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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 27, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Weather mostly Cloudy Light rain or Mist tonight and thursday. The High Point Enterprise High Polit Tho Center of diversified manufacturing Enterprise \ of. 56�?>o. 87kim ii Al associate in ii so High Point. V a. I in Isi no i Kum to. Macij 27. 1910 Complete Nea Schick Price five cent soviet recalls minister from France Woodring stoutly defends new army plane Sale policy Secretary of War makes staunch denial that coercion was used in formation of plan to sell machines abroad Washington March 27. Map a Secretary Vvood-r1n� today coupled a Stout defense of the army a new foreign sales policy for late Model air planes with a denial that the policy had been adopted under coercion and a statement that a was Long As i am Secretary of War i am not going to be pushed department chief a a a a a a a a a a picks new finnish Cabinet parties United in reorganized coalition body Tanner Steps Down to welfare Post due to red attacks new York Village isolated plated a a ? up the a told the House military commit principally France and Britain tee that the revised policy had newest types of military been worked out by him and his a Zjr Craft actually in production advisors without coercion or from his Helsinki March 27. Map a prime minister Risto Ryti who negotiated peace this policy. Woodring testified with Moscow reorganized his pressure no Many non or. To a i a a should assist in maintaining us Rovern mint to Nav for minor o statement followed a question by Progner Lively in a situation where government today lot Ming a Hep. Andrews Rny it a �?~0 a will have the Moit modern Cabinet officially described As w Hether there had Heen friction e achievement of us a coalition ministry uniting All Between Woodring and a com h k f in i Mittee recently authorized by president Roosevelt to coordinate foreign planes Pun Hases with Domestic needs. Pons hit conflict Secretary Morgenthau of the thu Urr i. The , Between. Wood of did not Perfy whih 1 ,,, ports of possible conflict be no particular Points of us Witting. 61-year-old Veteran of Perior types to Date was attributed parties for the task of recon by the War department chief to j sink Fjor the design Competition and competitive bidding features of the army a aircraft procurement policy. No spa ii it Atton made Vaino Tanner foreign minister in the old government who was the target of bitter personal attacks by the soviet press and radio was stepped Down to the Post of minister of welfare. The tween the committee wishes and those of Woodring. Priority with regard to the new foreign. Sales policy the Secretary said in support of the new Tulat it w0jnot result in Dis Woodring told the committee Cion urn of military secrets nor in Ithai it would the mind de Jav ,0 be a r chirp expand ton state. Army to keep it. Air plan. constantly ,.when a a a a Advant am modern at the Aam. Time lie of of Nat Toby a de end a. The War Detz tired that the atm Aii Eady department will negotiate for a. half a dorm typed for a Dall Meriea on out. Art of plane a Perlor to any in the Woodring testified. A if j Alt j # manufacturers take advantage of the new policy provides for the Sale to foreign nations a continued on pass Woi House insists on slash i wage hour expenses backs appropriations in balloting to Cut presidents recommendation Washington March 27. Map a the House stood squarely behind its appropriations committee today and insisted on slashing president Roos Eovito a recommendations or wage hour Law administrative expenses. It Defeated on a Teller vote of a 15 to 148 an attempt by rep. British shoot Down 2 planes aircraft engage in scrap on Western front near Metz. France London. March 27.�? ply a a. The air ministry announced posed Quot Val a i a of. A it a Foda a that two pm Anan a it aft varied political and financial experience including service in several Cabinet posts. A a Hin full n Fri others in the new Cabinet Justice Oskari Lehtonen Interior Ernst von born War maj. Gen. Rudolf Walden Gen. Walden also was a member of the peace delegation. Finance Mauno Pekkala education Antti Kukkonen agriculture a Peka Heitnen and Juho Koivisto Commerce Vaino Kotilainen social a Earl aug tat Fager Holm welfare a Vaino Tanner communications a Vamo Salo Vaar and Kart Erik Ekholm. Tenner was minister of foreign affairs in the last government and formally Premie. Pekkala was minister of finance and gaderholm minister of social welfare in the last government. Coalition the new Cabinet Aas described As a faster blizzard this is Tho upstate new York Village West Highway blocked by Many automobiles stranded and of Pompey one of scores virtually isolated by an easter abandoned. In the foreground Center is a gasoline station season blizzard. This snowbound town lies on a main East j converted into a first Aid station and shelter for a twists. Altmark Safe in Home port faint in prison ship rum British blockade fueling adventurous Anuw Complete French break Farley praises with Russia in making administration no military significance attached to rupture caused by sur its wire forecast neither new Deal Triumph in speech to Maine convention Berlin March 27. Map. The German naval auxiliary vees altmark arrived Ai Kiel German Fri Lilly the thin afternoon after a i m coalition govern and Advent Ual War Cruz a a by d Mas i to re Tore a ll.-35.000 Cut in budget estimates tor wage hour salaries for the fiscal year beginning july i that would have raised the total for Lolariea to i5.si5.000. The appropriation committee had asked the House to Cut a total of $1,080,000. Including the Sal Irv item from the presidents total request for $6,185,000 tot he wage Houi administration because of a a confused administer a problem and because the a needed amendment the ban the current appropriation Al cd i Iii i i la col. Phillip Fleming. Age hour administrator was t Curette by Case a believing that f Congreve failed to provide Ade mat funds for enforcement he wage hour Law the i a h it �?T111 i he Ite. De Casey quoted Fleming As saying hat Quot if the Law in t Effey Mvi y my efficiently enfolded it ought 0 go off the Casey id that while govern pent departments usually could adjust Ali Quot in operation to fit then be Kelt the situation was differ it with the wage hour admin ration a this is a vote for the wage Lour Law or against it who cited while the House debated approx nations for various labor Agen is. The Senate pressed Forward 1% consideration of legislation t x a mid the eel i Oval 11 de at e dents program for three years Hill on which All aide agreed Here would by some extremely lose votes taken. 1 \ i it i i i. I i i i a v 1 another measure already a Tiad been shot Down in flames yesterday in a fight with the British near Metz France on the Western front. The official British account said that one British fighter plane was shot Down but that the flier escaped by Parachute. If described Aerial activity in the neighbourhood of Metz As showing Quot marked increase Squadron intercepted the British version said that a formation of seven German reconnaissance planes escorted by fighters was intercepted by a Royal air Force unit. Quot several combats took place and our fighters having broken tip the enemy formation forced the enemy to abandon Ilia reconnaissance. A one of our patrols encountered a formation on nine enemy fighters in the ensuing fight two enemy aircraft were seen to go Down in flames. Ment uniting All parties for the abroad heavy tasks of reconstruction. The Ait Mark raided by the Brit the new minister of Justice destroyer Cossack in Norge Lehtonen is a member of the Jan territorial Waters on feb. Coalition party Interior minister when 299 British merchant von born is s member of the wed seamen prisoners were rescued ish people s party Penkalo. Salo reached German Waters safely by Varr fagerholm and Tanner Are go upping through the British members of the dominant social blockade. She steamed Down the democratic group Kukkonen. Norwegian coast and through Heikkinen and cd Vlasto Are Agra pani5h Waters Rian party members. Other them when the altmark was attack Bers Are described As non parti e j Pye Cossack she was backed an. Into Josin fjord. On the Norge a j Gian coast and run aground. Her propeller was damaged and she remained there for some time. At sea before Wah the 12,000-ton altmark conies Home after having been at see since before the beginning of the War. She formerly was freighting in the Western hemisphere. Outfitted As an auxiliary naval vessel the altmark a used As a prison ship for the raiding Ger Paris March 27. Dpi a a Complete break in diplomatic relations Between soviet Russia and Franco appears to be foreshadowed in the recall at French request of the russian ambassador to parts an official Spok today that francs n France an state of War bet the soviet Union. But of Russia in move with Germany in the a us that would be a not he ter. It was said. As for that Possi Iman charged French pointed to the and her War in the near East and ikes a a lit y lied he Bat mat the allies Bangor a land be i Ministri a word aspirate Demonti James j another party Quot me. Mat Illy. Great it do by a Teoy. Jakob tempted to t Tain were Quot i Milt ram which the enlists recently at a to Joseph Stalin. Mauretania headed toward Australia congratulating him on the peace treaty with Finland As a stroke against Quot British French War Mon menage halted a censor stopped the message before it could get on the wire to the Kremlin it was disclosed Balboa. C. Z. March 27-�?the British liner Mauret stripped of her furnishing Bouillion a set ret War Mil sailed out into the Pacific Ocean Man pocket battleship Admiral in Moscow by of the affair. Even in viev of a Complete was no iodine military Purpo de by declaim official Oum of the possibility iture. There still Ion that French a would be serv Lon of a formal Inta. And lion. Today for an unannounced destination after a cautious trip which took 9 1-4 hours through the Panama anal. The 35,739-ton liner steamed away at i a. In e. S. To. Her Crew lustily singing Quot it s a Long Way to yesterday her agent said she was crossing the Pacific and it was believed she was hound for Australia to become a troop ship the liner arrived at the Atlantic end of the canal monday night. Five Days out of new York. She started through the canal yesterday morning and arrived Here at 7 p. In. Lat night pausing Here Only Long enough to take on supplies. Two kill de i n h Ami Rieken Switzerland. March 27. A it up it a two persons were1 killed and about a dozen seriously hers of the scuttled German injured today in Germany a Sieg it Post Smi hew Boston. March 27.�? a a a i he possibility that Crew Rocini Graf spec after the Graf Spe was scuttled last december 17 the altmark presumably headed Horn norwegian freighter sunk by torpedo off England Amsterdam. March 27 up reports were received Here today that the norwegian freighter comets had been torpedoed in or near the British contraband control base at Kirkwall. In the Orkney Island off the Northern tip of Scotland. First reports did not whether the comets a 3.794-ton vessel sunk. Files new suit against Burns understanding with Turkey who holds the key to the Black sea in the Dardanelle Turkey How Ever is not hound to help the allies to fight Russia. Premier Reynaud a nine Man inner War Cabinet held its second meeting this morning but whether the russian and Balkan situation Wert discussed remained for the time being a state secret. Suits is expected to leave Paris for Moscow within a few Days. His recall Means that neither nation will have an ambassador in the other s capital. The French envoy Paul Emile Naggiar has been on Quot suck leave tor some weeks. The French demand that Russia recall in rite a interpreter As a Quot warning to Russia from the Neve Quot win the War government under Paul key Aud that it intends to take a stiffer diplomatic course in the conflict with led in lion s said a eth Germany Russia s new found a a h 27�? up to in his Praise of the and it Ion a record but without of his own presidential ins or those of any other it postmaster general i Farley today Prophe National Victory for if we stand United work Farley s nearest approach what might be interpreted As a reference to the 1940 nomination fight came in the closing line of a speech prepared for Maine a democratic state convention a we have experienced leaders to offer the country x x eagerly a Uter the democratic National committee chairman s speech had Heen eagerly awaited Iii the Hope it shed some Light on the guarded plan of the pre allot the Man who piloted or gelt to Victory in 1932 and and who. As presidential Cau would be the presidents the latter decided to seek a term Only mentioned hts name twice reviewing the adm Nistra accomplishments Farley a �4 e Roosevelt administration til Iglus Elo amp Al Dent Roost i 936 didst it foe if i i third i ofor he a no ill go i pro ugly no till thin riling a it Ife amused i Ais Angeles. March i the expressing determination to pin Quot go through with this thing Daniel w. Huge. 55, Engineer said today to a second suit naming film and Taje radio comedian Hob Burns a a divorce action against his est of i in Hoge. Friend. The French who have been engaged in an intensive Hattie with underground communist organizations. Also Are said to be disturbed by a reported increase in russian espionage. The official French spokesman Aid that Normal relations had been sincere in purpose and honest in practice x x discussing the Likely trend of Republican Campaign policy the democratic strategist declared Quot having condemned the Roosevelt administration and All its works for seven Long years the Republican party Bas not Dis i overed that it May be compelled maintained w Ith Russia to endorse the major adn Ginistra Petroleum was 01 1pi would file a however Bove All for reasons of Pray he France added a out inned on Page eleven lion policies x x x a new Lief party summarizing his Points to Maine partisan who will Send to yet it fitted on Page eleven out of Bergan. Had been need wife. Mrs interned German merchantmen far from the Swiss Frontier when a need by the Senate the hatch1 be ill to extend the Hatch Antt poll a to my kit battleship Graf spec Aud Fried line zone near Orrach not is Law to state employees drawing or feral nay. Cleared its first House third i p when a Bidi Varv sub com Voun y m so the America is into a passenger train by Federal Trade Romnus Ion on utter a ii to v cd it with some i Eink investigated by customs the wreck clogged for several a complaint charging several Lune i. And immigration inspector hours an important Branch rail companies with collusive Price at the White House president eral source disclosed today. I line serving the Rhine River forts Roosevelt almost entirely recon a red from the effects of a cold bean studying Relief needs for the Seal year. Beginning july i. Hoge sued Burna and his studio Paramount and others monday for $7b.ooo false imprisonment j damages charging he was forced Charlotte. March 2 7.�? up under threats of violence to sign \ hearing opened Here today be-1 denial that Burna had stolen i Ime hearing opened Seaman missing after explosion on destroyer setting in restraint of Trade. Bulletin Vii i it i it my. T is i i it in new $ Ork new York. March 27.�?. ? a the Rev. Joseph j. I Vendi fee. Riling Ltd it ii to it i a 7 .11 m ent today at a distance of in i 1, 100 Mill s from not Quot York. The word Laiu i Niv Emily a Hilio graph Tho thee Tom of Ami quake could not be deter my. -1 i succed Herr Al 7 12 1ft and r at to Are being smuggled into Thiefa military train crashed head on i fore examiner e. R. Preston of i be affections of mrs. Hoge and also a paper releasing the studio from any claims. Or. Hoge said she was Quot utterly amazed at the damage suit. A a it a she said. Quot for Dan to say that Burns Ever made love to me. He certainly Isnit the Type in which id be interested., mrs. Hoge said she and her husband separated in 1935. Burns in also denying the charges described the damage action As a Quot nuisance suit that will have to he disposed of in the usual latins would Welcome marines minister declares Central America frightened by fall of Small nations new Orleans March 27 i pm or Adolfo Quot we Are ready in fact to do a of slain anything necessary for defense j later. Of the hemisphere in this War even to use of nicaraguan troops. Its up to the United from ambush three by i t a m in a n o. T0 the first move Browne. Nicaraguan minister to j follow a Llama a. Said Roeay european Power politics and the gobbling up of Small nations had made such a deep impression in Central America that the u. S. Marines would be welcomed of they came Back to Nicaragua. Quot we realize american troops j Euc will Cross nicaraguan soil to go to the defense of the canal if it is he said in an interview. Quot our president has said less than a decade ago u. S. Marine occupation of Nicaragua was resented throughout latin America As a Symbol of american imperialism and interfere i Keer ent attitude a of course we did no to like the marines being there said Browne. A Brut that Sall Over now. We know that Small countries do not always stay Independent unless they have a big protector and the United states is Browne also a legislator and publisher is Enro Ute to Havana Mother hangs Sele after son Dies of infantile paralysis Atlantic City n. A. Match 27�? pm mrs. Martha Yon 4 5. Whose 16-year-old son Jules died yesterday Quot in an Iron lung after a four month fight against infantile paralysis was found hanged today by the United state with to meet his family and return the rights of her neighbors. To his Post. Former president Hoover re he reported there is a absolute Eallis the marines in 1931 after a no feeling in Central a Mer-1 in a room of the hotel which she j Many had been killed by the to that its republics Are being and her husband operated his and Public opinion is quite embattled irregular forces of. Dragged into an european in county physician or Isaac e. I prepared for it. _ i Genera Cesar a. Sand no him evolvement by the i need slates. Leonard termed her death suicide. T Newport. R. I., March 27 a up a one Sailor was missing and six others were being treated for injuries today in the Wake of a terrific blast which damaged the u. S. Navy destroyer King yesterday at its mooring in Newport Harbor. Captain William s. Farber commander of the neutrality patrol unit to which the 20-year-old, 1,190-ton vessel was assigned said the explosion was caused by leaking Gas in the after dec House the Forward Bulkhead of which was demolished. Cont in ers leak several containers of the Gas. Captain Farber tied were situated in the dec House Aud one of them leaked. He declined to identity the Gas and ventured no opinion As to what ignited the leaking Gas. Announcement of the official cause of the blast awaited a study by a naval Board of inquiry to to appointed. Richard car ugh Cert of Den ver colo., fireman Firat class was reported missing after musters of the Crew. And naval sources said he must have been thrown override by the Force of the blast. The condition of on the injured men Charlese Mccoy of Corpus Christi Texas was described at the naval Hospital As i no i red list the injured beside Mccoy were g. E. Hagg of Reserve. La. Lee Concannon of Davenport. La. O. F. Fletcher of Keefeton okla., j. H. Cole of Monette. Ark., and r. E. Crow of Elkhart ind. Some of the men suffered first degree Burns some suffered Shock others had punctured ear Drums w Hile Cole and Crew were stricken with traumatic deafness. The King completed in Camden. X. J., in 1920. And equipped with four five Inch guns one three Inch gun and 12 21-Inch torpedo tubes had just Conte in from neutrality patrol off till new England coast break results from message sent by suits to his chief congratulatory note to Stalin brands allies War mongers Moscow March 27.apr soviet Russia announced today that her ambassador to Paris is being recalled at the request of the French government. The French request according to Tho announcement published by Tass official russian news Agency was based on an attempt by Jakob suits the envoy to Telegraph felicitations to Joseph Stalin on the conclusion of the War with Finland As a Success against a British French War Mon censor stopped message the Telegram was stopped by the French censor. Suits has been in Paris sine april i 1937. The French ambassador to Moscow Paul Emit Naggiar left for Home feb. 3�? ostensibly on sick leave the Tass communique on withdrawal of suits said a on March 19 the French charge d affaires at Moscow n Jean Apayart informed the people commissar for foreign affairs Zolotoff that the French government regarded a Telegram signed by the soviet ambassador to Paris. Suits and delivered to the Telegraph for transmission Stalin at Moscow on the occasion of the conclusion of a pea Quot a treaty Between the u. S. S. R. And Finland As intervention by the ambassador in the internal political life of frence. Quot according to Apayart statement the French government deems incorrect with regard to the French government certain expressions in the Telegram signed by the ambassador underdog sed in excerpts from the Telegram Given below namely a a a thanks to the Wisdom of to the soviet government and to a our Tallan red army the plan in of the British French War Mon Geta who attempted to fan the flames of War in northeastern Europe again also a a the soviet Union remains an impregnable fortress against which the sinister schemes of the enemies of socialism and of the working people of the whole Wor id will crash. C ensured words Quot also the words sinister schemes enemies of socialism. Quot although this Telegram a topped by the censor the French government declared that suits would no longer be regarded by the French government As Persona grata and expressed the desire that suits be recalled by the soviet government.1�?T jury frees Mon xxx to murdered Jna Gin xxx Ife Minneapolis. March 27�? 1 up a Frank Lese Oisin 67-year old elevator operator looked gloomily at the Jailer As he unmarred the cell then heard him nay Quot you can go now you re even then As he gathered up his few things with the Aid of his son John he never uttered a word just walked wearily into the night front the cell he entered a week ago after he shot and killed hts wife. Mary 57, in their apartment and voluntarily surrendered to police saying a yes. shot Here i should have done it 15 years he was free because a county grand jury refused to indict him after hearing testimony from his son his wife a sister and several neighbors. A county prosecutor said they testified for him and that 50 others wanted to appear to urge his cause. Leschel sin a Only comment since his Airest had been that his wife nagged him constantly and they Bael quarrelled most of 35 years of married life. Peter s. Neilton assistant county atari key said a this own boy was strongly for him. His Wile own sister testified for him. It really was the strangest Case i Ever saw. Everyone a for him at least 50 persons wanted to testify for him hut of course that could not by allowed because they weren to Witny bikes to the

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