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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 8, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Your maker will understand it High Point Enterprise monday july 8, 1974 7a dear Ann in a a 50-year-old woman with a wonderful husband and a handsome 18-year-old son. We have a Fine Homelike and i am one of the happiest people i know. Recently i dreamed about the Man i divorced 20 years ago. We were married briefly and had no children. I had barely thought of him All these years but after that dream i had an uncontrollable impulse to phone him Long distance to find out How his life had gone. He was easy to locate. I Learned he has a Good marriage and five teenagers. Here a the problem i have a progressive Case of glaucoma. In a few years i May be sightless. I want to take a Cross country trip to see my sex husband and his Ann Landers says family while i still have my eyes. My husband says if i go i bother to come Back. Why should it be a crime to see one s sex he was also a part of my life. Or am i completely insane As i get older i become increasingly concerned about meeting my maker. I want to remove All feelings of ill will Between myself and every living soul. Please provide an answer for me and for millions of other divorced people who share this problem. A Uncertain dear a if you could persuade your husband to go with you and perhaps take your son along it would cast an entirely different Light on the trip and be an excellent Compromise. If however you Are unable to persuade him my advice is to stay Home and forget it. A your maker will understand. In my opinion it would be a mistake to jeopardize what sounds like a Fine marriage to satisfy a a sudden and there a always the possibility that his present wife might resent it if you turned up out of the blues alone. Dear Ann in a scared to death my a it it. At wit s end children can invent great Home remedies by Erma Bombeck a group of fourth graders in Washington were Given a first Aid quiz recently and their answers revealed something i always suspected. Children under 12 Are not Only injurious to your mental health they can fix it so you can visit that big Utility room in the sky sooner than planned. These Are just a few of their Home for head colds use an agonized to Spray the nose until it drops in the Throat. For nose bleed put the nost lower than the body. For Snake bite bleed the wound and wrap the victim in a Blanket for Shock. For fractures to see if the limb is broken wiggle it gently Back and Forth. For fainting Hub the persons Chest or if it is a lady rub her above the hand. For asphyxiation apply artificial respiration until the victims dead. The Over simplification of treatment has never failed to amaze me. Several years ago our son announced he wanted to be a baby Sitter. Frankly i Trust the kid to turn off the sprinkler so i summoned him to the Kitchen one Day and said Quot what do you know about babies a a a what a to know a he shrugged. A for openers what would you do if the baby swallowed a Coin and started to choke a he thought a moment a what denomination a a what difference does that make a a if it was a Quarter. Id go for it but a Penny id just write it a forget the Money. Just say it choked on a a then id never give it another banana a i know that but assume you had and it is a a in a get the vacuum sweeper nozzle and suck it a where did you in All of your life get such a harebrained stupid idiotic idea like that a a from used a sweeper nozzle when i stuck a piece of Popcorn in my ear once. And done to worry mom. After All i am la years if any fourth grader has a cure for curing 11-year-Olds, 1 11 listen. Daughter is a shoplifter and i done to know what to do about it. She a not a child a she a 24 years old married and lives in another City. Several Days ago she came to visit me for the weekend. We went shopping together and she asked me to lend her a few dollars to pay for some cosmetics because she had left her Wallet at the House. I did so gladly. Later that Day we went into the Linen department and i purchased some towels and bedsheets. My daughter admired some Lovely embroidered napkins but passed them up because she a could no to afford later that evening she went out with friends. I wanted to try the new cosmetics so i went into her room. The cosmetics weren t on the Dresser so i opened her suitcase. My heart Sank when i found along with the cosmetics the Beautiful embroidered napkins a six of them with the Price tags still attached. I am heartsick and done to know what to do. She san intelligent person and i done to understand How she can take such a Chance with her reputation. I love this girl very much and can to bring myself to Tell her for fear Shell hate me for a a snooping in her suitcase. I need your advice Ann. A heartsick Mother dear Mother you must Tell your daughter at the earliest Opportunity that you know about the embroidered napkins. Explain you know she a not a thief but she a unwell and needs professional help. Urge her to seek that help at once. Confidential to want to be Well a distinguished physician listed the principal causes for a feeling Rotten when no organic disease is present. Heading the list is fear then come frustration anger hatred envy and self cent redness. He said the Best antidote is love. Are your parents too strict hard to reach Ann Landers Booklet a bugged by parents How to get More Freedom a could help you Bridge the generation Gap. Send 50 cents in Coin with your request and a Long stamped self addressed envelope to Ann Landers . Box 3346, Chicago Illinois 60654. Brenda Mabe is married to Harold Wayne Grubb monday 7 yoga 7 . And or. Lifesaving 7 swim 8 yoga tuesday 9 9 30 a swim 10 for girls 10 , 3 and 4 years. 10 15 beginner swim 10 30 , late 4. 5 and 6 years 11 . A tadpoles intermediate 11 30 preschool swim 12 noon infants swim class 2 15 plunge 4 class 7 . And or. Lifesaving 7 swim 7 30 7 30 wednesday 9 9 30 a swim 10 for girls 10 , 3 and 4 years 10 15 beginner swim 10 30 , late 4, 5 and 6 years 11 . A tadpoles intermediate 11 30 preschool swim 12 noon infants swim class 2 15 plunge Trinity Brenda Mabe daughter of or. And mrs. Allan r. Mabe of route 2 and Harold Wayne Grubb son of or. And mrs. Harold Grubb of 110 Brookdale dr., High Point were wed on sunday at gospel Baptist Church. Officiating minister was the Rev. A. F. Blackburn. A prelude of wedding music was presented by David Clemens soloist and Ronnie Brown organist. The Bride was Given in marriage by her father. She wore a White formal gown of silk organza designed with an Empire Waistline with bands of Venise lace decorating the bodice High Collar and Bishop sleeves. The a line skirt featured a Chapel length train bordered with appliqued lace. She wore a Juliet Cap with a fingertip length veil of illusion attached. Her bouquet was a White Orchid encircled with daisies Topping a White Bible. The maid of Honor was the brides sister Diane Mabe. Bridesmaids were Cathy Dills Diane Mills Kathy Davis Carol Tysinger. Junior bridesmaid was Kelly Cooper. The Honor attendant wore a full length polyester gown of Blue yellow and Green flowered print. The bridesmaids wore identical gowns in solid pastel colors of Green yellow Blue Pink and Lavender. They All wore Matching picture hats and carried Long stemmed mums a with Matching streamers. The bridegrooms father was Best Man. Ushers were Bill Grubb brother of the bridegroom Kenneth Bartlett Keith Cruthis Terry Hobbs. Junior usher was Randy Grubb brother of the bridegroom. The Bride is a 1973 graduate of Randleman High school where she was a member of the French club Monogram club fat. Cha and annual staff. She is employed at Adams Millis As a key punch operator. The bridegroom is a senior at Allen Jay High school where he is a member of the varsity football team Monogram club Pep club and the it program. He is employed at food town As Stockman. The couple will reside at 1035-a, Pegram ave., High Point. Approximately 75 guests attended the cake cutting held on saturday evening. Assisting in serving were Peggy Dills and Peggy Walker. Out of town guests were uncles of the bridegroom Bud Grubb of Chicago 111. And or. And mrs. J. C. Grubb of Charlotte. Mrs. Harold Wayne Grubb equal pay for equal work la Federal agencies exerting Power following is the second of a three part series on equal employment rights for women. By Edward j. Doherty women a news service new York there is Good reason Why Federal agencies Are putting so much Effort now into wiping out sex discrimination in employment they have a degree of clout that did no to exist two years ago and the need for enforcement is great. By 1972, four measures were taken to Sharpen the jaws of the Legal traps the government can Spring on employers practising sex discrimination. One measure outlawed discrimination by hundreds of thousands of Federal contractors and provided goals and timetables for the employment of women. The higher education act banned discrimination against women in College admissions. The equal pay act Long on the books was amended to take in administrative and management positions. And the equal employment Opportunity commission Leoc was Given enforcement Powers through the courts even As its jurisdiction was extended to schools and local and state government employees. Each measure helped fashion what was Little More than a pious declaration of intent into a powerful instrument of enforcement. The Leoc began Honing its talons. By May this year it had 280 lawyers on its payroll in five litigation centers a the number will Rise to 300 a and All Are engaged in enforcement. In addition the Leoc collaborates with the departments of labor and Justice and to some extent can count on their resources to prosecute Job discrimination complaints. Labors office of Federal contract compliance alone has 900 compliance officers in 350 cities. Employment standards administration another of labor announced in june that it is accelerating enforcement of equal pay violations. A labor official George r. Roukis said that a regardless of their High motivation and Good qualifications women workers Are generally concentrated in Low paying dead end he set Forth some statistics that Bear out the Contention of discontented women a liberation advocates half the adult women of America work he said and nine out of to will take jobs sometime during their lives. Women on the average Are As Well educated or slightly better educated than men. A and the pay Gap has not narrowed during the years a he said. A in 1960 the average full time year round woman worker earned 60.8 per cent As much As the average Man. In 1970 she earned 59.4 per cent As other figures emphasize the unequal role women play in Industry. Ethel Bent Walsh an Leoc com missioner spelled some of them out in an address to researchers in june where men employed full time earn $5 an hour women get Only $3. In some respects women Are worse off than they used to be. In 1940, 45 per cent of All professional and technical jobs were filled by women in 1970 the percentage had declined to 39. About one third of employed women have clerical jobs. Nearly a fifth of working women with College degrees work As non professionals discouraging figures like these explain Why there is so much pressure on Federal agencies to single out and Squash sex discrimination a process that has been accelerating with the years. A series of sex discrimination cases has reached appeals courts whose rulings have helped set precedents for employers. Bessie Margolin formerly associate solicitor of labor reported there have been 25 appeals court rulings the labor department has won All but four of them. Precedents like these have lifted be oct a score in achieving voluntary agreements from employers to about 50 per cent. Each agreement that is publicized in the Media raises the pressure on other employers to Settle out of court. The Crusher came june 3 when the . Supreme court upheld the principle of equal pay for women. In a Case brought by several women employees of Corning Glass works the court washed out any remaining doubt that employers must provide not Only equal pay but fully equal provisions with men in every respect. The ruling was expected to Cost Corning Glass at least $600,000 in Back pay for women at three plants. But students of the subject agree it will eventually mean Many millions of dollars in hundreds of other companies and a revision of discriminatory policies throughout Industry. Meanwhile women have won other notable victories in cases contested by employers through the courts. A recent ruling for Northwest airlines stewardesses wiped out All sex differences in height weight pay and travel expenses and declared illegal a company Rule that of you Don t need Iti. We do. Pleat give your old i clothes furniture Etc. To help save lives. We pick up. Just phone Mi-1026 House of prayer for a Koholich a a it All Gilt Ion do out tel stewardesses could not Wear glasses. Similar cases Are pending against other airlines by Cabin attendants so that the Northwest decision has significance for All the More than 40,000 in that line of work the great majority of them women. Some of the discrimination that women have suffered comes not from employers but from unions. And Here too the heavy pressure of enforcement is being Felt. Flowers for All occasions High Point s leading Florist Grace Flower shop Edih Winn is wniwm4 ass 4011 la 117 Ellington Florist 24is s. Mom St. For All occasions arrangement Large or Small Call Day pm. 882-6217 a night pm. 888-4032 look your Best for the exciting summer weekends to come. Creme Oil cold wave or uni Perm 4.95 9.95 no appointment necessary All work supervised by licensed instructors a artistic Beauty College across from High Point baht 327vi n. 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