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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 6, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Tho Omer of diversified manufacturing enterprises vol. 56�?no. 158 Mem lit it associated Preku High Point n. A. Thursday afternoon june 6, 1940 Complete Mea sad vice Price five cents Berman offensive held up by French ii quagmire m and heavy fire in Summe wide circling Senate sends Yao Vinent nazi emergency Bill to White House plan on by the associated press Berlin june the southwesterly direction of tile tier mum offensive Oil Hie Somme indicates that Hiller is aiming at Paris by a wider plan of in air it lenient than that of Hai i. In tile world War Hie frenchmen of Joffre after a Brief defense along the line non held by the frenchmen of Weygand fell Hack to defense positions on the lame where the decisive Bat tues of the War were fought. In that is no tile Hermans never swung their Circle tar a Noigh is est to take in la a it. I la. i it Aimel Poi i t the Mouth Caf the Seine is est f purls. This time however they Al base engulfed Abbeville t the Mouth of the Somme and have indicated their right sing is aimed at la has re and a taps even Cherbourg Vin the Peninsula to the or of Las re arrows the Broad Hale a la Seine. Such an operation if sue Essul would hold Paris in a ast clutching hand from North and West isolate Lier from fug and and perhaps Lead to the capital s capitulation. Ass arrests of expected attorney general Jackson discounts impression of wholesale drive Washington june 6 a a 2pi�? Torney general Robert la Jack-1 declined today that any inform that the Justice department item plated a a mass drive or resale arrests to connection h the defense program was Holly unwarranted a Jackson made that assertion in Fence to statements in the get bureaus letter dealing the a request for $3,358,800 for a Federal Bureau of invest Igan. Chiefly to add Soo agents to Force now engaged in National Ense work. In connection with another rest for $500,000 additional for Arles and expenses of touted tes marshals the Bureau had it a it is also anticipated that re will be a great number of toners to be handled xxx in it Ion thereto marshals and to Uty marshals May be called n to guard and protect Feder it a seized properly and to serve arge volume of i ack non was quest toned about statements just before be and Edgar Hoover director of the i appeared before a House reprint ions she committee o lain the requests. We do not anticipate any Ahwal increase in the number of Poller Quot Jackson Ltd id new Quot the statement of the Bud Bureau does not say that an lease is expected i he Nuro Hei ederal prisoners has been for a increasing rapidly and the lenient Points out the fact thai Leat number require hand any inference that we Coop Tate a mass drive or whole i arrests because of the dose program is wholly in War Ted. There is not one cent ask for additional prison facilities. Emphasis is on preventive Oine members of the approx ii ions committee commented lately that on the face of the get bureaus letter Quot it looks we Are getting ready for $1,492,542,750 naval approx i privations Bill would make 1 emergency funds available Washington june 6.�? i pm the Senate sent to the White House today a $1,492,-542,750 naval appropriations Bill making emergency funds available a i in in e Diatel to Speed up the production of j ships aircraft munitions and armament and the construction of new air bases. The chamber completed congressional action on the measure i carrying f 1.308.171.138 in direct a appropriations and $184,371,612 j in contract authority by accept i ing a conference report previously approved by the House. This important phase of the intensification of National defense i efforts came at a time when the i administration was considering also urgent Allied requests for i arms even weapons left Over from the world War. President Roosevelt met with the defense commission which i he set up to expedite armament production. Emergency funds included in i the naval appropriation Bill at the request of or Roosevelt would i make possible the expansion of the Navy a enlisted personnel from j 145.000 to 170,000 men and the Marine corps personnel from 25,- a too to 34,000. J 2,970 flasks aviation expenditures proximately 1320,000.000 i temp la Ted by term of Fri 1 would provide the Navy with new air planes of which would be training ships provided is $45.000,ooh for development of air plane Shore fact i lilies. The Senate rejected 4 6 to 31 Berlin claims forces pushing into heart of France with gains motorized divisions and tank # corps successfully thwarted by new French tactics in face of latest Blitzkrieg by the associated press Paris june 6.�?French �?o75�?Ts�?� and antitank guns caught hard driving German tanks in a tangle of fire on the Somme front today in a Battle seven Miles in depth. Other German tanks pushing recklessly As far As they could go fought through the Battlefield and into the open Only to be Cut off from their support. Nests of French machine gunners and Pursuit planes a a Quot a it were reported to have sue-1 a i Rel clogs germans assert successful air raids carried out on Cherbourg Aird Romes in France and British Isles Berlin june 6.�?</p>�?the German High command announced today its troops on the offensive and pushing toward the heart of France had gained ground a a everywhere in a sweep toward the Southwest. This however was the Only indication of the course of the Somme offensive to be Given in the Nique. Cess fully held Back the main German forces preventing motorcyclists and truck ried infantry from following in the Wake of the tank Spear Heads the main German armies striking both directly at Paris and in the West toward Rouen still had 7<� Miles to go to the French capital. Quot Hitler Fine hot dry. Held out As it did in Poland. The new French tactics for i meeting a Blitzkrieg were said to have entangled German tanks in has ring j air forays with nazis England subjected to heaviest bombing of War by German raiders High commands daily Conui a a Tho communique related a a successful German raids last night and Early today on Cherbourg big French Channel port on Aird Romes in Central France and on the East Southeast coast of eng Bill ,5 70 5 of also Forward zones Permutt destruction at will. La pm m eked their far a int and nub their that ii continued on Page two $2,000 defense fund in Treasury labelled Quot miscellaneous receipts donations for nation defense Quot by Morgenthau Washington. June 6. .,1 contributions ranging from cents to $500 have amassed a Tai of $2,000 in a 7 which Secretary my Bels Quot miscellaneous reset a nations for National de Moi gent Hail in telling fund today expressed the meat s thanks hut said the my could not sponsor an raising idea without Cong Ai consent. He also explained that present Laws the govern to accept donations Only we Are Given for some Genei pose such As National defeat a or Relief but not for a specific purpose like a battleship. Some donations have been returned to the senders because of such restrictions. One donor sent about $500 As a Quot loan without interest and this. Too was returned. Pushtu Bat tie fueling bases w a dry advices to roads Back bar trained and e i men to which ringed them under full fire especially from French 75 a till they were crumpled of the a from Ere said in have found red by spec quipped de masses the 1 of the paper Quot suicide oppose from to based a to usury fund Nathau of the Overn treas fund a Sion under it can a they a1 Pur of Iron and steel. Quagmire defense some French called it a Quot Fly defense a called for no attempt by outposts to the heavy tread of the j blasting tanks but rather a yielding which permitted penetration of the defense zone and finally i annihilation. Frenchmen declared that the first results of the second Day of the Quot Battle for Paris Quot in which 2.000,000 men Are engaged proved the Efficacy of the Quot quagmire defense. Paris commentators declared that the nazi Quot Panzer Quot divisions warriors on wheels or Caterpillar treads a had suffered heavy by the associated press London Juno 6.�?trading Aerial blows in unceasing warfare Germany a air Force today unleashed its Mast extensive bombing attack on England since the War began while British airmen were re ported officially to have attacked German troops Supply bases and communications lines in raids extending from the Battle zone in France to the industrially important Ruhr Valley in Western Germany. The nazis dropped High explosives and incendiary bombs in their i sweep Over a 270-Niile stretch of English coastline Early today and i last night in apparent search for British Aird Romes. British airmen made Aerial assaults on crowded German Cortland land it losses 143. The intent Hon coins import it Leha the Fin Tira try a Man a flank. Hitlers try for knockout blow of allies this map shows How the nazi legions of Hitler plunged against the Somme a is be front toward Paris and the Seine. Tho allies counterattacked near Abbeville. Some hours after the attack was launched the French acknowledged that German tanks had sifted through their lines at a few Points but that main lines were holding. The notched line is approximate Battlefront based on news reports from both sides. Forts at upper right locate Section of the Little Maginot line now in nazi territory. A paned total enemy air plane during the Laid 2 4 hours As High commands terse state of the southwesterly dire Ful the drive supported pre German indications that the taut French Channel ports of Livre and Cherbourg May be rat objective of the of i flank Urb an la hav an operation the get night turn the Somme i off Paris from the ii off France Ami eng effective communication ii belligerent Italy minefields Are sown around Italy America is warned the West and slightly Ria Cherbourg la on the jutting Peninsula Lea Bing toward the South of England almost Dun West of la Havre. However. It is conceivable from the tenseness of the communique. Thai the French defense is proving harder to solve. The High command reported the number of Allied Pulsone taken at the port of Dunke que Frame had increased to 58.000 from 40,-000, and that abandoned War material estimation had been taken its d r Tel i of lids my. Twenty five tanks were destroyed at Chaut nes nine Miles Southwest of Peronne the sem official news Agency tolerance i reported. The Abbeville Region at the Mouth of the Somme was i the scene of some of the fiercest i German attacks. The germans used one mechanised division at each of four Prin i Copal Points of attack As Well As in at least two less important Sec i tors Ivi France said adding fad dip Quot each must be far from the j theoretical strength of 500 tanks continued on Page two in ii ii Lea tingly lines Lead Louime River Battlefiel efforts to help their Fie halt the German drive in fms Tea ked while britons with guns at hand stood cops at Home against any att Vasion of their tight i the air ministry Depoi medium and heavy Bomi Royal air Force Quot att in to the d in new neb allies on Paris. Enemy \ raids Ltha in by n i be Lin unique minimized Aion Northern and Western said no Quot essential dam done and asserted three lies were downed in these a of them while Over Jules and ant watch in pied in Ittie use Ted that erg of the ked enemy entry in Quot Good shape a re tary Ickes reports Washington june 6.-�? apr a Etal v i Kes i <1 country was in Quot Good shape Quot aspect to oils fuel into Cie ii in or fir liaison.<1 la a a a Ai the situation in strategic mans was Quot definitely More e made t to Tutem. Atm utilizing i m Iii j i t con Emce Laredo ism activities by the be sum conservation commission National Power policy Coulee and the Bureau of mines. Integration of Relief and defense proposed Washington june 6.�? pc the general told senators that a Broad plan to integrate fed-1 and the War department opera i Relief outlay Ami National i a a a a us a a Aloma for Irain Ink i cd youths with guns for military defense needs appeared Likely it a combat because this was too def Day to receive prompt Senate apr ficut a task in the scattered pro a i. I Camps. Senator Adams 1 Colo i the non combatant services Are floor manager for the $1,075,584, vitally needed he added. These 916 annual Relief Bill said the include cooking first Ald Bridge measure contained few con Trover j and Road construction radio Pho Sial provision. As approved by the Senate appropriations committee it authorize non combatant military training of 300,000 youths in acc Camps earmarking $25,, Topography and mechanical work. Before taking up the Relief measure the Senate resumed Dis Mission of legislation granting the president Broad Powers and $132,-j 000,000 to Speed up army exp to a teed defense projects for the War Aion plans in the House the topic nov of two toward members 7�?The Wagner act debate continued on Page Temh. A debate opens on Wagner act chairman Norton appeals to House to maintain status quo of labor Law Washington june a it a chairman Norton Denji of the j House labor committee appealed to the House today to leave the Wagner i at Bor act Quot unimpaired Quot a i to maintain the Quot steady and peace i fill flow of Industry Quot necessary for the National welfare. Opening debate on two sets of i revisions Iii the Law. Mrs. Norton asserted that enemies of the act j Quot dare not attack in the open Quot and were taking advantage of cur i a rent conditions to attack labor. I mrs. Norton was especially j critical of the procedure which permitted her to control Only one i i hour of the debate while chairman Smith a a of a special i committee investigating the labor i i Hoard had two. J she said it was Quot sordid procedures which Quot you men usually j say is hitting below the Smith has proposed sweeping changes in the act mrs. Norton s committee has recommended add i German planes Are missing a a result of yesterdays operators during which troops concentrations and columns Hack i of the French 80mme front Wert j attacked the High command said., Iii earlier. Authorized reports reinforced German armies were described As striking Quot into the j heart of Fiance Quot on the second j Day of the major offensive. The French armies were report Jed retreating today at All Points where the germans penetrated the j Weygand line yesterday and the nazi legions were said to be Mak i ing Good Progress. Two of the a a several Points. Which Hie High command an a flounced breaking in the Weygand line were said authoritatively tot have been at Amiens and along the Ailette River. The Ailette River roughly Par i allele the Ailette canal linking the Oise and Alane Rivers about 65 Miles Northeast of Laris cannot hold 7�?The Weygand line authorized German sources said Quot proved on the very first Day that it cannot hold this line was described Here As having a More or less Quot improvised the French High command acknowledged a Quot slight withdraw a Al Quot of advanced units along the lower Somme today. Tile Flench described the Weygand line As continued on Cage two Italy playing pick the Winner game in War London june to. A 4� a Brit i sources said Dalny they expected that Premier Mien a it i till is delaying Italy a Entrance info the War on a Ernia by n mde until tin present id tie of tin Somme in decided. Quot should this Battle in in conclusive or should France and Britain one informant said Quot i would not in Anis prised to see Italy a Bellicose attitude subside. But if the germans Wilt it is my reeling that italian entry into the War against us would follow almost Many inquiries received for vacation information Raleigh. June 6.�? Pye persons in every stale and 18 foreign countries have asked for vacation booklets and other information on North Carolina. The governor s hospitality committee of the department of conservation and development said that letters of inquiry totalled 4, 298 last month. Virginio Gayda authoritative writer threatens italian Entrance Rome. Adds have niger com protect i Arpa it id Jim bulletins a with which it herself As a in r of Germany 10� ii i a red today isl ciliates to Ahlf informant disclosed while an authoritative Pas tor warned the touted St keep out of the War. Virginio Gayda. Credited with speaking the mind of the italian government threatened eventual european intervention in Anteri can affairs if the United states comes to the Aid of Tho hard pressed British and French Italy s pros a Peel Ive foe. He wrote Itiat Sui la american intervention would be an Quot ostentatious rash taking of sides in favor of a Small part against a greater tart of Gayda Ald american intervene iou Quot could not fail to provoke the necessary reaction today and 1 it would he added Quot automatically give european i Powers the Light of reprisals on american territory applicable today or at any other moment o american Gayda commented that it was j Quot difficult to see Quot Why european Powers should not intervene on i behalf of any american nation in conflict with tile United states it the United states should set a precedent by intervention in a Luj t o pea ii or continued on Page two life stirring again in nazi occupied cities How to get a Job j Aud Navy departments and slash a of debate was revision of the Ling Relief restrictions which might Wagner labor relations act hamper the preparedness drive. The Relief Bill contains funds along w Ith the Bill went test for Vav a and other Federal Agen Mony of general George 0. Marsh Des for the year beginning july i. All army chief of staff that the at the presidents request the Lily pictures was found dead 1,500 acc Camps could Quot prove a i House voted to let All the Vav a y in her bed. A physicist said valuable asset in Case of Mobil Money be spent in eight months ii h was due to natural causes necessary. Hess Hies Oli a w in a 1 a i a a entice Roberts. 6 9, who played Stidma Quot in the stub s of Jones w and a decision by the House rules committee to give legislative right of Way to the Hatch Bill regulating political activities of state and local employees paid in part with Federal funds were sandwiched in Between continuing Adion on defense matters. The euterpe in Al Egins today a series of stories b leading business executives employment managers Ami government labor experts on Quot jolts for june William s. Hudson president of tile general motors corporation is first to offer his practical advice to graduate in this Community. Tin Story apr curs today on Page 2-h, turn to it now and follow this series daily. By lolis i. Lochner with the German army in the West by Telephone to Berli june 6.�? up conditions like those of peace time seem to be returning rapidly to some belgian cities now under German oct Upa to Ion. The same cities which during my previous visit two weeks ago seemed lifeless now teem with human activity. Outstanding is the Case of Lou Valn where British and germans fought a bitter Battle two week ago it was the most forlorn City one could imagine. Today the streets were crowded shops were open Street cars again were running in at least some sections and the marketplace was As Busy As a Beehive. Vegetable in profusion were being sold at scores of Market stands As were Dairy products meat fish fruit and even Flower. One jewelry shop seemed to be doing a Good business. Certain detours which we had had to make a fortnight before longer were necessary. The debris bad in Many cases been removed Aud tile streets cleared for traffic nor did we see any abandoned tanks guns or other implements of War. All had been removed. Only Hie ruins of bombed and shelled biddings remained As reminders of Hie tragedy which befell the City Only a few weeks ago. A Short distance from Louvain we even saw a railway engine which apparently was making a test run. At Brussels on the other hand the War seemed to have taken a firmer grip now than when we visited it right after its capitulation. Then nothing had been ration d now Coffee was limited to a half Pound per family per week bread could be obtained Only with bread cards and asking for chocolate bars in various shops i was told that what i saw in the window were empty boxes. The old stocks had been sold in a Jiffy and nothing new Snead shoots �7 a a ter by m Golf la ii Cleveland june Pic Sam Snead blistered this Golf course with a sub Par score of to today to take the leadership in the first round of the National of a Golf championship. Slamming Samuel looked a Champion in every stroke As he went out Over the Sun baked nurse in 33 and came Hack in St to slice five strokes off Par. Germans Hoss River Berlin june to. A cd a a German crossing of the Somme River Over a Pontoon Bridge Laid in the face of French artillery fire and the gaining of Heights on the Southern Side were reported tonight in adores from the War front. A Mumm a. Tanks destroyed Paris june a Premier Paul key a lid told the Republic tonight that Quot hundreds of German tanks had let Een destroyed in the great nazi offensive on the Somme Aud that the French High command was a a Well satisfied with the defense being made on that roaring front. This Quot Hattie of june Hilo a he declared gravely As French fighting planes circled Low Over Tbs capital while he spoke a May decide the Fate of the world for hundreds of on driving through the City no j had come. Green promises to heal labor breach garment workers vote to re affiliate with american federation of labor new Vouk. June 6. Do welcomed As Quot our great Leader Quot William Green president of the a in Erica n federation of labor told i he International ladies garment workers convention today that he personally would do everything in i Power to Quot heal the breach in the labor movement. The Al he added was ready at any time to resume conference with Cio leaders in in Effort to achieve peace. Ile did not comment on Cio president John l. Lewis statement of yesterday that resumption of negotiations would be Quot futile and wasteful of Green appearance i first at ail 1lgwu convention since the garment workers quit the Al to join the Cio Market their reunion with the federation. The delegates voted yesterday to re affiliate with the Al after a year of operating As an you been listed in 1940 census see Coupon on Page Joa

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