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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 6, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page ten Sec. Tue High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina thursday june 6, l to Ranee Grants More Power to aul Reynaud Daladier is dropped from French Cabinet in latest shakeup by the associated press Paris june 6. A Premier Paul Reynaud became Frances one Man director of the War today with lightning changes in his Cabinet before Dawn of the second Day of the a Battle for shortly after Midnight Reynaud announced that he had assumed the important Post of foreign minister in addition to the premiership and War portfolio. Thus while German forces pounded against the capital s Somme and alone defense lines the five foot five Inch 62-year-old Premier reached a new Peak of political strength Little More than two months after he had won a vote of Confidence by a Hare one vote majority in the chamber of deputies. A la in kit a hopi to former Premier edourd Dandler who had been foreign minister and Long had been a figure in previous cabinets was dropped from the government together with other holdovers from earlier regimes. New Cabinet appointments included Paul Baudouin Secretary of the administrative staff of the economic warfare committee and president of the Bank of Indochina. As assistant a it Reynaud in the foreign ministry. Gen. Charles de Gaulle promoted from colonel in the May 25 army housecleaning in which 15 of the nations highest commanders were ousted As chief assistant to Reynaud in the a ministry. Jean Provost newspaper publisher. As minister of information. He succeeded Louis o. Froccard. Who took Over the ministry of Public works from Anat Ole de Mon lie. Yvon Delbos. Foreign minister in i the popular front Cabinet of so-1 in alts Premier Leon Blum As minister of education a Post he held i in the Daladier government replacing Albert Sarratt. George Pernot As minister of the French family with Especial control of the former ministry of pub-1�?~ lie health previously under Marcel Heraud. The new Post was Crest la aia Cli to cd to handle refugee problems. I Muir Lam i Marcel bout Hillier Raynaud a j right hand Man while he was Al Nence minister under Daladier. As finance minister supplanting Lucien la Laoureux. Albert Chickery president of Cross word Puzzle american official horizontal i 7 woman member of the u. S. A Cabinet 12 Girdle. 3 Large glandular Organ. 15 War god 16 to shed feathers. 17 Monk 18 new Star. 20 to add to. 21 3.1416. 22 preposition. 24 fiber knots. 25 jargon. 2 seed covering. 29 Heathen gods. 32 to Chew. 34 proportion 37 epilepsy symptom. 38 she is Secretary of 40 fairy. 41 to abound. 42 to censure 43 observed. Answer to previous Puzzle a l thu saudi to i a i id of c cop urn i t or he a a uss f. P Dot _ Feu h Terer Azih esd 19 she was a a or chosen by president Roosevelt. 21 dance movement. 23 Evergreen tree. 25 holding device. 26 wild Duck. 27 tiny particle. 28 slip. 30 owed. # 31 Gold Quartz. 33 camels hair cloth. 35 Golf device. 36 anger. 38 Pound abbr. 39 to peruse. 44 postscript vertical abbr. A Corvine Bird. 46 epoch. 3 capable. 48 Eye. 4 insects egg. 51 dutch 5 Urchin. Abbr. 6 Courtesy title. 45 stingy. 52 feminine 7 tiny 47 Plant used As pronoun vegetable. Snake bite 54 Giantess 8 mistake. Cure. Of Fate. 9 relatives. 49 drove. 56 audibly. To pressing tool. 50 vessel. 58clock face. La Hub. 52 spore 59 fish. 14 vigor. Clusters. 60 swindling. 16 her depart 53 Indian. 61 she is a ment tries to 55 to scold trained a a Settle disputes 57 varnish worker. By. Ingredient. By Awe Ashley modern etiquette by Bober t a Lek How ran i treat when the first 1 a stye appear Styes symptom map heat some milk the powerful Radical socialist i borne on the by party and Deputy from the bid my ant 8 it a p of with a in department was named Commerce a loth a few minut,.8 at a in minister succeeding Leon barely. t to in treatment until the barely a Deputy belonging to the j lamination disappears. Q How can i remove the n left Republican Alliance. Was dropped. Lamia Rollins remains a1 minister. Coloni Al Aly or look and learn by a. In. Gordon 1. What does a a la Model mean ? 2. Who went about Athens with a lantern in search of an honest Man 3. How fast is a ski jumper travelling at the time he makes his jump 4. Who said. �?�1 Only regret that i have of it one life to give for my county 5. What is the name of the negro Republic on the West coast of Africa Ansu Krs 1. A in fashion. 2. Diogenes. 3. Between 60 and lib Miles an hour depending upon the atop Ness of the incline 4. Nathan Hale 1755-1776 5. Liberia. Lessons in English by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not confuse explicit meaning distinctly stated Plain in language with implicit meaning fairly to he understood though not expressed. A a he was explicit in his a an implicit condition of the often mispronounced adept adjective. I accent last syllable. Often misspelled Hie Rolphie. Synonyms feasible suitable practicable workable. Word study a use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today sword incapacity Lack of ability. A cunning and treachery Are the offspring of incapacity a a la Roche Foucault. Deaf to meet Concord june 6. By the Lith annual convention of the North Carolina sunday school association of the deaf will be held Here saturday and sunday. Principal speakers will he the Rev. R. C. Fletcher of Birmingham ala., and the Rev. G. Maxwell of Nashville Tenn. Children sell pets donate to red Cross i Mary legs Cleam a it first graders at Kiln Street school sold their Rabbit and donated the earnings to the bed t Ross for its War Relief fund. The class Bas bad a pet unit during the year Ami raised five rabbits. I lieu it came time for tile a lass to make ifs donation to Lite red t Russ a mobilization for merry drive it was decided to sell the Rabbit. The class donation a Fly 17.0.5, a part of which came from the tale of Lite Rabbit and the remainder from individual Douai Otier. Look from Black suede shot slippers a. Rub with a mixture of equal i parts of Olive Oil and Ink i q what is a Good filling for Green peppers or tomatoes a. Used leftover rite or Macaroni mixed with cooked meat. Cook for Only about 20 minutes in a moderate oven. Q. When one is i caving w it hit a few Days for a a of Ilion trip int receives a letter r t love friends a Cumins to visit. Who it should out do a. Write Tam to Iii Italy. Or Tele graph if Necess Ary that you arc leaving for a Cai Ion and Are sorry q. When a lits Hsc Bool graduate wishes to use a pro Feasor s name students get free aviation training four colleges in stale have total quota of 150 for summer instruction Raleigh june up a College students who take aviation training offered by the Federal government will not have to pay for it. Prof. L. R. Parkinson head of the division of pilots and mechanics training at n. C. State College said today that the c. A. A. Private flying division had advised him of the elimination of the $40 fee required of students during the last year. The c. A. A. Announced recently that As part of the Effort to Speed the output of student Pilot under the National defense program ground school and flight training would be available at participating colleges this summer for students regularly enrolled in the summer session and Able to pass the physical examination. N. C. State has a quota of he for summer training. Wake i or est 15, and University of North Carolina 30, and Duke 45. The Airport operator giving flight training will be paid $325 per student from government funds and the College offering ground school work will receive $50 per student. Cranium crackers ill about America with War in Europe americana Are going to at e their own country this year How much do you know j about it teat yourself on the following questions answer True or false i Yellowstone National Park is located in Colorado. Ii 2. Mesa verde National Park is famous for its prehistoric Cliff dwellings. 3. The Bison May he seen in and of the Prairie states. 4 Carlsbad caverns National j Park is famous for its volcanic i action i 5. Crater Lake is new Mexico a chief tourist attraction. A Wei on want and Page Start on Hospital Winston Salem june 6. A top a construction of the $75.oho kale Bitting Reynolds memorial Hospital addition began today. Are you in census reports a a $�?�9 auction week at h v will be held week of june 10-15 with preliminary figure for Lite present population of High Point hovering around tits surprisingly Low total of slightly More than , the local chamber of a oui Merer is making a final Effort to Contact All persons Iii tile City who have not been counted. Persons living inside the City limits who have any reason to believe Flint their names a have Lineti omitted from till 1940 census ate asked to till in the Coupon below and turn it in to Hie chamber of Commerce office or to Call in Hie information required. Kill out we ski to Cham blk of comm Keck phone 2tw8 High Point n. C. To my Best knowledge and belief i have not been listed in the duo census. Address. Married. Single. No. Of children Plack of work Kinston Man appointed state traffic Engineer Raleigh. June a it a the state Highway and Public works commission has appointed Adolphus Mitchell a native of Kinston As its traffic manager. Mitchell to be paid $3,000 a year will study engineering problems and safety measures and hate supervision of Road signs throughout the state. He was graduated from the University of North Carolina and the Yale University Bureau of Street traffic research. A a it lass suspenders men s belts and suspenders now come in a novel transparent flexible plastic that looks just like Glass. Value of need to know Quot How to swim Quot will be stressed by instructors in an Effort to encourage every boy in the City to learn How to swim the High Point Young menus Christian association will hold its annual free instruction week for beginners june 10-15. During the past 16 years an average of too boys have been taught to swim during this period. Last year Over 300 boys registered for this instruction. The schedule of periods each Day is As follows 9 30-10 a. In. Emma Blair school 10-11 30 a. In. Johnson St. And Elm St. 10 30-11 a in. Cloverdale 11-11 30 a. In. Ray St. And Brentwood 11 30-12 a. In. Oak Hill and Grimes St. 2-2 30 p. In. Junior High school 2 30-3 p. In. Senior High school. Boys will Register at their school t school boys of Allen Jay Jamestown Hasty and Trinity May take advantage of this Opportunity to learn How to swim by registering at the y. M. C. A. There is no charge for these periods and each boy is required to bring soap and Towel from Home. A Small charge for those boys 15 years old and Over will be made and classes for this Grouf will be held from 8 to 9 o clock during the week of june 10-15. Stress value authentic figures of water accidents compiled by the America red Cross stress the value of the need to know a How to boys and girls too cannot Tai adequate swimming lessons by correspondence. Nor will the admonition a hang your clothes on a Hickory limb but done to go near the water a prepare a person for an emergency or prove conductive 10 the enjoyment of water sports. The annual week set apart for this Effort on the part of the y. M. C. A. Is More than teaching a How to with it is to be gained a knowledge of avoiding dangers Ever present and How and what to do in and around the a old swimming Hole swimming aside from being an Ideal healthful exercise is a Norma y boys most popular recreation during the summer months. Par i cuts need have no fear of Tho con j editions under which the y. M. C. A. Conducts its swim instruction periods. For Martin physical director and a corps of instructors will supervise the time your boy is in the a by a Pool. The boys Are allowed Only in the required depth or water until they have Learned How to take care of themselves. 666 checks malaria in 7 Days and relieves colds Salve nose drops symptoms first Day for referent permission Tould ii first try a rub my rim tip a liniment a wonderful a i wa1 it is a Mon b to do gtd manners to Tattoo in a pub meat refrigeration proper storage of meat is As important As Correct cooking methods it should neither he i left in the wrapping paper nor washed with water. Simply wipe j off with a clean cloth cover with waxed paper Aud store in tin meat compartment of the refing ask anyone s Perm i ing so w is it g on a private con i j lie elevator x. No. Nor in a Public convey Anco of any kind if other person Are present. Kou i eve i k Ted Plymouth june approximately 2.out expected to attend meeting of the Sou Quot color style Quot your roof Mith Barber Penasco roofing Call or write Hedgecock lumber co. Phone Mhz ims Ward St. Commander deluxe Imperial vacuum cleaner Complete set of attachment $49.95 i Imi \ a month Vlas tarrying charge Suh a my War sued construction anti deluxe refinement make the a a Imperial unbeatable for All i Lenitina Job. Also for de Mot i lug and tray lug extra powerful motor with tremendous auction. Fool operated switch Iris All surface and cab it dded dirt. Easily removed dust bag. No oiling necessary i 4-1 m b rubber tin i Lawnmower $598 has four self a bar pening Blades to Inch Tia 11 Lens ing. Rubber tired wheels. Sturdy Shrub bar. I Oug handle Weed Cutter attention fishermen 59c no stooping or bending. Steel Blade Harp on both re get. Bedroom fixtures 69c in Light Ivory ceiling fixture steel casting Rod Urece aluminium finish steel i with Cork grip. Agas a j0 ides. Grip tight reel seat by mip a level winding reel has bakelite plate. In. 4% Yard rapacity. Quadruple level m a w Ming in la. Test tint so Yard spool 49c a size fish Hooks bbl. 5c heavy steer tackle Box 79c assorted Hook Box of in. 19c galvanized i it. Linnor Muckel 75c Linen Lins so feet. 9c furnished Lune. 9c assorted lure. 25c pork Rind bait. 10c White Canvas Sun hat. 23c 16 it. Enamelled canner 85c i it of Bine enamel canner with wire i rack thai holds 7-sp. Jars. Over included. Makes a land we so re lug Kelt in. Preserving Kettle i 69c heavy Blue enamel. Wire bail handle. I qts. Lapped for easy pouring. To it. Galvanized pail 19c . Rusl resist ing heavy galvanized Heel. Strong bail handle. Mop with handle to 25c Cotton yarn mop with Spring flip handle a real value. 4-string House Broom 25c Good Quality All Corn Straw Broom. I sewed. Has smooth bundle. Electric Iron and Cord Hardwood seat coat re in seamless White enamel. Will not crack Warp or spill. Chrome bar hinge. A it it. Quart in tour Container americans finest motor it a i of. Lossa pure Pennsylvania. Container Sig Sale Allstate Fleet tested tires Here a your Chance co save on Low priced Cri s auers and standards. Bur a pair or a set and notice your savings. So in

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