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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 25, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Page 3a 90th year no. 205 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821719 High Point n. C., thursday afternoon july 25, 1974 40 pages classified ads 8852177 other depts. 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c 5-4 supreme court vote Detroit area busing plan struck Down by w. Dale Nelson associated press writer Washington apr in a decision Likely to have Strong Impact on future school desegregation the supreme court today threw out a Cross District school integration plan for Detroit and 52 suburban districts. The court ruled 5 to 4 that the late . District judge Stephen Roth erred in ordering a desegregation plan embracing both Detroit and its suburban districts and ordered the lower court to devise a desegregation plan for Detroit Only. The court said Multi District integration plans May be imposed Only where there is a finding that All District involved failed to operate integrated school systems. The supreme court said there was no evidence that the Detroit area suburban District were not integrated. Following today s decision which wound up its business for the current term the court adjourned until oct. 7. Chief Justice Warren e. Burger speaking for the court said Federal courts May not impose Multi District desegregation plans where there is no finding that All the school districts included had failed to operate integrated school systems. Justice Thurgood Marshall the Only Black member of the court dissented saying a we Deal Here with the Patty Hearst look alike Kelly Ravenscroft 13, talks with a newsman in los Angeles late last night about a police raid on the apartment where she was visiting in the belief they were about to capture Patty Hearst. Miss Ravenscroft whose Home is in Sacramento said she often is taken for miss Hearst. A wire photo Hearst hoax brings out 150 policemen los Angeles a a woman tricked police into believing she was fugitive heiress Patricia Hearst and was willing to surrender bringing 150 policemen to a North Hollywood apartment. Police officials called off their operation Early today Atter the hoax unfolded a miss hearses parents and sister flew anxiously to los Angeles from san Francisco. Her father was very disappointed and the family quickly returned Home. A officers surrounded an apartment building blocked off streets and negotiated by Telephone with the hoaxer who said she wanted to surrender to a Uncle George Humours later buzzed that miss Hearst had been in the apartment building but had escaped. A a police spokesman said officers raided an apartment but found Only a cat a .22�?caliber Rifle and an automatic Shotgun. Three persons who were in the apartment including a 13-year-old girl who bears a Strong resemblance to miss Hearst said they were grabbed by detectives and questioned. Police said the guns had a legitimate owner with no connection to the sym ionese liberation army which kidnapped miss Hearst at Berkeley calif., on feb. 4, the hoaxer Wasny to found and a police spokesman said later a we had no evidence that miss Hearst or any Sla member was Ever there after All the excitement police chief de Davis summed up the wednesday night operation As a a Good command it. Dan Cook the police spokesman said it was a a practice in House impeach vote is predicted right of All of our children whatever their race to an equal Start in life and to an equal Opportunity to reach their full potential As citizens. Those children who have been denied that right in the past deserve better than to see fences thrown up to deny them that right in the also dissenting were justices William o. Douglas William j. Brennan and Byron r. White. Besides its Impact in Detroit the decision could affect schools in Louisville and Jefferson county ky., which were ordered by a Federal judge tuesday to merge in order to achieve better racial balance. It will have More indirect affects in Many other cities. Roth s decision had called for busing of pupils in a three county area around Detroit. It was appealed by Michigan officials and by suburban school districts but not by the Detroit District which is about 64 per cent Black. The same question came before the supreme court last year in a Case arising in Richmond. A. The court deadlocked 4-4 in the Richmond Case with Justice Lewis Powell a former member of the Richmond school Board abstaining. A District court order for Cross District busing in the Richmond area was overturned by a Federal appeals court. Washington a despite president Nixon s decision to turn Over More watergate tapes a House democratic Leader says Only a Miracle can save Nixon from impeachment and Republican leaders made no move to delay the impeachment proceedings. The assessment about the need for a Miracle came from rep. Thomas p. Of Neill dmass., House democratic Leader who predicted the judiciary committee would recommend impeachment and that the full House would vote impeachment by at least 60 votes. Quot and it could Well be that a tidal wave would hit the House and he d be impeached by Over too votes Quot of Neill said. Vice president Gerald r. Ford said he thought Nixon a compliance with the a a House on 2 a Nixon accepts decision Quick delivery pushed action line on vacation action line is taking a vacation and will not appear for a few Days. It will return to its usual spot shortly. It All began when three persons called police Between 6 and 6 30 . And said a woman fitting the description of miss Hearst who after her abduction renounced her family and said she was joining her terrorist captors. Police said the three callers said the woman who entered the building was followed later by a Black men carrying a Rifle. Officers went to the building contacted the manager and showed her photographs of miss Hearst and Sla members William and Emily Harris All being sought on a variety of state and Federal charges. The manager Marcella Tyler identified miss Hearst and mrs. Harris As being seen in the building police said. Later she told newsmen she was positive she saw miss Hearst but she would t elaborate. Police massed near the building. A special weapons and tactics squad team arrived one of those which spearheaded a fiery gun Battle in which six members of the Sla died Here May 17. A woman who said she was inside telephoned police and said she wanted to give herself up to a Uncle miss Hearst a Cousin George Hearst jr., is publisher of the los Angeles Herald examiner. Her Uncle George Hearst sr., died in 1972. A we should have realized that Hearst or. Was dead and that the Call was a hoax Quot chief Davis said. Police refused to say How Long they talked to the woman or whether she identified herself As miss Hearst. But officers believed she could have been the heiress a because of the detailed information she gave a Cook said. Washington a special prosecutor Leon Jaworski asked . District judge John j. Sirica today to order president Nixon to turn Over within the next two to to Days the 64 watergate tapes and documents the supreme court said Nixon must surrender. Sirica scheduled a hearing in his courtroom Friday morning. In a motion submitted to Sirica. Jaworski presented a proposed time schedule for compliance with wednesday s historic supreme court order. Jaworski said failure to comply quickly would prevent the Start of the watergate cover up trial sept. 9, for which Jaworski sought the tapes As evidence. The motion noted that 33 of the 64 conversations a apparently have been reviewed by the president and perhaps other White House a the government submits that no valid reason exists Why the tapes of these 33 conversations should not be delivered to the court immediately a the Jaworski motion added. A the government further submits that granting of this motion is critical if the trial of this Case is to commence on sept. 9, 1974,&Quot the motion continued. Presidential attorney James St. Clair in announcing Nixon s decision wednesday night to comply with the historic supreme court order said a time consuming process was needed to prepare the materials. The Jaworski motion said 20 of the conversations covered in the massive White House transcripts released in late april should be delivered within two Days and that 18 others including 13 already reviewed by the president be delivered within six Days. For the remaining 26 conversations the prosecutor asked for compliance within to Days. Earlier a spokesman for Jaworski had said the special prosecutors office believed 33 of the 64 conversations were virtually ready to be turned Over. Of these 20 were included in the partial White House transcripts released last Spring 12 others were Given Nixon by appointments Secretary Stephen Bull at that time and a partial transcript of one was supplied the House judiciary committee by St. Clair last week the spokesman added. Nixon announced his Deci Sion to comply with the ruling Quot in All respects Quot in a statement issued through St. Clair at the Western White House in san Clemente Calif eight hours after the court issued its 8-0 ruling wednesday. While i am disappointed in the result i respect and accept the court decision and i have instructed or. St. Clair to take whatever measures Are necessary to comply with that decision in All respects a Nixon said. The president had challenged Jaworski s subpoena for the tapes and materials. The special prosecutor said they were needed for the watergate cover up trial of six former White House and Campaign aides scheduled to Start sept. 9. The defendants include h. R. Haldeman John d. Ehrlichman and John n. Mitchell. After the tapes and Docu ments Are submitted to judge Sirica he must screen them for relevance before making them available to Jaworski. In the past tapes provided to Jaworski have been supplied to the House judiciary committee for its impeachment inquiry. Weekend vote expected judiciary panel resumes debate on impeachment by John Beckler petted to culminate in voting of the nationally broadcast Legal considerations by associated press writer this weekend that would Send colloquy began wednesday declaring a if the evidence is Washington apr the impeachment question to night rep. Charles e. Clear then our constitutional winding through Day and the House of representatives Wiggins r-calif., declared duty is no less night debate the House for a vote on whether Nixon Nixon Quot is entitled to a confirming past in judiciary committee heard should stand trial in the presumption of dictations. Reps. Joshua More members today Senate for watergate and later Wiggins was Given Eilberg d-pa., and Jerome declare their positions for or other charged offences. Additional time by fellow r. Waldie d-calif., said Nix against the impeachment of Only once a Century ago. Republican Hamilton fish on should be impeached. President Nixon a with no has a president stood trial in or. Of new York to continue a at specific Issue was a two surprises in the emerging jeopardy of his Job. Detailed recitation of Why article Resolution of in lineup. Opening the second round various charges against Nix pachment charging Nixon a Republican pleaded for _ on should not bring in with obstruction of Justice fairness to Nixon a j i pachment. And other abuses of the Democrat urged his ouster i a that s inside i Kep John Conyers of presidency including for Quot open and notorious a 1 a Michigan confirmed he will contempt of Congress. Defiance of the Law a amusements.3d vote for impeachment Wiggins plea for fairness Republican expected to be a bridge.7b declaring that Nixon must be came despite tuesday is key swing vote merely listed classified ads5-11d removed a to restore to our claim from other cop his tests for an impeachable comics4d government the proper defender of the president offence. Crossword.7b balance of constitutional that a committee decision As an opening round of editorials4a Power and serve notice to All against Nixon is assured. Speeches Given in order of be financial2a future presidents that such Wiggins has frequently Morita neared its Halfway obituaries.2d abuse of conduct. Never been characterized As Nix Mark there had been no in Sportsi-7c again be tolerated. On s most articulate defender dictations of change in any television .5d fish did not say How he on the committee but he told member s anticipated vote. Women a news1-6b will vote. But he concluded a the committee s second ses the epic debate is sex weather.3a listing of philosophical and Sion of formal debate that a i wince a at that Label because i i a i i a a he believes simply that the Burger reaches into history a dec Dedace i my i a a a if fairness is not the Over to find words for opinion feedings said Wiggins a we would be doing a greater Vio Washington apr yes the president has a their advisers to be confident Lence to the Constitution than a it is emphatically the privilege to withhold con tial. Any misconduct alleged of province and duty of the Fidentia communications a human experience Richard Nixon Quot judicial department to say within the executive Branch teaches that those who sex Wiggins was the first of 27 what the Law is a chief from Public scrutiny. Ped Public dissemination of committee members Justice John Marshall wrote n0 that privilege is not their remarks May Well remaining to make opening 171 years ago. Absolute but is subject to temper Candor with a statements in the debate on a wednesday ruling in the review by the courts. Concern for appearances. Proposed two article Case of president Nixon and was the first time in the wrote Burger. Recommendation of in the watergate tapes chief nearly 185-year history of the then the court turned to pachment Justice Warren e Burger court that it had been con the specific Case at hand in of the committee approves found those words Handy to fronted with a claim such As which Nixon sought to resist impeachment in a vote exempress his meaning the one advanced by Nixon an order to produce records petted this weekend then the a a it a emphatically the on a the president can of White House conver Lull House of represent provice and duty of this decide whether he should nations wanted As potential natives must decide whether court to a say what the Law is provide evidence wanted for evidence in the watergate to Send the matter on to the with respect to the claim of a criminal trial. Cover up trial. Senate for trial privilege presented in this in answering the question the court has ruled in the Wiggins told his colleagues Case a Burger wrote for be court said it agrees with past that secret military and it was a not too late for me to eight justices of the court. Nixon that it is important for diplomatic information May challenges whether they Quot what the Law is Quot boiled conversations Between High be shielded from Examina should sit in the proceeding if Down to this government officials and see Burger on 2a a judiciary on 2a 1972 tax audit order related by Dean Washington a John w. Dean Iii says president Nixon told him in 1972 that George p. Shultz was not made Secretary of the Treasury a to be some sort of Candy ass Quot and would have to help get tax audits on sen. George s. Mcgovern a Campaign contributors. Former White House counsel Deans testimony released today by the House judiciary committee shows he also said Nixon did not order an alleged 175,000 hush Money payment but Quot the president Felt it was Deans closed door july la testimony was released along with that of former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell. Dean testified Nixon made the comment about Shultz when Dean reported to the president sept. 15, 1972, that then internal Revenue service commissioner Johnnie Walters had refused Dean s request to audit a list of then democratic presidential candidate Mcgovern s contributors. A the Nixon said something to the effect Well if Shultz thinks he a been put Over there to be some sort of Candy ass he is mistaken and if you have got any problems you just come Tell me and i will get it straightened out a Dean quoted the president. Rep. Tom Railsback r-iii., said at the committees opening deliberations on impeachment wednesday night that Nixon a alleged comment on Shultz is among evidence that could cause Railsback to vote for recommending impeachment. Shultz had become head of the Treasury department which also includes irs three months earlier june 12. Dean said that when he went Back to irs with Nixon a backing Walters still refused to audit the Mcgovern contributors. Dean said he did not know if Nixon told Shultz to have the audits made. He testified the president launched a Long discussion a about the irs and not using it effectively and from there we immediately went to the fact that we were not using the entire apparatus of the government effectively and the changes that would be made after the on the alleged hush Money Dean testified he did not feel after the now famous March 21, 1973, meeting that Nixon had told him to arrange the $75,000 payment but that Nixon did feel it was desirable to pay the Money. Quot i had gone in with the intent of trying to turn off the payment to watergate conspirator e. Howard Hunt a Dean testified. Quot i came out having been turned around As far As the the presidents lawyer James d. St. Clair called a see 1972 on2a

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