with the new York giants he tried his Arm pitching to batters yesterday then remarked. A so far. So Good my Arm feels great and the Ball was still manager Dill hoi face a Long exhibition schedule without two of heir important members Southpaw Thornton i Zee and third baseman Erie Mcnair. Both have sore arms. Yanek ire Henery is Winter Haven Fla a starting a roundabout journey bark to new York with today s game against the Gianta the world Champion Yankee disco ered they have not yet put their regular team on the Field for an exhibition game. Joe Dimaggio red Rolfe and Bill Dickey Haven t played much and Joe Gordon has been out five Days with a cold and a bruised thigh a. Might stay san Francisco Fern Lee Bidi valiant efforts to avoid returning to the minors is attracting the Pittsburgh pirates attention. The 27-year-old outfielder who came from i outs Volle in i wha is slated to go to Syracuse in part payment for 1/ong John gee. Bul he leading All the pirate batters with in .600 average. Roy1 i Terry was seen. Inferring with Branch Rickey of the Cardinal and its reported Heil like to get i fiddler Mcgee or Mort Cooper. There was Only an outside Chance what no cubans for a horse which wintered in Kentucky to win he Derby. The past Winter was the most severe Kentucky has experienced in years Ohl wig Cia. A manager Bucky Harris of the Washington senators has about Given up How a of getting any Star base Ball players from Cuba. The current cause of his disappointment Are Gilberto Torres Bene Monteagudo and Roberto Odic. Alejandro 4 Arra Aquel. From Venezuela had t pleased him either. Dodgers Homer Bradenton. Fla off the wrestling last night by the Anent id prom Camden n. A a Jim i on Doe Soo Greece threw Loa Plummer 242. Chicago. 45 35 off hand. We d say that of the present crop you might Den Ralph j record. Brooklyn dodgers Arr a he Guldahl because he won the open j leading Long distance Clouter of two years in a Row and Lawson the a a Grapefruit six Little who May not have done so homers against Detroit yesterday Well As a pro out still stands in the books As the Man who won the u. S. And British amateurs in 1934 and 1936. If you want to argue so must ii the better. Its arguments that will help keep the Ball rolling. A two each by Joe Vesnick and Peewee Reese a brought their total to 22 this Spring. White sox tailings Hollywood calif., a the Hornet a re Hon nil Chicago White Cronin injured Sarasota Fla manager Joe Cronin of the ohs ton red sox who recently was Laid up with a severe cold is out of the lineup again for today game with Newark. This time it s a bad ankle Dom Dimaggio still limping after a workout yesterday is expected to see action within a week a a in a keeps Rookie Miami. Reach. Al a. A the Phillies have returned three rookies to Portsmouth \ a. A infielder Al Monchak Pitcher Ray Clark and first baseman Paul Sohomen. Its a different Story with Boh Stragan Young shortstop. Says Doc Prothro a a in be already told Ragan that lie s coming to shill Park with us a a i. Roi Tai crossing Tampa fit a the Cincinnati reds May return to Havana next year a there la a $6,000 guarantee a but the players say if hey new a see Cuba again it will he too soon. In addition to getting Only a draw in games the voyage Back was rough. The reds resume their Quot grape fruit Campaign tomorrow against the giants picked by manager Bill Mckech Nie As the a dark horse team in the National league. Throwing to her mils Ernie lox Ai Good fielders by that Brooklyn Pennant contender colourful addition Young Gilbert incidentally will make a olm fill addition to base Ball even though they might be Rush i ii a him a trifle he in a son of Larry Gilbert of the famous Bolton braves of 1914, and he attended his first Hall game a the Ripe sue of 12 Days in a Baske. His father now is manager and part owner of the Nashville club. Everybody around Here seems to think that Reese the $50,000 kid from Louisville i on his Way right now toward shortstop immortality. That is quite a Burden to place on an undersized youngster Only two year out of la Church league hut it must be admitted that Reese looks like a natural he is going to get every Chati e. For Durocher is nursing a sore Arm this Spring and is anxious to retire to the Bench anyway. The other cogs of a Slick infield Are Doit Ramilli at firs Pete co apart who drove across the winning run in the All Star game at set Ond and cookie Lavagetto at third. Whether the dodgers will have Good pitching or Only Ordinary. Appeals to depend upon Whitlow we att a ability to Field bunts and cover first base with his Gimpy knee. A hit proved himself one of the games great pitchers before he was Hurt last season and it became necessary to remove a hip of Bone from his knee. Confident the big fellow limps now when he runs hut he s working like a horse to overcome the Handicap and is cheerfully confident hell be a Willier. A sure it would be a help to the club if i come Back big.11 he admitted. A but i la Tell you it would be even a bigger help to or. Wyatt a Hugh Casey and Luke Hamlin can be depended on to pitch Quot inning Ball and every Spring the Hope revives that Van Mungo Quot ill come balt Of and when Mungo vet in action a ii. Dennis voter in in Pound Amateur Faro Painter xviii p t his Quot boxes on a Ira in Friday till it in Lite inter Cit y in it Chii tween Myli Point and but intr ton. Dennis is an exper need hand at to or lit Iii or. I of us a in Ca vim style hat Puzzle i opponents and carries a sock in Cit Lier hand. Estelle Lawson Page opens defense of North and South Pinehurst March 2 6 ,.4\ mrs. Estelle Lawson Page Chapel Hill House w the will beg in defense of her title today in a eth annual North and South Quot it men s Gulf tournament. The tournament was to Huv stalled yesterday but was to turned because or no Quot. I he s teen to Quot scorers in today s i Hole qualifying play will cot Menee match play tomorrow mrs. Page face a Large Fie 1 Quot huh includes Sinh stat it a a Dorothy Kirby of Atlanta. I Jean Bailer of Providence r. Betty Abernethy of Pittsburg j j. Law Lor of new r Che he n. Deborah Terry it xxx on it Ster mass., Aud Helot Xiv lug of Pinehurst is Tainter. It. Of Fargo n d Alucs William 16. Of new of or does recapture his on e ability the dodgers Wil thirty million a and Ruck operators Are learning that tire recaps pay and Well he glad to give you positive proof Aux Day. Gome in and Quot axe mile Cost. Hiatt tire co. Station no. I Lui West ill a a Street phones 2872 Hoo 2 great new gasoline Esse St for pacs1 Wasp iss Esse Standard Oil company of new Jersey

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