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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 6, 1940, High Point, North Carolina A ski in Uin a it a i 7 t a 400.000 army recommended general Marshall says Force is alternative to using National guards Washington june a regular army of 400,000 men tvs recommended today by Gen. George Marshall chief of staff who proposed that recruiting of 120.000 additional troops be Ait Thor sized a standing army of this size he 1 said was the alternative to granting president Roosevelt s request for Power to mobilize the National guard in emergency during the absence of Congress. Unless the army is expanded or the mobilization authority is delegated to the president Marshall said the general staff would be handicapped in planning quirk a Ltd Tio a building Quot Quot it no ton -�?~�?Tsalem., lion in i he rape of any Western y who qualify and Are hemisphere threat to american a Ltd i us Mon Point Enterprise on or High Point North Carolina Page nine Sec. Marine recruiting station in Winston Captain John m. Greer officer in charge of the United states Marine corps recruiting activities for North Carolina announces that a permanent u. S. Marine corps recruiting station will be opened in the Post office building at Winston Salem on june la. The Marine corps is now putting on an intensive drive to obtain an expected increase in personnel. Vacancies will be filled by Young men Between the Ages of 18 and 30 years of age White single of Good moral character and of sound physique. Men having previous military will be accepted up to 35 years of age. A splendid Opportunity for advancement awaits those who enlist in the Marine corps now. Any Young Man who desires adventure promotion and a Chance to Complete or further their education should either write or apply in person at the it s. Marine i corps recruiting station Post of serial Story an Eye for a Gal by Harry Harrison Kroll copyright. 1940. Nea service. Inc. \ Duram of rom i vhf is ended cast of character Rossy it of fac a went to Ltd col loge to play baseball get an education and Settle a feud. Ii by Tolli Yard daughter or Lincoln colleges president. La a n \ a Lush Al Der hillbilly Gill who followed Bossy to College. Sec Jjck yesterday or. Toll Gar arranges for Hannah to stay in school room at another place Hen Ross goes to be Lier she tells him How his Cousin Steve Hogg came Down to school spied on Flossy then reported Hack thai he was living with i Fie toolbars. She reminds Hussy of i oath to avenge his father denounce him slap him sprawling. Security. Accepted will be sent to the a chapter in a a ,.the terrific Impact of Hannah a we can expand the army More 7. Of Fri eff a to Fritz Shrider Quot a hand on Ros Quot a my quickly than we can mobilize the1 la of fire in Jim afe 8 acc Eft a Lown a foul Quot National guard Quot he explained. J. ? i pronged picture on his amazed a the main purpose is to avoid the Craft Una a Ifju and bloodie8s theek he wallowed necessity of calling on the a Rine Mockli Ruty moment on the floor where he had fallen after the girl slapped paper plans for a fighting Force j the fire out of him. He gulped. Of 400,000 were worked out expansion to 500,000 be author starter to Rise. Murder ran months ago the chief of staff Dis Jed. He expressed belief that by through his arteries and Muscles. Closed. They provide for creation i of a second fully mechanized heavily armed division of the Type that has been making military history in Europe. By conventional recruiting methods the 50.000 recruits now contemplated by Congress should he obtained by september general Marshall said. Should the further using existing nation wide a j a a you you ill Knock the tar out Chinery designed for wartime be of you elective service the 120,000 additional volunteers could be signed up in a one or two existing Laws limit the army a strength to 230,000 men hut an increase to 280,000 already has been approved by the Senate and House. Hannah made ready to meet him blow for blow. A Knock the tar out of me dad Burn your lowlife time just come on and Knock the tar out of me a Rossy looked up at the passion set face of the girl he had once i asked to marry him. He remembered that Day in the Spring a when the Orchard Trees were Pink and White and the Bland wind waved her Tawny hair. Rossy and Hannah had been sweethearts a and enemies a tip from their childhood both fam Ilies had known All along in time i they would marry. Rossy had never Given thought to anything else. Nor had Hannah. At least not until this moment though they had fought As often and As hard As they had hugged and k based. Anger went out of him. He got the direction you plan to go a a a she ainu to my sweetheart any you mean you two broke off a a not just now. But it will amount to that in the end a a Trossy. Are you sure you would want to do that a a a a there a nothing left for a see there was a moment of silence Between them during which she continued to look at him watch him. But gravely and no longer with amusement. Then she did what to Rossy was a startling things she moved Over and took his hand. A you done to want to break off with your sweetheart Over so slight a thing is Well a Little spat a you want to be broadminded at least try to learn to be broadminded Quot i Hope you done to Call being smacked Flat a slight thing a a no but brawling and fighting like that is Small Quot he kept sitting there liking the touch of Judy a hand trying to feel through his emotions to her real meaning. Sac gave his hand a Pat and released it. A you see Rossy father knew All the while you had something to you. When coach Hurd went up in Hehn Damu tiou to look you Over saw you play Ball last summer and came Hack and reported to daddy about you we All had Faith enough in you to work out a Way for you to come to College. You done to know it but you were the subject of a lot of discussion in our Home As far Back As last a was i a he asked studying j her in bewilderment a i never j knew a a in a telling you now because you have to make Good to make our Faith come he sat there turning Lins in mind. Finally he tinned to her. A let me ask you a go ahead. Of i can answer your question i will Quot a was your Paw Ever up in Heil a damnation Hollar a a a a Only for an instant dbl any j change come into Lier expression. It was so Little As a Flicker of her would All be my father a member of a feud clan Aud his being president at one of the Best colleges in the Mountain country that make sense would it a she was leaning Forward persuasively. And her very anxiety for him to accept the Absurdity put him on his guard. Cousin Steve Hogg would have said a a she Kinealy mouthing you. She a sneaking up on your Blind aide. She a trying to Ketch you in a left handed moment and hog tie something in Rossy believed that too. And he knew what Hannah would say and his Mother All his Kinfolk. A my father has always been in school work a that Sweet determined voice went on. A never since i can remember. He was principal of a big High school then he went to the University and we lived there four years while father j finished his master s and took his doctors degree. He was a professor of education two years in a Northern College. A that was before my Mother died. Then this place called him. J naturally the Hoard of trustees would examine carefully the whole history of a Runau before they put him in a responsible Job like this. Well they gave him the presidency of Lincoln College. He has always been a Fine clean j Man. For me he a a great Man. but for Rossy he was the Man who killed his lather. To be continued Independent churches of America elect officers Charlotte. June 6.�? Ltd a the Lith annual All american convention of Independent fun-1 Pamental churches of America elected officers today and discuss a cd ways of spreading its doctrine. Or. Marlon much. Hull president of the Atlanta Bible Institute told the convention yesterday that Bible institutes had Arisen to combat error to train Lay workers guide any who cared to preach to sound seminaries and to stimulate evangelism. New advancements make the 1940 be the most Complete the Thrift est general electric Ever built yet today s prices Are lowest in history. With our payment plan its mighty easy now to own this first Choice of millions. Come in and see for yourself Quot Yew of Law my it a food vow bought a guttural Llau Toltl clumsily to his feet and stood just staring at her. The commotion of of Hea. Their scrap brought a heavy figure a Quot by i suppose to Rossy. A to the door and there stood lame to tie i i it in it of Hei the Almeh Patterson. Lincoln College he covered just i Chapel Hill june 6.�? up a Well of All things a the Hor Bou the territory i to this end a Public meeting will he Spon rifled lady cried seeing what had of to to. He Felt he should Here tonight by the Chapel just happened. So advanced up in 1 a a or Hll a a 10 on Hannah. A a Fly thin quarrel a he Peop a who would com. Amet a we get a a in Ito his school. I think he visited who i a it of neighbourhood Loo quota a i m. A a a a. La. It i00 not in a i or i mean on i in a mind to Send you Way. J not let Yon tay a nother moment a cd d prompted in my House with ail my Alc him girl Hill chapter of the William Allen White committee to defend America by aiding the allies principal speaker will be Kemp d. Battle of Rocky mount Pat president of the North Carolina bar association. A it was my rosily said. A blame it on me not her. I reckon it la Lake me a Little time to act like White �?�111 report you to or. Tollivar sir Quot mrs. Patterson promised grimly. Rosay picked his hat from the ally a outs with no floor and clamped it on his Bead. We be a Quot did he Ever live up in there a a my father Why no i can to think of Bis Ever by a a a in hell a damnation holier of you re asking whether he is a relative of the i family of Tollivar up in your j country the feuding loin vers t your family have been tradition How could West Transvaal 500 voters. Now has 4 4. 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General of electric High Point hardware company Guilford furniture company fun fila no company a a in la be seeing you a he said mechanically. Hannah bawled. A i done to want never to see you again Rossy Mcafee a he turned upon her a them a the death bed words of ail the gals that make up the worlds i mess of old he added with a sneer a but i reckon you a j like to see our dear Cousin Steve Hogg again he s got Money that s never been spent a Hannah came right Back a yes and he asked me to marry him j too and at least he two a time me every time i turned my i bal k a minute a a see Roasy knew this led to a renewal of the Battle. He Well i i sadly out and stood looking up at i the stars. Mrs. Patterson would i report this to or Tollivar first i thing in the morning. The two of them would be dragged on the i carpet almost before they had got j settled in school. If it got out and How could it he kept a he an Hannah would he tile laughing Stock of the student body Aud i then he would have to kill somebody to shut the stuff up. With these gloomy reflection i for companionship he made his a Way Back to the big House. He walked slowly wishing he had somewhere else to go. Judy was just finishing a Telephone conversation when he slipped in. She Hung up Aud stopped him. # Rossy slipped into a chair with a hard Bottom. A come Over Here on the when he reluctantly complied she examined him with that Odd smile of hers. There was amusement in it and also something else he did not understand. A i have just been talking with mrs. I Rossy gave a Start. A she told you. I a yes and i asked her not to take it to father a Rossy tried to think of something Nice to say about this hut All he could think of was a a a there would t be any Point in making it a matter for the administrative Council a she went on Curling her legs under her. A but you done to want to fight like that a a yes a. I mean no a a you re in school now. You j rame to get an education. You want to be a gentleman. You want to acquire a certain amount of Well culture. That is you want to get the rust knocked off. Make yourself into somebody. Done to you. a i reckon so a he admitted grudgingly. A of course you do. That a Why you re Here at All. And you want to play baseball maybe become a great Pitcher and work your Way up to the big leagues and All i that hut even so you want to amount to something become a somebody. Isnit that right Rossy a i he gulped. a Well brawling with your sweetheart Wuu l a tart you off in a a hrs Well a a a can to you see hoi absurd that it. Liquid 7 Quot Cap for Keur urine Talgia special. Amp visit Belk Stevens opening of our new Young Colony Shoppe w c carry in this department dresses for the voting miss you a o ? 0 ask tor this Range of dresses for your girl hot Ween the age of 9 in id 17 years. 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