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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on 3a 90th year no. 206 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., Friday afternoon july 26, 1974 28 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c others to be seeded St. Clair will deliver 20 tapes next tuesday Washington a under prodding from . District judge John j. Sirica presidential attorney James St. Clair agreed today to surrender tapes of 20 watergate conversations by next tuesday and to Speed work on 44 others. St. Clair and special prosecutor Leon Jaworski agreed to a Compromise timetable for White House surrender of the tapes after Sirica made Clear he would not accept a Promise by president Nixon a lawyer to move As quickly As possible but without a specific target Date. Sirica said he Hopes prompt production of the material which the supreme court ordered Nixon to surrender on wednesday will Cyprus Leader accuses turks of land grabs enable the watergate coverup trial of six former presidential and Campaign aides to Start on schedule sept. 9. Under the Compromise agreement reached in a private conference that lasted More than an hour St. Clair will report Back to Sirica next Friday on Progress in preparing theirs asked Nixon tax inquiry Nicosia. Cyprus apr president Glafcos derides charged today that Turkey was violating the Cyprus cease fire with massive land grabs. He threatened to resume the fighting on the troubled Island unless the alleged violations Stop. A time is running out a derides told a news conference. A it will be with the greatest reluctance that i will appear before the greek people of Cyprus to invite them to fight to the last Man and to the end. A i can no longer restrain the National guard and other forces in the Republic from taking countermeasures a against turkish advances. Before the presidential news conference diplomatic and military sources claimed that the turks were building up their invasion Force and grabbing new territory on several fronts in violation of the four Day old cease fire. The sources gave no specific figures but cited witness reports of troops trucks Armor and other War Materiel pouring into the turkish beachhead on the North coast near Krema. A there Are two elements on the other Side turkish cypriots with whom i would like brotherhood and the turkish invasion forces which Are forcing me to take a decision which i would loathe to take a derides said. A unfortunately the two elements cannot be separated and the consequences would be borne to a great extent by the turkish Washington a the watergate special prosecutor was asked to investigate the preparation of president Nixon s 1969 tax returns after the internal Revenue service found insufficient evidence to Levy a civil fraud penalty against the president. Charging that Turkey had his documentation was almost doubled the size of its contained in a statement of territorial gains on Cyprus information released today since the United nations e my use judiciary Corn sponsored cease fire went concerning Nixon s into effect on monday after disputed $576,000 gift of noon derides said a so far papers to the National we have shown All possible archives. The special restraint but this cannot go prosecutor s Oft ice has never on. The responsibility for announced any action in the what might happen in the. ,.next few hours will rest sole the 552-Page volume deals by on the shoulders of the principally with How and turkish when the papers were donated and whether an pm Clendes refused comment reachable Ottense might when asked if Rem have been committed. No Forcemeats for the Cyprus conclusions Are stated National guard had been be 1 ruled last april promised by Mainland in owed $432,787 in Greece. He also refused to Back taxes including a 5 per say if Greece already has cent negligence penalty tor sent troops or other military the years 1969 through 1972, Alt As Well As interest for 1970 72. The president agreed to i&Quot-�"�1�?�?-�?�?�?�? pay without a contest including Ike sum for is on which the statute of amusements10-11a limitations had expired. Bridge12a documents printed by the classified ads7-15b judiciary committee Dis comics6b close for the first time exact crossword12a by How the irs broke Down editorials4a its assessment of Back taxes. Financial2a although a general outline obituaries.2b had been provided from the sports3-5b Public release of a con television 16b current Nixon tax study done women a news6-8a by a congressional com weather 3a see irs on 2a Nixon economic policy outlined los Angeles a president Nixon has outlined a no surprises economic policy calling for budget cuts a Federal payroll slash of 40,000 persons and an Appeal that All citizens Salt away 15 cents for every $10 spent. Nixon made what aides termed a major television radio address Here thursday. He was Well received by More than 1,000 businessmen and manufacturers and their wives who gathered to hear him in a ballroom at the Century Plaza hotel. Applause punctuated his remarks at regular intervals and afterwards Nixon thanked his audience for a your the president did not see some 300 pickets who marched outside the hotel. These included impeachment advocates and representatives of the United farm workers of America. Nixon was applauded when he pledged no return to wage or Price controls called for Energy self sufficiency and urged a re evaluation of Federal environmental and safety programs to determine whether they hamper production. Basically the president advocated a continuation of present Federal economic programs and rejection of a the Shock treatment of a sudden drastic wringing out of inflation the Cost of which in terms of increased unemployment for millions of americans would be Here is How Nixon summarized his approach a a policy to Check inflation is fundamentally a policy to curb the growth of demand relative to the growth of Supply. In the Short run attention must focus on holding Down the increase in demand because with few exceptions increasing Supply takes a considerable amount of repeating a pledge to balance the budget due for submission to Congress in january Nixon also said he will try to hold spending in the current budget year which began july i to close to $300 billion. This would represent a cutback of nearly $5 billion from his goal seven months ago. Nixon also announced he will reduce the Federal work Force by 40,000 by next june 30. Aides said this would be accomplished through Normal attrition and would not action line on vacation action line is taking a vacation and will not appear for a few Days. It will return to its usual spot shortly. Tapes and documents relating to the remaining 44 conversations. Associate special prosecutor James f. Neal said that next Friday will be a target Date for 13 additional conversations beyond the first 20. The 20 conversations for which tapes Are to be turned Over by next tuesday include material covered in the edited White House transcripts released in late april. The tapes of the 13 conversations which Neal said he hoped would be surrendered by next Friday were reviewed by president Nixon in Early May when the White House briefly considered a Compromise with Jaworski a demands for the material. St. Clair said a major Factor in the schedule for surrendering the tapes was president Nixon s feeling that he listen to any tapes he is giving up. Under the agreement surrender of the actual recordings and related documents will be followed As quickly As possible by an Index and analysis to be prepared by the president s lawyers. Sirica made Clear he will make St. Clair personally responsible for seeing that this is properly done. After the hearing. St. Clair said he could give no estimate How Long it would take for each of the tapes to be recorded so that the originals could be supplied to Sirica and Complete copies kept in the White House. Earlier St. Clair told Sirica it would be impossible to comply with . Trade accounts proposal that the White House surrender All of the tapes within to Days. However Sirica told St. Clair a i think you re making this thing More complicated than it should Sirica said he would set a timetable himself if St. Clair and Jaworski could not agree on one Between themselves. With that statement Sirica called a 30-minute recess in the hearing on Jaworski s Call for prompt compliance with wednesdays 8-0 supreme court order that president Nixon produce the tapes for the scheduled sept. 9 trial of six former presidential and Campaign aides in the watergate cover up Case. Sirica noted that his original order upheld by the supreme court decision had allowed la Days for surrender of the tapes and documents and that his order had been see St. Clair on 2a chairman Peter Rodino listens to debate a wire photo gop plea for delay rejected by judiciary Tumble president Nixon involve firings. Nixon urged that All americans join in fighting inflation by cutting their own spending. He said a i Call on state and local governments on businesses and Consumers to hold Down their own spending and increase their own savings As their contribution to the fight against higher prices. Quot i recognize that some americans cannot Cut their spending without real hardship. Some expenditures by business cannot be Cut without cutting production now or in the future. But most families could reduce or deter some expenditures a building their savings instead a without hardship. Every business has some fat in it just As every Federal Agency Washington a sharply higher prices tor imported Oil tumbled the nation s 1974 Trade accounts to their biggest deficit on record for the first half of a year the government reported today. The Commerce department said imports exceeded exports by $3.2 billion at a seasonally adjusted annual rate. Exports on the same basis were $92 6 billion. Imports were $95.8 billion. The previous worst january to june on record was last year when the Trade accounts registered a $2.7 billion deficit. Petroleum alone accounted for one Quarter of the Money the nation spent on imports Over the first half of this year and a $1.7 billion deficit was run up in the second Quarter after the Arab Oil embargo was lifted the embargo went off in mid March. The effective Price of imported Oil shot up by 27 per cent due primarily to higher royalties imposed by foreign governments and the volume of imports went up to per cent above the previous three months the report said. Washington a the House judiciary committee soundly rejected today a Republican plea for delay and moved on to shape precise charges for its expected recommendation that president Nixon be impeached. The delay was rejected on a vote of 27-11. The panel s second ranking Republican sought unsuccessfully to halt the nationally broadcast proceeding giving Nixon 24 hours to say he would turn Over to the committee More White House tape recordings within to Days. The Roll Call vote on the delay motion of rep. Robert Mcclory of Illinois brought a blurring of pro and anti impeachment lines. Some of Nixon s gop supporters joined the panel s democratic leadership in opposing the delay motion while some who seek impeachment favored the pause. Twenty democrats opposed the motion along with seven republicans. Ten republicans and one Democrat approved. As the committee moved from its opening round of debate to voting on motions and proposed impeachment resolutions it was Clear that a majority of members favored the move to oust Nixon the committee s Public session was delayed by a caucus of democrats they revised the first article of a proposed impeachment Resolution to make More explicit the charges against Nixon. Of the committee a As expected a recommends impeachment. It will require a majority vote of the full House of representatives to Send the Issue to a Senate trial where a two thirds vote would be required to remove him from office. The unsuccessful attempt for delay was based on a supreme court ruling on White House tapes. The supreme court ordered wednesday that Nixon turn Over tapes and documents of 64 conversations to . Court for possible use in the watergate cover up trial. Mcclory however expressed some pessimism that the tapes would be provided. A i have the Strong feeling that there is no intention to provide the material but i feel nevertheless this Opportunity should be offered Quot Mcclory said. He added that he will later move Nixon be impeachment tally Washington apr Here is a tally based on their remarks in formal debate of How members of the House judiciary committee now stand on impeachment of president Nixon for impeachment democrats 17 Rodino Donohue Kastenmeier Edwards. Hungate Conyers Eilberg Waldie Seiberling Danielson Drinan Rangel Jordan Thornton Holtzman Owens Mezvinsky republicans 2 Hogan Butler. Leaning toward impeachment democrats 2 Brooks Sarbanes republicans 3 Railsback Cohen Mcclory. Against impeachment republicans 6 Hutchinson Sandman Dennis Moorhead Maraziti Latta. Leaning against impeachment republicans <4 Smith. Wiggins Mayne Lott. Uncommitted democrats 2 Flowers. Mann republicans 2 fish Froelich. Impeached for contempt of Congress if he does not comply with various committee subpoenas. Rep. Jack Brooks a Texas the first Democrat to respond said the motion offered no likelihood of tapes coming to the committee and added the Public would not tolerate any delay. Chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., d-n.j., told the panel As it closed its general debate thursday night a i find that the president must be found rep. Delbert Latta. A Ohio a committee member opposed to impeachment sees a 27-11 vote in favor of a recommendation that the House impeach Nixon and that a Senate trial be held to determine whether he would be removed from office. In related developments a vice president Gerald r. Ford said conviction and impeachment of Nixon would be a very very bad for the country both on Domestic and foreign fronts. He added a i can say from the Bottom of my heart the president of the United states is innocent. He is a special prosecutor Leon be gop on 2a How the members feel Washington a Here is a summary of How each member of the House judiciary committee referred in formal opening remarks to his or her position on impeachment Peter w. Rodino or. . A when i test the facts. I find that the president must be found wanting and so. I shall urge along with others the option of articles of Edward Hutchinson a Mich a not Only do i not believe any crimes by the president have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt they have not even approached a lesser Standard of Harold d. Donohue a mass moved to recommend impeachment. Robert Mcclory. A Iii questioned strength of watergate cover up sadness and distaste shown Washington a and now the decision. The time the members of the House impeachment inquiry have dreaded. Democrat or Republican pro impeachment or opposed most have expressed sadness and distaste for the task of judging president Nixon fitness for office a task the House judiciary committee intends to finish by this weekend. A throughout the Ages men and women have approached the impeachment process with the same sense of Awe a said rep. William s. Cohen a Maine Republican considered leaning toward impeachment. A lord Chancellor Somers in 1691 remarked that the impeachment process like Goliath s sword ought to be kept in the Temple and not used but on great occasions Quot he said and added a the question we must decide is whether this committee should recommend to the House that that sword should be taken from the Temple and handed to the Senate in order to protect and preserve the integrity of the Constitution of the United the sense of Awe and the deep concern about the vote have taken a toll not Only in the political lives of the congressmen but in their private lives As Well. A i go to sleep nights a those nights that i do sleep a wondering if this is sort of a dream impeachment of the president of the United states a said rep Walter Flowers d-ala., one of the publicly uncommitted Quot unfortunately this is no bad dream it is the terrible truth that will be upon our committee in the next few and yet there was a dissenter rep. Charles b. Rangel a Democrat who represents the new York congressional District that embraces Harlem. A some say this is a sad Day in America s history a a Rangel told his fellow committee members. A i think it could perhaps be one of our brightest Days. I think it Means to most americans that when this or any other president violates his sacred oath of office the people Are not left helpless. A i would be less than honest if i said that tonight i come toward this vote of impeachment with a heavy heart. Indeed. I would be very sad it this process was not available to me and to the american people. Quot and committee chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., the new Jersey Democrat who finished the preliminary debate said he had searched his heart and a i find the president must be found he said he will vote a with a heavy heart because no Man seeks to accuse or to find wanting the chief executive of this great country of evidence but expressed concern about Nixon refusal to Honor subpoenas. Jack Brooks. A Tex spoke critically of unequalled corruption but did not formally say he would vote for impeachment Henry p Smith Iii. . Said Clear and convincing proof had not been presented except perhaps concerning the secret bombing of Cambodia a proposed article not considered Likely to be approved Robert w. Kastenmeier a wis Quot president Nixon must be impeached and removed from Charles w. Sandman jr., . A can find no direct evidence against the Don Edwards a Calit a the should be impeached Thomas f. Railsback r ill detailed a two serious areas of concern a but did not commit his vote. William l. Hungate do a should Richard m. Nixon be found guilty of obstruction of Justice. Abusing the Powers of his of lice. Contempt and Defiance of the Congress and the courts Charles e. Wiggins. A Calif called for fairness detailed Nixon Side of some evidence did not formally see How on 3a

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