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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina A Hick Point int Erich Sun div Jim to. 1174 sentence smallpox goal in 1975 agreement is reached of death no a lags a eradicating disease in Carolina to amp to strike tar Boho. No. Map of Tho strike bound Carolina Telephone and Telegraph co and the communications worker of american. Al Cio reached agreement saturday on a new threes year contract the agreement subject to ratification was jointly an bounced by i Al no. Caro Ima s personnel relations manager and chief Bargainer and j w Holder Eastern North Carolina director of the c w a and the unum s principle negotiator the contract was approved by the use Cutie comic Witters of the three tora unions included in Ile proposed contract Are increases in wages and improved benefits for 174 As Well As provision for reopening the contract in 1975 and 1976 on specific items including wages the Cord act will be submitted to the Union membership As soon As possible and a ratification vote is scheduled to be completed by june 39 of approved the workers would return to work on july i. The strike began Hay 31 after rejection by plaid and traffic workers of a contract railing for a 9 per cent increase in wages and benefits the first year and a 7 per cent hike in each of the nest two years Holder said at the time the dispute entered Over a Cost of living clause among other things he said saturday he was pleased with the new contract but he declined to divulge any of the specifics the company reported june 13 that about 2.500of the 3.300 workers represented by the Union were on strike about 4 Soo Are employed by the compar which has Ito. Odo customers in 3s Eastern North Carolina counties. As agreement of the strike was being announced in Tarboro a Telephone company equipment manager at the District office in Henderson reported that a 50-pair plastic Cable had been Cut inside a terminal Box about i Miles South of the City. Damage was estimated at i3d0. The Vance county sheriff s department was investigating the incident. Closed Bank Irish fighters linked _ ask for truce financier Nassau. Bahamas t Aid a the bahamian government announced saturday that it has revoked the License of a Bank reportedly controlled by american financier Kobert l Vesco a government spokesman said the License of the Bahamas Commonwealth Bank was revoked effective at the end of Friday s business Day the License was revoked. The government said in a terse written statement Tai ground that the Bank was operating in a manner detrimental to the Public interest and to the interest of tis depositors and other creditors a the government spokesman would not elaborate Vesco a part time resident of Nassau now living in Costa Mica has successfully fought extradition to the United states on several charges one accused him of attempting to head off an investigation in connection into his controversial financial dealings with a secret lion too contribution to president Nixon reelection Campaign though Vesco is not an officer of Bahamas Commonwealth Bank he is considered the guiding Force behind the Bank s Many investments. Financial sources estimate that Vesco has invested up to Tao million Here Belfast Northern Ireland i Aid a the filter Freedom fighters a protestant band blamed by the British for some of the murders in Northern Ireland sectarian War. Asked on saturday for an end to the violence in the province Northern Ireland is now entering a period where the absence of violence is essential and we think the people should be Given the Chance to think clearly about the future the group said in a statement distributed by the i Tater defense association attle is known Abend the outlawed Ulster Freedom fighters the British army has accused the band of several assassinations but vome protestant militants have insisted the Freedom fighters do not exist and that the murders were actually committed by British provocateurs the i Taler defense association largest of the protestant paramilitary organizations said it had been contacted by the Freedom fighters and asked to put out the statement however we Are not satisfied they Are behind All the jobs blamed on them a i d a spoke Milan said a Lake everyone else. They have had enough of the violent r and to alter elections it is found the people can work together they will be As Happy As anyone. A be said militant protestants in the Nixon knew Colson claims Washington Fapio Charles w Colson has told the House judiciary committee that he alerted president Nixon both in january and february of 1973 to High level complicity in the watergate affair Nixon has repeatedly insisted that his first such revelation were prevented by John w Dean in their conversation of March 21. 1973 Colson s warnings were addressed specifically to the involvement of John n. Mitchell and Jeb Stuart Magruder according to virtually identical accounts of his testimony published saturday by syndicated columnist Jack Anderson and the new York daily news committee officials under heavy attack from the White House for recent leaks would neither confirm nor deny the newspaper accounts of Colson s interview with the panel s counsel a week ago. But Colson s attorney and former Law partner David i Shapiro confirmed thai a a a s All there in the pub Ishell reports in what Anderson described As a drawl of Colson a statements the former special counsel to Nixon said that in january of last year a i determined it my responsibility to express to the president my belie that certain persons in the Campaign organization namely messes. Mitchell and Magruder must have been involved in the watergate a a i told the president that whoever it was who had ordered the watergate had ill served him i did not discuss any specific information about Mitchell Magruder or others because frankly i had no hard evidence. But i did express anger that my Friend convicted conspirator e. Howard Hunt would be punished while others who must have been responsible would not be. At that time Colson was preparing to leave the w Hite House to join Shapiro a Law firm according to the document cited by Anderson Colson told the committee that he discussed the watergate Issue with Meta pro who a urged me to get to the president at the first Opportunity to explain the necessity for him to get out in front of the situation province Are agitating for new elections to replace the coalition government of moderate protestant and Homan catholics that Coha paed last month after a crippling protestant led strike the militants expect a majority will be returned pledged to oppose any form of conciliation with the predominantly Catholic Irish Republic leaders of the protestant paramilitary groups met last monday to consider proposing a cease fire to the largely Catholic Irish Republican army. Which is battling to oust the British from Ulster and to unite the province with the Irish Republic but the Freedom fighters were not represented at the meeting attending were the recently legalised Ulster Volunteer Force the red hand and the Uda. The East Belfast Branch of the Uda. However rejected the truce wednesday. Saying a in our View any talks with either Wing of the Iha would be a betrayal of protestants and or our heritage a meanwhile a policeman was shot dead in the Crumlin Road area of Belfast the loth police officer to be killed in the province this year. Another policeman and a civilian were wounded. Police said the two policemen were on patrol when a gunman in a passing car opened up on them with a Long burst of automatic fire. Need help a a her i Hap Priori we will Pray for you no strings attached it is our Way of serving the lord. No one will Contact you unless you specially request it. Just do this phone in 411. A recorder will respond you Don t need to give your name. Just state your need and we will Pray for you. Then watch your life for the hand of god to move. Of hone 454-4511 or write prayers answered p o. Box 154, Jamestown . 272x2. Ulm it Misc punning k a must there Ore parts of the world that Are plates of Worms but we would t wont to plan that sort of trip for you. We have a lot of wonderful destinations to suggest however and we d like to emphasize that Early planning is essential to insure that you get exactly what you want. This is a service we offer the general Public As Well of club members. World travel Agency Carolina motor club 52nd year of service to carolinians 759 North main St. Tel. 882-8126 is protested Henderson. No. Apr a March Ami rally to protest the death sentence of i so year old Fernando c. Hunt is planned for sunday afternoon in Henderson the protest was announced saturday by the National Alliance against racism and political repression Black activist Angela Davis co chairman of the Alliance will Lead the March and be the featured speaker at the rally a spokesman said. Or. Helen Othrow co chairman of the North Carolina Alliance is also scheduled to speak a Parade permit for too persons was issued by police to a group called concerned citizens at Henderson. The marchers will assemble at Shiloh Baptist Church and March to the masonic Lodge the spokesman said new Delhi. India apr indians top medical officer predicted saturday that India would fall Short by at least four years of the world health organization s goal of wiping out smallpox by 1975. With officials from the United nations health body at his Side or. . Shrivastav. The government s director general a i health services told a news conference that a More realistic goal would be the end at India s fifth five year development plan 1979 Quot i wish it to be so. But let tis be realistic stir vast a said of the 1975 target Quot in Man Indian and i know where i am situated a the government released statistics showing 113,634 smallpox cases in the first 4 a months of tins year of which 75,000 or about 67 per rent were in Bihar state. The official National death toll from the disease was put at 17.291. Lower than the world health organization estimate that one fourth of indians smallpox victims die. So Nastav implied that antigovernment political turmoil in Bihar had caused administrative bottlenecks in the National smallpox eradication Campaign counting on the Success of the Indian Campaign the Geneva based organization has been predicting for More than a year that the ancient Scourge would be eliminated from the world by 1975 India accounts for of per cent of the world s smallpox Cates. The Only other countries with endemic smallpox Are Ethiopia Pakistan and Bangladesh countries which the world health organization expects to be free of the disease within six months. World health organization officials Here maintain publicly their optimism that smallpox might be eliminated from India by the end of this year. They say they Hope to do most of the eradication work during the three month summer Monsoon when there is Little movement Between villages and then wipe out remaining pockets in the last four months of 1974 or. P. Diesh who headed indians anti smallpox program until joining the world health organization regional Allice in new Delhi last month said he was surprised by Shrivastava a remarks a ifs he said in an interview after the news conference. We base to do it now. In the next year. We have the momentum the Money the resources and it will not be possible to keep the momentum and other things going until 1979 a the Indian scepticism about the 1975 target came As the government claimed it finally was bringing this year s epidemic under control a we have overtaken the disease instead of the disease overtaking us. A said cd Ramachandran. The top civil servant in the health ministry he claimed a 36 per cent decline in new cases reported in the second week of june compared to the first week melodies Are produced by notes in succession harmonies by notes in combination to our open House sunday june 23rd i to 6 pm Jackson clinic of chiropractic 510 National Highway Thomasville Ilc. Featuring the Foremost advances in chiropractic therapy and spinal corrections for the effective treatment of the Many diseases Man is heir to a a a As Well As whiplash Industrial accidents and geriatrics. In you re invited1 the Public is cordially invited to attend the official sunday opening and open House tour of this modern institution. This sunday june 23rd from i pm to 6 pm a personal visit will give you an Opportunity to see the Many new ideas equipment and furnishings. 6 Cong Roto Lei to you Rand priz Spring Wall chiropractic Ettras Clinard construction co. High Point . Central electric co. Tham Asville . amp my carpet place Hili paint . Hamilton paint contractors High pm

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