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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 13, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Police reservists doing their thing to Benefit others by Don Personette Enterprise staff writer some people like to play Golf on weekends. Some work in the Yard while others enjoy merely lying around but 34 men and one woman in High Point have a different idea on How to spend their spare time they compose the High Point police Reserve. Begun in 1964. The police Reserve is a voluntary organization whose members meet All the requirements have All the Powers and face All the risks that a full time police officer does the Only difference is that the Par time Reserve does it without receiving a salary according to Reserve capt Ernie Burleson the top ranking officer in the Reserve the Reserve was begun a to supplement the police department in times of emergency a the Reserve s primary function. Burleson said. Is to a make two Man police units out of All the one Man cars we can a this leaves extra units free since a Back up unit does not have to be sent if two men Are in the car that receives the original Call according to the Reserve s Liaison to the police dept. Capt Larry Pendry. Reserves go on regular patrol with a police officer which Means they May answer a Domestic Calls burglar alarms Burleson said what a Reserve will be doing during any Given time period depends on the situation where men Are their major purpose. Burleson reemphasized. Is a to make More cars open for their routine patrolling a a even though a Reserve is state certified and has All the Powers of a police officer. Burleson continued the Reserve a has a background role at All times when a regular officer is present Quot As an example of How a Reserve helps keep extra units free. Burleson said that in Case of a car wreck the Reserve might regulate traffic while the police officer investigates the Accident. Another car would not have to be sent a the regular officer usually signs warrants makes arrests since he has his regular Day in Burleson said but sometimes. Burleson added. Things get hectic and a Reserve must make an arrest or sign a warrant while a Reserve usually is paired with a police officer a Reserve who has been on the Force a year the extent of their probationary status May go on patrol by himself or with a fellow reserved Hill Point i to we Psi sunday morning june 13. 1976 Section features Reserve officers a work All parades and football games. They re also on Call just like a regular officer in Case of a riotous situation for example Quot capt Pendry said a Reserve once worked As an undercover agent in a narcotics operation and another Reserve helped in the Clearing of 19 felony charges. Pendry continued Burleson added that last year when convenience stores were a big item two reserves patrolled them constantly. Reserves have also been used to guard buildings and to serve subpoenas. Pendry said. A Reserve is not tied Down to any set working hours generally reserves work weekend nights since most have jobs during the Day. But they can come in and leave at any time. Day or night. Burleson said an average shift according to Pendry. Might be from 7pm to 3 or 4 a m on a Friday or saturday night however. Pendry pointed out. On several occasions reserves have been known to work All night six months ago when Power went out Over a wide Section of High Point. Pendry said two reserves who were just going off duty went Back out and spent the entire night patrolling jewelry stores with their burglar alarms not operating these stores would have been extremely easy to break into if not for the reserves patrolling Pendry concluded in 1975. The police Reserve accounted for Over 6.000 patrolling hours and Burleson commented a that s just logged hours Quot Many reserves put in extra tune which in t logged Burleson said this 6.000 hours does t include schooling All reserves must receive 166 hours i see police on 3d,l r regular police it. P. D. Wood Reserve capt e. R Burleson. Randy Smith officers discuss assignments As they get ready for tour of duty Friday night or scour Coco it s All too easy to become someone else by Bah Aki t Pinciak associated press writer the phony Iii game costs americans an estimated $20 billion a year and anyone can play the players simply cast off their identities and take on those of other sometimes innocent persons the most publicized players Are mobsters and political radicals on the run from the Law but the game is also played by con artists illegal aliens drug and gun runners and those who cheat on welfare food Stamps and social Security payments and Don t forget runaway kids. Runaway husbands and runaway wives even a newsman like myself can do it. And i did for the losers it s no game they Are the government a and. Of course its taxpayers a Banks credit card companies. Businesses and Ordinary individual citizens who pay higher prices to cover the losses of false id the Federal government says the phony id game is a serious National problem which is mushrooming As credit cards proliferate and the country s population gets increasingly Mobile nobody has any roots any More the experts say and this creates both a need for More id s and difficulty in checking them to Cope with the players of the phony id game the government created an 80-Mernber Federal panel to study the problem and make recommendations the task Force a the attorney general a committee on false identification a is made up of representatives of dozens of agencies including the Fri Justice department passport office social Security administration immigration and naturalization service and customs the immigration service estimates there Are about 8 2 million illegal aliens in this country a great Many of them hiding behind phony id s How easy is it to play the phony id game7 easy. I did it myself and found out just How easy. With less then i2u. A Little time and a lot of nervousness i came up with a birth certificate a social Security card and a Driver s permit a the essential ingredients for chucking my past and becoming a new person for those who Haven t the time but do have More Money and some criminal contacts a new identity can be bought instantly Federal authorities say it can Cost As much As $2,000 the More common method is one i used it s called the a Tombstone theory Quot by the government and it s Why Frances Knight thinks births and deaths should be Cross referenced the method could literally involve picking a name off a cemetery Tomb Stone you find the name of a dead person someone born about the time you War but who died before applying for a Driver s License social Security card Etc i sing the dead person s name you write for a copy of Quot your Quot birth certificate underground press firms have been making Money by Selling How to tracts on the Tombstone theory but government expert David Muchow says such instructions Aren t even needed a it s no secret everyone who wants to do it already knows said Muchow the Justice department lawyer who Heads the Federal task Force me sighting the a false identity i picked from news files the name of Frederick Budd or. A native of Newton n because he was born feb 6, 1952, Only about 17 months after my own Birt Date Budd a its not the real name was killed in a car crash in 1953 a simple application to the state for buddy a birth certificate sent through the mails and signed in his name gave me a Quick Start in a new identity when new Jersey received buddy a Quot request there was no reason to doubt he was alive birth and death records for the most part Are not Cross filed in the United states no proof of identification was required a just payment of a $2 50 fee with that vital document thousands of people Are on their Way to the other id s needed to give them new identities and in most cases their purposes Are not so innocent As mine for example a at one Point during their flight from the Law Patty hears was College student sue Hendricks. William Harris was Steve Broudy and Emily Harris was Suzanne Lanphear. According to authorities the authorities said the sym ionese liberation army also rented a duplex in Sacramento Calif under the name Carol Simmons and that one Sla member rented a getaway car with Hie id of a Janet Cooper a John l Spillane a 31-year-old new Jersey Engineer recently admitted he got 1,000 credit cards and $660,000 in Loans by creating 300 phony id s authorities said even Spillane in t sure of All the details his ruse reportedly collapsed when he tried to get Loans from two branches of the same Bank on the same Day he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years in prison and fined $1,000 a in Pulaski county Ark a study of the food stamp program uncovered 57 false id s they Cost the county of Only 287.000 residents about $17,000. A an illegal alien one of an estimated one million with a desirable jobs in the United states was found in Maine making $30,000 yearly As a Salesman. A trip to the social Security office in Newark n.j., got me an application Suess o. a it / i _ Damp flu for Budd s social Security card within three weeks after mailing the application for the card. I received a form letter entitled a request for evidence Quot it began a the social Security Law now requires that applicants. Furnish evidence of their age identity and citizenship a the letter said the government has two lists one for evidence of age and citizenship another for evidence of identity one document from each list was necessary Rudd s birth certificate satisfied the requirements of the first list but the second list presented problems i needed one of the following Driver s License state identity card new Jersey does no to have on voter registration school id card work badge draft card military id or selective service card u s passport credit card Library card with signature or any other document showing name signature and a photo the Library card appeared to be the easiest so it was off to Newark a main Library being my first attempt in person the experience was to be my most frightening. I read the sign fraudulent application for or use of a Library card is punishable by up to 90 Days in jail and a $500 Fine for each Day of said violation for an address on the application i gave the Street address and room of the a Newark office located in a downtown hotel a a that a a hotel in t it a the elderly clerk asked. A yes Quot i said then i was hit with a barrage of questions a you got any proof you live there7�?� a How Long have you lived in Newark Quot a you a student7�?T a i just moved in a i said indicating i was a transient. Quot i m looking for a permanent place a Well you re not a resident of Newark then a she said. A you can get a temporary card but it la Cost you $5.�?� she said a postcard would be sent when the card was ready for pickup remarkably i was never asked for id during either visit to the Library i was Able to get through the first visit by talking the postcard and $5 was sufficient proof the second time even More remarkable was that the a Library card with signature was accepted by social Security it had been signed by the Library clerk not me. And her signature for Budd was entirely different from mine three Days after mailing the birth certificate and Library card to social Security. I received a package returning the documents and a note Sayig the card would arrive in six weeks it did then it was on to the motor vehicle department for a learner a permit the first step in getting a Driver s License for proof of id. I used the birth certificate the clerk was suspicious but i argued it took a lot to convince the clerk that i had never had a Driver s License anywhere but finally i was processed i ran into Only one real problem with the Driver s License confident of my knowledge of the rules of the Road. I took the written test without studying and i failed it after seven Days of study i got a perfect score i stopped in my paper Chase with the Driver s permit since i Only wanted the id and knew i would Only need to take the Road test to get the License it seemed Clear at that Point that i could easily have gone on to get a checking account credit cards a passport a anything i needed total Cost of birth certificate. Social Security card and Driver s License had i taken the Road test $17 50 according to Muchow warnings about the penalties of false id use Are Little deterrent to those seeking false identification Many Are already on the Lam. And most who use false id s to avoid apprehension Are not charged with that when caught Muchow said the Fri recently determined that 500 people on its fugitive list had used at least 1,100 aliases he also said most Federal statutes applying to false papers Are weak the Federal task Force formed in october 1974, expects to Issue its recommendations in july. It Hopes to Call for additional legislation but it has run into several problems recommending Cross referencing of birth and death records would solve the problem Only for people who were born and died in the same slate a not someone born in Iowa who died in California for example a somehow the states have to get together to notify each other a said Lynn Peterson special assistant to Hie director of the u s passport office but Peterson added that raises issues of state rights questions on the rights of individuals already have caused the committee to reject the idea of a National identity card such As used by some european and South american countries a your Job is not to identify everyone but to identify the criminals using such documents a Muchow said a if anyone can obtain anyone else s birth certificate through a lie How can anyone s privacy be protected7 Muchow said perhaps a Standard birth certificate for All 50 states would help but. Again the states would have to agree to such a change a Bill has been introduced in the Senate that would bar use of false id s or use of the mails to get Federal identification but it is stalled in committee the real problem. Muchow said. Is that states Are doing Little about the false identity crisis the associated press took a Survey of slates and found almost no action at the state level and in Many cases Little concern apparently Only Nevada which has problems with organized crime illegal aliens and Casino con artists has a Strong Law on false birth certificates use of such a document during commission of a felony is punishable by up to six years in prison and a $5 too Fine fraudulent use of Nevada s state identity card can Lead to six months in jail and a $500 Fine most states indicated penalties of up to six months in jail and $500 fines for fraudulent use of state documents like Driver s licenses birth certificates or id cards but prosecutions for such offences Are minimal that s one of our problems a a Muchow said we live to get Hie individual states to realize that a problem does exist footnote All the phony ids accumulated were returned to the Agen ties they came from William Fogarty District manager for the Newark social Security office said the card would be deactivated a it the id looks legitimate we accept he said a apparently there Are no safeguards against this kind of thing you be demonstrated How easy it is to do Quot Bernard Schein. Director of the Newark Public Library said we re going to tighten up our Security immediately till be impossible if someone tries it after he said he hoped libraries across the country would take note arid tighten application regulations As Well at the motor vehicle office la. Louis m Pannucci said a a we re in the business of issuing Drivers licenses not identification cards if society accepts them As id that s their problem he pointed out that Only a temporary permit had been issued a we still could have caught you a he void although the Odds seemed slim since id clearance was obtained during the first visit a we catch a lot of them quite

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