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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warm More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 210 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821719 High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon july 30, 1974 18 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c 22 j 6 vote predicted second charge voted third article debated things looking up or coming Down new yorkers display a variety of double takes left As they watch Harry g. Haskell jr., 53-year-old president of new York s Abercrombie and Fitch climb Down the Side of the 12-Story building of the sporting Good establishment. Haskell in keeping with by John Beckler associated press writer Washington a with two Broad impeachment articles already approved the House judiciary committee edged toward adoption today of a separate charge tied to president Nixon a refusal to comply with committee subpoenas. The third article of impeachment a and the first proposed by a Republican a was Laid before the panel by its second ranking cop member. Rep. Robert Mcclory of Illinois. Debate and a Roll Call vote on an amendment prior to a midday recess indicated approval of the Mcclory article was virtually certain although by a smaller margin than on the first two articles. The committee adopted 28 to to late monday a sweeping five part second article accusing Nixon of misuse of Federal agencies. The first article charging obstruction of Justice in the store policy was testing some watergate cover up was Mountain climbing equipment before it approved 27 toll saturday goes on Sale in the store. The crowds m8ht. That gathered to watch Haskell s Vigil were relieved when he reached the ground before he came to the end of his rope. A wire photo Senate takes first Steps toward trial by John Chadwick associated press writer Washington map the Senate has taken its first step toward a possible impeachment trial of president Nixon by asking the rules committee to review procedure and precedents and recommend necessary revisions. Chairman Howard w. Cannon. D-nev., said the committee will begin work in closed session wednesday. Quot we will examine very carefully the rules followed in the Johnson he said referring to the impeachment trial of president Andrew Johnson More than too years ago. Johnson was the Only president brought to trial in the Senate. The vote in his Case was one Short of the two thirds majority required for conviction and removal from office. Cannon said in an interview that he already has been studying the rules and the precedents and does not think Many changes will be denies any guilt necessary if Nixon is brought to trial. However he said he will invite All senators to review the rules and submit any suggested revisions to his committee. A Resolution adopted by the Senate monday directed the committee to Complete its review and make its recommendations by sept. I. The Resolution was introduced by majority Leader Mike Mansfield a Mont. And minority Leader Hugh Scott. R-pa., after they met for nearly two hours to discuss Steps to prepare for a Senate trial. Mansfield and Scott said they Felt they had no Choice but to begin making plans in View of the House judiciary committees recommendation that Nixon be impeached. However they said they were not passing judgment on whether the House will vote to impeach the president. They said they will a introduce another Resolution. Also to be referred to the rules committee dealing with the televising of any Senate trial. Mansfield favors television coverage under Quot very strict rules Quot limiting pictures to the Well of the chamber where trial proceedings would take place. Cannon said he has mixed emotions about live television and radio coverage of proceedings in the Senate chamber both now prohibited by Senate rules. Scott a member of the rules committee said he personally is not opposed to television coverage and thinks Mansfield a View will prevail. Cannon said his committee will Deal Only with procedural matters and not such questions As How much time the president should have to prepare an impeachment defense whether a Senate trial can carry Over to the next Congress and what evidence the Senate should seek. anally will fight charges by Brooks Jackson associated press writer Washington a John b. Connally indicted tor bribery perjury and conspiracy. Denies any guilt and says he will fight the charges. The former Treasury Secretary was indicted monday by a watergate grand jury accused of taking two $5,000 bribes from milk producers and then conspiring to cover up the pay ment with perjured testimony. Quot i deny again that i am guilty of any wrongdoing and i am confident that i will be completely vindicated of these charges Quot Connally said in a statement issued through his Houston Law office. Quot for months there have been leaks rumours and speculation. The matter is now in the open where it can be dealt with honestly and monday night Connally told the Dallas morning news that he was a heartsick Quot Over the indictment. A a we re going to keep lighting it Quot he said. A a we re going to use every resource and we re going to win it. We Are not giving Connally said he was t surprised by the grand jury action but he said he had kept thinking that it might not occur. Quot in a saddened of course a the three time Texas governor said. Quot i be been engaged in Many campaigns tor Many years and there have never been any whispers or suspicions about my activities Quot Connally is the fourth former member of president Nixon s Cabinet to be charged with a crime. He has hired noted criminal lawyer Edward Bennett Williams to run his defense. The grand jury accused Connally of two counts of bribery one count of conspiracy to obstruct Justice and two counts of perjury. He faces a maximum of 19 years in jail and $50,000 in fines if convicted on All counts. The grand jury accused Connally of taking two $5,000 payments from his Friend Jake Jacobsen a Texas see Connally on 2a come to haunt the Nixon White House time and again Mcclory asserted that Quot the prime example of stonewalling is right Mcclory predicted adoption by a 22-16 margin of the third article. In a bid to Speed up proceedings the panel agreed to a two hour limit for general debate on the proposal. Other proposed articles on Nixon s personal finances and on the secret bombing of Cambodia were to be introduced later. Committee members were not sure it they could finish their deliberations by tonight. The committee climaxed a 12-hour session monday night by approving. 28 to to. An article charging Nixon with violating his oath of office and his constitutional duties. Mcclory predicted in Advance of debate that his proposed third article would be approved 22 to 16. Quot Congress itself is pitted against the he said in defense of his proposal. He said executive privilege Quot has no place in an impeachment Mcclory s swing to the pro impeachment Side monday in the abuse of Power debate produced the most one sided substantive vote of the Public deliberations. Seven republicans joined the 21 committee democrats in support of the article which Many of them judged to be stronger than the obstruction of Justice article approved saturday. 27-11. Quot just As a consistent abuse of Power holds More danger for the Republic than a single criminal act. So is this a far More serious charge than in the article already adopted Quot said rep. Lawrence j. Hogan. Reda leading supporter of article ii rep. Robert f. Daman. D listens to tapes Nixon will claim privileged material Mcclory a article declares that Nixon Quot failed without lawful cause or excuse Quot to produce the evidence including tapes of 147 conversations sought by the panel in eight subpoenas issued during april May and june. Une of Nixon a chief defenders rep. Charles Sandman r-n.j., acknowledged during debate that the third article was heading for passage. The panel quickly passed today 24 to 14 an amendment offered by Democrat Ray Thornton of Arkansas aimed at making Clear that the Mcclory article is not intended to infringe upon legitimate claims of executive privilege by presidents. Rep. John f. Seiberling. A Ohio noted a we Are not seeking Broad authority to obtain White House material but Are limiting ourselves to an impeachment Mcclory agreed but stressed that the Issue of privilege Quot has no place in an impeachment two democrats opposed Thornton s amendment because they thought it weakened the article a third is opposed to the entire concept of a subpoena article. Six republicans approved the Thornton amendment two of them apparently because they saw it As softening the charge rather than because of Over All support for the article. Invoking a phrase that has Washington apr a White House spokesman said today president Nixon will claim that portions of 20 watergate tapes being surrendered today to . District judge John j. Sirica should not be passed on to special prosecutor Leon Jaworski. Deputy press Secretary Gerald l. Warren said Nixon spent much of the morning personally listening to tapes in the Lincoln sitting room at the White House. Warren said the president has determined that he will file claims that Jaworski should be denied parts of the tapes on grounds of National Security or executive privilege. Warren said a there will be a few Quot such instances but added. Quot i am not prepared to discuss what these May under terms of an 8-0 supreme court ruling last wednesday Sirica eventually is to receive tapes and memoranda covering 64 presidential conversations then screen them for material he deems relevant for Jaworski a purposes. The special prosecutor subpoenaed the tapes for use As evidence in the sept. 9 trial of six former White House and Nixon re election Campaign aides charged in connection with the watergate cover up. Hen a questioner raised a possibility that some of the tapes might contain gaps Warren said Quot i m not saying there Are gaps on these however he said he would remind newsmen of what he termed Quot the rather primitive nature of the taping system Quot Nixon installed and has since dismantled. It is the White House aim. Warren said to make All the subpoenaed tapes and materials Quot available As soon As responding to questions dealing with impeachment proceedings. Warren said Nixon s Quot Confidence is firm Quot that the House will vote against requiring him to stand trial before the Senate. Warren also was asked about a published report that some House republicans Are discussing the possibility of urging Nixon to demand a prompt pro forma impeachment vote in the House and see Nixon on 2a computers replacing supermarket checkers John Connally in Houston monday talked with newsmen in his Home a wire photo new York a those funny Little lines on cans of peas soup and other grocery items Are the signal for a new marketing technique that store of vials claim will save Money and time for shoppers and the Industry. Consumers Aren t sure How Well it will work. Supermarkets Are just starting to try the system on a limited basis. It s called the Universal product code and involves the use of a scanner and computer designed to Speed things up at the checkout counter and Cut Down on human errors. The Marsh store at the Sherwood shopping Center in Troy Ohio has been using the code system since june 28 and spokesman Steve Overmyer said monday that initial reaction had been a just he conceded that there were a a few Little bugs Here and there but nothing like the problems we some 1,700 manufacturers with annual grocery sales of $69 billion Are planning to implement the system. They re members of a Trade association called the uniform grocery product code Council. Here s How the system works the different sized lines Are imprinted on a can or Box by the manufacturer. A spokesman for distribution codes inc. Of Washington d.c., which developed the system explained that the lines really Are called a Quot machine readable Symbol linear bar Type some of the lines stand for the name of the manufacturer and the Type of product. The rest represent the Price. It s up to the individual supermarket to set the Price by feeding information into a computer. It might Tell the computer that a specific combination of lines Means 29 cents for example. Of an item is not marked with the code either because the manufacturer has not imprinted it or because the product is something like meat that varies in Price according to weight the store can stamp on its own Symbol with an inshore Printer. The customer takes the product to the checkout counter where it passes by an electronic scanner which Quot reads Quot the lines and asks the computer what the Price r what s inside amusements10b classified ads.6-9b comics8a crossword.6b editorials4a financial2a obituaries.2b sports3-5b television .7a women a news .6-7a weather.3a is. The computer s reply hashes up on a screen and is noted on the Cash Register. Shoppers still will get a supermarket tape including not Only the Price but the name of each item represented by what s known As a 12-character Alpha description. That Means the description of the product can to be More than 12 letters. Consumer opposition stems i rom Industry plans to ultimately eliminate Price tags on individual items entirely. The Price would be posted on the shelf above or below an item but would t be stamped on the product itself. Shoppers say such a system would t work. They Point out that in cities where unit pricing is in effects requiring stores to Post the Price of an item per Pound or other Standard unit the Shell signs often get mixed up Are out of Date or Aren t big enough. Mass., called the committee s action a a Victory for Justice Quot and said history May compare it to the Challenge of the English Barons that led to the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, a Milestone in the growth of political Liberty in England. President Nixon a supporters on the panel viewed the proceedings darkly. Quot i m deeply concerned for the future of the said rep. Delbert l. Latta. A Ohio. Rep. Charles e. Wiggins. R-calif., said the committee was taking a step toward parliamentary government by Basing impeachment on so vague a charge As abuse of presidential Power. But the democrats and republicans supporting the article said the offences charged against Nixon were so serious they threatened the Freedom of the american people. Article la is based on the oath a president takes to faithfully execute his office and to preserve protect and defend the Constitution and on the duty the Constitution imposes on him to see that the Laws Are faithfully executed. It charges Nixon with violating both his oath and his constitutional duties by misusing the internal Revenue service authorizing illegal wiretaps establishing a secret investigative unit in the w Hite House that engaged in unlawful activities and interfering with investigations of the watergate break in and cover up. Quot we came perilously close to losing our Basic freedoms Quot said rep. Paul s. Sarbanes d-md., in a final see second on 2a Chrysler profits plummet by Owen Ullmann associated press writer Detroit apr Chrysler corp. Has joined general motors in blaming inflation tor a Sharp Tumble in profits tor the first half of 1974. Chrysler reported on monday that the firm s first half profits were off 85 per cent from the first six months of 1973. Chairman Lynn Townsend attributed the drop to a sales decline and Cost increases a resulting from general inflation and shortages of Basic materials Quot which he said makes it increasingly difficult to earn an adequate profit. General motors last Friday blamed inflation for a Sharp first half earnings decline of 73 per cent from the previous year. Ford is expected to release its first half earnings report on wednesday. Mama Cass Dies cause is Uncertain by Ronald Thomson associated press writer London a Britain Stop pathologist said after an autopsy today that further tests would be needed to determine How Quot mama Quot Cass Elliot the Sweet voiced 238-Pound pop Singer died. Prof. Keith Simpson gave no details of his examination but said the Singer did not appear to have died from natural causes. He did not elaborate. Police said an inquest will be held at Westminster Coroner s court wednesday. Simpsons statement came Only hours after the singers doctor Anthony Greenburg told newsmen a i think the postmortem will probably show that she died As a result of choking on a Sandwich while lying in bed and inhaling her own vomit. Quot she was a very big lady and i could not Rule out the possibility of a heart Dot Macleod the Singer s Secretary said she found the 33-year-old Star s body monday afternoon slightly propped up in her double bed in the six room apartment she was occupying during engagements in Britain. The television set was on and a Ham Sandwich and a soft drink were beside her Pillow miss Macleod said. A she had been dead for a considerable time before her body was found Quot or Green Burg said. The Singer tame in the who Rose to 1960s As the leading mama of the mamas and the Papas completed a two week engagement at the palladium saturday night. She was preparing to Start a tour of Britain. This last week was the happiest i have Ever seen her. A said her manager Allan Carr a she told me Atter she had received a standing ovation at the palladium 1 feel that i have Given the Best of myself 23 times but i have never Felt better about anything i have Ever done a or. Greenburg said she had been dieting and had a been see mama Cass on 7a t

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