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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 20, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather cooler More data on 5a 90th year no. 200 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., saturday afternoon july 20, 1974 14 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c bloody fighting ensues As turks invade Cyprus Nicosia Cyprus apr bloody fighting raged today in Cyprus on the first Day of a massive turkish invasion by sea and air. Turkish jets bombed and strafed much of the strategic Mediterranean Island including the capital Nicosia and the area Between Nicosia and by Renia a resort town on the North coast. Airborne troops made at least four drops on the Island three in and around the capital which is to Miles Inland from Yrenia. Fires burned in Nicosia. Greece declared a general mobilization and moved troops toward its Border with Turkey raising the possibility of a direct clash Between the North Atlantic treaty organization allies. United nations peacekeeping forces that have been on Cyprus for 10-years were reported trying to arrange cease fires in some areas. A British forces radio report said fighting had been halted for 3v2 hours in the Limassol area of Southern Cyprus while convoys evacuated foreign nationals from Limassol to a nearby British base. Turkish f4 phantom fighter bombers hit a mental Hospital in Nicosia killing at least 20 persons and wounding 60, an associated press photographer reported. Cyprus radio controlled by the military backed government that toppled the regime of archbishop Makarios on monday reported that six turkish planes had been shot Down. At the request of Greece the . Security Council was summoned into urgent session in new York to take up the invasion. The turkish attack Early today was six Days after the a i. A i f ppr Al id ii surrounded by supporters ousted Cyprus president archbishop Makarios makes Way through crowd of pro Makarios demonstrators outside the United nations in new York Friday after the ousted Leader spoke before the . Security Council. Coup which revived fears by turkish cypriots of annexation by Greece. Turkish planes bombed greek sections of Nicosia. Fires burned in at least to areas in and around Nicosia the worst at the Airport and near a greek cypriot Camp. Residents huddled in stairwells basements and other parts of their Homes seeking shelter from the fighting. Many held radios to their. Ears trying to learn what was happening. In a broadcast six hours after the Start of the invasion Ece Vit declared a the turkish government did not resort to armed action before All the other Means were tried but to no he said that under treaties a Turkey is co guarantor of the Independence and constitutional order of Cyprus. Turkey is fulfilling her Legal responsibility by taking this action a Nikos Sampson the greek cypriot installed As president in the coup that ousted Makarios broadcast to the turkish Community a your leadership is betraying you. In order to cover up its internal weaknesses it is leading you into a grave adventure from which you would be the in Washington military officials said seven soviet divisions had been alerted in Western and Southern Russia in an apparent show of support for the turkish Side. Pentagon spokesman Jerry Friedheim said elements of the 6th Fleet a will approach closer to Cyprus in order to enhance our capability to evacuate . Citizens should that contingency As the fighting raged there were these developments a the North Atlantic treaty organization met in so a bloody fighting on 5a Ford says no pressure hot Springs a. Apr vice president Gerald r. Ford said he wont engage in any a farm twisting lobbying to Ward off president Nixon a possible impeachment by the House. A i think that san insult to most members of the House a Ford said. At the same time the vice president who maintains evidence does not exist to prove Nixon has committed any impeachable offence said he will Campaign for republicans in this Falls elections on a a highly selective but still unspecified basis. Ford himself appeared slightly confused As to what that basis is. He told a news conference Friday afternoon in Roanoke va., that he might Well Campaign for and support democratic candidate who had shown support for Nixon administration policies. In route by plane to hot Springs he modified that stand and repeated earlier statements that there May be some democratic candidates whose districts he will not enter in support of their Republican opponents. A i have no plans to Campaign in person for any democrats a Ford said through a press spokesman. Impeach articles considered Washington a articles of impeachment holding president Nixon personally and directly responsible for the watergate scandal Are under consideration by the House judiciary committee. The articles Are part of a package presented by special counsel John Doar who says the evidence in support of them warrants Nixon a impeachment. Doaris analysis of that evidence continues today in another closed door session dealing with charges of illegal intelligence gathering misuse of government agencies tax fraud and contempt of Congress. More discussions and a presentation of arguments against impeachment by the minority staff Are scheduled for Early next week and on wednesday the committee will begin its fateful deliberations with the possibility of a vote on whether to recommend impeachment by next saturday. The committee sessions Are expected to be televised. Any recommendation by the committee will go to the full House which would decide whether to impeach Nixon. If the majority votes impeachment the charges would then go to trial in the Senate with a two thirds vote needed for conviction and removal from office. In his opening presentation Friday Doar dropped the role of the impartial investigator presenting facts without conclusions and Laid Down what most democrats described As a Strong Case for impeachment on the basis of watergate alone. His performance produced an angry response from Nixon a press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler who said Doar was a out of order in the extreme in marshalling facts on the Side of impeachment. Several Republican committee members said they thought Doar did a Good Job in pulling together a Case from the mass of material before the committee. A i think it was a fair time for him to Tell us How he thinks a said rep. Caldwell Butler r-va., one of the uncommitted republicans. A the has been very restrained up be impeach on 5a orders attorneys off Nixon halted suit Washington a president Nixon temporarily halted an antitrust action against itt in 1971 by telling then Deputy atty. Gen. Richard g. Kleindienst to a stay the hell out of it a according to a presidential transcript made Public by the House judiciary committee. Asst. Atty. Gen. Richard l. Mclaren made Nixon so furious for his aggressive antitrust policies that the president told Kleindienst on april 19, 1971 a a. I want something clearly understood and if it is not understood Mclaren a ass is to be out within an hour. A the it amp to thing a stay the hell out of it. Is that Clear Quot a i done to know whether itt a wire photo toward Turk Border greeks moving army astronauts Ehr Fly celebrate anniversary Athens Greece a Greece declared a general mobilization of its forces today and greek troops were moving into front line positions along the euros River Between Greece and Turkey. The troops had been on Alert since the crisis in Cyprus erupted on monday. The greek supreme command was in emergency session today to direct military St. Clair claims efforts. A Turkey acted at 5 45 a m., or 3 45 a Greenwich mean time in violation of standing agreements its Allied commitments and landed military forces on Cyprus a a greek government statement said. A this act is a i Tuuu Vvs a tion of International agreements governing Cyprus threatens International peace and comprises a coup on turkeys part which endangers vital greek in a Greece denounces these illegal turkish acts and declares it will defend with All its strength its Legal rights and National interests wherever it judges that these Are being threatened by illegal and expansionary turkish a in View of the created situation general mobilize president not swayed by Campaign donations Washington a president Nixon was swayed by economics and politics but not by promised Campaign contributions when he decided to boost the milk Price subsidy his impeachment lawyer claims. A economic and traditional political considerations were the Only basis of the decision to increase the Price support level a said Nixon attorney James d. St. Clair in a 217-Page statement of evidence submitted to the House judiciary committee. In another 208-Page statement White House lawyers suggest that Nixon took no part in the settlement of antitrust suits against the International Telephone amp Telegraph corp. The documents were made Public by the committee on Friday As it also released volumes describing impeachment evidence against Nixon in those two cases. The milk Case involves allegations that Nixon on March 23, 1971, ordered the subsidy increased to 85 per cent of parity in Exchange for a pledge of Campaign contributions from associated milk producers inc. And other milk organizations. In the position outlined to the committee Nixon stuck with the stance he took in a statement last january in which he conceded that a traditional political considerations Quot influenced his decision. Recounting Nixon a meeting with seven administration officials on the Day of the decision St. Clair said Nixon was told that Congress probably would pass legislation raising the subsidy to 85 per cent of parity. The agriculture department had announced nine Days earlier that the subsidy would be held at 80 per cent. John b. Connally then Treasury Secretary a pointed out that politically the president was going to have to be Strong in Rural american and that the milk producers groups could draw on 100,000 Farmers a to amass an enormous amount of Money which they were going to use in various congressional and senatorial races All Over the country to the presidents political detriment a St. Clair wrote. Connally predicted that Nixon would lose six Dairy states in the 1972 election if he vetoed legislation raising the subsidy. A the president then made the judgment that Congress was going to pass the Bill and that he could not veto it a St. Clair said. A the president then adopted a proposal by Connally that a Trade off be made giving the dairymen an increase in 1971 in return for a Promise not to seek an increase in 1972.�?� discussing Nixon a meeting earlier that Day with a delegation from the milk see president on a tion has been ordered. A news of the turkish invasion had already circulated throughout the greek capital prompting a Rush on grocery stores for the Purchase of provisions. Shops and offices were closing Down and employers ordered their workers to go Home. Reserve officers rushed to police stations to report for duty. Banks throughout Greece were ordered closed in order to Ward off a run by depositors. Greece accuses Turkey Brussels Belgium apr Greece accused Turkey of aggression against Cyprus at a North Atlantic Council meeting called today to prevent War Between the two nato Powers. Such a War would be the first major conflict Ever Between nato allies. The greek representative spoke at the 80-minute morning session accusing Turkey of aggression in the invasion of Cyprus. Later the turkish representative told the Council that his country a forces had moved to eliminate a danger to the lives of All cypriots and to restore the constitutional regime a nato source reported. The source said the United states ambassador Donald Rumsfeld told the meeting that the United states wants the Allied governments to work at the highest level to restore peace in Cyprus. Washington a the Apollo la astronauts Are taking part in Washington ceremonies this weekend to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Many a first Landing on the Moon. Neil a. Armstrong Edwin e. Aldrin or. And Michael Collins planned a news conference today at the smithsonian institution where Collins is director of the air and space museum. It was to be followed by a Public ceremony on the mall with members of Congress space Agency officials and other astronauts participating. On sunday the three will go to the Washington Cathedral to help dedicate a space window in which will be imbedded a Small chunk of Moon Rock they brought Back to Earth. Five years ago today Armstrong and Aldrin now an aerospace consultant took Man s first Steps on the Moon while Collins orbited overhead in the command ship. Plumbers convicts attack sentences Washington a John d. Ehrlichman and g. Gordon Liddy Are seeking to have their convictions in the Ellsberg break in Case set aside. In motions filed Friday in . District court Ehrlichman president Nixon a former Domestic adviser contended that the jury a guilty verdict july 12 was influenced in part by the facial expressions of the trial judge and the attempted escape of two prisoners in the courthouse. Liddy onetime counsel to Nixon s re election finance committee asserted that evidence during the trial did not Challenge his Contention that he believed a search warrant had been obtained for the entry into the offices of Daniel Ellsberg a psychiatrist. Because the prosecution never questioned his superiors about a search warrant it should be assumed that one was obtained Liddye a motion said. Ehrlichmann a request for a new trial asserted that . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell while Ehrlichman was testifying a repeatedly made facial expressions and turned away from the witness in such a manner As to indicate to the jury that or. Ehrlichman could not be a the result of this conduct was to indicate to the jury the court s opinion on guilt and thereby unduly and improperly influenced the jury a deliberation a the motion said. A and As a result a guilty verdict was returned a Ehrlichmann a lawyers also noted that the seizure of the courthouse Cellblock by two armed convicts took place while the trial was in closing stages. Is bad Good or indifferent a the president went on. A there is not going to be any More antitrust actions As Long As i am in this Kleindienst pleaded guilty to a Misdemeanour charge for refusing to testify fully about the same conversation before a Senate committee considering his nomination to be attorney general. The transcript is included in two volumes of evidence prepared by the committee staff in its impeachment inquiry and released on Friday. Nixon a Side of the itt controversy is in a third volume. Evidence gathered by the judiciary staff generally supports the presidents Contention that he knew nothing of the itt pledge to help support the 1972 Republican National convention. The president is shown to have consistently argued against filing antitrust suits against conglomerates just because of their size. The april 19 transcript covers a meeting Between Nixon former presidential aide John d. Ehrlichman and then director of the office of management and budget George p. Shultz and a Telephone Call Between Nixon and Kleindienst. In the Call the president so Nixon on 5a what s inside \ amusements.6b bridge.6b classified ads.2-5b comics a crossword. 6b editorials4a obituaries.3a sports1-2b television .5a news analysis Cyprus imperils detente by William l. Ryan a special correspondent american policymakers Are playing their cards in the tangled Cyprus situation with an Eye to the soviet Union As Well As to the greek turks and cypriots themselves. All through the past week before today a turkish invasion of Cyprus and reports that the russians have placed seven divisions of troops on Alert the United states plagued by a Quarter Century of cold War phobias had begun to appear in a most curious situation. In the wonderland of diplomacy things a As Alice would have put it a got a curio user and the Cyprus takeover by greek office red insurgents produced a situation wherein the americans seemed caught in a Sticky web of contradictory Aims. Officially a and commercially a the United states is eager for steadily better relations with the soviet Union. Yet in the Cyprus blowup the american stance was obviously dictated by fear of that same soviet Union. Detente is one thing but any threat to american Access to bases surrounding the .s.r. Or to the american position in the Mediterranean would be quite another. The North Atlantic treaty organization allies in Europe Are much closer geographically to the soviet Union and logically should have More to fear in terms of a need for such military conveniences As Greece and Cyprus could provide. But while the West euro Pean allies were about unanimous in damning the Junta that toppled president Makarios the United states minced apprehensively int the situation finding it a. Fully awkward. There can be Little quarrel with the american Effort after the coup was an accomplished fact to prevent a military clash Between Greece and Turkey. Such a clash could tear asunder the Eastern Anchor of nato. Still Washington clearly was singularly diffident see Cyprus on a

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