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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 13, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Artificial organs fast becoming reality by Dean Lokken associated a rest writer Salt Lake it aim eyes to help the Blind see ears to help the deaf hear arms to let the maimed work these were once Only a medical dream but a group of scientists at the University of Utah is reporting Success toward creating artificial organs to replace those that would otherwise leave people crippled impaired even dead now in the forefront of artificial organs research the Utah scientists have devised a Metal and plastic artificial kidney Small enough to fit into a Large handbag they have fashioned artificial a yes and ears of computers and electrodes that Are attached to a patient s brain la gently they killed a Holstein calf that had lived 122 Days Tai an artificial heart an air driven aluminium and polyurethane pump about the sire of a Large Grapefruit it was longer than any creature had lived on an artificial implanted heart although a month later in april researchers in Cleveland reported that a calf with an artificial heart had remained alive past the 122 Day Mark the Experiment Here was ended after scientists discovered that a valve had failed twelve other calves with implanted artificial hearts have been kept alive for a month or More at the University of Utah s artificial organs division or Willem Kolff. 67. A Pioneer in the development of the artificial kidney machine started the now famous division nine years ago i under his direction the scientists have developed in addition to the heart project the major artificial Eye program in the country and one of the leading ear projects one of or Kolff s assistants Calls him an incredible source of a Man who draws Talent to the University die Utah scientists punt out that marketable artificial organs May be tar in the future and that some May never be satisfactorily produced hut there is optimism i will he very disappointed it the heart is not ready for clinical use in three says or Kolff Quot three years ago i said the same thing Quot in sonic eases Success May be closer perhaps Only a year or two away for a wearable artificial kidney artificial organs have some Clear advantages Over one whih Arn subject to limited Supply and to body rejection some he too people died last year i rom heart disease and. Although i Don t want to suggest an artificial heart could have saved All cd them. It could have helped some Quot says or Donald b Olsen a University of Utah researcher the University has received letters from people afflicted with heart disease who say they Are willing now to act As Guinea pigs they have tried Many either tilings known to medical science and when they lace irreversible heart disease and death is imminent most strive for anything that will prolong life Quot says research advances reported by Utah s artificial organs division in recent months include development of the wearable artificial kidney to the punt of scheduling commercial production of the kidney within a year the wearable kidney would permit greater Freedom for 18,-000 americans now kept alive on Large artificial kidney machines located at hospitals or in their Homes a scientist in the University s department of engineering working with Kolff. Has constructed a motor driven Arm based on invention of an unusual Art if Iclal muscle he claims the Arm constructed of aluminium and guided by electrodes placed about the shoulder can do us per cent of a Normal human s lifting tasks. A 33-year-old Man Blind for a decade now sees braille through use of a computer plugged directly into his brain Utah researchers say it May be possible to develop a miniature computer in the Frame of a pair of glasses and attach it to a tiny Eye socket camera giving sight to some of the legally Blind people in the United states advances toward hearing for the completely deaf have reached the punt where a 62 year old Man. Deaf from birth is hearing sounds through use of electrodes implanted in his inner ear and connected to a computer the c computer stimulates the inner ear to hear sounds at different pitches hut so tar the simulations carried to the inner ear Are not Complex enough to be used for words Kolff s team of too scientists and aides has ignored cosmetic devices like artificial breasts and replacements for diseased facial Bones it has Coneen Tranod on the heart Eye. Ear Arm and kidney Kolff. A Gray haired soft spoken physician who began experimenting with artificial kidneys in his native Holland during world Wai of. Moved to the United states in 1950. In 1967. He was lured to the University of Utah with promises he would have a relatively tree hand developing an a Uncial organs Center of current projects. Kollel says he is most undressed with Progress toward an artificial Eye since last summer scientists have been running experiments with a Man who has electrodes implanted on the part of his brain that controls vision the Man saw spots of Light last August his first sight since losing his vision in a gunshot Accident to years ago braille patterns Are fed into a computer attached to the electrodes the impulses sent from the computer to the electrodes stimulate punts of the brain into seeing pinpoints of Light that form braille symbols the Hope is to develop a miniature. To like Eye socket camera that would feed impulses to a miniature computer in a pair of eyeglasses at present the electrodes Are attached to a Large com Puter occasionally a handheld to camera is connected to the computer which Breaks Down the visual image into impulses sent to the electrodes Quot when the patient is Given a to camera in his hand he can scan a blackboard and he can Tell you whether a heavy White line on that blackboard is vertical or says Kolff. Quot although the present form of the brain stimulation is not of practical use to the patient the theory behind it leaves no doubt that it can be made into a practical device Quot or William h Dobelle. A Leader of the eyes and ears research at the University. Declines to estimate when a seeing device might be marketable if Ever he says that if one is produced it probably will Cost Between $3,000 and $5,000 meanwhile experiments continue with the Man who has t seen in to years and with others. The artificial Arm research was primarily the responsibility of the University s school of engineering the Quot Utah invented by Stephen Jacobsen is based on an artificial muscle that Jacobsen designed while still a student the Quot muscle Quot is a series of Small Metal rings joined by Many Tough fibres when the fibres Are twisted the rings pull together and the muscle shortens Jacobsen has connected the muscle to a Small motor powered by batteries electrodes placed about a person s shoulder activate the motor the motor and muscle Are placed in a Metal framed Arm that swings freely below the Elbow like a natural limb Jacobsen says it is More flexible than other artificial arms so far developed it weighs two to three pounds compared with a Man s natural Arm of about seven pounds the wearable artificial kidney the size of a Large Book also was developed by Jacobsen s staff in conjunction with Koytt. It is a refinement of a process used for years in Large kidney Mac Hines like the bigger version the wearable kidney cleanses the blood of impurities that ailing or completely tailed kidneys cannot remove it does this by filtering blood through charcoal As part of the cleansing process Kolff estimates that the wearable Arlene Jeffs wears portable artificial kidney to be marketed within year kidney when and it it is marketed. Might Cost $1,500 plus maintenance costs that compares with $12,000 annually in tees to hate a conventional kidney dialysis machine at Home the Utah scientists have tried their artificial hearts Only on calves in addition to the air driven Model they have placed in calves an electrically driven heart they Hope eventually to Power this Model Witti nuclear capsules. Or Olsen says that the air driven heart called a Jarvik for Hubert Jar Vik the Utah medical student who invented it Quot could be implanted in Man the Cost would be $3 too for the heart and $3,000 for implant surgery but there a a problem an air to would tether the patient tier Manneth to an air pump scientists estimate thai the nuclear heart is. At Best a couple it years away it would be powered by plutonium 238 a Long lasting nuclear fuel placed in a Container the size of an egg the Container would be implanted near the Abdomen mystery and Miracle of Light still unfold by Alton Blakeslee Al science editor new York i Al i Quot and god said. Let there be Light and there was Light Quot tie Nesis today scientists Are still discovering More about the mysteries and miracles of Light As examples exposing premature babies to Light prevents a form of jaundice that otherwise can damage their brains or Kilt them in Russia the Law requires that every dial Miner be exposed daily to ultraviolet Light in the belief this helps prevent Black lung disease from Coal dust preliminary u s experiments with hamsters indicate it can work mixtures of certain chemicals and Light can Clear up the skin blemishes of psoriasis and overcome infection with herpes or cold sore virus Light can kill cancer cells in test tube Type experiments but certain Light rays can induce skin cancer and cataracts Light can control sexual activity in Birds and animals and May a1 feet human sex life. Loo tooth decay has been reduced 80 per cent in Golden hamsters exposed to sunlight or Light imitating sunlight compared with animals exposed to conventional fluorescent Light a the kind of Light in classrooms May affect t How Well children learn or when they become fatigued sunlight is the engine of life it makes plants grow Sun rays in the ultraviolet Range Tan or Burn human skin ultraviolet Light on the skin makes you produce Vitamin i Essen ital to Bone Structure the seasonal change in length of Daylight tells Birds when to Migrate on Light passing through the Skull As at the eyes of a Sparrow controls in we t sexual development and Una it a a int in Mankind s history. A and kerosene lamps All Iii r to feeble but Welcome new t�0ii vow Varly $0 years ago the first mad ought bulb clicked on and a Vee Era began people could stay up Abr at night More easily walk on illuminated streets chickens Muld be induced to Lav More eggs by keeping Henhouse Light on to make tie Day seem longer but More than habits were changed scientists began to discover the curious biological effects of natural and artificial Light Many of them beneficial lately however they be begun to wonder whether some of the effects from Light May be harmful in Subtle ways next to food air and water Light is the most important input into human says Luke Thonn ton. Vice president of Duro test corporation a lamp manufacturer in new Jersey and chairman of a study committee of the International commission on illumination his committee is starting a study of the extrasensory effects of Light those not perceived merely in the sense it vision or warmth some health effects involve photo sensitization in a new treatment for psoriasis for example the patient takes a drug Psora Len and then the skin is exposed to ultraviolet Light of High intensity most researchers report excellent results but others Are concerned there May be Side effects such As burning of the skin cataracts skin cancer or premature aging of the skin from repeated treatments. Thorington says some 18 hospitals now Are engaged in clinical research assessments stubborn infections of herpes virus the kind that causes cold sores out also troublesome infections of genitals Are being treated with a red Dye painted on the sores then illuminated by Ordinary Light this treatment also is somewhat controversial with some physicians cautioning that the virus might be altered to cause cancer late. Especially in female sex Organ exactly How id a Violet Light could prevent Mack lung disease is a Mysyk soviet scientists Are convinced it makes miners More resistant to the disease perhaps by stimulating cilia tiny hair like structures in the respiratory tract to sweep out the Coal dust particles working with hamsters an american scientist put Coal dust particles through tubes into their lungs some animals were left in the dark others were exposed for an hour a Day to High intensity a Daylight Quot Type xenon Light that also emits ultraviolet rays the hamsters living in darkness developed heavy dense lung particles four weeks later those exposed to simulated sunlight had much clearer lungs but just flow Light protected their lungs is not known and perceptiveness of a nurse in England led to the use of Light to save the brains and lives of premature babies she noticed that premature babies near sunlit windows fared better than those inside the Nursery but Why a As the Story unfolded it turned out that preemies during the first five to seven Days of life often Lack an enzyme or chemical controller in the liver that gets rid of a chemical bilirubin formed when red blood cells Are broken Down in a Normal process so bilirubin accumulates turning skin yellow and worse entering the brain to cause damage or death British and later american researchers proved that exposure to sunlight or Light close to sunlight s components can turn the bilirubin into compounds that will dissolve in body fluids the leading u s researcher in demonstrating tins was or Jerold k Lucey. Chief of paediatrics at the University of Vermont medical school in Burlington. It just How Light exerts influence on the liver or through the skin to do this is not yet understood but perhaps 70,000 premature infants a year in this country alone Are being treated successfully with Light to pre vent jaundice Light can not Only kill bacteria but sometimes also cancer cells. At the University of California medical school in san Francisco. Or Ivan Diamond set up cultures of brain tumor cells then added heat to porphyrin a chemical highly sensitive to visible Light when the cultures were exposed to sunlight stimulating fluorescent Light the tumor cells died within 2�?~ hours and or Diamond has found he ran kill off 90 per cent of tumor cells in rats by directing this Type of Light through Glass pipes into the tutors. At the University of Missouri in Columbia mo., or Abraham Eisen Stark found that bacteria growing in Laboratory dishes were being killed by certain Short wavelengths of ultraviolet Light coming from fluorescent lamps like those used in Homes offices and factories the rays were turning one component of protein material in bacteria into a Poison that interferes with Normal cell reproduction he wonders whether the same kind of ultraviolet rays in Ordinary sunlight could be jamming up the machinery of skin cells to produce cancers or affecting cells in the Lens of the Eye to produce cataracts if so he says special ointments might Block out the ultraviolet rays on the skin and special goggles protect the eyes or Eisenstark says it is an open question whether office workers under fluorescent lights run any such risks of developing cataracts sunlight on your skin is your major source of Vitamin a much More important than any of this Vitamin in food including fish John g Haddad or and Theodore j Hahn of Washington University school of Medicine in St Louis have found Only recently scientists have established that tile natural term of the Vitamin Vitamin d-3, is really the potent form that it behaves like a hormone. Not a Vitamin and that a number of Bone diseases can be treated with Vitamin d-3 Quot the exciting Vitamin d Story is scientifically at full Bloom Quot says or Hector f Leluca a biochemist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and a Leader in Vitamin d research. A 15-Imnutc outdoor stroll at noon time in summer ordinarily is enough to produce the Vitamin d-3 needed daily according to studies at the Massachusetts Institute of technology Miti and Massachusetts general Hospital. Boston and just a Little bit of ultraviolet Light helps Supply the body s need for Calcium says or Richurd j Wurt Inan of Mit who is Well known for studies in photo biology he and or Robert near of Massachusetts general Hospital studied men at the Chelsea soldiers Home near Boston for la weeks during Winter All the men volunteered to stay indoors under mixed incandescent and fluorescent lighting after seven weeks they had absorbed Only 40 per cent of the Calcium consumed in their food in the next four weeks men who continued living indoors under Ordinary lighting showed another drop in absorbed Calcium while men living under lights that duplicated sunlight including its ultraviolet portion of the spectrum had increased their Calcium absorption the men received about As much ultraviolet radiation As from a 15-Ininute lunchtime walk in the summer or Wurtman says. Studies at Cornell University suggest that addition of ultraviolet Light May help improve visual acuity and reduce fatigue among school children. Such findings Are enough to suggest further studies of possible psychological or physiological effects or both say some specialists. Russian scientists report that a Little bit of ultraviolet Light reduced the incidence of colds in school children by 30 see mystery on 5d premature baby undergoes Light Bath to forestall damaging jaundice

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