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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 16, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clearing tonight More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 76 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 862-1719 classified ads is 217? other depts. Ms-2161 High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon March 16, 1976 28 pages daily 15. Sunday 35c because of his age�?60 Wilson resigning in Britain Wilson at to Downing Street last week a wire photo London apr in a Surprise announcement that stunned parliament and rocked the Stock Exchange prime minister Harold Wilson said today he will resign As soon As labovites in the House of commons pick a new Leader. Wilson who turned 60 last thursday cited age As the reason. A special meeting of labor lawmakers was called for tonight to begin preparations for electing a successor. Wilson s resignation does not necessarily mean a general election is imminent but his successor May wish to seek a fresh mandate from British voters when he or she takes Over. Wilson a five year term would have expired in october 1979. Lawmakers at parliament poured out of committee rooms into the corridors when news of Wilson a announcement reached them. The prime minister had Given no Public hint that he was about to resign and Many members of parliament at first refused to believe the announcement. On the Stock Exchange following Wilson a announcement people were a dashing around All Over the place a a one dealer said. A it was chaos and confusion for to the Pound opened at $1,920 and went Down to $1.9160 after Wilson a announcement. The Bank of England intervened and the rate then improved slightly to $1.9170. Wilson a government suffered a stinging 28-vote defeat in the House of commons last wednesday on its plans to slash Public spending by $6 billion. The defeat was caused by a revolt of 37 left Wing labovites. The same Day the opposition conservative party won two special parliamentary elections with increased majorities cutting into labors slice of the vote. On thursday however the government survived a vote of Confidence in parliament by a majority of 17. Wilson s government has been under Sharp attack from the conservative opposition led by 50-year-old Margaret Thatcher As Well As the left Wing labovites. Over the past 12 months. Britain s annual rate of inflation has hovered around 25 per cent the highest in the industrialized world and the Pound Sterling dropped below the psychologically important $2 floor for the first time in history March 5 Wilson a official announcement said he told the Cabinet of his decision this morning and then went to Buckingham Palace and informed Queen Elizabeth ii a my period As prime minister has been longer than that of any of my peacetime predecessors in this Century a a Wilson said Ford May return to state by the associated press there were indications today that president Ford would make another swing into North Carolina saturday to Campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. Three other major candidates also planned intensive campaigning in the state in the week before the May 23 North Carolina presidential primary. A Ford Campaign source said a return visit to the state by the president was a virtual certainty and that he would Likely visit Charlotte Asheville Raleigh and Hickory. However Bill Bussell. Ford state Campaign manager said later Raleigh definitely would not be included and he was not sure about the other cities or whether the president would be in the state saturday. The White House is expected to make a definite announcement today or wednesday on the presidents plans for the remainder of the North Carolina Campaign meanwhile former California gov. Ronald Reagan Ford s opponent for the Republican presidential nomination announced a full schedule for the remainder of the Campaign Reagan is scheduled to Fly to Greensboro wednesday night. The next morning he will Fly to Fayetteville then to Hickory for Airport rallies and go on to Morganton and Winston Salem. Friday Reagan will go to Durham then Fly to Charlotte to speak to a luncheon. Then he will go to Salisbury and Lexington and attend a rally that night in Asheboro. Reagan will hold a mid morning rally in North Wilkesboro saturday following by Airport stops in Greensboro. High Point and Kinston. Saturday night he will attend a dinner in Asheville and remain there until monday. He has no campaigning scheduled sunday but monday see Ford on 2a poll puts presidential race dimmed Carter Over Wallace for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Smokey was speeding q. I am a Long distance truck Driver and came out of Lexington on 85 towards High Point on the North bound Side. There was a sheriff from the state of Virginia who came through and dodged in and out of traffic at 75 to 80 Miles per hour in a reckless manner. All of us truck Drivers on cd sets were talking about it and a Highway patrolman came up and had to run at least 90 or 95 to overtake the sheriff from Virginia who he pulled off on the Side Road. The truck Drivers would like to know if the sheriff was issued a ticket for speeding and reckless driving. If not Why not please give us an answer As we Are All concerned. Thank you or. . A. Sgt. Wesley Boykin who is in charge of the Davidson county Highway patrol office in Lexington said the reports of citations coming to his office list the person and the violation but not the occupation. If you could provide the trooper s number in the window of the patrol car and the Date this occurred or the License number of the sheriff s vehicle he could Check to see if a ticket was issued. He trusted that a corrective measures were taken Quot since the trooper did Stop the vehicle. Cable television request q. I am new in town and found out there is no Cable television where we Are but there is South of us. I was wondering if it would be possible to have it installed where we live off Eastchester. Woman. A Randy whittle of Carolina Cable to said they Are expanding the service in the northeastern Section towards Oakview along Eastchester and n. Centennial As far As the Wesleyan Church on e. Lexington to the area of the High Point museum they Hope to fill in All the North Side of the City before fall. Salesman Call on the residents As the Cable is installed on their Street or you May Call their office on n. Main to sign up in Advance. Concerts in coliseum j q. Will you list the Rock concerts that will appear at the Greensboro coliseum and the dates like you did last year thank you. Anon. A. A number of the concerts Are tentative so done to go berserk if they Are cancelled or if the approximate dates Are changed. A a to after the Date stands for tentative a of a stands for firm dates. March 26 Trufus March 27 electric Light orchestra april 3 bad company mid april fog hat mid april Bobby Womack april 24 country Western shindig May 7 Marvin Gaye May 14 Loggins amp Messina june to a yes a and a kiss a july Neal Young. Air conditioning at Andrews q. I have heard that the air conditioning system at t. Wingate Andrews High school is not working and that the Cost to repair it is so great that they do not plan to have it fixed before school is out this summer. Is this True since some rooms have no windows such As the chemistry lab and others Are too Small to allow much circulation i Hope the school administration will have it repaired before the weather gets so hot the students stifle in there. Thank you. Anon woman. A. The air conditioner is broken and repairs Are to begin sometime this month says a spokesman at the school administration office. It could not be repaired prior to this time due to a backlog of work by the air conditioning contractor. I addiction to heroin increasing Washington apr heroin addiction is steadily increasing in the United states but has not yet returned to the Peak years of the late 1960s, the National Institute on drug abuse said today. Experts believe there now Are Between 250,000 and 500,-000 Active heroin users not in treatment programs. A there is a steady increasing incidence of heroin abuse but not to the former epidemic an Institute spokesman said even now experts in drug abuse cannot agree As to How Many addicts there were Between 1968 and 1970 when the heroin problem was out of control. The Institute released a new study today representing the first attempt to measure heroin use so the government can anticipate and respond if it should reach epidemic proportions again. Heroin use is estimated to be responsible for More than 70 per cent of the social Cost of illicit drug use in the country Quot the drug abuse explosion of the late 1960s caught most of us off guard said or. Robert l. Dupont the Institute director in the foreword to the report. Eight years later he said there still is no documentation of estimates a of the numbers of heroin addicts Speed freaks acid Heads and hippies in the Institute in cooperation with various Federal health and Law enforcement agencies compiled what it Calls a a heroin indicators trend report a which draws on a variety of sources of data to measure heroin use. Virtually All of the indicators Are up the Institute said. The data includes reports from medical examiners on drug related deaths emergency rooms on drug related episodes hepatitis infections the a Street Price and purity of heroin sold illegally state and local drug arrests and drug treatment program admissions Raleigh a a statewide poll shows Jimmy Carter has a substantial Lead Over George Wallace among North Carolina democrats who intend to vote in the March 23 presidential primary. The poll released monday gives Carter 31.6 per cent Wallace 20 9 per cent and sen. Henry Jackson 7 5 per cent of the voters surveyed on March 11-12 some 26 9 per cent of the Sample were undecided with the rest divided among other candidates and no preference. The poll was taken by or Walter Devries of Duke University. A professional pollster who has worked in Many campaigns in several states for the Raleigh news and observer. In the Telephone poll a total of 563 democrats were contacted at random in six different areas of the state according to Devries the poll had an error margin of 5 per cent. This Means that any percentage found could be 5 per cent higher or lower than the True figure for All democratic voters in the state the news and observer said the Republican vote was not polled because to do that would have required another Complete Survey the poll was taken after the Florida primary but before Jackson decided not to Campaign further in North Carolina it showed the three candidates running in the same order they finished in Florida. However Carter had a bigger Lead than the 35-31 margin by which he Defeated so poli on 2a big Illinois test involves Daley what s inside amusements.5b bridge.5b classified ads3-6d comics4b crossword 8c editorials4a financial2a obituaries .2d sports1-3b television .5b women a news6-7a weather.2a Reagan Campaign funds Well below president s Washington a Ronald Reagan a Republican Challenge already beset by a primary election losing Streak is in tar weaker financial shape than president Ford s Campaign. A picture of heavy Campaign debt and million Dollar Bank borrowing is painted in new Reagan reports filed with the Federal election commission. And those reports done to take into account the critical defeats the former California governor suffered in new Hampshire and Florida. While the Reagan Campaign was saddled with a $490,000 net deficit at the end of february Ford s Campaign had $949,212 Cash on hand offset by Only $27,565 in debts. During february Reagan took in $750,000 from private sources not counting $1,088 million borrowed from a Washington Bank. Fords Campaign during the same month raised $1,513 million privately. Nearly All of the Reagan Bank Loans were repaid during february. The bulk of Reagan a debt was for Campaign Staples such As envelopes mailing services and for consultants. State by state figures show Reagan out spending Ford in All the Early primary states including Massachusetts where Reagan forces professed to wage no Campaign and claimed the 15 delegates they won there were a Bonus. In new Hampshire Florida Illinois and North Carolina the other principal states in the first wave of primaries Reagan outspent Ford during the first two months of the year by margins ranging from 5 to 4 to 2 to i. Buwe Agan could be sorely pressed in the coming weeks particularly if his defeats Cut into his fund raising ability. On the democratic Side Jimmy Carter showed the Best private fundraising ability among the three leading candidates whose reports were at the Fec. He pulled in $401,130 in private Money during february almost twice the $208,061 garnered by rep. Morris k. Udall and four times the almost $104,207 donated to sen. Henry m. Jackson. Chicago a in mayor Richard j Daley s democratic Domain presidential candidates Are a sometime thing what he wants Are National convention delegates a governor and the officials that make Chicago tick. That s the key to decoding returns in today s Illinois primary through the first four primary contests the presidential candidates had the stage All to themselves their contest was the Only show in town. It s not that Way in Illinois Here the big test is Between gov Daniel Walker an old Daley foe. And Secretary of state Michael j. Hewlett the mayors favorite for the democratic nomination for governor the Daley Walker rivalry a bitter one since the Maverick governor beat the mayor s Chicago organization to win his office four years ago is built into contests All Over the democratic ballot. The Only place it does t apply is in the presidential preference voting in which Georgia s Jimmy Carter ranks As the favorite Over Alabama gov. George c. Wallace Sargent Shriver and former Oklahoma sen Fred r Harris who has done Little campaigning but that is a race for glory and for political momentum the preferential balloting binds no delegates and the stakes Are purely psychological new Bank account rules asked Washington a a Bank depositor soon May be Able to authorize automatic Transfer of funds from his savings account to his Check my account to cover overdrafts or to maintain a minimum balance under new rules proposed monday by the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Deposit insurance corporation depositors who authorized such transfers would save the penalty usually $3 to $5, levied by Banks for writing a Check with insufficient funds however the depositor would be required under the rules to forfeit not less than 30 Days interest to be levied by the Bank on the amount of Money taken out of his savings account. The Federal Reserve Board gave the following example of How the proposed system would work of a customer with a Check ing account balance of $600 and a savings account balance of $1,000 writes a Check for $1,050, the Bank would automatically Transfer $500 from savings to checking the regulations would require that transfers be made in multiples of $100 and subtracts $2.08, the interest the customer would have earned in 30 Days on the transferred $500 at 5 per cent a year the maximum Legal Umit. \ Richard j. Daley nonetheless Carter contends it will be a crucial test one to be watched by the voters elsewhere As the primary Parade moves along next Stop North Carolina one week from today Cartel wants to go there with Illinois added to his three prior primary victories to keep his political Wagon rolling and to show that he can win in a big Industrial state that will be a vital Battleground in the Campaign for the White House next fall anything Short of first place would be a severe setback for his Campaign president Ford expects to win the Republican preferential balloting Over Ronald Reagan and his allies Are forecasting a landslide margin Reagan has claimed that he would consider a 40 per cent showing a Victory. That is the kind of Reagan Victory the Ford Camp can Well afford there Are 96 Republican National convention delegates at stake Reagan has said he expects to win Only 20 to 24 of them the democratic Competition is for 155 nominating delegates and that is where Daley comes in denied even a vote of his own at the last democratic convention when reformers beat him in a credentials Challenge. Daley wants to go to new York next summer in Clear command of the Illinois delegation it would be vindication and. In a divided convention it would be Power. So Daley is running candidate slates committed for the moment to sen. Adlai e. Stevenson Iii who says he in t running for president. Daley is virtually assured of capturing 59 Delegate slots in Chicago he Aims for too or More Wien the full delegation is chosen fourteen delegates will be selected later at the state convention. True to form. Walker has rival slates entered in each of the 24 congressional districts committed to him in what he called an Effort to counter Daley Bossis ironically if Walker wins renomination Over Daley s opposition the mayor could wind up As a Force in presidential politics As a product of the same election that would demonstrate the erosion of his Illinois Power base candidates offer vague tax reforms Raleigh it apr the Active democratic con tenders in the March 23 presidential primary Are presenting North Carolina voters a number of vague proposals for tax Reform Alabama s gov. George c Wallace has campaigned on a fundamental premise that America needs a tax reformation that would make the system a More equitable and give the break to the Middle but Wallace has yet to spell out All the changes that would entail he has suggested raising the personal income tax exemption from $750 to $1,200 the Rich he says a have loopholes to keep them from paying any tax at All but the Only Hole the average working Man knows is the one in his paycheck a Wallace s stated ideas for closing loopholes amount to a suggestion that taxes be levied against charitable foundations and income producing property owned by churches and universities Wallace has also suggested that social Security pensioners be allowed to earn More than the current $2,000 per year without losing benefits he has proposed that the social Security system could be abetted by general funds saved ending a a ripoffs a of welfare and foreign Aid. Sex Georgia gov. Jimmy Carter does not favor a tax Cut for 1976, because he feels it would increase the Federal deficit. But Carter says frequently that the Federal tax system is a disgrace. A the surest income to be taxed is the income from manual labor. A family with an income of $10,000 per year pays the same tax rate quite often As a family with an income of $1 million per year. A we ought to tax All income the same tax it Only see candidates on 2a f t

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