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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Person s name May influence Success in life High Point Enterprise Friday july 26, 1974 7a husband trapped in Loveless marriage by Ana Honig new York was a Rose is a Rose is a Rose a but what you Call your baby May give him a bad name for the rest of his life. Sure proud parents mean Well when they assign a name to their offspring. But studies show a name is a lot More than a Label. It May determine what others think of a person. It could even decide social or business Success or failure. Even experienced schoolteachers Are apparently swayed by their students names. Psychologists Herbert Harari of California state University and John w. Mcdavid of Georgia state University tested such teachers on their grading of essays. They found essays written by children named Elmer Hubert or Bertha got lower grades than those written by children named David Michael Adelle Lisa or Karen a even thought the work was comparable. What s More names seem to conjure up definite stereotypes. Photos of Strong virile men were assigned two listed names like Bart and Mac by subjects in tests run by prof. James l. Bruning psychology department chairman at Ohio University and William Albott of Topeka state Hospital Topeka Kan. Even Young children in the third to sixth grades tied names like Aldwin and Winthrop to passive figures and names Sargent and Baxter to Active Ball playing running figures. The Bruning Albott team described still another Experiment in the publication Quot human behaviour a to show How a name May decide the Impact of a person on those around him students were Given material showing a speakers name qualifications and background. For half the class the name was Given As Adam Williams for the rest it was Myron Williams. Results a a Adam Williams tended to be seen As consistently More Active masculine dominating competitive cold and responsible than the same person who was introduced to Myron Williams a drs. Bruning and Albott observed. Interestingly they note a person s name May affect his own activities. When parents assign a name they also assign their expectations of the child s behaviour. The Ashanti of West Africa believe that the Day of the week on which a child is born determines his character. And he is named according to his Day of birth. And a study of police records there showed boys whose names indicated aggressiveness and troublemaking were guilty far More often of violent crimes such As assault and murder than those whose names suggested passivity. A a it was concluded that the tribes beliefs about the connotations Between the Day of birth and personality May effectively enhance certain traits that otherwise would remain latent a drs. Bruning and Albott said. Unusual or disliked names also May have bad effects. Two different studies indicate that boys with Peculiar names suffer emotional disturbances More often than boys with common names. The ways of parents with a new child a name vary the world Over. The Zuni indians like to name their children after the first thing they see after birth a a favorite name is Tiwa which Means a a onions a. The arabs look to the Koran for inspiration a Abdel Nasser Means a a servant of the victorious one. Some hindus chinese and africans give their youngsters ugly names to deceive demons into thinking the child is unloved and not Worth bothering with. They choose names like Klesa a a a pain a and Kiowa a dear Ann i am a successful businessman in my mid 40s, married to a woman i have not loved for a Long time. Our children know it. I have offered a generous settlement beyond what the Law requires but my wife will not let me go. The last time i packed and left she attempted suicide and was hospitalized. Her stubborn insistence that she keep me locked into this Loveless marriage is ruining my health. Hate can make a person ill and i really despise her for hanging on this Way. I be sent my wife to a psychiatrist. He says he can to reach tier. The children Are married and live nearby. They have invited me to come live with them because they see what their Mother is doing to me. Whenever i Tell her in a leaving she says a a if you go Iti kill turned them against their Mother by your own admission you Are frustrated angry and filled with hate. Please seek professional help and learn what goes on with you. Then perhaps you will find your wife More reasonable and easier to Deal with. Do you see any Way out of this i done to want the guilt of this woman a suicide on my head yet i am going to leave her one Day regardless. Advise me please. A . Dear a you say nothing about having seen a psychiatrist yourself. Has it occurred to you thaw perhaps you Are in some Way contributing to this woman a imbalance what have you done to make her so punitive and Why do the children open their Homes to you and not to her have you unwittingly dear Ann i travel frequently by . Smoke makes me deathly ill. In be been caught so often Between people who smoke in the rear that last week i decided to play it Safe and sit directly behind the Driver when i boarded the at Hancock Michigan a destination Ignace. I observed several no smoking signs and selected the seat directly behind the Driver because i was sure no one would have the nerve to smoke near him. No sooner did we leave Hancock when the Driver lit a cig Aret i believe my eyes. He coughed and hacked ail the Way to Marquette. At that Stop a fellow got on sat himself next to me and started to smoke immediately. I knew i would lose my breakfast if i did t get some clean air soon. I swallowed hard tapped my seatmate on the shoulder and said a forgive me if i suddenly puke All Over you because your cig Aret smoke is making me he gave me a Peculiar look and leaped into the seat across the aisle. I pushed my nose against the window like a bloodhound looking for a tiny Patch of fresh air. The passenger and Driver both coughed and hacked All the Way to Escanaba where i got off and changed buses. But i will never forget that Drivers name. It made a most appropriate Monogram . Why done to the companies Post signs that do some Good no smoking Means nothing. The signs should read smokers to the rear of the .-nauseated in Michigan dear a i Hope every company executive who sees your letter will act on your suggestion at once. If within two weeks after this appears in print the signs Are not up i urge All readers who ride buses to write to the presidents of the companies and raise Cain. Even if drinking is the a a in thing in your crowd it crowd you out. Learn the facts from Ann Landerss Booklet a booze and you a for teen agers Send 35 cents in Coin and a Long self addressed stamped envelope to Ann Landers . Box 3346, Chicago 111. 60654. Williams Flowers Quality Flowers professional service iou Inrush to Call 812-411 before you buy tires $ you la save Money $ by checking us first the tire Mart your Happy shopping store downtown and Westchester Mali Sale ends tomorrow a Iii an a state Pride fashion color no Iron sheets made with Kodel Sale 2.97 twin Fiat or fitted style from a top maker in Long wearing blend of 50% Kodel polyester 50% Cotton. Machine washable Tumble or line dry positively no ironing needed. Have it in a Choice of four exciting fashion colors luscious Lemon Cool spearmint Green sky Blue or Azalea Pink. Full size Flat or fitted tale 3.97 42 x 34 pillowcases Salt 2 for 2.77 Queen size. Sale 6.97 King size. Sale 8.97 King size cases. Sale 2 for 2.97 soon included ail 885-5323 �sas011 music co. \ North Elm Greensboro nth Carolina s j Ait music dealer q Sale 2.97 twin Flat or fitted Spring maid a prelude no Iron sheets made with Kodel fresh White printed with Dainty rosebuds in Pink yellow or Blue. Flower strewn Border and scalloped with embroidery. 50% Kodel polyester 50% Cotton easy care blend. Full Flat or fitted3.97 Queen Flat or fitted.6.97 pillowcases 42 x34 .2 for 2.77 pillowcases 42 x46 .2 for 2.97 King Flat or fitted .8.97 Kodat la the Adamaik tor Eastman polyester tiber. I i Sale 3.88 80 x 63" Long a usually $5 Ninon curtains of Dacron a state Pride machine Wash on gentle Cycle drip dry. 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