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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 21, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather fair warm today and monday 90th year a no. 201 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 82-1719 High Point n. C., sunday morning july 21, 1974 94 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25cturks hold corridor to Nicosia by f. N. Hawkins or. Associated press writer Nicosia Cyprus apr invading turkish forces swiftly seized control saturday of a 10-mile-Long corridor from the North coast of Cyprus to the Island s capital of Nicosia. Bloody fighting raged most of the Day and was particularly heavy Between the greek and turkish cypriot communities in Nicosia. A Waves of airborne troops from Turkey continued to land on the Island . Secretary general Kurt Waldheim told the Security Council in new York. However . Military sources in Washington said the original Force had not been followed by any Large scale reinforcement to the original turkish Force estimated at 5,000, which swept onto the Northern coast of Cyprus Early saturday. Several Hundred paratroopers landed in turkish strongholds of Nicosia. Near the port of Limassol turkish cypriot fighters requested . Forces to supervise their surrender to the National guard led by greek officers Waldheim said. In the Early hours of the attack. Nicosia Shook with the sounds of bombing and the scream of turkish f4 phantom jets overhead being fired at by antiaircraft guns. The jets struck at greek cypriot positions. From the top of a six Story building in the City tires could be seen in at least to areas Waldheim said a turkish air attacks on the Nicosia Airport and other targets in Nicosia Quot were continuing. The Security Council appealed unanimously late saturday for a general ceasefire. A cease fire Between the two opposing communities in Nicosia was arranged saturday afternoon by . Peacekeeping forces but broke Down after 2 a hours. Meanwhile in Greece a general mobilization was ordered thousands of reservists reported for duty and the Athens Airport was closed to All but a few flights. Greek troops moved toward the turkish Border but there were no reports of any Crossings. The Security Council Appeal called for a general cease fire peace talks and withdrawal of the greek officers who led the cypriot National guard in the coup that overthrew president Makarios on monday. Waldheim declared Quot we Are faced with an appalling and extremely serious situation. With the arrival of turkish forces the fighting on Cyprus has reached a new level of violence and in a television speech to the greek cypriot Community saturday night. Nikos Sampson new president installed by the military regime claimed the Cyprus government people and army were United in battling the turkish invasion. Cyprus radio in its 16th military communique of the Day also reported the sur Render of turkish cypriot fighting forces in Limassol. It said greek cypriot forces had penetrated deep into turkish cypriot enclaves in Nicosia and the Western town of Paphos. In san Clemente. Calif., Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger expressed optimism that the turkish government would agree to join in negotiating with a reeks in London to Settle the crisis in Cyprus. He told newsmen that Greece was prepared to accept negotiation if a ceasefire could be agreed upon. Cyprus is in the Mediterranean sea 45 Miles from Turkey. About 500 Miles from the greek Mainland and 70 Miles West of Syria. At the request of Greece the United nations Security Council was summoned to emergency session to consider the invasion and the threat to International peace that would ensue from War Between Greece and Turkey. Such a conflict also would so a turks on 9 a asks withdrawal of greek officers Security Council makes Appeal for truce talks on Cyprus \ United nations. N y. Apr the in. Security Council appealed unanimously saturday for a cease fire on Cyprus for peace talks and for withdrawal of the greek officers who led the cypriot National guard in the coup that overthrew president Makarios. All 15 nations on the Council voted for the Appeal after . Secretary general Kurt Waldheim declared a we Are faced with an appalling and extremely serious situation. With the arrival of turkish forces the fighting on Cyprus has reached a new level of violence and the Appeal was negotiated in Day Long bargaining. The Makarios government was overthrown last monday and turkish forces invaded Cyprus at Dawn saturday. The Compromise Resolution a Calls upon All parties to the present fighting As a first step to cease All firing and requests All states to exer Cise the utmost restraint and to refrain from any action which might further aggravate the it a demands an immediate end to foreign military intervention in Cyprus a which infringes on the country s sovereignty Independence and territorial integrity. Referring to the greek officers a but not naming them specifically a it a requests the withdrawal without delay from. Cyprus of foreign military personnel present otherwise than under the authority of International agreements including those whose withdrawal was requested by the president of. Cyprus archbishop Makarios. In his letter of july 2�?� to the president of Greece. The turks claim they have a right to be there under terms of a 1%0 treaty. The existence of Cyprus As an Independent country was guaranteed by Britain Greece and Turkey in the treaty which gave the three the right to intervene in support of that Independence. The Resolution Calls on Greece. Turkey and Britain a to enter into negotiations without delay for the restoration of peace in the area and constitutional government in Cyprus and to keep the Secretary general informed. U s. Ambassador John a. Scali said a International peace hangs most precariously and dramatically in the balance As a result of the invasion. But he added a Turkey is and will remain an ally of the United states. Greece is and will remain an ally of the United states. It is in the interests of the greek and of the turkish people to insure that Greece remains an ally of Turkey. As enemies they stand to lose impeaching evidence substantial Point of invasion this map locates the turkish Quarter in the old City area of Nicosia Cyprus where turkish paratroops landed during a Down sea and air invasion saturday. A wire photo Washington a special counsel John Doar presented evidence for president Nixon s impeachment that he called a substantial and persuasive to the House judiciary committee on saturday. One member apparently persuaded by Doar s presentation was rep. George Danielson. D-Calif., who emerged from the closed door briefing to say a i have no Choice but to vote for other members withheld comment on the vote they will cast in about a week but there was general agreement that Doar and minority counsel Albert Jenner had put together an impressive documentary Case. A i think it is a very effective Job they have done so far a said rep. William Richardson claims in affidavit for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Check with . Q. What Are the symptoms of cd and please hurry k. A. After writing Down the symptoms taken from a medical guide it was decided that discussing sores and suppuration might not be in the Best interest of readers getting ready to eat or just after eating. Instead please Call your doctor or a Public health nurse 883-9166 tomorrow or go to the cd clinic held every wednesday at 12 30 p m. At the Guilford county health dept. The Public Library has medical reference books in which symptoms Are Given but a visit to someone in the medical profession for an examination is the Only Way to find out exactly what you have so proper treatment can be Given. Cutting the ring q. What can i use to remove a ring from a Beautiful Cut Glass Tumbler where Flowers had been put. I have used ammonia soda and Many other things but have had no Success. . A. A local jeweler suggested making a paste of baking soda and rubbing it with a soft cloth a which you say you be tried. You might try vinegar or else kerosene which is supposed to get grime off window panes and make them sparkle. If anyone else has a remedy please sing out. Jeff amp Mary s vows q. Could you please find out the vows that were said on a fall my children that comes on Channel 8 at i o clock in the after noon there were two candles lit and the parents of the couple were Given a red Rose each for giving their child to each others. Please try to find out the words that were spoken. Please answer As soon As you can. S. G. A. Is. Lorraine Gordon production Secretary of a fall my children in new York kindly rushed a copy of the actual script since your urgency suggested you might want to use the words in your own wedding ceremony. Naturally we settled Back getting misty eyed to read it before mailing it to you. Done to know Why we expected something from an Indian Mystic but after two sentences it was Plain to see it was the old familiar service from the Book of common prayer and the one used in practically All churches a except for a few extra to rubrics or directions like a the minister smiles reassuringly a and and now the bridal group is a flurry of and Libs and kisses. Music. Bridge to 5th that one dried the Mist from our eyes. Putting places Cox stirred displeasure Early q. Where Are the miniature Golf courses located and what time Are they opened and what Are the prices. This is urgent As we Are planning on an Outing for a sunday school class. Thank you. Thomasville resident. A. There Are two listed in the High Point directory Arnold Palmer putting course 106 w. Springdale ave., phone 882-6919 and putt putt Golf course 2418 n. Main St., 869-4273. Re action you said in your column on july 17, you could buy a product called Knell to get rid of crabs Kwell is a prescription item Only and can to buy it without one. We will be getting a lot of requests for Kwell Over the counter and can to be sold without a prescription. A a Farmer atty. Gen. Elliot Richardson has told the House judiciary committee that As Early As july 3, 1973, president Nixon was threatening to fire special watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox. An affidavit in which Rich Ardson described the presidential displeasure with Pentagon Calls up . Unit Washington a the Pentagon alerted an 800-Man army paratroop battalion in Italy on saturday As about a dozen . Warships including the Carrier Forrestal steamed toward Cyprus to evacuate americans if necessary. Officials stressed the two actions Are a prudent precautionary measures in Case evacuation is required and they stressed there is no intention to intervene militarily Between greeks and turks. The Pentagon said the readiness of the 1st battalion 509th infantry at Vicenza Italy was ordered increased. A the unit has not moved and has no orders to move a the Pentagon said. A it is simply in a higher state of readiness than Secretary of defense James r. Schlesinger monitored the situation in the Pentagon command Center and the joint chiefs of staff met to review the situation. But no major alerts were ordered for . Forces and Pentagon officials did not appear worried by the Alert of seven soviet airborne divisions a move regarded As a ploy designed to underscore russian diplomatic support for the turks. Unlike last Falls soviet airborne Alert during the Arab israeli War there was no evidence of any overt soviet threat to intervene. Cox was included in evidence made Public saturday by the House judiciary committee from its impeachment inquiry. In his affidavit dated june 17, 1974, Richardson said Gen. Alexander m. Haig jr., w flite House staff chief called him on july 3,1973, to ask about a news Story that Cox was investigating expenditures at the Western White House in san Clemente Calif. Richardson said Cox told him the report was erroneous. The attorney general relayed that world to Laig. A Gen. Haig said that he was not sure the president was not going to move on this to discharge or. Cox and that it could not be a matter of Cox s charter to investigate the president of the United again on july 23, Richardson said he got a Call from Haig who a told me that the a Boss was very uptight about Cox. General Haig told me that a if we have to have a confrontation we will have general Haig said that the president wanted a tight line drawn with no further and that if Cox does not agree we will get rid of finally said Richardson. In late september or Early october 1973, he met with Nixon to discuss the investigation and resignation of vice president Spiro t. See Cox on 9a Cohen a Maine one of a half dozen committee republicans who say they have not yet decided How to vote. Rep. David Dennis r-nd., a Strong defender of Nixon called Doar a a very effective at the same time the president s staff made Public a Legal Brief in which presidential lawyer James d. St. Clair sought to refute in detail a Broad Range of charges against Nixon. A major part of it dealt with the questions of payments to watergate defendant e. Howard Hunt or. It cited an often quoted remark by Nixon telling John w. Dean Iii a Well for a Sakes get it St. Clair argued this quote a obviously refers to Dean s suggestion that Hunt should be Given some signal and not Money. A significantly at no Point in his testimony either before the Senate select committee or before the grand jury did even John Dean accuse the president of having authorized any payments to Hunt. Dean testified the Money matter was left very much hanging at that meeting. Nothing was at the judiciary hearing members said Doar picked up where he left off Friday with a recital of events that he said placed Nixon in the Center of a White House directed plan to conceal the involvement of presidential aides in the watergate cover up. Slaying of . Soldiers reported by australian Sydney Australia apr a former australian Soldier claimed on saturday that he and five other australians watched new zealand troops kill six american soldiers in Vietnam. He made his allegation in an interview with the Sydney sunday Telegraph. It followed an Anonymous confession last week in a radio talk show in new zealand from one of the new sealanders allegedly involved in the shooting. The new zealand defense department has begun a top level investigation into the claim which it says it believes is genuine. The Anonymous new Sealander said that he and three others shot and killed the six americans they found raping and torturing vietnamese villagers. The australian Soldier said he and the five others were on a Jungle patrol. He said that hidden by Trees they watched the new sealanders and the americans firing at each other. Inside Reading euthanasia debated Page id new Urban minister Page 2a Denton 2a classified rages 2-18d 4a women s news Section b sport Section c television. Page 14c entertainment. Pages 13,14, 15c obituaries. Page 2d maybe even Economy is As expected Washington a government economists expected the first half of the year to be bad and it was. But inflation and real production were even worse than expected. There is concern that the expected second half recovery might not be enough to balance off the losses. Here s How the Economy a performance so far stacks up with original projections a Gross National product the nations total output of goods and services was originally expected to Rise 8 per cent without allowing for inflation. So far the increase has been at a 6 per cent annual rate. A inflation As figured into the Gross National product computations was expected to be 7 per cent Over the year. However the increase for the first half when projected Over the year would be to per cent a on the brighter Side employment was expected to Peak at about 6 per cent and average about 5.5 per cent for the year. The rate so far Hasni to gone above 5 2 per cent a Mike average is just below that. After allowance for erosion of the Dollar due to inflation the real output of the Economy declined for the entire first half of the year. Six months ago the presidents Council of economic advisers forecast a the situation at the beginning of the year does not appear to presage any Long or severe the Council is still projecting a slight gain in real output but other economists Are More guarded a slow and improving growth is expected but the pattern of that growth will probably not attain the level that was expected a said Sidney l Jones top Deputy to the presidents economic coordinator. Quot this will result in Little if any growth a he said. A and we probably will not have any growth for the year As a whole Given the Sharpness of the first Quarter drop a the administration contends the first half drop was a an Energy crisis spasms a which shouldst carry Over into the final six months. However Courtenay m. Slater an economist with Congress joint economic committee argues that inflation was More broadly based than that and the increases still working their Way through the Economy. A the fact that we now have no wage policy and incomes policy to Deal with this problem is unfortunate a she said. The administration approach is to maintain tight budget and fiscal controls and Quot not lose our nerve a As Herbert Stein departing chairman of the Council of economic advisers has urged. But a major Factor of uncertainty in the second half of the year to both administration and Independent economists is the possibility of crippling strikes. Contract negotiations covering two million workers in vital industries such As Coal Ocean shipping construction and nonferrous metals Are scheduled Franco seen out of crisis by Fenton Wheeler associated press writer Madrid Spain apr Spain s ailing Leader Gen. Francisco Franco appeared on saturday to have pulled Back from a near fatal medical crisis nevertheless the 81-year-old general faced a Long recovery and it was Uncertain whether he could Ever resume his Powers As chief of slate which he temporarily handed Over on fonday to Prince Juan Carlos de Bor Bon the Man he has chosen to become Spain a next King. Doctors said saturday that Franco had passed a the acute period a after suffering an intestinal Haemorrhage while being treated for an inflamed vein in his thigh. They also reported for the first time that Franco had suffered thrombophlebitis or clotting in his leg

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