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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jul 20 1974, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 20, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Averages 5 feet per year tar Heel coastal erosion continues Morehead City . Apr North Carolinas coastline is eroding an average five feet per year and As much As 12 feet annually in some areas the new coastal resources commission has been told. In places where the Beach is eroding quickly the Ocean would come 60 feet Inland in five years or. Jay Ling elder of North Carolina state University told the commission Friday. A and you know As Well As i do How Many residences Are within 60 feet of the Beach a Ling elder said. He also warned of coastal area movement caused by shifting Sand and erosion and urged the commission to consider designating a zones of migration especially near inlets. He said caution should be exercised in allowing development in such areas. The commission created Cyprus from Page i a about How it handled the greek regime. There was no outright condemnation of the Cyprus coup. While others protested Washington pictured itself As a trying to evaluate the so once again As it had so Many times before the United states As the leading democracy in the world found itself stepping out of character solicitous of the sensibilities of a military regime in glaring contrast with the attitudes of the Western allies. Cyprus could provide a Quick illustration of How reversible can be the detente the russians want to Call a at moments when the chips Are Down. The soviet Union never hesitates to act in the context of soviet National interests. It cloaks its protests in righteousness. But the same righteousness about the necessity for . Action when a nations internal affairs Are violated did no to apply in Czechoslovakia or Hungary because the soviet Union had enough nuclear Wallop to announce that it would do As it pleased. This week the arms forces reduction talks recessed the equally unproductive european Security conference was in adjournment and there could have been a hot weather break for High powered diplomats had not the mid summer storm erupted in Cyprus. That tended to show How deceptive such lulls could be and to illuminate the Basic fragility of a detente that rests not on Trust or treaty but on the fear generated by nuclear arsenals. By the 1974 general a Assembly a passage of the coastal area management act ended its first two Day meeting with a series of briefings on coastal economics environment and geography and a discussion of proposed land use planning guidelines. Charles liner of the Institute of state government discussed the effects of real estate development along the coast. He said one of the major reasons planning is needed is because a the real estate Market cannot develop a socially acceptable allocation of the lands the commission received a draft of land use guidelines prepared by the office of state planning. The 15-member panel decided to review the guidelines and asked that they be reviewed by other governmental agencies. The commission will add its own recommendations at its next meeting aug. 13-14 at Wilmington. Up amp a earnings still decline Raleigh . A Carolina Power and Light co. Has reported an increase in net income for the second Quarter of 1974. However the form says its earnings per share of common Stock continued to decline. Operating revenues for the april through june period were $100 million and net income was $16.98 million compared with operating revenues of $78.4 million and net income of $13.85 million in the second Quarter of 1973. News analysis High Point Enterprise saturday july 20, 1974 5a israelis feeling endangered by arabs new found wealth by r. Gregory Nokes associated press writer Jerusalem a israeli government officials say they believe the vast accumulation of wealth in Arab Oil producing countries poses a new threat to israelis future. The threat is two fold As they see it. First the wealth makes possible virtually unlimited defense expenditures by the arabs. Second it could buy influence in the United states at israelis expense. Haim bar lev israelis minister of Commerce and former army chief of staff episcopal Are facing rebellion on women by George Cornell a religion writer new York a a rebellion is in the offing against the episcopal churches exclusion of women from the Priesthood. Three Bishops say they Are going to ordain la women despite historic barriers. They maintain Church codes allow sufficient latitude for the unprecedented strategy. Disclosing their plan Friday the Bishops said they acted out of their sense of a obedience to the lordship of Christ and in Solidarity with All those struggling in his spirit a for Freedom for liberation for it would be the first time for priestly orders to be conferred on women in the 3.1-million member denomination. The irregular ceremony bloody fighting a my he weather cooler some Relief is in store from the hot humid weather the High Point area has sex forecast by the associated press a cooler and drier air mass is spreading southeastward. It promises to give North Carolina pleasant weekend weather. The leading Edge of this new and refreshing air mass is marked by a so called backdoor cold front. The front began to move into the extreme Northern counties of North Carolina Early this morning. By Nightfall it is expected to be South of the state. Highs today will be in the 80s, ranging to around 90 in the Southeast. But it will be 5 to 7 degrees cooler sunday. Three Day forecast South Carolina extended Outlook monday through wednesday scattered thundershowers monday and tuesday. Partly Cloudy wednesday. Lows upper 60s. Highs upper 80s North Carolina extended Outlook monday through wednesday widely scattered mostly afternoon and evening thundershowers each Day. Lows averaging in 60s. Highs 80s. Perien ced lately. Today should be partly Cloudy and less humid with highs in the mid 80s. Tonight is expected to be Clear and cooler with lows around the 60s. Mostly sunny and pleasant is the forecast for sunday. Highs should be in the Low 80s. Winds Are coming from the North today at to to 15 Miles an hour. They should become northeasterly tonight decreasing to less than to Miles an hour. The probability of rain is to per cent today near Zero tonight and sunday. Monday through wednesday High pointers can expect widely scattered thundershowers mostly in the afternoons and evening. Temperatures by the associated press 24 hours ending at 7 . Est emergency session this morning in Brussels on the Cyprus conflict. Both Greece and Turkey Are members. A in Athens the greek supreme military command went into emergency session to decide whether to go to War against Turkey. The . 6th Fleet was ordered to move closer to the coast of Cyprus to evacuate . Citizens if necessary. A British Royal air Force units were alerted to evacuate 25,000 British nationals in Cyprus. A in Washington the turkish embassy issued a communique saying the purpose of the military action a a is to get the inter communal talks to Start As rapidly As possible in order to restore the situation prior to the coup and the legitimate the fighting was reported especially heavy Between turkish cypriot and greek cypriot forces. Turkish skyhawk planes were seen bombing parts of the greek sector of Nicosia which Shook under the exploding bombs. The rebel greek controlled Cyprus radio claimed three turkish planes had been shot Down in the fighting. It said greek forces were fighting there was sporadic firing along the so called Green line that divides the greek and turkish sections of the City. The turkish sea Landing was at Yrenia on the Northern coast of the Mediterranean Island 45 Miles South of Turkey. Fighting broke out in Yrenia and turkish vessels were shelling the Shore. Greek cypriot troops fired at turkish helicopters overhead. Greece and Turkey form the Eastern Edge of the North Atlantic treaty from Page i a organization. They nearly came to blows in 1963 and 1967 Over Cyprus. Near Nicosia turkish cypriots raced around in cars escorting turkish troops to Gugyela the main turkish controlled Airfield nearby. A this makes me tremendously Happy a said one turkish paratrooper. A we be impeach from Page to until now and i think he was fair rep. David Dennis r-ind., a staunch Nixon defender said while Doaris presentation was pro impeachment a i thought he did it very in a 306-Page summary of the evidence Doar said that Nixon decided shortly after the june 17, 1972, watergate break in to cover up White House involvement. A there is Clear and convincing evidence that the president took Over in late March 1973 the Active management of the coverup a Doar charged. The proposed articles of impeachment join four other sets of articles proposed by committee members in the presentation. Under a preamble charging Nixon with violating a the sacred obligation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of president of the United states. Really been longing for this Day. Our troops Are not Here to take Over this Island or to invade the greek quarters. We Are just Here to look after the welfare of the turkish Nixon from Page i a told Kleindienst he hoped Mclaren would resign a a i d rather have him out anyway. I done to like the son of a hanging up Nixon turned to Ehrlichman and Shultz and said Mclaren is a not going to be a judge either. He is out of the god Damn at Issue was an april 20, 1971, deadline for the Justice department to file a supreme court Appeal against a lower court decision permitting itt to acquire the Grinnel corp. Other pending suits filed by Mclaren sought to prevent itts acquisitions of canteen corp. And the Hartford fire insurance co. On july 31, the Case was settled out of court but not before Nixon s decision was reversed and the Appeal was filed after a delay in the supreme court. Mclaren despite Nixon s declaration stayed in the Justice department until dec. 4,1971, when he became a . District judge in Chicago. Was scheduled july 29 in Philadelphia a Church of the advocate. What ecclesiastical disciplines might be invoked As countermeasures were Uncertain. The planners contended Church canons do not specifically prohibit women priests although practice and interpretations have done so. A there probably will be those who question the procedure but there Are no grounds at All for questioning the Validity of the ordinations a said Bishop Robert l. Dewitt of Philadelphia who has resigned As head of that diocese. The other two Bishops involved Are both retired but still have the Power to ordain. They Are Bishop Edward Randolph Welles former Bishop of Western Missouri now of Manset Maine and Bishop Daniel Corrigan of Denver colo., former head of the churches National Domestic missions office. The churches presiding Bishop. John Maury Allin who assumed the office Only last june was on vacation and could not be reached for comment regarding the matter. The women scheduled to be ordained already Are All deacons the first step toward the Priesthood. They Range in age from i to 79. Points to the recent . Decision to sell a nuclear reactor to Egypt As an example of How new Arab influence could Hurt Israel. Bar lev said the decision Wasny to necessary and creates a a very High risk and danger to the world not Only the accumulation of wealth in the Arab world comes at a time when Israel is losing Money. It faces a $13.3 billion deficit in its balance of payments this year government economists say. There is a steady and enormous Drain on Israel s resources for defense expenditures estimated by Barlev at 40 per cent of its Gross National product. Total reserves of Oil producing nations on the other hand including non Arab countries Are expected to exceed $70 billion by the end of this year and double next year according to the Chase Manhattan Bank of new York. Saudi Arabia alone is expected to have a $15 to $20 billion in 1974, according to . Government estimates. He said Israel wants . Assurances that it will be guaranteed a Supply of Oil if existing sources Are denied the israelis. Israel receives about half of its Oil from the captured egyptian Wells in the Sinai Peninsula. The source of the remainder which is imported is a government secret although Iran has been named in foreign reports to be one source. The . View As expressed by Treasury Secretary William e. Simon during his tour of Middle East countries is that the key to peace in the Middle East Flowers for All occasions High Point s leading Florist Grace Flower shop North Winn is. Wot Lwood phone ass 40ss or �m617 May Well be rapid economic development in the Arab countries. To this end the United states is offering development assistance to Egypt saudi Arabia and Kuwait As Well As Israel. Israel also is promoting economic cooperation As a step toward peace. President from Page i a groups St. Clair said the session had been arranged several months earlier and that the subsidy Issue was discussed but a a no conclusions were reached. Campaign contributions were not As for the itt Case St. Clair repeated Nixon a position that settlement of the antitrust suits had nothing to do with the Money pledged for the Republican National convention by itts Sheraton hotel corp. At the time the convention was scheduled for san Diego. Two White House memos referred to it As a $400,000 pledge. Itt says it pledged $200,000. St. Clair asserted a there exists no testimonial or documentary evidence to indicate that the president had any part directly or indirectly in the settlement of the itt antitrust he said the settlement was negotiated by Richard Mclaren then the Justice department antitrust chief. A clip and save All 889-7867 to report All drug pushers Call Day or night. J. Report any facts to help identify a Pusher. You Don t have to identify yourself and Calls cannot be traced High Point Ihie ii of Miffy 4 Gat no frug Ikuine f j it Ai i fran television log 3 a my Grant Bare is we to Charlotte 3d Wung University station 0 Wols Roo not Chi a Gap High Point a wsj5, Winston Salem go Charlotte tonight 11 30 a in session Quot with Host Phil Everly ugh pts. It saturday seafood Platter a shrimp a oysters a flounder a Perch a crab with Cal Slaw. Fund Fantt. a to i \ of can eat 1718 North main St. I7j04 station Asheville . Augusta . Charleston . Charlotte . Columbia . Greensboro . Greenville Grenville . . Raleigh Clr. Savannah cloy Wilmington . H l or 81 63 .03 93 74 92 74 90 70 96 72 87 67 so. . 94 69 .07 87 68 93 76 93 71 .62 6 00 . 2 3 news 9 12 news tit Porter Wagoner 6 30 . 2 i news 8 Reasoner report 8 it Arthur Smith 10 news 12 Sci i flick 7 00 . 2 Hee Haw 3 Tommy fade 8 9 Lawrence Welk to wait till your. 780 . A Hollywood squares to sports highlights 8 00 . 2 redskins �?T73 3 All in the family 8 Partridge family 9 to 12 emergency 8 30 . 2 3 Mash 8 movie 9 00 . 2 3 Mary Tyler Moore 3 Martin Kane 9 to 12 movie 2 j 9 30 . Bob Newhart 10 00 . 2 miss universe 3 Barnaby Jones 8 Owen Marshall 11 00 . 8 news 11 30 . 8 in session capsule views of today s evening programs new luncheon special Mon. Thru Fri. 11 . To 2 . Small single ingredient pizza Spaghetti with garlic bread a Ach served with salad Tao Coffee $1.59 Greensboro re. At 5 Points 885-8719 8 . A All in the family a both Archie and his neighbor George Jefferson Are nervous about the Prospect of getting new neighbors a but for totally differing reasons. A the Partridge family a Quot aspirin at 7, dinner at 8.�?� after Shirley and or. Bernie Applebaum Are linked romantically in a gossip column the doctors Mother comes around to Check As Shirley As a prospective wife for her son. 12 emergency a heart attack victim refuses help until he finishes a poker hand a woman is trapped in a car after a crash and an explosion takes place in an abandoned refinery. 8 30 . 8 a suspense movie 8 a Mousey a with Kirk Douglas and Jean Seberg. The Story of a Man driven by humility to commit murder. 9 . 12 movie a a a with Warren Beatty and Goldie hawn. A Security systems expert plans the daring heist of a Bank in which he has just installed a burglar proof alarm system. 10 . 2 miss universe pageant Bob Barker and Helen of Connell Host the live Beauty pageant from Manila Philippines where 70 girls will vie for the title. 8 Owen Marshall a a the second victim a Marshall defends a Young attorney accused of subordination stemming from the charge by the Mother of a convicted murderer that the lawyer had forced her to lie on the witness stand during her songs trial. 11 30 . 8 in session Host Phil Everly greets Jose Feliciano Mehran Ahari and Carolyn Hester. 11 45 . 12 movie fearless treasure seeking adventurers enter the land of head Hunters. Fernando lamas Rhonda Fleming and Brian Keith Star. 2 late movie a stranger on the run a with Henry Fonda. A mexican peace officer completely disregards the question of guilt or innocence and converts the search for a murder suspect into a cruel game. Read the Enterprise classified ads

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