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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 26, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Tuesday March pm. Ivy un1 fur j re it Tittl j Lulu mul Quot i urn pm the Enterprise Page of entertainment for the famil Cross word Puzzle a serial Story Pioneer settler horizontal answer to previous Puzzle 1,7 most famous re y mormon 114 official. 11 stray child. 12 to run away. 14 respectful titles. 16 god of War. 17 removal from throne. 19 greek letter. 20 Pound abbr. 21 old garment. 22 ribbed fabric. 24 before Christ 42 preposition. 43 Sun. 45 cavity. 46 influenza. 47 cleansing substance. 49 lukewarm. 52 skin. 53 Winter rain. 55 name. 56 deportment. 57 he was the mormon a or Community head pm. 9 Type Standard 58 he was also 41 incarnation of the High a a Vishnu. Pm. Abbr. 25 visitor. 27 rested on Knees. 29 Heron. 31 White tailed Eagle. 33 to vex. 34 doctor abbr. 35 highest intellect. 36 affray. 8 note in scale vertical 1 Sharp projection. 2 Long Inlet. 3 in Case that. 4 takes notice of. 5 High Mountain. 6 lunar orb. 7 to Long. 8 plural pronoun. 9 aphid egg. Ioto snatch. La he settled his people in the Utah -. 13 postscript abbr. 15 he built up a Community in Utah. 17 composition for two. 18 opposed to weather. 21 one who duels. 23 fullness. 25 fierce. 26 menaces. 28 jogging gait. 30 to leave. 32 chaos. 34 to abdicate. 37 to lick up. 40 Large Deer. 42 fragrant. 44 flannel. 46 lawyers charges. 48 seed bag. 50 italian River. 51 Little Devil. 52 pastry. 54 you and i. 56 note in scale. $15 a week by Louise Holmes copyright. 940 Nia sir Vicc. Inc Ann How do you like being somebody a Flunky Quot Ann said Quot i like my what would Clara think she wondered if she knew that Ann was one of the Temple family that she had definitely decided ast of characters a Browne orphan daughter of a Gambler alone in an unfriendly Ell j. I acl Hayden a stink room boy with ambition. Steve Claybourne a wealthy Piny boy. Clara Brooks dime store to marry Steve Claybourne. The counter girl. Next a Nie inquired. Quot when will Iben e tem pc _ society it Quot of break Down and marry me Quot Debutante. J so was Rea 1>�?T to say Quot in veal i ready broken Down. Hadnot you yesterday Steve lugs Ann noticed Quot to marry him even quit drink suddenly Clara jumped from lug. She is tempted but her love her chair exclaiming. Quot gee Whiz for Paul cannot in denied. Before j a in be been holding two letters for she decides however she has a Yeti Ever since you went away Chance to revisit t Iara and her it s just Lucky i thought of them former friends. Might have let you get. Away. Chapter xxx where did i put those letters a Ann ran up the familiar stairs she rushed to the bedroom and of mrs rollers Rooming House. Ann followed. She wore a slim Little dress and Paul it had never occurred to Short fur jacket. A Slicer veil her that he might write. He had Hung from a very Small hat. Her gone away to rid himself of her. Shoes had not come from an Alley Paul involuntarily her hands shop. She tapped lightly on went out for the letters. Claras door. I Clara was scrambling through Quot come in a the door ainu to an untidy Dresser drawer. Quot i put Claras voice. Ann went them Here somewhere its been in. Stumbling Over a China dog. So Long where in the Dickens the place reeked of cooking cab Joh a triumphantly she pro Bage. Artificial Flowers sprouted dined them. From every Nook and col Lier. 1 Ami s eager fingers closed on j Quot hello Clara ifs t the envelopes. They were Post Clara flew from the bedroom marked. one was she threw both arms around Ann. Dated Lune 2. The other Lune 25. Quot Yon Sweet old she almost four months since Paul squealed. Quot gee. You look Quot we them. Why Haven t you come into the Ann was wild to be off. Quot i must store done to you need notions no along a she said. A Tell Roy any More a that a a swell thing that i m sorry to have missed j you re wearing did you make she kissed Clara warmly. Goodby dear a she said. Quot Goodby. Ann. Come i it?�?oh., in be got so much to Tell i you a stay for supper a we re having cabbage and spareribs Quot i can t stay Clara its getting a late. Dinner is at 7.�?� Quot have you got a Good Job Quot Quot yes i work for the no use telling Clara the whole again when you get sunday la the autumn dusk was falling and Ann drove swiftly Home. The letters were like living things beside her. She turned the car Long ago she sat Down under a lamp not stopping to remove her hat and jacket. With trembling fingers she opened the first letter. A Mann Darling a it began and she caught her breath. Quot i thought i could run away from you but its no Good. Maybe i m wrong but i got the idea that you card for me a Little when you kissed me. Of. Ann do you know How Sweet you Are do you know How i take that kiss out of my heart every other minute and remember the ecstacy of it a Ann closed her eyes pressing her Cheek to the Page. A Darling a a the letter went on. Quot in be had a break. Because of a shakeup Here and a Fine recommendation from my Chicago Boss in a in charge of a number of departments do the buying and All. This Means $40 a week. Not much but perhaps enough. Do you think it enough Quot Moline is different. There Are Little houses for rent. They have gardens and Little front potties. Will you take a Chance with me. Ann Dearest will you ill hold icy breath every time the postman comes. Of. Ann i love you Ann dropped the letter a i d i not answer Quot she moaned Quot Paul my Dearest i did no to answer your letter Quot it was a calamity of the most Gigantic magnitude. Paul had waited for the miss Ann. Or. Temple and miss Irene Are Quot thank Yin. Lettys Imi be right Ann spoke automatically in a strangled voice. She wiped her Eye and crossed the Hall to the sitting room Telephone. Paul s letters had been written on y. M. C. A. Stationery. She put in a Call for Tho Moline y. M. C. A. Quot of god a she whispered holding the instrument with Boih hands a let me reach then the clipped voice of the operator. Quot you Are connected w Ith the y. M. C. A. In Moline. Miss Temple. They Are paying or. and. After a heartbreaking wait a the Isnit in miss Temple. I ii keep Ann stood up. She paced Back and Forth. A i can to wait Quot she murmured frantically. A it May be hours i can to she ran Down the stairs. Or. Temple and Irene met her in the lower Hall. Irene came to meet her. Quot is something wrong Darling Quot she asked. Ann burst into tears and or. Temple pub his arms around her. A what s All this a he asked worriedly. A it s Paul a Ann sobbed. Quot he wrote me four months ago i just got the letters today Quot she cried Stormly. A the asked me to marry him the sweetest letter he said he d hold his breath till the postman brought a letter and i answer i did no to an trin ii. No use jogging her out of Lover to the chauffeur and ran to Harrison in Hollywood a studio Fork out $75,000 on writers junket for premiere of a Virginia City in Nevada by Pai l Harrison Nix service staff Corr Pondant Hollywood. March 2. A Pav after the tumult and the shouting and the headaches have subsided various interested patties Are atm totalling the costs and credits from thai super spectacular Warner Brothers expedition to Virginia City to launch a new movie and most of us who went along badged and credentialed As a a honoured guests have been revising in retrospect our personal estimates of each other. After you be jostled movie stars for three Days and nights and have seen pm frazzled with weariness hooted by disgruntled fans threatened by drunks exuberant St bars and Gray faced at breakfast you get to know a lot about them. I Admire most of them More than i Ever did before. My a Ole major disappointment was when a Little actress whom i always had found luscious and Friendly at the studio confided that she really loathes a1 newspapermen. Studio Donn t mind Cost of e Etnix Iti is the junket Cost the studio shout $75,000, which is considered a very Good investment because the picture can be expected to do an extra $500,000 at the Box office As a result of this splurge introduction the City of Reno Laid $10,000 on the line As part payment for the special trains which flooded the place with visitors. Virginia City being Small made no Cash contribution. Hut it did make some expensive preparations. Bot ii towns came out All right even though the throng about a Odo was smaller than expected due to torm Over tin Mountain highways. The Fanon old t Vestal bar in \ legit in City one of 14 guzzle emporiums took in More than an Mhz Casti to half a Day. Beno where nil the visitor no it the night did in lot better. In a told that the Bank club largest gambling Lance gobbled up a Cool $173, too through its wheel and Blackjack dealers. At Lea to it Mumm it i supposed to have is us it in the City in is hours. For one thing Reno was t sure that it wanted such a big crowd. No place to put Mem. Also it was dubious about such a huge gang of newspapermen because writers in the past have taken some unkind cracks at the divorce capital with its state legalised gambling and wide open night life. Afternoon premiere is ii tit event there was a Good Deal of jealousy Between Reno and Virginia Ber Happy Little rut a How s Roy a she asked. Quot of swell. He went to the i drugstore for a pint of ice Cream we always have the tee Cream on she spoke with satisfied Pride. A Tell me about the girls a Ann Aid. Quot Flora belie was in the store the i other Day. You know i her. She s sort of old and dowdy i and nicer than she used to lie. She j said her husband was the finest Man in the Quot i m glad about Ann said. Quot Teddy and Neddy Are getting 1 married new year s eve at the Harrison Street tavern. Ifs going to be a swell wedding dresses with trains veils Flowers brides i maids All that sort of thing. I they re marrying twin Brothers and the tavern is giving them the i wedding As an advertising stunt or some nine they re going to. Have their pictures in the paper. What do you think of that a Ann murmured. Quot and Myrtle is she All right Quot �?�1 guess so she a counting the Days till her husband gets out a i Friend of roys has promised to j give him a Job and she Sall excited a a poor Little Myrtle a a Ann said. Thinking that she would Send the i girl a few pretty clot lies before her husband a got i Clara asked Quot what about you. Cranium crackers their Beal names Here Are the real names of sex a Etal persons most of us know. Can you identify them by these i names plus the Brief note 1. Gladys Smith curly headed screen Gal of Yore 2. I tarried to Lake if you Call her room. Her heart fluttered and Sang. What had Paul written so Annas bedroom. A dinner is served postman waited and hoped tears ran Down Ann s Cheeks. She i did no to opened the second letter. Swerz Quot a dear Ann a Paul had written. Quot Call him right now Quot Irene Quot let me apologize for my impel suggested practically Sive letter of three weeks ago. I Quot i did. He Isnit in. Of dear a you were right to ignore it Abac j she leaned her head on or. Tem stitely right. It was presumptuous pies shoulder. He held her Gentil me to write such a letter you by. Had always be n Frank with Roc j Quot who is this Paul somebody a and i should have known better. I he asked. Good Luck. Ann i Hope you find i a Paul Hayden a Ann explained All the Lovely things you want. More clearly Quot he was Only Tnak-1�?Taul.�?� Jing $25 a week. He went away i thought he went away because a maid tapped at the door of did no to care for me. That was Uncle Ray s Corne de Forest sent broadcast from Eiffel Tower As i write these words. I have beside me a Book which was printed in 1918. The volume is called a radio telephony and was written by prof Alfred Goldsmith of the College of the City of new York. The Book was published at a time when most persons knew Little if anything about radio tests. The Public hardly dreamed that in two or three years there would be regular daily broadcasts for persons listening in their Homes. Professor Goldsmith spoke of Early tests and stated that Fesen Den by wireless had sent the human voice a distance of one mile at the beginning of the present Century in the opening pages of his Book. Goldsmith tried to defend the radio. He said it would be useful for people to talk from j one Ocean vessel to another and from one railway train to another. He seems to have feared that Telephone companies would try to keep the new Art from spreading. Lee de Forest ranks High among the pioneers of radio. Soon after obtaining his pm. Degree from j Yale he entered the wireless Field anti hit Quick brats brought Forth i told that Quot perhaps 50 person i seven i inventions. In 1901 we a he pro ram. Find him placing wireless a detect meanwhile Fessenden and of i ors on housetops in Chicago. J they were Metal barrel joined by Antenna wires six years teats in new York City a wire-pj0g an j receiving programs. The less Telephone broadcast was Send radio Art however did not a Biol out from one building and was some until after the close or the heard in another building three War blocks away. Nellie Melba ill 11 20, in Jinx t broadcast a song. Note the Odd looking microphone. Reefed program this Broad was heard in stations from 20 25 Miles from the Tower. Mack in new York. De fore Rill in Uso and i cts sings on a program. We Ai ers were working ahead on the hoops j radio plans before the of thurs of f to win id we r. Ways w c i in after de Forest made j f0uu j bring about better men it pm York to a wire a a. Soon after that two warships j teip8t Section of your Sera boo of the touted states Navy were of you wish h copy of of it of in la i avg Jas Sinai a. Of democracy by Hendrik Van Loon copyright. 1940 tor the note Prus by j Nea Bervie inc m ra3k i i Vyp a in As v if new routes to East and West bring new ideas of How to live for invention or general ii Ink 1011j fitted with wireless telephones of i Jat Quot flying machine pioneers. The de Forest Type. I just Send a self addressed. 3 eel in the summer of 1908 de for j damped envelope. Address to a est went to Europe to prove his in Cara of shia newspaper system of wireless Telephone. Go ing to the top of Eiffel Tower in j Uncle Hay. Paris he sent out a phonograph tomorrow electric radio wave Mckenney on Bridge before i came Here. I stopped this afternoon to see a girl where i used to live and she gave me the she raised her head. Her eyes were shining. I d rather marry Paul than own the world a suit signs vary Over the world de. I this bid is bad with any deck a in a where does he work Quot Quot he a a floor Man in the 10 cent store a or. Temple rubbed his Chin. Quot that a not a bad he said. I a a the smart ones work up to Man h11 countries use Spades age ships at Good salaries. What hearts diamonds and clubs As a kind of a Man is he. Ann a a a a signs in Italy Spain and i quoth s she said por Fual. The suits Are cups simply Money swords and wands in Irene broke in. Quot he really to Germany Bells acorns hearts and dad. I. Danced with him at the j leaves Are the pips and the number of cards varies from 2 4. 32. 40, 48 to 56. Shapes and sizes also vary. In India and Persia card players usually use a circular card which was introduced Here a few years nato but did not become popular also their packs May consist of eight suits of 12 cards each or to suits of 12 cards making 120 cards to shuffle. By we. E. Mckenney american Atli authority Athens club he s Good looking and a College Man and awfully in it e a or. Temple Shook his head bewildered. Quot you never can Tell about he said. �?�1 thought it was Steve a Ann look d at him. Her eyes like twin stars. Quot May i go to Moline Uncle John tonight i be of to see to he concluded new trod routes destroyed the Feudal system based on agriculture end introduced capitalism. Chapter 20 a they had the strength to help real struggle for that form of j themselves to whatever they he Cracy which is now being wished. I until then they had Nev a i longed by the totalitarian a played any particular role in he d know what state did not begin until some four j International affairs. They were it Oung Anil eager. By ing wit limit experience in such matters they Moat cheerfully failed to Realise the Dan right or wrong about people la Donald a. Laird author of Quot How to i a a psycho big in business a Are women More honest than men regardless of the size or shape of the cards be careful not to trap your partner a North did in today a hand. His bid of three hearts was conventional showing the Ace of the suit. A j 108 4 a a 6 a k 7 5 a q to 4 3 a akq62 Dkl a a aakj52 duplicate both Vul. South West North East 2 a pass 3 a 4 pass 4 a double 5 a pass 5 pass opening a 2. 2$ the Diamond bid was probably j made to show second round ton ask to North to decide where it hand should he played. Now North s bid of five Spadi was a trap. How could Cut j tool in diamonds for if he held j Tell whether North held. Say to both the Ace of hearts Anil Ace of Ace of hearts a Long weak i i diamonds his proper response to mond suit and to real support the two hid would be four no or Elf i Black suit or the Haj i Trump. South a five Diamond bid that he did hold North a by showed first round control and should have been six Spades. De her Quot Maisie you were talking about. Centuries ago. 3. Rosin Bernard she is the discovery of a direct overseas Ideal of must voting thespians. Route to America in 1492, of one 4. Samuel Clemens he created to the indies in 1498, completely flapper Fanny by Sylvia Coss. Imo by in us. Mic i m Sec v t sat. 01 the Way at the Box office. Answer tin want and Page City. The latter is the locale Ger they would incur when 11 in boldly sailed a of the t ape of Good hop and t pm Horn to a couple of fictional hons Well changed the economic Structure of never forget. J Europe. These findings destroyed 5. Joe Yule or. A youth leads Hie Feudal system which had been based upon agriculture and Intro attack both the spaniard and lured the use of capitalism. Die portuguese in their Rich co j Lonial domains in India Aud it is trite that a Money econ Ray America. Of i Jia aready been known in the j their Foolhardy courage was the picture hut the former had i italian City republics of the 15th richly rewarded for w within an in the Only modern facilities a it tuo. Specially i Quot Florence credibly Short spare of time Tho i Dwoinen s .ollekp<5 thai in the bowing it \ Compromise was i Quot Here the Medisis had established had turned the Mediterranean into i women c0iw Nat reached with the actual premiere i the first big International banking a somnolent Inland sea. Had re ame a at Enore in the 207-Aeat movie theatre in House. But in the Low countries. \ diced Venice and Genoa to cities where the Small Independent j 0f the third rank and had had now Here is a question which requires ail the honesty we can Muster to discuss. We should expect men to say that men Are More honest and women to say i that the fairer sex is the More honest sex. Strangely however that is not what we find taint evening for instance. I asked this same question of a woman librarian who has worked in libraries both in men s and in women a College. She said with considerable feeling that More books turned up missing in the actual truth to be extra Ted front a woman women May not he bigger liars hut apparently they Are better ones. The modern lie Detector instruments Are their Nemesis for the sensitive record tape trips up the oblique lie of a woman just Las readily As the direct lie of the Man. Hardened bar and nerve Amateur loth meet their match these machines just As them to liar meets Mote than his eau when he tries to out Tui Slead h better half. Copyright i Sio. Aka service. Inc. I next a ish dim it pay to know Side glances the mining town in the afternoon i independent0f the third rank and had re followed that evening by Simul put int landowner had never loved the Center of the spire show Ings in three larger i a completely absorbed by i Trade from Portugal to the Neth the Feudal lords As in the rest of errands. There was an Ideal Breed same places More pages were surreptitiously torn out of the books More fines for overdue Tooks avoided by ingenious exp but done to you think the Glamor girl is going out a a a sure every night in t Anent houses in Reno the afternoon event a by All kids Hie Inot unusual Aud ill spirited premiere in movie history. The Hollywood celebrities Wen scheduled to make an appearance in i theatre lilt they Wen Lute. The Mot of by caravan from Keno was delayed i starting Aud slow in covering the a to mile of Mountain Highway. So the picture a allow to and then lie Patron waited for the Star. Soon they were impatient and after half hit hour they were mad. The theatre manager had 48 bottles of Champagne and then some whisky brought in to ease the St rain. Ii to t nobody seemed mollified by this Gen rosily studio police used to handling crowds and protecting players went into he t heat re Felt out the temper of the audience and be definitely actors. So the manager refunded the admissions the studio cancelled the film rental and the premiere audience streamed out into the Street shaking fists and howling c uses. This rather rut Ope ing ground for a Small scale sort of capitalism. T1�ec countries while Essen tingly Christian Hail become More Ami More resentful of timing ruled by a Hierarchy which to them a of foreign origin and which icing foreign failed to u Oiler to nil the temperament Aud the prejudices of a race alien to themselves. Having in this Way Quot become conscious of their own strength people of the Lam countries and England ceased to he Good Medl Aeva lists in their feeling towards their legitimate lord and master. This newly found self Confidence produced one of the most important documents in the history of self government. It a written in the year 1581 and it there followed that widespread a a formal act of abjuration. Attempt at Reform of the Church which informed King Philip of from within. Rather to the Bur Spain that the people of the Neth prise of those who had started it. Errands no longer considered him Litis ended in a definite separation As their Over lord. From Rome and the establishment of a Church which to this Day Belt ays its origin by its name a that of the a communities who As Long a the spaniards and the portuguese with the approval decided it Woulff of no the Only legit unsafe for the j Antate owners of All the newly discovered territories in Africa. Asia and America the people of the Taw countries and of England lad been obliged to respect the wishes of their spiritual master. The moment they ceased to rec abuses at the actors and actresses j Ornise his authority the whole of who were huddled in the buses the planet was theirs provided or. Laird shocked me so i consulted or. J. Larson author of Quot lying and its to find what this expert had to report. Or. Lars o n cited a great Deal of material which can he nil summed up by saying that it is difficult to say which sex does the More j lying because this act of abjuration of the year 1581 introduced a new Point they do an entirely different kind of View within the realm of up iof lying. Plied politics. For Hie first time1 men come right out directly there was a hint of that Ideal with a bold faced lie. Which insists that a regular con women in contrast Seldom lie tract exists Between the subjects i directly but make evasive answers and their ruler. Misleading gestures and in Gen a two centuries later that curious Oral Send others off on a false heresy was to give up the Dee Lara a Trail without coming out in the Tion of Independence of the people j open with a tangible lie. Of the United states of America men s lies Are easier to detect and the declaration of the rights since they Are crude while wont of Man of the French s lies Are Mode with such i finesse and mostly by implication next Bower and Money join so it is difficult to trip them up forces to re establish the Mon the ultimate result of course is Archin system. That it is More difficult for the co in a St a is evict my y m sic us. Hat on. A Don t give my an argument go right Back in the House find get your rubbers anti umbrella i a

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