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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 13, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather not so warm More data on Page 17a the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation. 82-1719 classified and ms-2177 other dept. Ms-2161 92nd year no. Is High Point n. C., sunday morning. June 13. 1976 1 34 pages daily la. Sunday 3portrait of Carter becomes kaleidoscopic by Saul Pett a special correspondent clearly he is the most infuriating candidate Tor president in years he came out of nowhere and now 17 months later stands at the Brink of the democratic nomination George Mcgovern did the same thing four years ago but Mcgovern had an Issue called Vietnam issues today however Are As shapeless As the electorate Ergo it must be the personality of Jimmy Carter but what is that a he is not easily understood and he is impossible to pigeonhole he is a White Farmer from Georgia who wins Black votes North and South a Man whose father could t abide racial integration. Whose Mother could and did. Loudly and publicly he is a product of a tiny Claustrophobic town. With a single one Block business Street reminiscent of the last picture show. But a Man. Still of outrageously varied tastes a Quoter of re hold Niebuhr. A Lover of gentle poetry and country Rock who sometimes uses words like Quot optimize and god help us Quot prioritize a he is a politician with the temerity or the naivete to say Quot i will never lie Quot to a country at the Nadir of its Trust he is a highly intelligent Man sophisticated in the ways of politics and image making who says nonetheless when asked that he was born again in Christ he is a southerner who May at last Bury Appomattox an intellectual a Liberal in Many things which makes him. According to one Nasty View of Dixie a minority within a minority within a minority he is the son of a compelling woman who joined the peace corps at the age of 67 and if there is a Carter administration. Will prove the freshest Breeze to hit Washington since Alice Longworth took up residence. He is a deeply religious Baptist who still teaches sunday school with shoulder holstered secret service men in attendance a Baptist whose Beer a raking brother goes to Church Only under forced draft whose sister is an evangelist and Faith healer with a master s degree in psychology whose second sister paints rides a motorcycle and moves about with a free spirit in Plains. A. Population 648 he is a Bland campaigner a soft sell moralist the kind of engaging Fuller Brush Man you might let in the front door. Maybe even for Coffee gently but repeatedly he tells us that neither Vietnam nor watergate was the fault of we. The people he comes in like a Friendly Young doctor. Making of All things a House Call. He smiles he chats he does not Burden us with complicated thought and leaves the household reassured that the illness is not terminal he is a candidate for president who says we live in an unjust society whose first priority on election would be the managerial aspects of the presidency he is a candidate who remains after 7 months of intensive campaigning and hordes of reporters pursing him with a lie Detector in one hand and a Horsham test in the other a Man who remains evidently confident quiet and Serene at the Core he is. Therefore. Unlike you or me or the myriad analysts analysing him and perhaps that is his worst affront James Earl Tarter. Or insists on being called Jimmy. Which is a misleading invitation to intimacy he is not. Off the platform a Man who invites that he is charming courteous attentive and responsive but there is a Cir Cie within that remains curtained time Magazine concluded there was something unknowable about him. An inner Man that is not revealed and May never be revealed that May or May not be special to this Day after Reading All the experts from Harry Hopkins to Eleanor Roosevelt we do not know what Franklin Roosevelt was Quot really like. Inside Down deep perhaps we Are left with the fact that there is something unknowable about Many people most especially people with the drive and hunger it takes to run the in human obstacle course to the White House they frequently Surprise us who would have thought that Herbert Hoover the great humanitarian who fed Europe would not. As president see fit to feed his hungry countrymen who could have guessed that Harry Truman former haberdasher who Shook visibly at the thought of replacing Roosevelt would prove one of the boldest presidents in history Quot who would have dared predict it would be Richard Nixon who would reopen the door to communist China a in any Case people who find mystery in Jimmy Carter mystify him he does not shrink from shrink Type quest Kins and to a recent interviewer who apologized for trying to probe the inner Man he said a a help yourself or was it Hep yourself a Quot i am very careful about what i he said Pale Blue eyes roaming the new Jersey landscape during a Campaign swing Quot and i try to Tell exactly what i think and i Haven t tried to withhold anything Quot those who understand the South would understand a major portion of me those who understand a farm boy or a Plains georgian would understand a major portion about me those who understand the Baptist Faith would understand a lot about me a Quot you Don t regard yourself As particularly complicated Quot Quot no. I really Don t but i do have people come up to me and say i Don t understand How you can like classical music and Dylan Thomas and re hold Neibuhr and also Bob Dylan. Be you know on a Jimmy Carter democrats Man 3 per cent joblessness envisioned Washington a. A program intended to reduce adult unemployment to 3 per cent in four years was approved saturday by the democratic party s 1976 platform drafting subcommittee the panel said the party should Back legislation to make Quot every reasonable Effort Quot to slash the adult unemployment which was 6 2 per cent in May among measures it said would be an anti recession program to create govern Merit jobs when necessary although it made it Clear it prefer err i into Jeths in the private sector first the panel also reached general agreement on a statement on abortion and on an income maintenance program to provide minimum income payments to poor and elderly americans however the subcommittee was unable to agree on wording for sections of a party platform dealing with National health insurance and busing to achieve racial integration of schools gov Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts the subcommittee chairman said there probably would be Only a slight change in wording in an earlier draft on busing but he said a a slight dil Terence May make a significant difference in this the earlier draft supported mandatory busing As a judicial tool of last resort Quot but also said the party would be an Active ally of communities that want to achieve school desegregation without busing Dukakis said new wording was being drafted and a final vote probably would be made sunday morning he said the subcommittee did agree on wording on abortion it would put the party on record As acknowledging the Quot religious and ethical concerns of Many americans regarding abortion but would oppose a constitutional amendment to overturn supreme court rulings upholding abortion rights Dukakis said the subcommittee agreed on the need for a comprehensive National health insurance program but has t decided whether it should be operated by the government by private insurance carriers or a combination on both also unresolved was How the program would be financed. He added party elects fewer women Blacks Morgan loses vote but Robert b Cullen associated frets writer Raleigh it a it North Carolina democrats elected to women and four Blacks As a Large delegates to the National convention saturday at their state convention the election helped give More representation to both groups in the state s delegation there will be 16 women and eight Blacks in the group of 61 but the minority representation is still far smaller than it was in 1972. When the democrats operated under a quota system the 64-member i972 delegation had 30 women and 13 Blacks there were no surprises saturday As the convention went along with the slate proposed by us nominating committee a few nominations were made from the floor but they were drowned out in the delegates Roar of acclamation for the slate the nominating committee had met last week and responded affirmatively to the pleas for More delegates from both Blacks and women neither group did Well in the Delegate selection process at congressional District conventions where a total of 46 were selected nine of the 15 delegates were drawn from the list approved by georgian Jiminy Carter the Winner in the March 23 presidential primary the remaining six were from the list approved by Alabama gov George Wallace the runner up there might have been More Blacks in the delegation except that Wallace never put any on his approved list the nine Carter delegates in e lured six women and four Blacks the Wallace group of six included four women although the delegation will technically consist of 36 Carter delegates and 25 Wallace delegates nearly All of the delegates have said they plan to vote for Carter on the first ballot a at least 17 of the Wallace delegates have responded affirmatively to Wallace s endorsement of Carter several still say they Are undecided or determined to cast their Robert Morgan votes for Wallace but the alabamian s state chairman cd Hyatt predicted saturday that the entire Wallace group will eventually come around to voting for Carter. With the Delegate election results a foregone conclusion. Many conventioneers concentrated on state politicking most of the candidates in the August 17 primary were there although they remained carefully aloof from the presidential rivalries ecu graduate the Day s major state development was the endorsement of gubernatorial candidate George Wood by Hargrove skipper Quot Bowles Bowles was the party a unsuccessful 1972 nominee the endorsement was not a Surprise Wood did not enter the gubernatorial race until Bowles decided not to run his Campaign organization includes Many of Bowles old workers including or Walter Devries the Only competitive vote of the Day proved an embarrassment for v s sen Hubert Morgan a Morgan was Defeated by state party chairman James Sugg for the Post of chairman of the delegation the vote taken by secret ballot among both delegates and alternates present was 4642 Tor Sugg Sugg owed his Success to the almost solid support of the Wallace delegates and alternates they caucuses just before the delegation meeting and decided almost unanimously to Back Sugg Wallace state chairman j Hyatt of w Inston Salem said the Wallace faction had been impressed by Sugg fairness during his term As state chairman among other things. Sugg invited Wallace be party on i a Rutherford girl new miss . Inside Recto Farmers Market schedule Ling Page 2a female auctioneers. Artificial organs reality. Page 2d editorials. Page 4a women s news. Sports. Television. Entertainment. Pages 13, 14, 15c obituaries. Classified. Pages 5 20d Winston Salem api a miss Rutherford county. Susie Proffitt was named miss North Carolina of 1976 in the pageant at memorial stadium late saturday night miss Proffitt succeeded Susan Lawrence of Thomasville the new miss North Carolina is 22 years old 5-8 and 123 pounds and is a graduate of Western Carolina University miss Charlotte Mecklenburg Mary Susan Smith was first runner up miss Hickory. Sandra Lynn Truitt was second runner up and the others were third miss Raleigh Pattie Needham and fourth miss Caldwell county. Vickie verb la miss Proffitt won a $3 too scholarship plus $6,000 in other awards she did a tap dance for her Talent presentation Theresa Diane King miss Brunswick county won the Hannah Block congeniality award and Angela Marie Williams miss Spivey Corner was named most photogenic by news photographers covering the pageant Susie Proffitt wins 18 delegates Reagan edges out Ford in Missouri sen. Gravel implicated in Washington scandal by i be associated frets Ronald Reagan won a showdown with president Ford in Missouri on saturday collecting another 18delegates to the Republican National convention on the democratic Side. Jimmy Carter leading contender for his party s nomination started a round of Fence mending con lexeme with his primary election opponents unemployment formally became a general election Issue on saturday As the democrats platform drafting subcommittee decided in Washington that its candidate should Campaign on a platform calling for a reduction within four years in adult unemployment to 3 per cent from the 6 2 per cent recorded in May the adult unemployment rate is lower than the general rate which in eludes teenage joblessness Ford who along with the former California governor personally appealed for support during appearances a Day earlier won Only one at Large Delegate in Missouri gov. Christopher s Bond who led the Ford slate the results from the slate convention coupled with Delegate selection last month in the state s to congressional districts left Reagan with 30 of Missouri a 49 delegates and Ford with 16 three were uncommitted the Illinois Republican state convention on saturday selected five National convention at Large delegates allot whom Are expected to support president Ford none of the delegates including sen Charles h Percy. Is legally bound to Ford but party sources said each is expected to follow the Lead of 72 Ford delegates elected in the March 16 Illinois primary Ford won the slate primary with 59 per cent of the vote to 40 per cent for former California gov Ronald Reagan undoing so. The president picked up 72 of 96 delegates in the state and with the additional five he will have 77 Reagan got 13 eleven were uncommitted the 19 at Large delegates selected in Missouri saturday were crucial to the campaigns of both candidates fewer Carter la shakes hands with w Allace a w Soho to Washington map i Elizabeth Hay has told investigators she had sex on a Houseboat with sen Mike gravel after being told to do so by a congressman who wanted to influence gravel s support for a Public works project a source close to the investigation said saturday miss Ray said her former Boss. Rep Kenneth j Gray. Since retired from Congress told her to Quot take care of Mike gravel lire her if she refused to have sex with a contractor whom she found repulsive according to the source miss Hay recalls that after her sexual encounter with gravel Gray told her Quot that was for the National visitors Center Quot the Center a $44 no lion parking and visitor information facility at Washington s Union station near the Capitol was one of Gray s pet Public works projects other sources say miss Ray has told them much the same Story Gray an Illinois Democrat who retired last year flatly denies the account gravel a Democrat Iron Alaska says he does not recall Ever meeting miss Ray Colleen Gardner a 28-Yearold Divorcee who claims she was paid a High salary by rep John Young As a Reward for providing him with sex Lias told reporters she was an eyewitness to the sexual encounter Between miss Ray and gravel. Albert Ahern Ora lawyer for the 33-year-old miss Ray publicly supported mrs Gardner a account As Quot Essen Bally another source who requested anonymity said miss Ray Colleen Gardner had boasted to a Friend in Gray s congressional staff that she had sex with gravel Ahern stressed that mrs Gardner had been the first to mention gravel s name publicly in connection with the scandal the attorney said miss Ray Quot will not Volunteer the names of those people with whom she had sexual relations Quot the Justice department and a grand jury Are in see sen gravel on 15a gravel Quot at a Small party aboard Gray s 50-foot River Queen Houseboat on the Potomac River the night of aug to. 1972, the source said the source said miss Hay understood this to be an order for her to have sex with the senator this was part of a pattern the source said. In which Gray Quot pushed her off on other men the source said that miss Ray claims at one Point Gray threatened to Ken Gray

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