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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 26, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Taftt Tyty no Dinky drink for me. I want cola your Francily Mill Ahorn Joy delirious nehi and part Pak by erase them in a variety of flavors. 12 ounces of nehi for be. A full que is tuesday March 26. 1010 the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point. North Carolina Toms postpone canadians prep session baffled by the Cromwells the War today hat i rut Lier form delay Large squad greatly ready for service special to the Enterprise Thomasville March 26 manage Jimmy mans genial skipper of the Thomasville mommies announced this morning that Spring practice is expected to get underway either today or j within the next two or three Days. Practice was scheduled to get underway monday morning hut due to the had weather and the condition of the Field it a necessary to postpone it. Mans announced that several players Are already on hand including Ray Lindsay Rill Miller m Oody Towson and Horace pow i Ell All pitchers on last years team Gene Pere a. Right hand Pitcher from Augusta a. Roy Mcclusky outfielder from Chickamauga a. Fred Chance first basemen from severs Ville Tenn. I John Thrift third baseman from Washington i it. C. Worth Moser Catcher from pleasant Garden j George Dunham Pitcher from i pleasant Garden Hill Tomlinson Pitcher from Knoxville. Tern i Albert Janisch. First baseman j from Cleveland James Patton. Pitcher from pleasant Garden and cd r. Russe local Pitcher. Other players Are expected to arrive this week. Ottawa reserves judgment on Jimmy and Doris anti nazi speech brings speedy repercussions by a service it was this less than Neutral Ottawa March 26, a a speech that brought Down con world record for the free style j session Al lightnings and raised shaky Britain fearing nazi Victory in propaganda warfare takes greater care to see that u. S. Gets right news the Muriel senator see there a always plenty of folks ready to give you tips on the horses. But the tip that always wins is to get a Muriel. A the old favorite that a 23% More popular than Ever a capital Cigar for Ihoda Ofca i. Wrapper Alt imported filler with just enough Havana plunge into hot water has been achieved by James h. R. Cromwell since Early january american minister to Canada. A h Eady heavy fire including acrid demands for his recall is being directed at him from congressional trenches on the american Side. And on the Canadian the question of just How diplomatic a Jimmy Quot Cromwell had become in his two months apprenticeship. The i i move w it l a to Doris there was a Brief flutter of excitement when. Ottawa got its first glimpse of Doris preceded by James Cromwell who was publicly rebuked by Secretary of state Hull. Our red hot reaction the Cromwell a speech should help put Britain right in this matter. Whatever our private thoughts May be that reaction seemed to show that we Are Neutral officially and intend to stay . In the present instance. Eng land apparently fails to recognise .1 a a. 1. 11 How intensely we resent anything by Dewitt Mackenzie which we consider infringement of the English press Lins been experiencing a wave of anxiety a our Freedom of thought and. A i a Iii r a i i to n i void it Bitis nil it to ii f i Over what the tilted states thinks about the War the Burden of its fears being summed up in such Lead lines As a Britain hoses War of words Goebbels Hies sweep that is til say. British publicity is held to be losing in the race with the Brand put out by nazi propaganda minister Goebbels. Having reached this conclusion however the papers action. Everything will go All right if our British cousins Only recognize that we Are very Independent and perhaps too opinionated americans will do what we Are going to do for our own Good reasons. We decline to be driven All of which is by Way of saying end. Official and social ottawa1 world wide publicity. The recep is baffled by his wife the former lion was formal and polite. Then Doris Duke whose activities As j people sat Back to wait and see. Official hostess have been notable lavish entertaining was expect a by their absence. J de. But it did no to follow. Mrs. She reached the High Point of i Cromwell appeared As hostess at done to appear to have discovered any More satisfactory reason that we done to want to be advised for this state of affairs As they see it than that a Goebbels gulls this argument about american gullibility might hold Good up to in the fit in place i done to belie a a Point but it seems to he noon pole situation is As dark As it looks e x i bit Ion baseball by die associated press at Winter Haven York n 8 . Louis Ltd 4 at Clearwater Ltd i Detroit a la. At Bradenton Ria a v to bits ton n 4. At Miami Beach Ria a Cleveland a a Philadelphia n i of inning. At san Francisco a Pittsburgh no 5 Philadelphia a 4. At West Palm Beach Ria a Cincinnati n to Rochex err i 5. At . Petersburg Ria new York a 12 Kansas City a 2. At Angeles los Angeles pc a. Chicago Ltd 3. Today a huh of at . Petersburg Louis n is Cleveland a. At Bradenton a Boston n is. Brooklyn Nat Winter Haven new York Ltd is new York a. At san Francisco Philadelphia i is Pittsburgh n. At los Angeles Chicago Ltd is los Angeles pc. At Laredo . Louis a is. Aan Antonio to. At Haines City Pla a Detroit a is. Kansas City a. At Sarasota Flat Boston a is. Newark la. At Hollywood. Calif Chicago a is. Hollywood pc. Colorado looks for coach to succeed fired Oakes Hof Lek la. Colo. March 26 Colorado University is Hunting a successor to Bunny Oakes. Who coached two our seven a on feign in football champions Audau amt Ira whizzes White in his live years Here Oakes successor will have virtually All the 35 players who signed a petition accusing the 4 1-year-old Mentor of abusing their rights and demanding that the regents dismiss him he denounced the players charges As a utterly Oakes and president Robert l. Stearns agreed yesterday to Terni her Brief Diplomat in career reef y when a Toronto paper carded an Ottawa dispatch which said of her a she confessed to hem. D. Howe minister of transport when asked How she liked Ottawa a Well All in be seen of tit to in a far is a Haze of cig Aret smoke through cocktail a Cromwell whose life has been j marked by an avid desire to make something of himself and who wants to Rise above the position of a Rich Man married to a the world richest woman a buckled Down to a valiant Effort to live up to demands of his Post. Ii right working Diplomat is his Nea k opt he is at his desk every morning. Denying audience to no venous person evidently Bent on being a a human and democratic. He has worked had under the Nate his five year contract w hich Able coaching of a Veteran career had three years to go. The Bald staff headed by the level headed headed Veteran accepted a Cash John Farr Simmons settlement saying this Quot and my but after two conventional pub record Are a Complete vindication j be appearances before the Ottawa of me and my coaching methods. J Canadian Hub and the Ottawa x x x i intend to stay in the coach women Canadian club came his ing profession hut have no in me i Toronto speech in which he Diate plans Quot i a risked his official head by a James h. R. Cromwell staked his diplomatic life on anti nazi speech. Only three social functions All minor. Ottawa has seen Little of her. She has been spending Only about two Days a week in Ottawa. On other Days she is off on skiing expeditions to Quebec and other sports centers. Ollie she flew to new York Iii her private plane. Quot gallivanting Label pasted on Doris the same paper which made Public her a Cigar it smoke through cocktail glasses version of Ottawa. Said that she spends most of her time gallivanting about Aud that a was yet she has no social this was followed by hints that the rom Wells were not taking kindly to their jobs. These became prevalent that Cromwell Felt he had to deny them a strange and unenviable position for a member of the diplomatic service Cromwell said publicly a nothing could be farther from elusive. Abraham Lincoln put the i to the British press matter rather neatly in the remark g0 far As actual a a propaganda that a you can fool some of the goes we done to like any of it and people All of the time and All of Aie wary of All of it. Whatever its the people some of the time but source. However if we seem Par you can not fool All the people All genially shy of certain types of of the in Exi e talk from Hiti or that goes for Herr Goebbels too. It is equally True As regards the English newspaper assertion that a Hitler thinks he can fool the British publicity it strikes me that it is due largely to one reason. I refer to the rather constant Effort to persuade or pull us into the War in support of the Allied cause. This certainly has caused United states by talking peace and widespread resentment in Ira. And May have coloured the View that leaves the English news of some of our people towards papers without any satisfactory j legitimate news answer to their problem. However j this idea would seem to have ifs probably Well that the ques fair support in the uproar caused Hon has Conte up. For it might be j last week in Washington and a Good thing to get it thrashed out before the dogs of War get into full cry. Throughout the country by the Strong anti German pro ally speech of our minister to Canada bad psychology. Any More or invited any More to Rome into the european War. And because we adopt this attitude it be taken for granted that we done to want to be friends. There is another Way in which the English could improve the presentation of the news from their Side of the War. That is to give american newspapermen More Freedom of action and less of the very stilted and As the British press itself has said often rather absurd censorship. As typical of this censorship ii mention that i received a Bunch of London newspapers the other Day and. Believe it or not the English censor had taken his Little scissors and snipped holes until one or two of the papers looked like sieves. And they already had my ii in ciliated i ii t on Chou t King a land and presumably onto the continent. Was there some terrible news that had to he kept from America i Don t believe just Doris Duke Cromwell saw a a Haze of cig Aret smoke through cocktail to x rimless Ali mini meet Greensboro March 26 Kiefer claims new Mark for 100-Yard backstroke Chicago March 26 up a Adolph Kiefer claimed a new world backstroke record today a 57.2 seconds for too Yards. The Chicago swimmer churned the Waters of tile chit ago towers club Pool in that time last night on the first leg of a too Yard Medley relay the time bettered his own recognized world record of 58 2 seconds and the american record of 57.8 seconds he three years ago hut which was the truth. Moth mrs. Cromwell and i have liked Canada and can j pm a Al g. Mann of Raleigh Gen asians from the Etal manager of the North Caro official Ottawa is patient and Una Cotton growers cooperative realizes that the american repro association and the fax. Will be sedatives were Green when they the principal speaker at the an took the Job and could hardly be Nual joint meeting of the Organ a warm pro ally speech denouncing i expected to turn into Model Dipio Zaions Here Friday Germany As seeking to destroy the Mats in two months. Canadians Basic institutions of american de-1 As a w Hole seem determined to Jit Quot Rocta it y wait and see. A pleasant Way to Edgecombe r f i i i Tarboro March 26.lp the first registration of Edgecombe county voters since 19<�i has been ordered by the county night elections Board. To holi meeting a prayer meeting will be held at the Home of d. A. Covington. 1315 Tryon Street on Friday i you Wake Lazy insides if you re constipated Aud it has headache bilious upset Rocky it. Xxx kid Chike Rocky mount March 26-</pr Edward g. Johnston or Rev. M. C. Connor pastor Cross you ought to know about of Ennis Street Wesleyan meth thu Iriqui 1 companion to the ,., Church will a in Chan. I pow her. Allele syrup a or i Black draught has a Fine flavor acts gently by simple directions its chief ingredient help tone Lazy \ never accepted As a world stand Here. At d. J a Kiefer Swain the 150 Yard Back j stroke last night in Ila 6, or l l second better than his world record hut judge ruled he made an illegal turn. Chicago in Hill i k Chicago. March 26 up has been elected Secretary of the butter 669,681, steady prices in Bowel Muscles. Children Welcome established tobacco Board of Trade and Sale changed. Eggs 25.490, steady it. No est time a laxative is needed. Checks 13 other prices in a use syrup of Black draught 50c changed or 25c. Supervisor of the tobacco Market l a Par.t.p4k for on in i or. Greensboro nehi bottling Yim Pant Rhone 994 senior High debate team enters meet friends Are telling friends suite c Hamp Al Vako fore ill speak i april 16 High is one 25 North Caro which will Par second annual High school a a tournament to Forest College High Point senior of approximately 25 Liua High schools tic Pate in the North Carolina speech and rebate he held at Wake april 4-6, George Humphreys and Joe Given will represent the High Point learn on the affirmative Side in debates on the query a resolved that the Federal government should own and operate the miss Rachel Conrad and Bill Currie will uphold the negative Side of the question. Each team will engage in at least six debates before any Are eliminated. High Point entrants in other speech contests will be Bill Currie in extempore speaking. Joe Given in oratory and miss Rachel corned in poetry Reading. Sam c. Smith High school debate a Oach. Will accompany the team As Spon the High Point speakers made a very impressive record in last years tournament ranking among the top six schools in the entire contest the debaters won seven out of ten debates and reached the Quarter finals. Darrel sin in Cost tied for third Beal debater in the entire tournament and Joe Given won second place in oratory. # Center a a Little old new York Quot with Alice Faye. Fred Macmurray and Richard Greene feature at Iai-3 15-5 19-7 23-9 27 Broadhurst a emergency squad with William Henry and Louise Campbell. Features at 1.40-3 15-4 51-6 26-8.02-9 37. Paramount a Quot Rea glory with Gary Cooper and David Niven. Features at i 24-3 22-5 20-7 18-9 18 Carolina a a Hollywood cavalcade with Alice fave and Don Ameche. Features at 5 29-7 28-9 27 Rialto blackmail Quot with Edward g Robinson features at 11 00-12 45-2 30-4 15-6 00-7 45-9 30,a a it it m w 5s,-. So Many people we know have switched to Plymouth it easy to see Why i can understand Why it economical it the Best engineered car look John in t that a big Beautiful car you ought to try Plymouth great luxury ride yes it the i i in new Plymouth and a great car a morn a Mai Iii 4 i Lilliw wac i a k Ina a in Imi of it of a fall 3�?o Low priced cars Plymouth alone gives you a majority of the 22 Quality features found in High priced cars Plymouth Road King this Sedan Carter Colton Cigar co. Of i git Point Anet Charlotte n. C. Moral Hool looked Greensboro March 26.�? up a the Southern choral school will he held at the woman a College of the University of North Carolina july 2 2-aug list 2. The tremendous popularity of the 1940 Plymouth is based on the fact that Plymouth is the one Low priced car most like the High priced cars in size Comfort performance you naturally expect car manufacturers to put the Best features into their High priced cars. And the 1940 Quality Chart shows. That this year High priced cars have 22 important features in common. And also shows that Plymouth is the Only one of Quot All 3&Quot Low priced cars which gives you a majority of these features see the Quality Chart at your Plymouth dealer. I Hen take this Beauty out on the Road and discover Plymouth a luxury ride. The 1940 Plymouth is exceptionally easy to buy and it saves you Money in operation and Upkeep. Plymouth division of Chrysler corporation. Tho Coupe 699 645 a Del Iver de in Detroit Mich Plymouth Priori include Onderd Equnn ment and ail to. , Attar. And local taxes if any arc not included. Major Bowes. s., thursdays 9 to to p me t businessmen i be sure to see and drive Tho new Plymouth commercial pick up and Panol delivery

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