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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 31, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warm More data on Page 3a 90th year no. 211 thu High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. wednesday afternoon july 31, 1974 76 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily my sunday 25c panel ends inquiry three part impeachment proposal goes to House by John Beckler associated press writer Washington apr proclaiming that president Nixon a warrants impeachment and trial and removal from office a the House judiciary committee has ended its historic inquiry with a three part Resolution to be sent to the House. In it the committee recommends Nixon s impeachment tor obstructing Justice mis use of his Powers and failing to obey its committee subpoenas for evidence. Debate in the House will begin in about two weeks. The three articles would redefine and limit the Power of the executive. They Are the first to be sent to the House floor since president Andrew Johnson s impeachment during the civil War reconstruction period More than a Century ago. The third impeachment article relating to the subpoenas was approved tuesday by a narrow 21-17 vote. The three articles of impeachment charge Nixon with a High crimes and misdemeanours a by a obstructing Justice in covering up the watergate affair the break in of democratic National Headquarters june 17, 1972, once described by a White House Ravenel upsets Dom in Runoff by Bob Wood associated press writer Columbia s. C. A Charles a a pug Ravenel son of a Charleston Sheet Metal worker who used his athletic ability a scholarship and four Par time jobs to get a degree from Harvard upset Veteran congressman w. J. Bryan Dom tuesday to win South Carolinas democratic gubernatorial nomination. Ravenel making his first bid for political office and considered an underdog from the Start swept the metropolitan areas of Columbia Charleston and Greenville and held his own in the farm country to come from obscurity to prominence in just three months. It was tradition against change the old against the new. And change and the new were victors. Ravenel who used a television Blitz and a 15-hour-a-Day handshaking tour from the big cities to the smallest crossroad Community welded an unusual political coalition of Blacks the Young voters and Urban dwellers to snuff out Dom in this Runoff election. The 36-year-old Ravenel who returned to his native state Only two years ago after almost a decade As a Wall Street financier repeatedly told voters look not at what has been done in the past but what can be done in the with 1,625 of 1,632 precincts reporting the vote was Ravenel 181,179, Dom 151.547. That was 54 per cent to Ravenel and 45 per cent to Dom. Ravenel who led his Bishop England High school football team to an undefeated season in his senior year and later became a Star quarterback at Harvard said he believed Quot from the very beginning we could win i made some errors while learning but with my Wile Molly we did he once told the associated press. Quot i m the Luckiest son of a gun in the Ravenel led the ticket in the july 16 first primary but tailed to get the necessary majority in the seven candidate Field. Dom 58, who has represented the textile and farm lands of the 3rd congressional District for 26 years finished a close second. This time around Ravenel took an Early Lead and was never in trouble. A Check of the voting patterns showed Ravenel running tar ahead in the Black precincts the voting areas near College and University campuses and the metropolitan sections including the Middle and upper Middle class suburbs. Ravenel now a Charleston investment banker will face Republican gubernatorial nominee James b. Edwards a Charleston Oral surgeon and Independent party candidate Peggy Jennings a West Columbia housewife in the november general election. Spokesman As just a a abusing his Powers through misuse of Federal agents and agencies to violate constitutional rights of citizens by wiretapping income tax audits and other activities. A refusing to comply with committee subpoenas for 147 tape recorded conversations and other material sought As evidence by the inquiry. Before the committee concluded its inquiry it rejected As impeachable offences proved articles recommending impeachment for concealing the bombing of Cambodia from Congress and perpetrating tax fraud by under paying his income taxes. Both were Defeated 26-12. The committee s recommendations first must face the formality of passing through the House rules committee before making their Way to the House floor. A majority vote is needed in the House to impeach the president. The Senate then would conduct a trial in which a two thirds majority would be needed to convict and remove Nixon from office. The House committee s proceedings ended with a rap from the Gavel of chairman Peter w. Rodino or. And his ruling that a this concludes see three part on 2a Rodino chats with newsmen after panel adjourns a wire photo Ravenel raises kist in Victory a wire photo debate to touch t future presidents an a news analysis by Don Mcleod associated press writer Washington a in its Wordy Windup the House judiciary committee got in some debate that will affect the kind of impeachment Case it takes to the House floor and possibly the Senate and May touch other presidents far into the future. The committee considered three articles of impeachment tuesday and adopted Only one an item recommending that president Nixon be impeached for refusing to turn Over evidence it has subpoenaed although it passed by Only a 21-17 margin and faces rough going in the House the subpoena article involves probably the most important constitutional Issue of the impeachment controversy. However it turns out on the Hoof or in a Senate trial the subpoena question ultimately will write new constitutional Law that will Tell presidents just How valid the doctrine of executive privilege is in resisting impeachment. But two other articles cambodian bombing and the president s income taxes probably Are just As important for the fact that they did t pass. Although both items were debated at length they were Defeated with solid Republican opposition and considerable democratic detection. Proponents of the articles seeking impeachment for secret 1969 bombing in Cambodia and the president s underpayment of income taxes by More than $400,000 Over the past four years knew they would lose before they started but they pressed on tor tactical reason the tax question particularly debated in prime television time allowed impeachment forces to fully explore one of the subjects shown by the polls to be most sensitive to the american people. It it did not pass it was nonetheless expected to make the viewing audience just a Little More susceptible to impeachment lever. But Cambodia and taxes and to a degree subpoenas served another important function allowing committee members who have been against the president on key votes since last wednesday to vote tor him in a situation where it matter less. This appearance of fairness of voting according to the Issue and not a Blanket i be debate on 2 a Preyer leans toward vote to impeach new York a saying southerners generally thought it unpatriotic to find fault with the president rep. L. Richardson Preyer of North Carolina implied today that he might vote for impeaching president Nixon. A i suspect in the Long run that tradition of Church and respect for the Law May prevail Over respect for the presidency a he said. Preyer was interviewed on Abc to s a today asked whether he would vote for impeachment the congressman replied a i think this is a time we should be leaning one Way and not be he stressed the necessity to remain objective. A i think people in Congress Are making up their own mind on this Quot Preyer added. A people from the South. I think particularly Are having difficulty on this because the South approached the whole subject of impeachment More in sorrow than in while the South has a Strong tradition of patriotism and religion he said a there Are some things we think you should t do. And the president s done a lot of them a Wallace s Aid said requested Birmingham Ala. Apr in this morning s editions the Birmingham Post heralds Washington correspondent quoted a source close to the White House Quot saying president Nixon asked Alabama gov. George c. Wallace and sen Jim Allen d-Ala., to urge Hep. Walter plowers d-Ala., to vote against impeachment. According to the paper the source said Nixon made the request last week in an apparent last ditch Effort to Sway House judiciary committee votes. Allen the Post Herald said declined to confirm it he was called by anyone at the White House and Wallace would not confirm the report. The paper quoted Wallace As saying a for the record. If anyone Calls me if anybody is thinking about calling me or anybody has called me i think it would be improper tor me to talk to Flowers has voted for two impeachment measures. Flowers was reportedly surprised when he received the information. The Tuscaloosa Democrat said neither Allen nor Wallace had contacted him on the matter. Ehrlichman Given 20 months in jail John d. Ehrlichman by Mike Shanahan associated press writer Washington a former presidential assistant John d. Ehrlichman was sentenced to a minimum 20 months in prison today on his conviction for conspiracy and perjury in the Ellsberg break in Case. . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell set 20-month to five year sentences to run concurrently for each of the three criminals counts for which Ehrlichman was convicted g. Gordon Liddy a member of the White House plumbers unit which carried off the break in. Was Given a one to three year sentence but it is to run parallel with other sentences handed Liddy in the original watergate break Mcase. Thus it does not add any time to what Liddy already had to serve Gesell said two other convicted members of the plumbers group Miami ans Bernard l. Barker and Eugenio k. Martinez a were duped by High government officials and gave them suspended sentences. Ehrlichman until april 30. 1973, one of the closest members of president Nixon sinner Circle stood before Gesell just before sentencing and said quietly a your Honor i believe i am the Only one in this courtroom who really knows Public impeachment debate is proposed Washington a Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield is proposing a Complete overhaul of the Senate s impeachment trial rules including new standards of evidence and opening the debate among the senators to the Public and television. Mansfield s proposals contained in an 18-Page Resolution that goes before the Senate rules and administration committee today would provide that All proceedings in a possible impeachment trial of president Nixon would take place in Public a unless the Senate itself votes to close them. Under current rules examination of witnesses production of evidence statements by lawyers and voting would take place in Public while debates by senators preceding a final vote would take place behind closed doors. A if the present rules obtain Quot sen. Robert c. Byrd d w. Va., said in an interview a you will not hear senators debating they will be silting As jurors a a Byrd and Mansfield Are the sponsors of a Resolution that would permit radio and television coverage of the trial. The Senate s impeachment trial rules were adopted in 1868 tor the trial of president Andrew Johnson. This week s House judiciary committee recommendation of impeachment against president Nixon is the first directed at an american president since then. Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott said he agrees with some of the proposed rules changes but disagreed with others. Meanwhile the House s two top democrats said the House impeachment debate probably would be open to live broadcast coverage. Speaker Carl Albert saying he still thinks the House judiciary committee must be consulted and its wishes considered told newsmen a my own belief is that it will be televised a majority Leader Thomas p. Of Neill jr., d-mass., who had said that broadcast would be unwise said. A it looks he said he is not unalterably opposed to such a proposal. Shortly before Bvrd and democratic Leader Mike Mansfield introduced the Resolution tuesday a leading Senate Republican predicted a a Strong majority Quot of the Senate would support broadcast coverage sen. John g. Tower r-tex., chairman of the Gap policy committee said he now expects the Senate to conduct a trial. A the movement is in that he said adding a the Momen _ turn can la hot c i ski rep i asked about White House a Illume assessments that the House 2n t pea Quot a xon a hot bridge.3d Texas Republican said Quot it classified ads.s-11d Hals Eser ? Quot a Quot a comics 4, is a singularly unenlightened crossword.3d one editorials.4a the Byrd Mansfield financial.2a Resolution is broadly drawn obituaries.2d without any specifics on the sports.1-6 tuna 0j broadcast coverage television .5d that would be permitted or women s news.1-9b the limitations that would be weather .3a placed on it. Whether i am guilty or not guilty. I am innocent of each and every one of those answering brie by. Gesell called the break in at the office of Daniel Ellsberg s psychiatrist one of the most a shameful episodes in american Gesell said that among the defendants Ehrlichman had violated the High Public Trust that went with his position in the White House. Ehrlichman told an Impromptu news conference outside of the courthouse that Justice will be Lound and done and that i will ultimately be exonerated and vindicated Ehrlichman repeated the defences he attempted to raise at the trial and again charged that judge Gesell had erred in not allowing him to present them allo the jury. All people who Are in government Are constantly required to balance the interests of an individual against the larger interest of the country As a whole the. Tonner w Lute House Otticia said. A there was a balance of that kind involved in this Ehrlichman said and contended that Gesell should have allowed him to plead National Security interests were involved in the plumbers operation. Ehrlichman 49, a highly successful Seattle zoning lawyer who joined the 1968 Nixon presidential Campaign. Could have received a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and tines of $30,000. Ehrlichman plans an Appeal and Gesell treed him on his own recognizance All except Liddy have been tree since their convictions by a jury of six men and six women that deliberated tor live hours before deciding on a verdict july 12 Liddy was sentenced March 23. 1973, to 6 years 8 months to 20 years alter being convicted on six counts of conspiracy burglary and wiretapping in the watergate break in he also received an additional sentence tor refusing to testily before the grand jury the term to run the Ute of the jury which is scheduled to expire 4. He is in the . Jail. Impeachment what next by Dick Barnes associated press writer Washington apr impeachment proceedings move now to staff offices and closed committee rooms for a new marshalling of forces for and against president Nixon. The staff of the House judiciary committee armed with three articles of impeachment recommended by the panel has the first task. Member Likely would be the earliest. The House rules committee next week will set precise grounds rules for an anticipated two weeks of House debate. The House leadership is thinking in terms of too hours of debate daily sessions from to a m to 6 p.m., and a time Span of aug 12 to 26. The Senate which would be the jury for a trial of Nixon if the House votes to impeach him on any of the three articles. It must prepare a report for the full House that will cite the already is starting its tentative planning evidence backing up charges voted by the committee after chief Justice Warren e. Burger would preside at the trial More than six months of investigation. But the Senate would set the rules for matters ranging from the raw material of the report lies in More than 7,000 pages admissibility of evidence to overruling of the presiding offi of information and exhibits and additional hundreds of pages cer. Of testimony accumulated by the impeachment inquiry. Chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., d-n.j., said tuesday night As Public hearings concluded that the staff report would be ready tuesday. Members who disagree with committee recommendations can include their dissenting views in the report. Just when the report will be made Public has not been stated. By the Start of House debate would be the latest a few moments after getting into the hands of a leak minded the Senate is not expected to set its procedures firmly until the House takes its final votes the full House and the judiciary committee gave permission for broadcast of the six Days of judiciary panel debate. After Early reticence indications now Are that the House will permit broadcast of its impeachment debate. Final decisions with precise Media operating rules have not been set by either the House or Senate

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