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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jul 20 1974, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 20, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Good afternoon a saturday july 20, 1974 from the Macon a news is nude lewd in a split decision an appeals court in new York delivered itself of the opinion that a nude body is not necessarily a lewd body. Thus was Dian Hardy vindicated nearly three years after she was arrested for nude sunbathing with several friends on an isolated Beach on Long Island. Miss Hardy then 25, who describes herself As a kind of stubborn a decided to fight her conviction and $100 Fine. But whether the judicial decision brings Joy to your heart or fills you with dismay at the crumbling moral foundations of the Republic its not Likely to become a precedent setter. Apparently a Good Many persons share the fears of Justice Thomas p. Farley a dissenter from the Hardy decision who sadly predicted that a the a streakers of today May become the complacent unadorned a strollers of hardly was the Ink dry on the court ruling than officials announced there will be no naked sunbathing on state beaches along Long islands shores or within several municipalities of the Island. Other Laws such As those covering to mix a metaphor indecent exposure will be studied As possible ways to control the practice. The town attorney for Oyster Bay John m. Conroy said he Hopes every Case will be brought personally to his attention a so that i can watch it very he too warned that unadorned bathers would face arrest but added a if we lose in the courts we will just have to turn the other from the Goldsboro news Argus snapping at the gnat new Federal Energy chief John Sawhill was on the today show and Barbara Walters noticed he Wasny to wearing a Necktie. Sawhill explained the significance of the Way he was dressed. The Energy office he said is encouraging people to run their thermostats up to 78 this from the Norfolk Ledger Star summer. Then to be More comfortable people should take off their neckties and loosen their shirts. It made some sense. It would have made a lot More had John Sawhill a sans Necktie not been sitting there wearing a coat. Baseball s Little lib Bers Little league baseball has thrown in the Towel on defending its for boys Only National charter. The governing Board has decided the organization no longer will oppose girls playing in the leagues it sanctions. With lawsuits sprouting and some leagues accepting girls at risk of losing their affiliation the Board did the Only sensible thing it opted for leaving the matter to the local leagues and teams and to the girls with a hankering to play baseball. Henceforth they Are to be judged on the same basis As the boys who try out a according to physical capabilities and baseball skills. What the girls Are going to find out is that Little league is a highly structured Competition Between adult managers As Well As from the Atlanta journal Youthful players with a High Premium on performance. Not every candidate is placed on a team and not every player avoids some time on the Bench. Considering baseball a Long tradition As a boys game girls May not always find easy recognition for their prowess. But if they prefer baseball to Barbie and Ken it is simply fair play for them to have the Opportunity to try. And of course on can count on Little league parents to see to it that their Young players get a fair shake be they Little boys or Little lib ers. Here and there around the country girls who can run and hit and catch Are already competing on equal terms with tile boys. But it Isnit baseball that a changing a its the girls. Credit Pinch and then there a the Case reported in the new England journal of Medicine of a doctor to suggested his patient Stop carrying a Bill stuffed Wallet in his Back pocket while driving his car. The diagnosis was painful sciatica and the condition was described As a credit we be heard that credit cards can be a dangerous Possession but have never heard it explained in those terms. From the Winston Salem journal repent sinner we Are not sure whether to laugh or cry Over the remarkable performance of Shearon Harris president of Carolina Power and Light co., before the . Utilities commission. If his testimony reflects accurately the attitude of the whole electric Power Industry we should All Brace ourselves for new and devastatingly inflationary rounds of rate increase demands. Harris testifying in defense of up amp los petition for a 21 per cent rate increase told the utilities commissioners that they need a to confess their sins repent and mend their the a a sin of the commission it seems lies in its refusal to Grant up amp a every rate increase it seeks. Searching his own company a conscience however Harris found up amp a immaculate save for one transgression the company should have asked for More. Sooner. For the hapless consumer who sees his Power Bill climbing relentlessly despite All from the new York times his conservation efforts a there is no escape from the the utilities commission must a bite the Bullet and Tell the Consumers that higher rates Are a truly in their in defense of the iniquitous commission it should be noted that up amp a has been permitted to impose All but one per cent of the rate increases it has sought since october on an interim basis. An escalator clause also allows the company to pass along higher fuel costs to the consumer. Meanwhile drastic cuts in up amp a expansion plans have not affected the company a rate demands one Whit even though the need to raise expansion Money is claimed As a major justification for higher rates. Harris Call for confession and repentance is timely but misdirected. It is the electric Power Industry not the utilities commission that should beware for the end of the consumer a patience a and pocketbook a is the super spenders is the Only role we teach Young adults to play in our society that of Consumers one often thinks so seeing the barrage of advertisements in publications and on television aimed at impressionable Young adults. Mostly they Are seen As potential buyers rather than As potential citizens or potential parents for example. Now seventeen Magazine has joined the Parade. Seventeen directed to Young girls has fostered a reputation through the years As a relatively responsible relatively non exploitative publication. It carried advertisements pitched to its readership. But it made a Point editorially of seeing Young girls in contexts other than just standing at a Cash Register. This emphasis contributed to its Success. But it reputation is marred in our View by a promotion and it recently placed in another publication. New York Niaga Zine. Citizen has big role in ant corruption by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus hints from the latest Federal crime report show How you can Tell who Are the Crooks in government. Now Law enforcement is not a game of cops and robbers in which the people play the Trees concludes that report which places High value upon citizen involvement As a key Factor in reducing crime. If More people knew How to go about it there a a probability the excessive number of break ins burglaries and muggings in High Point could be greatly reduced. A much of the alienation in this country May result from the Lack of Power Many citizens feel in relation to the institutions they have set up to run their says one official involved in producing the report. Accordingly a major recommendation is the creation of neighbourhood groups to supplement in generating crime and juvenile delinquency programs and an evaluation of the honesty and efficiency of governmental departments and agencies at the local county and state Levels. The report lists some 300 or so communities which have set up citizen crime prevention programs with signal Success in Many instances. Examples include a Volunteer probation organization in Royal Oak mich., a tutoring and training program at Indianapolis to return dropouts to school and several organizations in which businesses provide jobs for teen agers and people with drug and police records. It also recommends ways for fighting corruption in government. Among them Are establishment of ethics codes and ethics boards to enforce such codes a requirement for Public disclosure of government officials financial holdings and professional interests and for Public financing of elections campaigns. Also there is a Check list of 74 questions designed to reveal the possible existence of local corruption. Here is a Sample of the questions a a a yes answer indicates possibility of corruption a is competitive bidding on municipal contracts not required a Are kickbacks and reciprocity regarded by the business Community As just another Cost of doing business a is it customary for citizens to tip sanitation workers letter carriers and other groups of government employees at christmastime a is double parking permitted in front of some restaurants or taverns but not in front of others a is illegal gambling conducted without much interference from authorities a does one encounter Long delays when applying for a Drivers License for the issuance of a building permit or for payment in connection with services rendered the City or state a is there a wide Between what the Law declares illegal and popular morality a Are patronage appointments extensive a Are vice operations in certain sections of the City More or less tolerated by authorities a is it common knowledge that jury duties can be avoided or a traffic ticket fixed a do the police courage citizens from making complaints or pressing charges0 a Are key Public officials not required to disclose sources of income and the nature of their investments0 a Are complainants in judicial proceedings frequently not notified of the Date they Are supposed to appear in court a Are records of official government agencies closed to Public inspection a Are citizens barred from Public meetings and from Access to what should be Public records a do bail Bondsmen flourish within the Community a do business establishments give certain Public employees free meals passes discounts and the like a is there no mechanism to Monitor court testimony of building inspectors liquor inspectors and other enforcement personnel to determine whether their court testimony differs from their original reports to the extent that defendants Are thereby freed Washington merry go round resurrecting an ancient controversy the first of a two Page color and shows a Young girl amid dress Racks. The copy above reads a although disguised As a typical teenage girl she s on the next Page we find the answer a super spender a the same girl is pictured in a Gimmicky Green and Pink outfit with a Money Belt easy to reach pens for signing checks and charge accounts and a flick of credit cards. We Are told she not Only has her own Money to spend but Access to her fathers a a astronomical buying Power. Is this How seventeen really views its readers0 today this girl is tomorrow having Learned to play that role she May become a frazzled housewife a an easy Mark for the latest appliances Miracle cleaners and other assorted products that will make her feel secure by for instance assuring her that her neighbors can to smell in her living room what the family had for dinner the night before. By Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington half of America today drinks fluoridated water to Avert cavities. Yet Federal authorities Are suddenly taking another belated look at its safety and effectiveness. This could revive the great fluoridation controversy of 20 years ago although the authorities Are going about it cooly and quietly. The fluoride fighters of the 1950s regarded the addition of fluoride to drinking water As a a communist plot to brainwash the american people. For those who have forgotten or Are too Young to remember there really were a Little old ladies in Tennis shoes passing out pamphlets in the aisles of new York subways. There were town marches and angry campaigns. The daughters of the american revolution were aghast. But gradually the tide turned. The Public health service led the fight for fluoridation. Or signal hearings in 1961 seemed to show fluoride was Safe and did no to build up in the body. In 1961, 70 communities turned to fluoride. Another too added fluoride to their tap water in 1962. The fluoride fighters All but fell apart in 1966 when they lost their final Battle in new York City. American dentists helped sound the death Knell by putting their official Seal on fluoridated Crest to the envy and outrage of less resourceful dentifrice paddlers. Soon the Doughty daughters stood almost alone with last ditch anti fluoride fanatics Manning mime machines. But a few worried scientists had their own private reservations. Within the last few Days the food and drug administration has taken some careful tentative Steps to reconsider fluoridation. The Fua is moving at the insistence of a California Institute of technology biologist who is so reluctant to make his findings Public that he begged us to kill this Story. The quiet scientist is or. Edward Groth Iii whose hesitant conclusions come from study of 1,000 papers and countless abstracts books summaries and scientific publications. On june 3, with much hedging and apology Groth wrote to or. Lloyd Tepper of Day a energetic associate commissioner himself a student of anti cavity additives. A i must admit to being a bit reluctant to write to you on this subject a he told Tepper a since i do not want to get into a position of supporting the opponents of fluoridation with whom i have Little Groth said he recognized that the body of research seeming to a support the effectiveness and safety of fluoridation is enormous. And there is an apparently overwhelming consensus among experts that fluoridation reduces dental caries some 60 per cent without any Adverse effects on any that duly acknowledged Groth proceeds to make a devastating Case for reopening the files on fluoridation. For one thing he observes the Public health service was involved in a Gigantic conflict of interest at the time of the fluoride fever. The fluoridation idea Ash explains it a was developed by the dental Branch of the pus and the evaluation of the adequacy of the evidence was conducted primarily by pcs scientists and by other outside scientists who were also very much involved in the development and promotion of the the key studies said Groth lacked even a the most Basic elements of a Blind design which ensure total objectivity. Besides factors such As the subjects dental care diet and fluoride intake were never even cranked into the studies he reported. More ominously Groth wrote a there is still not adequate evidence despite numerous statements from High places to the contrary that fluoridation is without appreciable All these considerations were brushed aside 20 years ago because of a the political controversy which swirled around the heat of the debate a made it expedient to have As firm a scientific statement As possible and As Early in the game As possible a Groth concluded. When Tepper got the letter he told us he decided that Quot we could not just push it aside. It comes with credentials of a High not Only Groth he explained but some of his elders including two Well known biologists and a pharmacologist Are also concerned about the Long Range effects of fluoridation. Quot we definitely have made no conclusions but we Are going to look into the Issue a he told us. Groth who had hoped the new fluoridation controversy could be handled within the scientific Community told us Quot pm keeping my fingers crossed. I done to want it to Lead to More choosing up footnote Groth has at least one powerful ally in Washington. Ralph Nader tells us he has been worried about the Inadequacy of follow up tests on fluoride in take for years. He blames the Fra for foot dragging on a definitive nationwide Survey. As Earl Butz surveys scene he s our economic illiterate by Alan Emory North american newspaper Alliance Washington logic is not one of agriculture Secretary Earl Butzu a Strong Points. Butz is now worried Over the squeeze that has caught cattlemen with High feed prices on one Side and falling meat prices on the other. What seems to have escaped Butz to this Point is that he helped mightily to contribute to those High feed prices with his sponsorship of huge wheat sales to the soviet Union and his firm stance against any limits on food exports. Butz threatens on the one hand to Cut off american imports of beef from other countries and lambasted the decision by Canada not to import beef from the United states because american cattle growers use an artificial growth stimulant known As Des which can cause cancer and Canada bans Des for its own growers. Last year Butz was a big proponent of Liberal Trade policies but the Prospect of meat imports while beef prices Are declining has prompted him to change his mind. Not that he worried greatly Over imports of cheese and milk powder when milk prices were declining to Farmers in the United states. Presumably a Dairy Farmers Are politically expendable a now that their Early lavish contributions Are in the Bank a but the meat growers Are something else again. There is a political Cloud now hanging Over the big Dairy cooperatives but nothing comparable making the Public suspicious about the ranchers. The administration has Long championed the cause of Market place Economy with Consumers exercising the influence of demand on prices. Consumers at the Early urging of the Nixon administration held Back at buying meat and prices dropped. Now the administration no longer wants to Trust to the Consumers judgment. The administration according to sen. Jacob javits r-n.y., a brags so much about Supply and demand and drops wage and Price controls but when a situation arises that has potential political implications it rushes in with its own corrective plans. Javits remarking on the switch in Trade policy maintains that the administration has no business erecting barriers on the very products that might help the hard pressed consumer by allowing prices to decline. The administration repeatedly expresses alarm Over inflation. Inflation prompted president Nixon recently to Issue a directive to Federal agencies to hold Down spending. Congressmen say that inflation is the number one Issue this year just about everywhere. One Way to combat inflation is to get prices Down but when it comes to a key food ingredient like meat the administration is going just the other Way and feeding the fires of inflation by trying to prop prices up. Ironically most imports account for Only about eight per cent of Domestic con sumption so the Impact on the Domestic Industry is relatively minor while the Impact on prices at the supermarket while Small could help. So Butz favored limitless exports of Grain which helped boost food prices to Consumers and feed costs to cattlemen who in turn had to raise the Price of meat to the consumer which added to inflation and when Consumers rebelled to keep prices Down Butz argued against other countries exporting meat Here because that might help keep prices at a reasonable level. When Butz spoke recently to the National conference on Public service and Extension in institutions of higher education in Athens ga., he said a each Day i am in government i am More and More convinced that the most limiting Factor in Good government is the shockingly Low level of economic literacy of the american Consumers trying to meet budget limits might be excused for suspecting that the real economic illiterate is Earl Butz. Berry s world la Ike a 1974 by Nea everybody s been coming in Here and a Cosbohn Ivino me to death Quot

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