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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina I % a High Point Enterprise Friday july 26, 1974 your family decorator freeze Corn for Winter us one color rooms add interest by Aileen Claire Nea food editor fresh Corn buffs can have their Corn and eat it too. Take advantage of lower prices for fresh local Corn this summer by freezing Corn for a multitude of cooking uses during Winter months. An important tip to remember is to Sprinkle blanched chilled ears of Corn on All sides with a flavor enhancer such As Mon sodium glutamate. This helps retain the original fresh flavor of Corn and works for other fresh vegetables you want to freeze too. Done to make this a big project. If you have More Corn than you need for a meal freeze the remainder in Small quantities for later use. Freezing Corn freeze ears of Corn As soon As possible after purchasing or picking them from the Garden. Work quickly. Have All equipment assembled and ready before beginning. Blanching blanching or scalding is necessary for the highest Quality Frozen product. It helps retain flavor texture vitamins and color. Have a Large Kettle half filled with water. Heat to a full rolling boil. While water is heating remove husks and Silks from Corn. Trim ends. Place Corn in a wire Basket if available and add to rapidly boiling water. Cover and begin timing immediately. Allow 4v minutes for Corn that is to be Cut off the cob. Allow 8 retain fresh flavor flavor enhancer helps retain the zest of Frozen fresh Corn. The Economy minded housewife can get the most from her minutes for Small or medium whole ears and la minutes for Large whole ears. Then remove Corn from water and chill quickly. Chilling Quick chilling is important to Stop the cooking process. Fill a Large pan or sink with water and ice cubes. If you have a wire Basket remove it from the boiling water and plunge it with the Corn into the ice water. Or remove ears of Corn with tongs and place in ice water. Chill for by Carleton Varney a room does no to have to be multicoloured to be colourful you know. In mall for the one color room. An All yellow room an All Green room an All Pink room a i often go the one color Way in my decorating. When a client wants a one color room i say Why not Why not have your favorite color and lots of it in be even had clients who were so hooked on a color they did a whole House in their pet Shade a with Beautiful results. My one color room is my bedroom. Its shades of yellow from top to Bottom. The spice of variety is in the touches of Pink and White in the sunny yellow print in be used everywhere a on a French love seat on the canopy bed at the windows. When doing a one color room you must introduce variety in some Way. You might use a mix of antique and modern furniture to spark up your one color scheme. Or you might vary textures for Eye Appeal stipple texture Walls shaggy carpet Glossy smooth lacquer for furniture and a mix of nubby and satiny fabrics for upholstery would certainly do the trick. Or you can add punch to your about As Long As the Corn was one color decor with a blend blanched. Of pattern a use Floral packing or freezing stripes and geometries All in Corn on cob place com on your Basic color. Cotton. That a a one color room that a plenty colourful believe me dear family decorator a your living room is papered and carpeted in tan. And Here i am with a Gold and Black sofa and a Brown leather chair How can i make this room pretty with draperies and accents a mrs. H. L. W. Dear mrs. H. L. A add a spark of vivid chinese red to your decor. For draperies How about a bold print of White Black Brown and chinese red. Make sure there slots of White in the print. For end tables choose Parsons Type tables of red lacquer. Top tables with brass lamps with White silk shades. Perk up your sofa with toss pillows of chinese red Linen. And on one of those tan Walls above a console table hang a Mirror framed in Bright red. Mirrors Are great room brighteners you know. Dear family decorator a a i am a 16 year old girl and i want to redo my room. Walls Are Lime Green with White Woodwork. The carpet is Green shag. My furniture is antique White colonial with Green inserts. What colors would you suggest for curtains quilt and dust ruffle a miss a. B. Dear miss a. A Sheet decorating is for you for your quilt select one of the Many attractive Patchwork quilt patterns on the Market. One in greens and pinks would be my Choice. Use Matching sheets and pillowcases for an ensemble look. For dust ruffle and curtains use a contrasting Sheet pattern a a Gingham in Pink and White would be pretty. And done to forget to make some pretty Pink and White Gingham toss pillows trimmed in White eyelet for your bed. Guilford optical co. A free parking a enter from main St. Next to building 654 Telephone North Mains \ 885-2647 serving this area since 1947. Large selection of latest fashions in frames let us fill your next prescription for glasses. Four registered opticians to serve you Jack Southerland Hoyt Wilson Quot Aubrey Bowman 12,24 Garland Pugh food Dollar by buying fresh Corn while it is in Good Supply at the Market and freezing it for Winter. Women s lib movement is invading comic books by Mark Finston new York was a the women portrayed in comic books Are acting less Uke simple minded morons a and there seven some evidence they re getting uglier just like their male counterparts. A a in former years the most action you could expect out of Lois Lane would be for her to bump her typewriter hard a says Jeanie Thomas one of the few freelance female writers for comic books. A but the Day is coming when both men and women will do heroic deeds. In the past comic Book women were the a a Ideal woman a sugary supportive and in the background. Now there Are major female characters who Are stronger More in control of their own Irene Vartanoff an assistant editor of Marvel comics agrees a a ten years ago villains would get away from a hero Type woman character because her makeup was wrong or she got a run in her tights. Now woman heroes Are treated More like men heroes they have choices other than marriage or the perhaps the Best known of the handful of women in the business is Marie Severin. An artist for Marvel comics and others. A in the �?T40s and �?T50s the usual heroine was Simpy a she got weak and the Knees at the handsome Ness of the hero no matter How capable she was in other matters a says miss Severin. A but men were never Simpy at the sight of Beautiful women. The Only exceptions to that were the sons of villains. A today it s More realistic. Women get sore at their husbands and the girl friends of the super heroes Tell them off. Some comic Book women now Are even bullies a Phil seuling knows a great Deal about comic Book women past present and future. A 40-year-old High school English teacher in Brooklyn seuling deals in used comics and organizes comic Book conventions for tans. A in the past women in comics were either voluptuous fantasies a Beautiful cardboard cutouts who made noise like women a or silly simpering Home bodies who depended entirely on men a Superman save me a a says seuling. Today there s too much consciousness raising for comic books to ignore. Now women have responsible positions a commissioner of this and that. Women in traditional roles Are now performing heroic deeds a a schoolteacher saving a child from going the wrong Way. Even Lois Lane is More sueling has found that the former voluptuous Ity has shifted to sensuousness. A ten years ago the girls even wore form fitting Armor a can you imagine it a says seuling a now girls Are dressed More modestly. Gracefulness is More accented than features like the breast or the sensuousness shift Hasni to seemed yet to infiltrate comics dealing with horror or the occult. A the female Corpse has been drawn to excess a says Jeanie Thomas who finds the horror occult magazines Laden with a tremendous amount of murdered women in provocative prone leaving the Corpse comic aside most of the women in the business seem to be pleased at the evolution of costumes. A costumes Are becoming More functional a says is. Thomas. A wonder woman was forced to change from a mini skirt to pants. How can you Wear a mini skirt while performing heroic feats. And How can you draw a mini skirt to look flattering during those feats a what of the future a in to years women wont be Simpy at All a predicts miss Severin. A a they la run for senator be Heads of firms. You might even begin to have ugly ladies with super Powers. You now have ugly men with super Powers a some of them Are Gross a says Phil seuling a even in to years women wont be shown in depth. But neither will men. In comics you re talking about a simplified View of the world. A but you la have More women in the background a like Man and woman police teams. The front of the Story will still be men though because boys read practically everyone agrees that the future of women in comic books depends almost entirely on who buys comic books. And most comic books Are presently purchased by Little boys. Cobs in a single layer on a tray or baking Sheet. Sprinkle All sides with v4 Teaspoon mag for each four ears. Freeze. Then wrap in Freezer paper or heavy plastic bags and store in Freezer. Whole Kernel Corn to Cut kernels from Doh stand Corncob upright in shallow baking dish or Large pie plate and Cut Down with Sharp knife. Cut of about a Kernel then scrape off the rest with the of knife. Add v4 Teaspoon flavor enhancer to each 2 cups of Corn kernels and spoon into plastic bags or 1-pint Freezer jars or containers. Seal and place in single layer in Freezer to freeze quickly a Hen stack for storage. To Cook Frozen Corn thaw Corn on the cob partially or completely then Cook in boiling water for 3 to 6 minutes. Sprinkle with additional flavor enhancer and serve immediately with butter or Margarine and Salt. To Cook Frozen whole Kernel com place in Saucepan and add i to 2 Tablespoon water and i to 2 Tablespoons butter or Margarine. Cook Over moderately Low heat stirring occasionally until Corn is thawed and heated. Add v4 Teaspoon flavor enhancer and Salt and Pepper to taste. The use of Salt for preserving pork was a Well established practice by 200 b.c., thanks to the writings of Pliny and Cato. Notice annual Oakview Community service stockholders meeting a a at 1013 skeet club re. 7 30 . August 2 a a in an All Apple Green room in a decorating i am using All these tricks to get the look of variety i want. Walls in the Little girls room Are Apple Green and White Stripe variegated Stripe effect Wal covering. The Wall to Wall carpet is a solid Apple Green ribbed a a Corduroy texture. The headboard is antique Iron painted Apple Green. It blends beautifully with the Glass and Chrome writing table the White Wicker desk chair and the Apple Green folded plastic night table. For pattern i went Floral. The Bedspread a skirted dressing table and window curtains Are All a pretty Green and White flowered Flowers for All occasions High Points leading Florist Grace Flower shop no a la is wit wind its and onto mar silts 1529 Horth Mair St. Children s shoe Sills gives individual attention babies feet Are As individual As their smiles each needs a very particular first walking shoe. That a Why we carry so Many different first stride rites Why our fitters Are so carefully trained. To give your baby the style right for foot size and height weight and age open fridays til 9 . Closed mondays stride Ritof 17 a i fresh Flowers for All occasions. Plants. Gardens. A tonal amp dependable service browsers Welcome we wire anywhere be in i Hazel Williams i decorator amp Florist 40ib s. Mom tel 431 2101 july Kirin i All remaining summer pantsuits dresses Al Price r Quot i i Price one group jeans shorts tops amp Short sets. I Price jumpsuits amp Long dresses up to it off Erindale fashions Hwy. 311 South located i mile below tar Heel drive in. 431-5260 move into fall with Pandora open 10 00 . To 8 30 Fri. Sat. 10 00 to 6 00 . No matter How you put Pandora together you get winning looks plaids or solids in scotch Green or Garnet Blue. Sizes 8-14. All machine Wash and dry. No Iron. Jacket 26.00. Pants 15.00. Blouses 10,00. Shirt 12.00. Sweater Vest 10.00. 7 Jal a 17-25-4

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