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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 16, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Good afternoon legends make merry of St. Patrick Joseph p Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor 4a tuesday March 16, 1976 thoughts for today for thou Dost meet him with goodly blessings thou Dost set a Crown of Fine Gold upon his head. He asked life of thee thou gravest it to him length of Days for Ever and Ever. Psalm 21 3,4. A hefted upon your present Betti not of which every Mon hat Many a not on your Pant Mit Fortunet of which All men have a hurler. Dickens. Input a novelist. Amendment no. I next tuesday voters who go to the polls in the presidential preference primary will also be asked to vote on two constitutional amendments and one Bond authorization Issue. The first of these will ask you to vote a a for or Quot against Quot constitutional amendment to permit the general Assembly to enact general Laws to authorize the state counties cities or towns and other state and local governmental entities to Issue Revenue Bonds to finance or refinance for any S.C. governmental entity or any nonprofit private corporation regardless of any Church or religious relationship the Cost of acquiring constructing and financing health care facility projects S.C. Bonds to be payable from the revenues Gross or net of any S.C. projects and any other health care facilities of any S.C. governmental entity or nonprofit private corporation pledged by any measurement that a a Mouthful. That Many words Strung out in a Row without Benefit of periods to allow for breathing taxes the comprehension of even the most attentive. It is unfortunately necessary to make sure that All the Legal ends Are neatly tied up. Those who Are attempting to promote passage of this item attempt to do two things explain what it is about in a More simplified fashion and emphasize that its passage will mean no new taxes no increase of taxes to retire the Bonds the North Carolina Hospital Assn. Goes so far As to suggest that this May be Quot the most important piece of health legislation Ever presented to the it claims that passage of the amendment will help hold Down Hospital costs by enabling lower interest tax free Revenue Bonds to be used for financing new hospitals or additions. Money for S.C. projects has become quite hard to come by particularly with the expiration of the Hill Burton program which has been a chief provider of Federal funds in years past. With virtually no state of Federal Money now available to help and with a marked disinclination by voters to approve general obligation Bond referendums Hospital expansion in the state is practically at a standstill. The general Assembly has shown a readiness to procede on its own initiative to pass enabling legislation but Legal authorities have strongly recommended the passage of a constitutional amendment before S.C. is carried through. With the amendment and with subsequent enabling acts local Hospital authorities could Call for issuance of Revenue Bonds to finance new construction. Both the n. C. Medical care commission and the n c. Local government commission would have to review and approve. The advantage lies in the fact that buyers of the Bonds would pay no state or Federal income taxes on the interest thus the Bonds would ordinarily be attractive at lower interest rates. These Are very Large considerations when it comes to financing projects that run six figures or More. As an additional safety Factor any Hospital qualifying for tax free Revenue Bonds would have to Transfer its title to the medical care commission to be transferred Back when the debt has been paid off a paid off from revenues of the Hospital itself. It stands to reason that the lower the costs of expansion the lower will be the costs of Hospital care to people who require it. Fiscal authorities have declared the proposition sound and in the Public interest. We think North carolinians would be Well advised to vote yes for the no. I amendment on the ballot a week from news today a newspapers unlike those of a few Short months ago Seldom have stories with datelines from phenom penh or any of the other once familiar City names in Cambodia. All that we know a or presume to know a now comes either from monitoring the official radio broadcasts or from interviewing the occasional refugee who escapes across the Border into Thailand. The new rulers of Cambodia Are apparently trying to acquire the trappings of a democratic government. A new Constitution was approved in mid december and this weekend there is to be an election of a 250-member cambodian Peoples representative Assembly. The last group of departing foreigners from the land whose leaders say they Are projecting the news attempting to Quot purify it and Seal it off from Western Quot decadence told of the in Masse movement of City dwellers into the Countryside without concern for the very Young the very old or the very ill refugees currently Tell of More forced movements of people from one area to another hard work in the Rice paddies summary executions and individual privation. William Shawcross. Writing earlier this year in the far Eastern economic review posed the question. Quot Why if As the refugees claim the Khmer Rouge Are loathed the people do not Rise up and kill them a he reported that the refugees reply that Quot everyone is too cowed and that is indeed a very strange Brand of by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus tomorrow will be St. Patrick s Day and a great Day for the Irish it will be legend has it that the furious beating of a great drum welcomed St Patrick As he ascended the Hill where he was to launch his Campaign against the reptiles. Moments later the drum broke and fear gripped the gathered throng a they believed that St Paddy s magic Power was linked to the instrument. Then a huge Black Snake slithered Down the Hill laughing to see the Saint so powerless. But suddenly an Angel appeared and mended the drum so that St Patrick could go on with his Sermon that banished the snakes and vermin from Ireland. Almost As popular with True believers in St. Patrick Are two stories about the last Snake in Ireland one tells of the refusal of the delinquent Serpent to leave Ireland so St Patrick had a Box made up and ordered the Snake to pack up and get in. Quot no a said the reptile a it s too a nonsense a said St. Patrick Quot its just your size. Try it and Quot very Well a a said the Snake. Quot Pii crawl in As far As i can and show you it s too exit said Snake As sly St. Patrick snapped the lid and plunged the Box into the sea. However St. Patrick was t completely a Winner according to the other Story. An old Crafty fellow who lived in Lake Dilveen that last Snake gave St. Pat so much trouble that the frustrated Bishop left him in the Lake promising to return on the following monday morning to destroy him. But somehow St. Patrick managed to forget All about the Snake which is said to be still alive in Lake Dilveen. Each monday morning he comes to the surface looks around quizzically and shouts Quot it s been a Long monday fortunately for the spirited Irish St. Patrick a Day this year in t on monday. It is tomorrow wednesday giving almost a whole week to recover from their toasts for their Patron Saint. Any snakes seen therein should be gone by monday the ensuing shootings and killings Are sponsored in part by the House judiciary committee and the National Rifle association Washington merry go round another St Patrick legend has the lawyers and engineers set on Many campuses for their annual fracas. Origin of the rivalry so the Story goes has to do with the time the Fence broke Down Between heaven and hell. St. Peter appeared at the broken Section and called to the Devil Quot hey satan since All the engineers Are Over in your place How about getting them to fix the Fence a Quot sorry a replied satan Quot my men Are All too Busy to bother with a measly Quot Well replied St. Peter t in have to sue you if you a ooh yeah a chortled satan Quot and where Are you going to find a lawyer a Richard Wood vice president of George t Wood amp sons Here is the new Secretary of the National association of floor covering distributors in their annual meeting at Marco Island Florida elected last week. Maryfield nursing Home has won accreditation from the joint commission on accreditation of hospitals another evidence of its High standards of patient care. Or. Helen Horn Back from a 25.000-mile Jaunt to Australia was enthralled with the impressive new opera House at Sydney but he finds North Carolina looking mighty Good in comparison with other lands she visited Rev. Claude Young jr., pastor of Thomasville memorial United methodist Church will be awarded a doctor of divinity honorary degree by Pfeiffer College at its special american Bicentennial convocation on april 2an ecumenical misprint Here the other Day had Lenoir Rhyne president Ray Bost heading for the presbyterian Seminary when in fact he s headed for the presidency of the lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia a phantom dinner dance for Benefit of emphysema research serving High Point deductible in spirit and fact is hosted by five popular local couples with Ginny Hutchens chairman. Those Over enthusiastic followers of acc basketball. Their Heads in the Clouds thinking the nations Best manifestation of that sport existed in its four state area got a rude Awakening at the weekend As Carolina fell to ferocity of Alabama s attack while Virginia a wonder team Winner of the acc championship after sensational victories sparked by Wally Quot wonderful Walker and High spirited associates lost its magic touch to lose helplessly to a highly charged Depaul. Maryland which had come on Strong faded in the acc stretch As did state with Duke and Wake Forest showing flashes of greatness while serving As spoilers to Hopes of All their conference competitors wild eyed fans have been crying for matches with Indiana Urcla and other top ranked winners confident their tar heels a and More lately the Brilliant Cavaliers a would take anything offered nationally. But the hard cold facts of competitive sport came fiercely to play and our favourites great Baske Teers As they Are Cut the Mustard in face of fiercely attacking and defending teams they were slated on their records to defeat. As a legion of Honor 51-year member of Demolay Good afternoon joins heartily in their Observance of this week by a High Point chapter which has across the 51 years since its founding by Edgar Hartley with help and encouragement of leading local masons contributed vastly and enriching by to making better men out of the boys who have come under its influence so quietly does it work that too few people really realize its character building qualities in service of those boys who accept and take seriously its code of serving god honouring womanhood Loving and honouring parents loyalty to ideals and friends patriotism in peace As Well As War support of Law and order and preserving High standards of the order. These Young men of action Are entitled to the plaudits and appreciation of a grateful Community. Bankers Plant Money in Congre selection commission countdown some people perform most efficiently under the pressure of a deadline but members of Congress apparently Are not among them. When the supreme court struck Down two key provisions of the 1974 Campaign finance Law on Jan. 30, it gave Congress until feb. 29 to make the statute conform with its ruling. The court later extended the Grace period to March 22. Hut that deadline probably will not be met either if no action is forthcoming by then the Federal election commission will lose most of its authority chiefly the Power to disburse Federal funds to presidential candidates for their primary campaigns and to the two major parties for their conventions. The court held on Jan 30 that the commission was illegally composed because it violated the Constitution s separation of Powers clause by being appointed in part by Congress but exercising executive Branch Power. In addition the court voided the 1974 Law s limits on Campaign spending. The task facing Congress would seem to be simplicity itself. To Correct the defect that the court found in the election commission s original charter All that Congress needs to do is pass an amendment placing responsibility for appointing the commissions members in the presidents hands in fact matters Are anything but simple. Legislation now pending in both houses of Congress does indeed Transfer the appointment Power to the president. But it also makes several other major changes in the 1974 Law some of them highly controversial. As a result floor debate is Likely to be heated and president Ford has indicated that he would veto the measure in its present form. The chief hone of Contention concerns the Motley talks fund raising capabilities of corporate political action committees pics. In a ruling last november the election commission authorized companies to take donations to their pics directly from employ yes earnings although S.C. contributions would be voluntary Union leaders were incensed S.C. a practice they argued made workers vulnerable to pressure from management and gave Republican corporate fund raisers an advantage Over their labor based democratic counterparts k As now written the pending legislation would permit companies to solicit Only shareholders and management level personnel for political gifts company employees who Are Union members could not be solicited by the corporate Pac. On the other hand unions would be allowed to use a voluntary Check off from their members wages to raise political contributions if the company used a similar system for management the Wrangle Over Campaign financing could not have come at a worse time for the gradually thinning Field of presidential aspirants. The prospective cutoff of Federal funds after March 22 would occur just As the primary election season is getting into full swing some of the financially weaker candidates might be forced out of the race prematurely. Democratic and Republican leaders Are expected to press Congress for Early passage of a Bill acceptable to president Ford. Each party is eligible for $500,000 from the commission in april to cover convention costs and both Are eager to have the Money in hand As soon As possible. In politics As in Many other areas of life it is incontestably True the by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington on Capitol Hill some legislators seem to make it their business to see that the Banks Are not deprived. Those who go along with the banking lobby often Are rewarded with Campaign contributions already the commercial Bankers political Arm which goes by the acronym Bank Pac has quietly passed out donations to almost half of the members of the House banking committee the contributions coincided with a lobbying drive by the commercial Bankers against reforms which would allow Mutual savings Banks and credit unions to expand their services. This would make them More competitive to prevent this Bank Pac has handed out thousands of dollars in Campaign contributions to key senators and congressmen the recipients include at least 17 members of the House banking committee which is considering the banking reforms among them Are representatives Richard Kelly. R-fla., $1,500, Albert Johnson r-pa., $1,200 Jerry Patterson d-Calif., $1,150 Les Aucoin dore$1,000 Willis Gradison. A Ohio $1,000, William Moorhead d-pa., $600, Stephen Neal d-n.c., $600 Carroll Hubbard d.-ky., Butler Derrick d-s.c., $300 also John ionian. A Ariz. $300 Philip Hayes d-ind., $200 Gladys Spellman md., $150 David Evans a ind$100 Jim Blanchard d-mich., $100, John Lafalce d n y., $100 and Mark Han Naford a Calif. $200. Another $100 was Given to senator soaper a paunch used to be the sign that a Man was Rich. Now its More Likely to mean that he can to afford to belong to a health club. In politics the front runner is in danger. His Back is turned up so Many people. Rep. Harold Ford d-tenn., who just gave up his seat on the banking committee rep Joseph Mims. has also been singled out for a donation but the Money has t yet been delivered. Apparently the conflict did no to bother the committee members Bank Pac chief William Glassford acknowledged to our associate Bob Owens a i done to know anybody who has turned us the House banking committee is supposed to protect the Public but Many committee members seem to work for the Bankers. Missing americans at least nine american citizens Are still missing in Cyprus. The state department has admitted privately that they Are probably casualties of the bloody 1974 turkish invasion. There is suspicion that at least one 17 year old american youth died in a turkish prison after he was kidnapped from his Home in Cyprus. The turkish cypriot soldiers allegedly ignored the . Passports which the family produced a private state department report to rep. Don Riegle. D-mich., a member of the powerful House International relations committee concede there Are Quot nine american citizens still unaccounted for out of 24 originally listed As missing Quot our embassies in Ankara and Nicosia have Given top priority to these remaining cases but unfortunately we have not been successful in clarifying their in its quest for information the state department spoke with a turkish cypriot Leader Rauf Denktash who told them bluntly the nine Are Quot probably dead a state advised Riegle Quot there is a Strong presumption that this is greek sources suggest that the americans were killed by the turks. A turkish embassy spokesman says he too thinks the nine Are dead. But he insisted they were killed either accidentally or fighting for the cypriot greeks this has been challenged by greek journalist Elias Demetr Copoulos who has been conducting an investigation into the disappearance of 17-year-old Andreas Kassapis. A family passport and birth certificate establish that the youth is an american citizen born in Detroit his ailing cypriot father in need of a warmer climate returned with his family to Cyprus in 1967. When the turks invaded Cyprus according to a signed statement by the father the family tried to flee to the embassy in Nicosia 12 Miles away. But they were blocked by turkish tanks and turned Back. They displayed the american Flag which most turkish troops respected. But on aug. 20, 1974, the family was arrested by troops who ignored the Fame letter to the editor by passports ripped Down the Flag and punched the father in the stomach. Young Andreas and his sister s Fiance were hauled away on a tractor. That s the last the family saw of them the elder Kassapis was told by turkish cypriots that the two Quot were taken away by turkish military forces Quot As confirmation Home bound cypriot greeks reported that the Fiance had shouted to them from a prison in Turkey asking them to Contact the father of Andreas Kassapis after inquiries from the . Embassy Andreas name was listed by the turks As one of the students to be freed. But he was not among the students who were released. The state department is still pressing but the turkish spokesman told us with finality a we have no americans in Turkey or Illinois Odds political Odds maker Jimmy the greek Snyder who correctly picked president Ford As a 2-to-l favorite to defeat Ronald Reagan in the Florida primary has now made the president an overwhelming 20-to-l favorite in today s Illinois primary. On the democratic Side Jimmy mistakenly made George Wallace a slight favorite Over Jimmy Carter in Florida. Nevertheless the greek again rates Wallace As a 2-to-l favorite to get More Illinois delegates than Carter. Running ahead of both of them in the Delegate quest As Jimmy figures the Odds will be sen. Adlai Stevenson Dill. This has nothing to do with the presidential preference contest a meaningless popularity poll which Jimmy expects Wallace to win with a slight Edge Over Carter. We. Penn use is questioned to the editor there Are times when one should not speak and there Are those other times to me this happens to be one of those times the school Board decided in their last meeting to let the housing authority use the William Penn building for an Auto mechanics workshop now before we begin let me say this i am All for Community usage of school facilities when not in use by the school because after All tax Money built these facilities and helps to maintain them. However it would seem to me that the school Board should take it upon themselves to Check into these matters before they act. As most people know William Penn gym is used by Griffin Junior High and the gym is connected onto the part of the building where the Auto Triec Hanics workshop will be placed to the Best of my knowledge no one at Griffin was contacted about this matter. Not that the school Board has to Contact a school to make a decision but in matters where it May influence the students i eel this is very important. The school Board seems to forget that there May be problems. Problems that were encountered when the High schools used the facility and also . Problems to mention a few the noise of the car motors no control Over these people As to Why it is important to follow rules and regulations of the school wandering the Halls of the main building and general interference with the school program. Not to mention that the educational environment will be totally disturbed. Now Griffin Junior High already has a need for More classroom space. At the present time there Are no health classrooms available to the . Delft rement of Griffin when health is taught a teacher must find an empty classroom. Griffin Junior High has a very Strong gymnastics program that needs permanent work space to be effective. The Large area which will be utilized by the mechanics shop is directly attached to the . Area and is ideally suited for this program. Also within the Wing there is classroom space and with a new Junior High in the planning stages it would seem this space would be used first. There is talk that Large sums of Money will be spent in the future to renovate the Junior High schools of High Point Why not Start now use a Small amount on this usable Wing of William Penn and increase the size and scope of Griffin Junior High i Hope that this is not too late for the school Board to reverse their decision. William l. Howell Foxfire apts

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