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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 15, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Rainy Windy More data on Page 3a 92nd year a no. 75 the High Point Enterprise Cau us Cir Calatola 882-1719 Clat affied ads ms-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., monday afternoon March 15, 1976 18 pages daily 15c. Sunday 35c Reagan win is must . May decide gop nominee by the associated press with Only a few Days left before the North Carolina presidential primary the democratic race has boiled Down to two candidates and the Republican nominee could be decided by the states gop voters. Because former California gov. Ronald Reagan has lost every head to head confrontation with president Ford so far Ford supporters have predicted a North Carolina defeat would Mark an end to Reagan a Challenge. But Reagan and his supporters have held firm and planned a five Day Blitz before the election. Reagan has said his previous losses were actually victories because the president had t drawn the sizeable wins an incumbent should have to claim popular support. Reagan is to arrive in Greensboro wednesday night and Campaign in virtually every part of the state until late monday. Ford supporters Are hoping he will return to the state saturday for his second and last Campaign visit before the primary. His first Campaign visit was last saturday. On the democratic Side the primary has come Down to a contest Between former Georgia gov. Jimmy Carter and Alabama gov. George Wallace. Earlier the democratic race seemed to be three Way with Carter Wallace and sen. Henry Jackson of Washington state vying for first place. Two other candidates on the ballot former sen. Fred Harris of Oklahoma and rep. Morris Udall of arizonan Are not campaigning in the state and one other sen. Lloyd Bentsen of Texas has withdrawn from seeking nomination. Last week Jackson stopped campaigning in North Carolina saying he would finish third whether he campaigned or not and saying he wanted to spend More time campaigning on Delegate Rich for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Problem pregnancy q. I am pregnant and am la years old and i done to know Bow to Tell my mama. Just write in the paper and maybe somebody knows me and it will get around to me. I ainu to going to give my name or address. Thank you. Girl. A. It would be better to go ahead and Tell your mama who will have to be told anyway. Its possible your symptoms do not mean you Are pregnant at such a Young age. A test will have to be made. Call the family planning Center at 886-4562 if you prefer or the department of social services at 886-4831 and ask for a caseworker who counsels unmarried pregnant girls. Breaking the habit q. Please give several of us some of the things to do to Stop smoking. What is the Best Way to Stop anon woman. A. A Smo Kenders has proved to be a successful program but it has not reached North Carolina yet. There Are chapters in Washington and Atlanta now but most Are in the Northeast and far West. The seminars Are Given Only by trained personnel who Are Smo Kenders graduates themselves. The general manager of the program said it May be some time before one comes to this area. It might help Speed their coming if you and the others would write the National organization of your interest or desperation. In the meantime you can get an idea of the program by subscribing to their a smoke under world a published nine times a year $2. The address is Smo Kenders inc., 210 Prospect st., Phillipsburg . 08865. They maintain there is no climbing the Walls no scare tactics or hypnosis no will Power and no cold Turkey withdrawal. Free lunch program q. The government pasted a Bill giving free lunch to persons Over 60 years of age. I can Tell it is a great help because social Security is so Small i can hardly exist. I am very embarrassed when the plate is put on the table for a donation. I do not have Money to spare to pay so i do not feel i should go. Is this to pay the salary of the workers bringing the food what is this offering used for does no to the government pay the salary of the ones working in this program or do they work free and live off Hie donations people Are asked to give will you ask the government if they want people who eat free to donate i done to understand. Thanks. Anon. A. There is no obligation at All to donate Money for the lunches served to the elderly at the first methodist Church and the fourth Street Owca. The nutrition program is funded by the government and the collection plate is provided for those who prefer to contribute. No financial statement is asked for from participants. Some can to afford to pay anything others can or else feel better if they make a Small donation. They certainly done to want anyone to feel uncomfortable if they make no contribution so the plate is being moved to a less obvious place where no one knows whether a donation is made or not. The housing authority is trying to reach others Over 60 who need this meal from a nutritional standpoint and also those who need to get out from an isolated situation. Arrangements for transportation Are made if needed. About 40 persons go regularly and there is room for about ten More. If anyone has a neighbor or knows a person who they think would Benefit from a hot lunch and getting out for social Contact please Call the housing authority which Lias a new number 887-2861 and ask for the one in charge of the meal program. New York and Pennsylvania primaries. Wallace who won North Carolinas first presidential primary four years ago will Campaign in the state from tuesday until the election a week later. Carter however has tentatively scheduled visits Only on thursday and Friday with his itinerary not yet established. Wallace will arrive tuesday and attend a rally in Raleigh that night. Wednesday he visits Greensboro and Hickory and has a rally planned in Asheville. Thursday he visits Kinston then goes to Charlotte. Friday Calls for Wallace to visit Winston Salem Wilmington Wilson and Rocky mount. He is to be in High Point and Greensboro saturday and Charlotte sunday. Reagan will arrive in Greensboro wednesday night about to of clock. Thursday he will have a news conference at 9 a m. Then he will Fly to Fayetteville and Hickory for Airport rallies. He will go by motorcade to Morganton followed by a rally that night in Winston Salem. After that event he will Fly to Raleigh Durham Airport and spend the night in research Triangle Park Friday morning Reagan will be in Durham then Fly to Charlotte where he will speak at a luncheon. He will then go to Salisbury then Lexington followed by a trip to Asheboro for a rally scheduled for rpm he will spend the night in North Wilkesboro on saturday he will attend a shopping Center rally in the morning before going to Greensboro via motorcade where he will have a news conference then Fly to Kinston for an Airport rally. He will then Sec . On 2a Ford s acting Campaign manager Stuart Spencer president Fords new acting Campaign manager Cente meets with aides monday in Washington. From left Are Richard de. Mastrangel Fri probes ski resort controversy Denver apr the Fri has begun investigating the proposed expansion of a Colorado ski area controlled by Howard a a boy Callaway. . Atty. James l. Treece says the probe began when an agent relayed to Federal prosecutors a report that a bribe might have been paid. A newsman says the report originated with an Anonymous Telephone Call he received. Callaway took a voluntary leave of absence from his Post As president Ford s Campaign manager Over the weekend after sen. Floyd k. Haskell d-Colo., announced that his Senate subcommittee will hold hearings on the resort at crested Butte Colo. The Senate investigation was prompted not by allegations of bribery but by questions about a meeting last summer in which Callaway then Secretary of the army met with Forest service officials in the Pentagon and asked that the ski area be allowed to expand according to then undersecretary of agriculture j. Phillip Campbell. Campbell says he was at the meeting. The Forest service is part of the department of agriculture. The bribery allegations do not mention Callaway a name. But Treece said it was the possibility of bribery that gave the Fri a connection to the Case. He said such a bribe would be a Federal crime. The bribery allegations apparently originated with a newsman who said he was told by an Anonymous caller that $135,000 had been paid. The alleged recipient denied it and said he called for the investigation. The newsman said he would not have even printed the Story had officials not begun an investigation. On sunday Simon Tullai assistant agent in charge of the Denver Fri office confirmed that the Fri was investigating the Case but refused further comment. A a we were told Back at Headquarters to refer questions to the . Attorneys office a Tullai said. Callaway said he is confident there has been no impropriety. He said he asked to be relieved because he feels Fords reputation of openness honesty and integrity makes it a a important to go the extra director scheduling and advocates Spencer Norman Watts Deputy political director and a wire photo Economy big Issue in . Vote Raleigh apr the Active democratic contenders in next week s North Carolina presidential primary agree that the Economy is a major problem. But that is about All they agree on Alabama gov. George c Wallace a plan for curing both inflation and unemployment is simple a a reformation of the tax Structure to make it More equitable for the Middle Wallace says this would increase consumer spending that in turn would stimulate production and Job creation in the private sector. His tax Reform proposals include taxing foundations like the Ford and Rockefeller foundations and taxing income producing Church property. He has not spelled out the revenues he thinks could be derived from either step. Wallace has said that he would Trust the private sector to create jobs. But in Massachusetts this year he also said that he favors a Federal Public works program that would build highways sewers transit systems and environmental control projects. None of his Public statements have indicated what he feels the rate of unemployment would be under his proposals the goals he would set or the timetables he would meet in reaching them. Former Georgia gov. Jimmy Carter feels the government ought to concentrate on stimulating jobs in the private sector but he has also advocated a substantial amount of Public employment. He has suggested that the government could spend its Money in ways that would create jobs research in solar Energy rather than nuclear Energy for example might create jobs for plumbers pipe fitters and welders Carter said. At a recent North Carolina press conference Carter said he would also favor a program similar to the new deals civilian conservation corps to give jobs to unemployed teenagers. He has also said that government ought to be the employer of last resort for Able bodied welfare recipients. Carter has not said How much these proposals would Cost. He has said that reaching full employment would be the major Domestic priority of his administration. Carter and Wallace both say that deficit spending by the Federal government is a prime cause of inflation. Carter has said that an a ultimate goal of his presidency would be balancing the Federal be Economy on 2a Sadat tears up treaty with Russia Cairo of Tho soviet Union has suffered another setback in the Middle East with president Anwar Sadat s announcement that he is tearing up the 1971 soviet egyptian treaty of Friendship and cooperation. The egyptian people s Assembly meets this afternoon to discuss Sadat s proposal that it nullify the 15-year treaty. The Assembly s approval is a certainty. Among the results could be an end to the use of egyptian ports by soviet naval ships and Competition by the United states Britain and France to Supply the arms Egypt can no longer get from the soviet Union there was no immediate reaction from Moscow. But the controlled soviet press has Long been critical of Sadat s cooperation with Secretary of state Henry a. Is Sadat on 2a Ford flays democrats on Revenue sharing Washington a president Ford today accused the democratic controlled Congress of threatening the nations cities with disaster by failing to approve an Extension of the Revenue sharing program speaking to a meeting of some 2.000 municipal officials Ford also chided Congress for being slow in providing supplemental Money for an existing Public jobs program while defending his veto of the $6-billion Public works Bill which Congress unsuccessfully tried to override. Ford said Revenue sharing must be renewed this year but a Congress did not share my sense of urgency. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Congress fails to understand the importance of this program to the people of the cities and counties and states of our nation Quot failure to renew this program would weaken the fiscal stability of our cities. You know that expiration of this program or a reduction in the payments you now receive would mean cutbacks in essential services increased Public and related what s inside bridge.6b classified ads.6-9b comics.10b crossword.6b editorials4a financial2a obituaries.2b sports3-5b television .2b women s news8-7b weather.3 a private sector unemployment. Or the imposition of More taxes a maybe this is what some partisans want but i Don Ford s attack on Congress followed criticism from some municipal leaders who blamed both the White House and Congress for failing to extend Revenue sharing. In a news conference sunday opening the annual legislative conference of the . Conference of mayors and the National league of cities mayor Moon Landrieu of new Orleans said the stalemate was leaving the cities a on the Brink of Landrieu applauded Ford for proposing an Extension of Revenue sharing but said even Ford has Quot failed to realize the Impact that inflation is having on our general Revenue sharing funds. In Illinois primary Daley tries comeback Chicago apr president Ford looked for another Victory Ronald Reagon braced for another defeat and the Republican rivals left the Campaign Arena to democratic contestants today on the eve of the Illinois presidential primary election it was the fifth leg of the White House relay race and among democrats a Man who Wasny to running Chicago mayor Richard j. Daley loomed Over the Field As he sought to reassert the dominance he once enjoyed in Illinois presidential politicking. Ford managers professed to be More concerned about overconfidence than about the ballot Box Impact of a budding controversy Over Howard h. Callaway Ford s suspended Campaign manager. Callaway faces an investigation of his role in pressing while Secretary of the army for expansion of the Federal land leased to a Colorado ski resort he and his brother in Law control Reagan took a Campaign breather and awaited the returns in seclusion in California after saying he would be satisfied to gain 40 per cent of the Illinois popular vote and about one sixth of the 96 nominating delegates at stake in the primary. Ford concluded his personal campaigning Friday. His manager former gov. Richard b. Ogilvie said the president would win by a 2-1 margin in the presidential preference vote which is purely for show. Ogilvie said he was aiming to win 80 of the 96 gop delegates for Ford. Former Georgia gov. Jimmy Carter who has won three of the four presidential primaries so far Alabama gov. George c Wallace Sargent Shriver and former Oklahoma sen Fred r. Harris Are the entries in the democratic popularity contest. But Daley promoting Delegate slates committed to sen Adlai e. Stevenson Iii As a favorite son candidate Hopes to Lead More than too of the state s 189 delegates when they go to new York City in july to choose a presidential nominee. Whatever happens in tuesdays election the delegates will in fact be free to vote any Way they want Al the National convention. Under state Law they Are not bound to Back the candidate for whom they Are listed on the ballot

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