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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 5, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Weather artly Cloudy and somewhat Usi Settle i tonight and thursday. The High Point Enterprise High Point Tho Center of diversified manufacturing enterprises vol. 56 no. 157 member associated Prem Ilion Point n. It. Wednesday afternoon june 5, 1910 Complete Mea service Price five cents Ulep wheels Blitzkrieg into action n 125-mile Somme Aisne French line broadened tax Moscow claims non Transfer Lase proposed Ufa a Dware hemisphere o committee ways and Means committee seeking Way to raise $20,000,000 More u Shin ton june 5. A up the House ways Means committee Bent on ii sing Money for growing tense costs directed a 10-in subcommittee today to id a Way to add at least 00,000,000 to the $656,000,-d in the pending defense Bill. A he principal proposal Laid be the subcommittee was a Adenine of the income tax base reduce individual income tax minions from $2,500 to $1,800 Heads of families and from Loon to my a for Ini int Ual. Chairman Houghton dec i mated the base broadening would raise $80,000,000. Nth sin to a broadening and an in levies on the Middle lower income brackets As has Iii Miki -1 a d no id a a a haled unofficially at upwards 400,000,000, Krask duh Boughton said that whatever is were derived from the taxes lid be used to retire a $4,000,-.000 Federal debt limit in already approved by the Smittee. Any excess Over the a unt needed to retire this debt Moscow june s. A up a tile newspaper Trull soviet lax a a Organ said today that a there Are reasons for believing that the t cited states will not remain impassive to the european War Ami this May to a certain extent decide its a much will depend on when and How the american economic organism will in thrown into the balance a trod declared. There was no newspaper comment today on tin pro in calve appoint mints of sir Stafford t rupps and Erik i alanine As tile new British and Trench ambassadors to soviet Russia. Italians flee North Africa War fears Speed exodus from Egypt Syria and Palestine Given approval House and Senate committee Okay Resolution maintaining status quo Washington june 5.�? apr a Resolution recording Congress As opposed to the Transfer of any Region in i this hemisphere from one non american nation to another was Appi oved swiftly today by the foreign committees of both the Senate and House. Supported by Secretary Hull who endorsed it yesterday in a letter to chairman Bloom Tant of the House committee the Resolution won unanimous approval of the Senate group. In a matter of minutes Bloom announced that on the House committee too. Democrats and republicans alike had supported it and that All but two committeemen voted for it. Those two he said voted those who voted a present a Bloom said were representatives Corbett a a and Chiperfield a f a 80m8so Jbv o i Paris 45 Muto by Gish amp a pashia 0f malt a it Kcf Frlj Sittko a of France Germany a massive nazi drive is directed toward lower Seine Paris Nea telephoto from Alexandria Egypt Lune a a Pic ships hound for Italy were j it crowded to capacity today As War fears seeded the exodus of Hun a a Oday he a Swate j committee also rejected 19 to 2, a proposal by senator Pepper a scores of italians who thronged Fla it t0 of erect president Roose steamship offices to Book passage i velt to a 1 the allies Short of a were told that the Steamer Cali Tea. J Tual participation in the War. The which left Here today and the j committee previously had rejected id go into the general fund of liner Conte Rosso scheduled to j a similar Pepper Resolution 12 allies bomb suburb of Minich a eight persons were reported killed in an Allied bombing from the air of Allach suburb of Munich following the German air raid on Paris. This map details developments in the War area As the conflict took to the air. A rods of anxious italians Egypt Syria and Palestine. Aid. A need to per in a Treasury. He aked Why it a the base Broadens i i Lough ton replied there has been a feeling for time that something ought to Lone to equalize the tax Bur i re Pune to other question chairman said that no con ratio had been Given by the mince to any War exec to or to a general Sal the Hun oui in it tee we its first meeting this is composed of repro Cooper of Tennessee Mccormack of Mas Disney of Oklahoma Alifornia Duncan of Mil $ of Indiana democrats alway of Massachusetts Guffey a a in support of to leave port said today probably i t0 j senator would be the last ships to sail for j0jne j Pepper Italy until Premier Musolini Clardy proposal. I. Intention. id Nev Many italians who ought ad-1 but id. Genai would i their Eona Ulata whether it quoth on Hgt rawl�?zll00 to they should of their pr�p.ny�?z�?z.d us. Re i Maltlon of any Hauges in Western Getnis r t t i u a of Farmer to take rap for War Barden tells Raleigh joint meeting two million men engaged in titanic struggle As bombers and heavy artillery smash at Allied defences Paris june 5. Map a nearly two million men were engaged tonight in a great new Battle of the Somme with the German divisions pressing a massive offensive toward the lower Seine and Paris. Without so much As a breathing spell from their Conquest of the North the germans struck at Dawn. Dive bombers and heavy a artillery smashed into the massed French infantry along 125-Miles of the new Somme Aisne line and especially in the rectangle formed by the French cities of la Fere la on Anzyle chateau and Chuny. The French stand virtually alone on the line. Although there Are some British divisions there. Allied sources say that effective j help cannot be forthcoming from Britain until British Industry a replace the vast stores of i can supplies and War equipment lost in the Flanders disaster. Soon after the Thunder of the dive bombers and the German artillery had reached a Crescendo the German infantry swarmed into the attack charging in great. Hitler sends armies plunging in West to teach a historic lessons and Speed up defeat of German enemies Behlin june 5. Map a Adolf Hitler at Dawn today sent his armies of the West plunging against France on the Somme Aisne line to teach a a historic lessons to the allies As the fuehrer said and Speed a the Bloom of a new and better a in the Early morning hours today a. Said Hitler so High command a new attacks rat ions began from the a i i i i resent defense front in Boutet Union ,. This second phase of Gcr-1 Many so total War in the West a following closely upon the Allied disaster in Fla rider a transformed a nearly 200-mile Section of Northern France from the Channel coast to the shattered Junction of Tho Maginot line with its Northern Extension into one great Field of raging combat. The High command Allied attack at either the Somme Aisne line. Ville on the coast an. Near the june is flirting with. London russian circles declare interests in Black sea and Mediterranean parallel North Carolina Cotton a prof tax. H will after chair Pichu Buck Iouri Ertie a fearing confiscation in the event Italy enters the War hoped Italy still might be kept out of the european conflict and decided to await developments a majority of 500 germans in Egypt who were ordered to leave or be interned have informed authorities that they preferred Ternent. Elan to due to the Eli in i the s. S. Cali Tea sailed for Syria i in route of Naples. Steamship lines reported that 2.000 italians had left Egypt since i May 15. Of new York. Reed of new the american Export line Vea and Woodruff of Michigan Sel sex Ochoda sailed for Home Lublin w t h i a 0 Amici Caus aboard addition the committee was a. To be planning tentatively to. I a Fri studies reports on dough ton tax Bill a a would Levy a to per cent on All individual and car it Totne taxes for cite phere s replan War. The Resolution also would authorize this government to consult with other american governments and take appropriate action in of twitch changes were threatened. Pepper said he would reintroduce his Resolution in slightly Dif growers and Farmers Coop Cicle in Terc Ergative Exchange Convene i Cullers re affiliate a a Panzer columns dings in the French their characteristic is deep behind the proposed in would add e broaden thousands of continued on Page two a vision plan ill in dark Louse agrees to proceed with debate on Wagner let changes Washington. June 5 pm overwhelming teat vote in the for changes in the Wagner relations act left Unal lied today tile Quik St Toni of Bow dime Tho revisions should be Mbere agreed yesterday 292 ,06, to proceed with debate decide on dozens of proposals have been offered. It May two or three Days to Comitia discussion linearly tile Choice Lay Bein amendments introduced by reset Tautiva Smith a a those by chairman Norton in of the labor committee others Call be submitted from of Loo i be Bill by Zinith chairman of minuted investigating the Natl Laboi Board would create v five Man Board and sculls judicial and adm Nistra a fund us mrs. Norton Sun e is Oil i add i is o m w Iceni to the present three Way by and protect existing Craft is in an Industrial Plant. Line members who favor the Ier act As it stands sought. Old up the Smith Bill with jilted additional amendments j lat it would be unacceptable j is sponsors. Similar tactics used recently when Amend-1 s to the wage Holts i a being discussed with the t that the House pigeonholed entire subject. 5th column among indians Washington june 5.�?1& a informed persons said today the Federal Bureau of investigation was looking into reports of a fifth column activities among Thia country s 251.000 indians. They said foreign fostered groups and Domestic anti semitic organizations were trying to stir up dissension among the indians by stressing grievances against the government. Ferent form. A i Haye a suspicion that the Senate is not willing to act at Allou this proposal to help the allies and i think the people of the country will be interested in knowing that fact a Pepper declared. He said it was his opinion that if the United states immediately made military equipment including existing army and Navy planes available to the allies they could Farmer a save Paris and London a secret statement from the army High commend on a fifth column activities in several latin american countries kept hemisphere defense problems to the foie in the crush of preparedness considerations. Emphasis there was added emphasis on continued on Page two lost minute bulletins from Battle on Somme French holding Paris june a map a authorized sources said tonight that the French were holding everywhere against the German offensive on the Somme and Alane front with the exception of a few Points where a they May fall Back to More favourable this operation a will be nothing to worry about a the same sources stated. The French infantry was stated to he holding solidly in the great Battle of the Somme North of Paris a. Advancing Behun june 5. A aim authorized German sources said tonight that the German army a right Wing was advancing on a the broadest front southward and Westward along the English Channel coast toward be Havre and Rouen. Authorities said the of Era tons were a progressing As the strategic purpose of the drive along the coast was said to be a to separate completely Britain and France and to set up new additional basis of operations against around Amiens London june 5. Map a military sources tonight said a certain armoured vehicles of the German army Are on both sides of Amiens although not very close to the French held town itself. The same source said certain German elements were South of the Somme hut not enough of them to form a Bridgehead for an invading army. A a a a. Bombers effective Berlin june 5. Map a German dive bombers were declared today by dub the official news service to have caused a great destruction and an a extremely demoralizing effects in attacks on French tanks South of Abbeville on the Somme Frant. Many French tanks dub said were a completely disabled by Well aimed bombs Quot while a the occupants abandoned their vehicles in Panicky Quot one bomb a it added a fell Between three French tanks travelling closely together. Two of tile tanks a trite to a dead halt at once completely disabled while the third tank was gutted by speaking of air attacks on be Havre dub Declarer that Harbor facilities had been dealt a serious blow adding that the Graeter part of British Coal imports into France pass through that port. Raleigh. June 5�? a a tvs rep. Graham a. Barden told delegates to the annual meeting of the North Carolina Cotton growers cooperative association and the Farmer cooperative Exchange today that the Farmer Quot is in for another rape because of the european War. Joint meeting of the two Large cooperative attracted about 5.000 farm Folk to Raleigh including delegation from nearly every county in the state. J. M. Broughton. Democratic gubernatorial nominee welcomed the delegation. A increases in Price reach agriculture last and alway leave the with la hardest debt to Balden said adding thai Farmer cannot continue the policy of a each trying to fight his own Battle against organized and Well equipped opposition a everything the Farmer tries to sell As an individual a he continued a goes to Market with a lag on it marked a what will you give me while what he has to buy is marked with a definite Barden said a Good prices Quot were a a relative matter in handing a a fair Exchange Quot for the Fanner and a minimum of Federal control and a maximum of m. G. Manti general manager reported a a highly successful year for the cooperatives in which they did a Gross business of More than $8,000,000. Mann said that through the a repurchase plan the Cotton cooperative a Cha made it possible for the first time in the history of Cotton Selling in North Carolina for the Farmer to know a much about his Cotton As the Man who is buying it a under the plan Mann said a Farmer is allowed to withdraw his Cotton from the cooperative if he can find a higher Price elsewhere. For operative has averaged handling More than 87,000 Bales of Cotton a year More than la per cent of the states annual crop. He said the Farmers Exchange grossed $2,250,000 last year and would Gross More than $4,000,-000 this year. Last year s sales continued on Page two was with a. L new Vork june 3�?it� a by a vote of 3 it to i a Delegate to the lilt ii convention of the International Anile a garment workers Union voted today to Reuf Villate with the american federation of i Ai Bor. Tile Union claiming member in tile United states and Canada left the Al to become one of the most powerful unit of the Cio. Then a veal ago it withdrew from the t to to Prole again a the Cion it Tibig up a permanent rival organization to the if and a been fit act lolling a an . Before the vote the Delegate had loudly cheered the Retoni inundation of the Union executive Iniard to rejoin the Al. The Only of Hgt Ilion came from the communist bloc. This Drew the denunciation of the president David Dut Libi who declared a the vote indicate again the conflict Between the communist party and the welfare of the making destroyers faster than sunk London june 5. A i a the British said today their total strength in destroyers despite the loss of six of these vital Craft in the removal of Allied troops from Dunke que is greater than at the outbreak of the War. New destroyers have been launched faster than they have 18 years he said the co-1 been lost it w As said. Armoured waited for Ope lines to Start lightning da<4 French front. Still raging toward Nightfall tin raging with increasing violence in the stifling heat smoke and dust of the Fields some 70 Miles North of the French capital. Simultaneous with the assault German bombers raided an area in Central France not identified by name. French fighters and anti aircraft struck Back. In Paris before the army committee of the chamber of deputies Premier Paul Reynaud voiced his Confidence that France a can Hope for a favourable issues of the new struggle. A we will fight to the end with our British ally for the Liberty of the world a he said. The new Battle began at tilt a a in. I Ioos p. In. Est tuesday with a violent artillery bombardment of the French Hue. Ender cover of the barrage Masse of infantry moved Forward to the attack a the nazi air Force roared overhead bombing and strafing. The heaviest attacks were launched in the Region of Amiens and along the Ailette canal below the world War Battle ground of Chemin Des Dames. There were no immediate reports on the Progress of the fighting. Semi official French sources said merely a the Battle is continuing actually there Are no the attack came in Blitzkrieg continued on Page two by the associated press London june 5. A soviet russian circles in London declared today that the allies interest in the Black sea and the Eastern Mediterranean parallel russians but they emphasized russian determination to remain Neutral in the european War. A British source intimated a Hope that russian interest in the near East and improvement of British russian relation might have a deterrent effect on any italian plan to enter the War. Nevertheless the British still regarded italian entry As a matter of time. A soviet source said that Russia a has no intention of being thrust onto one Side or the other Quot in the War. Alert he indicated that Russia policy would continue to emphasize internal affairs but that the u. S. S. R. I keeping Alert against any encroachment on any of it interests by one to Weir or another it. A. Butler British undersecretary for foreign affairs told the House of com Mulla today that it appeared from an official run Ian communique that the appointment of sir Stafford Cripps As new British ambassador to Moscow had been accepted by the Kremlin although formal notice had not yet been received. Butler left unanswered a question from the House As to whether sir Stafford would Deal the a Many outstanding questions Quot with the soviet government. Informed quarters doubted that russian. Acceptance of crop signified any intention to drop Ber partnership with Germany. Russian circles hinted that there ont said that Tremp of ear abbe South of on of the Heil Fren frontiers had bar patently these Atta yesterday in Anticis push a near bbl Ville intern la a j a and in fount re Amit with he in concent Gitonn the communique Man airmen a succeed enemy concent t Ai Abbeville and men Day s Aerial assault it City of be Havre no most vital Contact i Britain and France. The port facilities h lid of in i ticked lid that Gar fully attack on South of toned yester i the French perhaps the tween great it be Ham d the High command were hiked by fighting and Power div to bomber units of tile air Arm. Occupation of the Netherlands pc Dubourg Belgium and about ,o0o Square Miles of Northern Cli tinned on Cage two demonstration is broken up fascist students try to organize anti Allied movement continued on doge two in Rush from Flanders Rome june 5. Strudel its attempted new anti Allied ii today a Italy mat be eds to High school and College seniors. The Enterprise is now prepay i ast september Britain had 185 destroyers. Six of them were Canadian and five australian. Six which had just been completed for Brazil were pressed into service in the Royal Fleet. Britain has acknowledged loss division by lid is i. It tin or with the German army by Telephone to Berli june 5.�? pm stores of supplies left be along Highway after ii i net by the British expeditionary Northern France i Force in its withdrawal from Flanders a German officer told me today could equip 40 German of 20 destroyers. The admiralty claims la German destroyers definitely have been sunk and that two others Are believed sunk. The nazis had just 22 heavy destroyers at the Start of warfare the admiralty says still very sri Raleigh june 5.�? pm Revenue commissioner a. J. Maxwell was a better this morning ing to bring you practical help-1 but still a very sick Man in Cri Ful advice on Job Hunting. Lead fica i condition Quot his physician or. Ing business men and personnel 1 to. B. Dewar said. Maxwell suf experts Are co operating. Watch for a jobs for june graduates a forces equal to t u compared with the British leaving of provisions As a speedy car hurried me j Highway in i saw Cannon a after Cannon left by the Wayside. The German Advance seeming 1 by had been so rapid that nazi before i la Bor battalions and Highway constructors could not follow i quickly enough to Clear up Aal they had done in Holland and Eastern Belgium Aud bring aban j i dotted Booty to collection centers. We had hardly crossed into France last saturday on a trip which kept us incommunicado until yesterday w Hen at Beaumont we saw evidence of the the beginning tomorrow Temprise. In the in those of Czecho Slov Akia its dismemberment. The abandoned supplies indicated the British had kept excellent Lookout for the bodily wants of their soldiers. Travelling some 200 Miles along Germany a front in France and then toward the Channel ports and finally into the great Flanders trap gave me a vast picture i fury of Germany s Stukas of the Retreat of the b. E. F., j Dye bombers. I Ranee s Winiy of the Totth and some of heaviest Belgium a defenders. Tanks of the 20-ton Type had in following the French Retreat come town a 8treet run King East feed a stroke of paralysis while along Germany a present South a us we8 i campaigning unsuccessfully for the i front. I was impressed by the several bombs dropped on Sld democratic gubernatorial nomination. Fact that the French had abandoned cannons and munitions As out inned on Page two ageist to organise mount Ca t tons time on the f War but we a disbanded by police in the Vicinity of the British consulate. Tile youths Many of whom had just join plated their examinations in the Early closing of schools formed a procession in the downtown streets. After they were dispersed army troops were stationed at doorways near the consulate Aud the guards at the French Aud British embassies were reinforced. The soldiers were withdrawn from the consulate Iii mid Motu ing. About 2d British mostly members of the embassy a commercial i staff and their families left today for Rome. Fellow country men who bade them Farewell at tile station shouted a Hurrah tor England us the train departed. Rank and file italians admitting privately that the on and off stale of Italy s War preparation was getting on their nerves took the View that a if we re going to fight let s get it Over this comment highlighted clamor for an italian blow for her territorial aspirations stirred Ity fascist writes descriptions of plans of attacks on British and Frt my j Mediterranean territories with i Conquest of the Suez canal As a j main goal perhaps to be followed by a move into the you been listed in 1940 census see Coupon on Page 12

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