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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Good afternoon an Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor magnificent old Home will be levelled 4a tuesday july 30, 1974 what is objectionable in 1974? a Beac Side bout in recent Days with a volume entitled a future Shock coupled with some recent experiences in the matter of changing mores leads us to talk with you today about the subject of obscenity or perhaps More precisely explicitness. Some Days ago the wire services distributed to the Media the accounts of the varying translations of the so called presidential tapes. Where the transcripts As released by president Nixon had frequently shown a a expletive deleted a the House committees versions included More of the exact language used Salty and worse. Following its usual Rule the associated press prefaced each such Story with a warning paragraph to the effect that there might be material which some newspapers might find objectionable. In our own Case we considered each such item and in a couple of particularly explicit Points chose to delete the objectionable word and adopt the presidential a a expletive deleted a As a substitute. A ironically perhaps in the same week our women a news department was publishing a series on a sex and the pre school child which included some examples of language that to say the least would never have seen the Light of a print a decade ago. To have attempted to delete offensive words would have been to destroy the entire meaning of the most perceptive articles. And now we have returned Home after attempting to digest Alvin Toffler a Book which explores Humankind a ability a or maybe inability a to Cope with the fact that the future is coming at us too swiftly to find on the desk a Survey of How other newspapers dealt with the language of the Oval office tapes. The associated press found that nearly 30 per cent of its member newspapers printed All or nearly All of the words without alteration or camouflage. Slightly More than half printed bleeped or blanked versions of the More startling words in the copy while the rest edited out All of the vulgarities and profanity. More important however was the reaction of readers. The Arizona daily Star in Tucson printed All the questionable words and later reported that a in this Day and age when people hear those words in the movies they done to seem to care if they re in the but Down in Shreveport they chose to delete All the objectionable words and the news editor said his paper received no complaint whereas in the past it had heard loud objections when some words appeared in print. The Atlanta Constitution even reported that it got Calls of congratulation for using the text in full. And the Long time Arch conservative Kansas City Star wrestled with the Issue went ahead and printed the full text and heard no objections from its readers. Over in Charlotte one of the television stations has just undergone a letter writers Tongue lashing for its inconsistency. It seems that the station declined to air an episode of a fall in the family because Archie Bunker used a bit of hard profanity but in the same week Unble Shingle carried a lbs a sixty minutes episode about health spas which showed a considerable amount of nudity. The writer declared that he would rather hear someone shouting an ugly word on television than see a a Bunch of Bare breast and backsides invading the privacy of my if he wanted the latter he wrote he could buy a nude Magazine or go to the Many available porno flicks but a i done to need to see it flashing out at me from my television set where my family can be affected by and therein of course lies the family newspapers dilemma. Times Are changing and often More swiftly than the Middle aged mind can readily accept. The evidence from the various newspapers of so Little objection to the transcript language might Lead us to believe that acceptance of things once considered improper is occurring with startling Speed. Our own experience with the a sex and the pre school child a series certainly leads to that conclusion since no word of objection was heard. Where we go from Here will be determined by what our readers think and More often what we think you think. There Are no plans to abandon All concern for propriety. One car too Many in full awareness of the advantages of dramatic effect we Are nevertheless unimpressed by this business of the state Highway patrols running its trooper cars Side by Side to Block out the speeding Motorist. To be entirely practical it simply does no to require two patrol cars to keep the cars and trucks Down to 55. All it takes is one. Does anybody pass a Blue domed car which is moving at the Highway Speed limit if one accepts that logic then the Side by Side plan simply uses two cars two troopers and twice As much fuel to accomplish the same the news Security in the Middle East Compromise is the name of the game in International politics As in life and the players in the Middle East Arentt being very Good sports. The israelis wont talk to the palestinians and the palestinians won t talk to the israelis unless the latter recognize their a National rights to at least part of the jewish state the Arab governments act As if they would like the palestinian problem to go away so they can rebuild their War torn countries. Virtually everyone agrees that there can be no peace in the Middle East until the palestinian problem is solved. Unfortunately none of the proposed solutions is acceptable to All concerned. The proposals include a separate state on the West Bank and in Gaza federation with Jordan creation of an International City in Jerusalem repatriation and establishment of a secular state in Israel and assimilation of the refugees into the Arab countries where they Are now living. Unless those directly involved Are willing to soften their demands and Compromise on Basic issues observers see Little possibility that the Geneva conference on the Middle East scheduled to Convene in october can accomplish much. The participants at the conference Are the United states the soviet Union Egypt Israel Jordan and Syria. The palestinians will not be invited unless All parties agree that they be allowed to attend. The official israeli position on the palestinian liberation organization Plothe Multi of auctioned group which claims to represent both the palestinians inside Israel and the refugees who left hardened after the terrorist raids in May and june. Premiers Yitzhak Rabin told newsmen in Jerusalem on july 15 that his country would not negotiate with any organization that a has As its aim the by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus Brittania the stately mansion which pioneering banker w. J. Armfield built shortly after the turn of the Century when it was fashionable to locate Fine Homes facing the Railroad is to be razed. Generally considered the finest Home in the City with its colourful leaded windows of Bevelled Glass Fine panelling and wainscoting sliding doors and other features not generally incorporated in Homes of that Day it was entered amid towering Oaks in Well Over an acre of ground set off by a Granite Wall on West Broad at Chestnut. It was Complete with barn for his horse and buggy cowshed Chicken lot and he grazed his horse on the vast front lot. Having Ridden the supers Over the weekend we can attest that the current crackdown on speeders is pretty evident. On sunday there were enough Roadside visions of nabbed motorists being interviewed by troopers while a Blue Light oscillated nearby to keep traffic at 55 or barely above. It took no dual duty Riding to effect that fortunate circumstance. The sufficient warning that there is going to be a patrol car at least every to Miles and that speeding citations Are going to be written whenever a violation is spotted Are All that is necessary. Run Down since his death 40 years ago it has been condemned by the City and ordered removed. The families which had occupied the four apartments into which it has been rearranged have now moved out and demolition work is to begin soon. The property was acquired some years ago by Hayworth Roll amp panel company with the View to its use for future parking needs. Brittania was named for mrs. Armfield the former Jennie Britt who was a daughter of a Large landowner of Britt a Landing in Perry county Tennessee. It was appropriate further inasmuch As the Arm Fields forebears were English and had come to this country in 1718. Young Wyatt Armfield had brought his Bride to the parental Home which stands just across deep River at the Edge of High Point where deep River Road divides beyond the Bridge on dec. 20. 1868. Wyatt Armfield in his life Span of 90 years lived in the thick of the Shock troops of american Progress and he liked telling anecdotes of his experiences. He had voted for every . President from Abraham Lincoln to Herbert Hoover and he had been quite an observer of trends of the times. As one of the Early Bankers of North Carolina he had experienced both depressions and booms and he manifested equal contempt for each. He was at Jamestown when the Woolen Mill occupying the site of what is now the City Lake was burned by general George Stoneman and his raiders. He a Quot can t in per amp tank what to Eye be Pera no about. It exec top a the Laing Washington merry go round was one of those who followed Horace Greeley s advice and went West at one time in his life to set up a Nursery distributive business from which he shipped vast quantities of fruit and ornamental Trees sending his staff of salesmen throughout the country from new York to new Orleans and As far West As the Mississippi River. Wyatt Armfield grew to manhood on his fathers farm and into the rough period of the civil War. When Oak Ridge Institute was forced to close because of the War he went into the quartermasters division of the Confederate army and for three years worked in the Jamestown we Olen Mill owned by James Ruffin Mendenhall and Duncan a. Macrae who had contracted to Supply Gray uniforms for soldiers of the confederacy. The Mill was situated near the Junction of the two prongs of deep River now covered by the City Lake and was burned a few Days after Leeds surrender by general Stoneman and his raiders. Armfield and the other workers in the Mill were imprisoned at the Home of Adolphus Stanley. Along with the Mill the Railroad Bridge was burned. Jefferson Davis president of the confederacy and general John h. Reagan of Texas failed to find accommodations there and with their men and horses stopped at the Home of John Hiatt close by Jamestown. While there or. Armfield recalled they took a meal at the Barbee hotel Here. The Veteran banker also remembered another notable event of the Days just after fall of the confederacy. He and a group of Young friends were standing in front of Mendenhall a store in what is now old Jamestown when general John c. Breckenridge Confederate Secretary of War from Kentucky Rode up and inquired if lodging would be obtainable. Miss Minerva Mendenhall reluctantly consented to put up the Man of War for the night on condition that Duncan Macrae. The Young Man who boarded at her House would give up his room for the night. He did. After the War Wyatt Armfield hardly allowed smoke from the battlefields to Clear away before he set out for the West and obtained employment with Freeman and Ballard nurserymen at Knightstown Indiana As a fruit tree agent. He built quite a sales organization and was so successful that he returned Home to marry Jennie Britt and set Forth on a career in banking with a preference for National Banks. In 1876 he helped establish the first National Bank of Guilford county known at the time As the National Bank of Greensboro. In 1886 he and associates organized the first Bank in High Point with himself As president. It was known As the National Bank of High Point and had or. A. J. Sapp As vice president and Charles w. Worth As cashier. Worth went Back to Wilmington in 1888 and was succeeded As cashier by Eugene Armfield just graduated from the University of North Carolina. W. J. Armfield or. Directed the Asheboro Bank almost until his death in 1968 at 93, having merged it meanwhile into the Wachovia system. His son Henry retired last year from the Bank. Three grandchildren continue living Here they being mrs. Lucille Pickens Bruton George Armfield and mrs. Lynwood Smith whose husband is a member of the Asheboro Bank Board As Well As a state senator. Or. Armfield and his sons. Eugene William Frank and Jesse aided Many a budding business Enterprise in and around High Point and their Bank had branches in Asheboro Madison Graham Troy Mocksville and other places. After 20 years it was re chartered in 1906 As the first National Bank and was liquidated two years later paying depositors in full and stockholders 111 per cent. Selling fruit Trees and lending other people Money never took Wyatt Armfield a mind off his father s acres out on deep River. The mansion he built on West Broad Street was a place where he enjoyed happiness with his children and grandchildren he had teaching in universities practising Law and in insurance in the North As Well As in Many other lines of Endeavor. And rarely Ever was the Grandfather bested in an argument Over Points of Law or business with any of his astute grandsons. Mrs. Armfield preceded him in death by 15 years and he died oct. 12, 1933. Ion recreational study buried destruction of at the same time the Plo position seemed to be softening somewhat. The palestinian National Council agreed during its june conference in Cairo to Send representatives to Geneva and meet with the israelis if the a National rights of the palestinians were recognized and discussed at the meeting. And for the first time the Plo indicated it would Settle for a National state comprising the West Bank and Gaza. The organization had previously demanded All of Israel. High ranking american officials have avoided meeting with palestinian leaders choosing instead to Deal with established governments. But state department spokesmen have indicated that this policy is changing and that High level contacts Between the United states and palestinian organization could develop in the next few months. Esther Cohen a journalist who returned recently from a visit to the Mideast underlined the need for palestinian participation in any settlement Washington devises. A the . Hopes both to guarantee the survival of Israel and to placate the Arab states. Neither of these Aims can be achieved without resolving the palestinian Issue a is. Cohen wrote. A to negotiate peace Nixon must negotiate Concrete solutions. He has to find Homes for a nation without them at the same time securing the Homes of the nation that already but both Israel and Jordan which suppressed the palestinian commandos in 1970, feel that their Security would be directly threatened by existence of an Independent palestinian state. And there is no indication that the United states is willing or Able to persuade either country to change its stand by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington one of Interior Secretary Walter Hickels last acts before he was unceremoniously sacked by president Nixon in 1970 was to Lay Down an elaborate blueprint for the nations recreational needs through the year 2000. Unknown to All but a few White House aides Hickel and his predecessor Stewart Udall had spent $7 million to produce the two Inch thick volume. The suppressed report is important to every american whether his favorite recreation is to join the 150 million annual picnickers or the 1.5 million Mountain climbers. In exhaustive detail Hickel and Udall Laid out where future National Parks should be and selected Sites for Federal seashores monuments and forests. Using complicated formulas they estimated the Cost of keeping fish in the streams game in the Woodlands pure Sand on the beaches and the splash of the wild in americans increasingly tamed and polluted Rivers. Extraordinary pains were taken to balance the needs of the poor the handicapped and the aged with those of Ordinary family vacationers. It would Cost a staggering $42 billion the suppressed report estimates to begin to meet the nations future recreational needs. Enormous though this figure May be it is slightly less than what it Cost to run the Vietnam War for two years. The report suggests the Cost should be shared by Federal state and local governments. On july 17, 1970, Hickel submitted the oversized volume to president Nixon with a ringing Appeal that a americans cannot and will not tolerate the continued blight and destruction of their land and Waters. I present to you a offered Hickel a a major step but Hickein a big step like a footprint on the Sands of the sea washed out. The White House crowd took one look at the $42 billion Price tag and quietly pigeonholed the study. In its place the president later issued an 89-Page report distinguished Only by its spectacular color photos and its expensive Glossy paper. This Slick production typical of the Public relations that has characterized the Nixon administration was More impressive in form than substance. Its most memorable feature was the title a a legacy for the Public was never supposed to see the original study that they had paid $7 million to produce. Its offset plates ready for printing were hidden away for four years in a White cardboard Box in an Interior department cubbyhole. But a few weeks ago Senate Interior chairman Henry Jackson d-wash., Learned about the reports existence and won the Interior departments approval to extricate it from its hiding place. He is now preparing to turn the suppressed study Over to the Public Printer for belated publication. In a confidential memo he has charged that the administrations failure to print the report a represents the Retreat from the challenging task which lies ahead of he is making the report available without specifically supporting All its findings so the american people can a intelligently and conscientiously assess the from one of the original numbered copies Here Are highlights from the study a the greatest recreational needs according to the study Are in these areas new York Newark Chicago Philadelphia Camden Washington Baltimore Boston Providence Cleveland Pittsburgh Milwaukee Cincinnati Denver Maine Apolis St. Paul new Orleans and Buffalo. Help for these cities alone would Benefit 96 million people. A the report recommends that the Pentagon give up numerous forts Fields and other facilities totalling thousands of acres to be converted into Public playgrounds. Other Federal land it suggests can also be used for recreation. A the report Calls for reversing the trend toward Urban sprawl. Polluters of water land and air should be prosecuted. Communities should get Federal technical help to zone out ugliness. A private recreation developers should be encouraged with limited subsidies for state and local recreation All under close Federal supervision. A the report states that picnicking and pleasure driving Are the most popular forms of recreation today but predicts that by the year 2000 it will be swimming. The most recreation minded people says the report Are westerners. A the study offers detailed proposals for several major projects for example one project would make it possible for visitors to Washington to travel along the Potomac River As part of their visit. As the report portrays it the a Potomac National River would consist of several thousand acres of some of the finest Scenic landscapes in the East a forests agricultural and pastoral lands shores Bluffs and River islands. It would form an added Green Belt. For harpers ferry Antietam and the a amp of a similar Federal development would take place on the sugar sanded islands off the Florida and Mississippi coasts some of Georgia a sea islands the great Prairie lakes the Virginia Barrier islands and the ten thousand islands of Florida. A other Sites selected for careful development would be the Wrangell mountains of Alaska Kauai National Park in Hawaii the voyageurs Parks in Minnesota the Channel islands of California Buffalo River ii the ozarks Fossil Butte ii Wyoming Plymouth Rock i Massachusetts and a Gian Gateway Park to serve Nev York and new Jersey desert lands such As the great Basin the Mohave the Sonoran and the Chihuahua would be protected Fror commercial encroachment. Present Federal efforts the report finds Are a a fragment de and eve though a half billion acres o Public land Are now used of recreation the study con tends it is poorly administered by eight federa agencies and countless unconnected state units. Footnote an administration spokesman said the presidents report a a a legacy for America a reflected the current ugh budget and was the bes report possible a under pre sent world a 1974 by Nea. Inc i 3ft. A All right ill Cut out Tho dumb jumbo. Tho reason we can t give you Bank credit is because you re Only a woman Quot

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