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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 16, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Government rebuttal ends High Point Enterprise tuesday March la 1171 a Patty pictured As Long time rebel Al what not set Vlf door Al of Fiatti sunny wednesday a Winter storm brought rain to North Carolina and was to have caused Flash flooding in the mountains today. For the triad area the rain was to have continued forecast North Carolina Flash flood watch in effect until 12 noon for mountains and Eastern slopes and Foothills. Freeze warning for mountains tonight. Rainy Windy weather today. Rain ending mountains this afternoon and coast this evening. Clearing tonight through wednesday except continued Cloudy with Snow flurries mountains tonight. Highs today in the 50s with 60s coast. Lows tonight near freezing mountains to 40s coast highs wednesday in the 40s and 50s South Carolina Flash flood watch in effect West portion for this morning. Showers and thunderstorms with rain heavy at times today and risk of Flash flooding West portion this morning. Highs mostly 60s. Showers ending from the West with Clearing tonight and turning colder. Lows near freezing Northwest with scattered Frost. Elsewhere lows around 40 midlands and Low 40s coastal. F air and Cool wednesday. Highs in the 50s. Through this afternoon. Tonight is expected to be Clearing and skies should be sunny wednesday. Highs today were to have been in the upper 50s. Tonight slows should be in the mid 30s wednesdays highs should be in the Low 50s. Chance of rain decreases to 20 per cent tonight and should be near Zero wednesday. Temperatures 24 hours ending 7 . Est station h l or Asheville rain 49 40 .20 Augusta fog 53 51 1.14 Charleston fog 55 54 .29 Charlotte rain 52 46 .57 Columbia cloy 55 52 1.74 Greensboro fog 56 46 04 Rain 50 42 1.36 Raleigh fog 58 46. 73 Savannah cloy 58 56 00 Wilmington cloy 58 51 05 three Day forecast North Carolina extended Outlook thursday through saturday a fair thursday and Friday. Chance of showers saturday. Highs Middle 50s to Low 60s thursday warming to the Middle 60s to Low 70s by saturday. Lows in the Middle 20s to Middle 30s thursday warming to the 40s by saturday. Workers cite j. P. Stevens cases of abuse Washington a Southern textile workers told a House subcommittee monday they have watched their children suffer gone without food and lost their jobs because of their support for unions. The testimony was before the House labor management subcommittee which is considering legislation to strengthen the National labor relations Board and to withhold government contracts from firms that violate labor Laws. Joseph Williams 32. Of Roanoke rapids ., was fired in 1973 from a Stevens Plant. He told the subcommittee that the Brown suit he wore monday was borrowed because he could t afford his own a my children have been sick and i could t afford to take them to a Hospital a Williams said. Mrs. Maurine Hedgepeth 44, also of Roanoke rapids said she lost her Job at a Stevens Plant after being involved in Union organizing. She said her husband was fired on Christmas eve. She said company officials told her husband that a the Only Way to get a Job was to leave town a she said while she and her husband were out of work they and their three children lived on unemployment insurance and a few dollars a week from her parents. A i used to fix supper at night and the children would ask me if i were going to eat a she said her voice quavering and tears filling her eyes a a in a say no i ate while i was cooking because i did no to have mrs. Hedgepeth later went to court and won her Job Back along with Back pay. Sol Stein president of the textile workers Union of America told the subcommittee that a a worker desiring a Union today must be prepared to Lay his Job on the line. He is probably going to be blacklisted and neither he nor any member of his family is going to be Able to find any other Industrial Job in the Stein aimed most of his remarks at the . Stevens co., which has 85 plants and 45,000 employees across the South. None of the plants operates under a Union contract. The company does not comment on its relations with labor or labor unions. In Statesboro a Stevens Plant was closed Down after the courts ordered the company to bargain with a Union. Mrs. Myrtle Cribbs 40, of Statesboro charged that com Pany officials a a harassed and a spied on Quot employees when Union organizers moved into town. Mrs. Addle Jackson 31, testified monday that since the Plant shut Down last May she has been supporting her two sons on 147 a week Valerie Burt to be honoured Kansas City a actress Valerie Perrine and actor Burt Reynolds will be cited by the United motion picture association when it honors its top choices in the Industry thursday night during its annual convention Here. Recipients of the awards which Are Given to the Best in their Field each year also in clude producer Elliot Kastner and director Steven Spielberg. Universal pictures will also receive an award As the motion picture company of the year. The Umpa is an association of Western Missouri and Kansas theater owners. San Francisco a the government depicting Patricia Hearst As a restless rebel seeking a cause has rested its rebuttal Case in her trial for Bank robbery by once again using her own words against her . Atty. James l. Browningjr. Disclosed monday that a Stone necklace discovered in her purse the Day of miss Hearst a arrest matched one found under the charred body of a terrorist she has bitterly denounced during the trial. He then played a tape from the underground in which miss Hearst mentioned the necklace As a sentimental link with the slain sym ionese liberation army member after playing the tape Browning rested the second phase of his Case defense attorney f Lee Bailey was poised to begin sur rebuttal testimony today. Bailey strenuously objected when Browning asked . District court judge Oliver j. Carter if he could play a Brief portion of a tape the jury heard earlier. Bailey argued that miss Hearst a trial for Bank robbery now in its eighth week is Long overdue for conclusion but Browning insisted that the jurors hear her mention the necklace on her last tape from the underground in the june 1974 recording miss Hearst eulogized six Sla soldiers who had died in a gun Battle with los Angeles police three weeks earlier among them was Willie Wolfe called a ecu Job in the underground. Miss Hearst said on the tape that Wolfe had been her Lover in court she said he raped her and that she despised him a the pigs probably have the Little olmec Monkey that cujo wore around his neck a said the voice on the tape a the gave me the Little Stone face one miss Hearst. 22, testified that Sla member Emily Harris wrote the script for the tape and that she was forced to read it. Browning however called three Quick witnesses monday who said that a Matching necklace was found in her purse when she was captured last sept 18. All of miss Hearst s seven tapes sent from the underground have been played in court and some of her writings Replete with revolutionary rhetoric have been read. Brownings final major witness was or. Harry l. Kozol. A Boston psychiatrist who examined miss Hearst five times in january he described the newspaper heiress As a bored rebellious teen Ager searching for an outlet to her frustrations. A the cause found her a he said of her kidnapping by the Sla on feb 4, 1974 Kozol said miss Hearst was an unknowing a spiritual sister to radicalism prior to her abduction a this girl was a he said As miss Hearst listened with Little Trace of emotion. A she had gotten into a state where she was Ripe for the plucking. She was in a receptive state of in the terrorist underground. The 69-year-old psychiatrist said miss Hearst found a a Way to get rid of the terrible turmoil within her a he alluded to her own testimony that she had nagging doubts about her impending marriage to Steven Weed in the months before her kidnapping several psychiatrists who interviewed her have testified that she viewed Weed As becoming concerned with nazism unduly mate $1.7 million is spent on or audit reveals Raleigh apr an audit by the state auditor shows seven major state agencies together Are spending More than $1.7 million this year for Public relations and related activities the seven agencies were surveyed at the request of the governmental operations commission a legislative watchdog body that has been studying the Public relations programs run by different departments with a View of recommending some cuts. The audit released last Friday indicates at least 98 people Are employed in the seven Public relations programs potential areas of wasteful state spending Are being sought by the commission but the audit does not comment on whether the $1 7 million is too much or too Little. A we do not feel that we Are in a position to make judgments on the need for or the Cost Benefit relationship of the services provided by these groups therefore recommendations concerning the operations of Public information projects have not been made a state auditor Henry Bridges said in an introduction to the audit. State sen. I Crawford a Buncombe chairman of the commission indicated that its members would use information contained in the audit in preparing a list of potential budget cuts for the coming fiscal years however Crawford said he had not yet studied the audit and could not say exactly where budget cuts could be made. The audit described As a a limited scope operational audit a listed the number of employees duties functions and expenditures of Public relations agencies for the following departments administration human resources natural and economic resources Public instruction. Agriculture correction and transportation the audit included both state and Federal funds spent on Public relations a Public education and related activities the audits findings included the following a the department of correction has four persons doing Public relations work who Are paid by state funds the department also has eight people paid by Federal funds to prepare a a master plan for educating the Public about correctional programs. A the department of human resources spends the most Money nearly $425,000 about $200,000 of that is used to run the information and referral system. The system enables citizens anywhere in the state to Call in an find out where they can obtain needed social services a auditors had some difficulty in determining total costs primarily because some Public relations costs Are combined with budgetary items for other programs a the state office of employment and training which administers a variety of federally funded manpower training programs across the state has a Public relations staff of four All paid by Federal funds a the state department of Public instruction records a daily Telephone message which draws about 19 Calls a Day at a Cost to the state of $33 a month the message contains the latest news about Public education business i notes i accountants group the Piedmont Winston Salem chapter of Tho National Assn of accountants will hold its technical meeting on thursday March 18. 1976. At the elks club on Silas Creek Parkway. Social starts at 5 30 pm dinner at 6 pm the guest speaker will by Robert a Lebaube. District director internal Revenue service election of officers for the coming term 1976-77 will be held at this meeting. Accountants Moat the Piedmont Greensboro chapter of the National association of accountants will hold its monthly meeting thursday at 5 30 at the ropeway inn in Greensboro. Speakers will be Fred Jacobs. Hartwell herring and Frank Watkins accounting professors from the University of Tennessee. Their topic will be a some ethical and Legal implications of professionalism in management Campaign change rejected Wallace retains rallies Montgomery Ala apr the Wallace Campaign staff considered a fundamental change in the Alabama governor s method of campaigning in the Wake of the Florida defeat but rejected it. Says Wallace s Campaign manager. Charles Snider said monday the Alabama governor came close to curtailing his Normal practice of holding one or More Public rallies each Day for his North Carolina Campaign in favor of More a Media however Snider said it had been decided to retain a babe Das will travel a haberdasher is basically a dealer in accessories a shirts ties socks. Paddlers in Germany would cry their wares by calling a Shabe Das Quot a in English a a i have that a when the Sellers settled in ores they kept their trailing name a haberdasher. North Carolina Campaign schedule that Calls for one or More rallies each Day. Wallace will begin his drive for the March 23 North Carolina primary tonight with a rally in Raleigh the Wallace Camp Snider said. Was not satisfied with the publicity it got in Florida where former Georgia gov. Jimmy Carter upset Wallace a we Felt we weren to getting our message to the people a Snider said a your saturation of the Media was t High enough with the rallies. He Wallace can Only do so much and when you take up his Lime with rallies it deprives him of opportunities for interviews and other Media things a Wallace usually starts his Public schedule later and concludes it earlier than most presidential candidates. During his six Dav North Carolina tour he has not scheduled a Public event before la a in. Snider said this was because it was necessary for Wallace to keep in touch with government officials in Alabama Snider also rejected suggestions that a Victory in North Carolina was crucial to Wallace s continuing in the Campaign for the democratic presidential nomination a North Carolina is just one in a Long line of states its no More critical than anywhen1 a poll made Public monday by the Raleigh nows and observer said Carter was leading Wallace by a substantial margin but Snider said the poll did not impress him we be never put a whole lot of Faith in polls because they be never reflected the governor s True strength. I think till change considerably when the governor gels up there to Campaign a he said you get More than just a hearing Aid when you buy a Zenith. You purr Mast any Finith or iring a we Mart with i Complete evaluation then we our shill and Ripen in. E to spin t the ?ic1 most beneficial to you the pm Ltd you pay rovers All the consultation and Atter pure Hose adjustments Tor satisfaction your hearing cd. I Mes the Best let us show you what that ran mean rhe Quality ques in Brinie the Nama in i on Piedmont hearing Aid Center 400 n. Main St. High Point n Sheraton Motel lobby include us in your House plans i inked help it Iki no prot our prayer we will Pray for you no strings attached it is our 1 Way of serving the lord no one will Contact you i unless you specially request it just do this phone 454-4511. A recorder will respond you Don t need to give 1 your name just state your need and we will Pray for you then watch your life for the hand of god to move phone 454-4511 or write prayers answered p o. Box 154. Jamestown n 27282 ii i now improved instant tip Pul strap adjustment rupture easer �wm4 to run to Ami r work pm a a a i Twedie wearing it aft lit Groin pad hold reducible a c7zst2 simple Pulu rap cd a Menf tiv men. Women children Cove measure around Lowed part a Abdomen. Slate right or left Side or double. 36 of Tab View Mann drug store name City sixteenth annual family camping workshop High Point City Lake Park High Point North Carolina april 30, May 1,2 registration form a Arl Dratt a a. State. I we would like to Reserve a campsite and make reservations for people. I we intend to stay in a.,. Trailer tent. I we Plano arrive. Cost $5.00 per person or a maximum of $25.00 per family. Please make checks payable to family camping workshop and return reservation no later than april 16, 1976, to Parks amp recreation department enclosure Check. A a a a a 221 Nathan Hunt drive Point . 27260 Cash sponsored by j nigh Point Parks i recreation department planning a new Home for your family is an exciting time. A Home of your own s a Good investment and Money is available now. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Piedmont us our drive in window. Or porn from in our big loll Call 883-4116 700 North main soc, cd

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