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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 7, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather showers a More Day a of 4d 90th year a no. 187 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point. N. sunday morning. July 7, 1974 92 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Gerald Ford assumes Nixon to obey court Dallas Tex. A vice president Gerald f. Ford said saturday he assumes president Nixon would obey a supreme court order to turn Over White House tapes to the watergate prosecutor. Quot i think it is assumed any citizen a the president included a would abide by a decision of the supreme court a Ford told a news conference Here. A a but a person involved in litigation does not go out and say publicly what he is going to do Quot the vice president said. Ford held the news conference before addressing dedication ceremonies for the Dallas world Trade Center. He made no reference to an incident involving his motorcade. A shattered window in a patrol car led to police reports a later reversed a sniper had fired that a on the motorcade As it moved from the Dallas fort Worth Airport to the downtown area. A spokesman for the vice president said later that Ford was unaware of the commotion. The supreme court will hear Oral arguments monday on whether 64 White House tapes should be surrendered to watergate special prosecutor Leon Jaworski. Nixon has said in the past that he would abide by a a a definitive decision of the court but he has never defined that qualification. Ford said the likelihood of impeachment has lessened in the last several weeks because the Case against the president a has fallen Flat in several Ford said no offence has been proved against Nixon after this week inquiry to be Public Washington a after one More week of hearing Only the bits and pieces of impeachment evidence that leak from the closed sessions of the House judiciary committee the american people finally May get a clearer View of whether there is a Case against president Nixon. The committee remains in closed session this week to continue questioning witnesses who include John w. Dean Iii the former White House counsel turned presidential accuser and Herbert w Kalmbach. Once Nixon s personal attorney and political fund Raiser. But the week of july 15. The doors of the impeachment inquiry Are scheduled to swing open for a Public debate on whether there Are grounds for the impeachment of the president with the democrats holding a decisive 21 to 17 majority on the judiciary committee predictions Are that it will recommend impeachment. But whether the majority can formulate a Case that will attract Republican votes in committee and on the House floor remains a question. Sometime before the debate begins the committee is expected to release More than 7,000 pages of evidence it has received from its staff in the closed sessions. With the committee working for weeks in closed session no comprehensive picture of the evidence bearing directly on the president has emerged. A great Deal of attention was Given to the White House discussion on March 21, 1973, of demands for Money by watergate conspirator e. Howard Hunt or. But it has never become Clear whether the committee has determined Nixon s role in subsequent payments to Hunt. In searching for that link the panel spent nine hours last week questioning Alexander p. Butterfield about the flow of information in the White House and the presidents relationship to his staff. Could a president who concerned himself with such details As the place settings for White House dinners have been kept isolated from his staff s involvement in watergate and he doubts the president can be tied to the watergate cover up. On another topic Ford said he was not told before Nixon a Middle East trip that the chief executive was suffering from phlebitis that could have been fatal. Ford noting that he was out of Washington when Nixon left for the Middle East said he Learned of the presidents ailment in a phone Call from presidential chief of staff Alexander m. Haig jr., who was in a mideastern capital at the time. In his speech at the world Trade Center Ford urged the Senate to join Nixon a attempts to forge a new world partnership by quickly approving a Trade Reform Bill. . Success in achieving history s highest living standards carries great responsibilities he said. Quot one great responsibility is the need to seek a More open and equitable world trading system Quot he said. Quot another is to assure a fair Chance to compete in the worlds the House has approved a Trade Reform Bill but Senate finance committee action has been stalled because of an amendment barring . Trade concessions to the soviet Union until free immigration of soviet jews and other minorities is assured. The Nixon administration is opposed to that provision. Vice president Ford r at news conference in Dallas Texas officer Jim Bryan looks through shattered window a wire photo shattered car window causes motorcade Flap administration spokesman for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Cd problems q. Where can i go to a clinic to see if i have cd thank you. 0. Is there a possibility of getting cd off of toilets a. The Guilford county health department at 936 Mon lieu has a cd clinic every wednesday at 12 30 . It is highly unlikely that a person can catch the disease from toilets an m d. Tells us. Debate within Kremlin is drawback to Accord storing spuds q. How do you go about cleaning Home grown Irish potatoes to get the dirt off to keep them from rotting and what do you do to preserve them where should they be put to keep from rotting mrs. Man. A. For storage potatoes should be completely mature and the skin Tough enough so that it can to be rubbed off. Most of the tops should have yellowed before this stage and the potatoes May be left in the soil for several weeks after the first Frost. The Best time to Harvest them is when the soil is dry. Lift them carefully with a Fork and allow them to dry an hour or two on top of the soil. They should then be stored immediately in a Cool dark cellar Frost free and away from All Light. The Best temperature is about 40 degrees and the atmosphere should be humid. You can request an old bulletin on the storage of vegetables from the agriculture Extension office 3309 old Burlington Road Greensboro or phone 883-7154, Extension 3696. Humus will do it q. How do you get rid of nematodes mrs. J. A. Adding humus rotting vegetable matter dead grasses weeds leaves to the soil helps control nematodes or eel Worms As much As anything. Humus builds up concentrations of beneficial fungi invisible to the naked Eye. The fungi grow in decomposing vegetable matter and farmyard manure wherever there Are nematodes and do their work in several ways. The Fine threads of the fungus have branches which form loops and these loops form networks like crumpled wire netting. The networks secrete a Sticky fluid when they come into Contact with a nematode and they Are caught Uke a Fly on flypaper. After catching the nematode it sends branches into its body or grows into itself and simply absorbs its tissue. No Frozen Heads q. Is there any Way cabbage can be Frozen or canned a. The . Dept of agriculture does not recommend Home Canning cabbage except for sauerkraut. To freeze Leaf or shredded Par boil until tender and Cool Over not in cold water. Munich. Germany apr soviet Leader Leonid i. Brezhnev wants a missile agreement to maintain detente with the United states but he will have to overcome serious reservations within the military a senior american official said saturday. The debate within the Kremlin is far More acute than in the United states and is based principally on the soviet military s desire to catch up with the Pentagon in missiles with More than one warhead the official said. The news briefing was aboard Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger a plane in route from Rome to Ferstenfeld Bruck near Munich. Under briefing guidelines the official remained Anonymous. Describing negotiations at the Moscow Summit from the inside the official said the two sides initially were deadlocked on a partial ban of underground nuclear weapons tests. He said the soviets would have permitted explosions up to 750,000 tons of int a in effect any test. Eventually they agreed to a weapons ceiling of 150 Kilotons with tests above that level restricted to those designed for peaceful purposes. The politburo comprising the communist party a main leaders met twice while president Nixon was in Russia last monday afternoon and again on tuesday morning the official said. During the critical second session he said. The soviet ambassador to Washington Anatoli Dobrynin talked with Kissinger by Telephone several times and received Quot some Concrete ideas from the . Side Quot according to the official. This led finally to the Deci Sion to aim for a future Lon term ban on offensive missiles. The next afternoon in the Kremlin Kissinger and soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko drafted Summit ending papers in a room adjacent to where Nixon s address to the soviet people was being recorded. The Nixon administration official took Strong exception to the View of conservatives that the Summit proved the nuclear arms race must be pursued and the View of liberals that Nixon a watergate troubles Are ruining american foreign policy. In fact he averred the .-soviet talks in Moscow were the Best since the 1972 Summit that resulted in a treaty outlawing most missile defense systems and imposing interim restrictions on some offensive weapons. The United states and the soviet Union now talk in a framework that could permit Resolution of the nuclear arms race through negotiations he said. Despite some differences Between the state department and the Pentagon there is no disagreement Over . Offensive missile proposals the official said. In addition watergate has had no noticeable effect on the american strategy he said. Dallas Tex. A the window of a patrol car near the end of vice president Gerald r. Fords motorcade was shattered saturday prompting a police report a later reversed a that a shot had been fired. Ford in Texas for dedication ceremonies at the Dallas world Trade Center said president Nixon called from key Biscayne fla., to find out what was going on. No one was reported injured. The secret service blamed heat expansion for the incident. State police said however they tended to believe the window was shattered by a Rock perhaps thrown up from the Roadway by another car. It was one of several conflicting reports about the incident. Ford whose destination was the same Complex of buildings president John f. Kennedy was headed for when he was assassinated in 1963, said that Nixon Quot had the rumours were. He called to make sure what he had heard was True. Quot we had about a 10-minute conversation not Only about the wild Rumor and unfounded Story but also about other the vice president said he was told that Quot one of the police followup cars had a window shattered. We checked it double checked it. They the secret service have worked with local Law enforcement people and that a exactly what happened. Quot a window in a police car was shattered by the heat not by any individual Quot Ford said. William a. Hawthorne a secret service spokesman in Washington said a a Complete examination of the area and of the vehicle resulted in this conclusion it was heat expansion. There was no some state officials said they doubted that the 92-degree temperature Normal for summer in Dallas was High enough to have caused the shattering of the left front window in the air conditioned car. They noted there was a Large Hole in the window and said it shattered inward leaving the Driver with Quot a lawful of the department of Public safety a which initially reported that a shot had been fired by a sniper a issued a statement at mid afternoon saying Quot since a Bullet was not found we lean toward the theory that the Hole was caused by a flying Rock perhaps kicked up by a car. A the car was impounded briefly and the shattered Glass was removed. Later it was parked at state trooper regional Headquarters in Dallas. Secret service agent in charge Walter Coughlin said Quot All this came from simple heat was a new car the first time it had been the department of Public safety said however that the car had been put into ser vice feb. I. 1974. A spokesman said the mileage meter showed 12.255 Miles. Ford was about half Way Between the Dallas fort Worth Airport and the Trade Center a a total distance of about 15 Miles a when the incident occurred. The patrol car involved was the third from the end of the motorcade which was driving through open country at the time of the incident. There were five other cars and a bus Between Ford s limousine and the patrol car. The vice president continued on to the Center for a news conference and the rest of his schedule. Bill Roberts the vice presidents press aide said that when Ford was told of the incident Quot he just laughed. He thought it was kind of the first report of the window incident came from Jim Robinson at the Texas department of Public safety in Austin. Inside Reading drug tragedy. Page 2d consumer Boon. Page 2a meditation in triad. Page id classified pages 4-16 d editorial. Page 4a women s news Section b sports Section c 14c entertainment pages 13, 14, i so obituaries .4d Solo confirms Chou s illness Tokyo apr Premier Chou in Lai is in a peking Hospital recuperating from an undisclosed illness sen. Henry m. Jackson said saturday night after returning from a six Day visit to China. Jackson who spoke with the 76-year-old chinese Leader for 30 minutes fonday morning said their conversation confirmed reports that Caiiou had been sick although he is now recovering and his mind is still Sharp. Quot i pass no judgement on his physical condition other than to say that he told me he had been ill and not feeling Well a said the Washington Democrat on a Brief Stopover in Tokyo before returning to Washington. Quot i made no attempt to diagnose his physical condition a Jackson said. But he said Quot there just in t any question about his mental ability to do his Job. Quot the Premier was up on everything i was interested in and that was rather extensive. Road to watergate i passengers booed and hissed their future president weedy problem q. I live in the 80u Block of parliament Street in the Oakview Section and we have a lot beside our House and the grass is about three feet High with weeds ticks fleas and no telling what More. I worry constantly every Day about the children and Check them every night and this is beginning to be aggravating As the weeds Are getting higher and higher. I wonder if you could find out who we the residents could Contact to have this mowed or have the owner required to mow it or Cut Down. Thank you. A. The owner of this property has promised to have it mowed the week of july 4, according to the Public works department. The w afer note Saga tan tines to unfold bul for one of the participants a Jeb Stuart Magruder a the Story has been told. Today he is in prison for crimes he com netted and helped others to commit. This series of seven articles is his version of u hat happened and u by excerpted from Quot an american life one Man s Hoad to it ate Gale. It is reprinted by permission of athenaeum publishers by Jeb s. Magruder North american newspaper Alliance i first entered the presidents world on a Bright afternoon in 1969. I was 34 years old and the head of two Small cosmetics companies. I had been the Southern California coordinator for the 1968 Nixon Campaign and the presidents chief of staff Bob Haldeman offered me a Job on his staff pending a permanent assignment with the title of special assistant to the president. The position was by presidential appointment a status Symbol. I realized that despite the title i would be More an assistant to Haldeman than to the president but that was All right with me. I was on my Way to the White House the Chance i had been waiting for All my life. I was on the Way up All the Way to the top. My own first meeting with the president came in my second week on the Job when Haldeman took me into the Oval office for a Brief handshake and great to have you aboard Chat. I was struck by How ill at ease the president seemed in greeting me. His hands Shook when he drank Coffee there was an embarrassing rattle of cup against Saucer. I took that to be the result both of nervous tension and of his Lack of physical dexterity. One of the younger White House aides told me a classic Story about Nixon a physical awkwardness. At a Bill signing ceremony a pen had been placed in front of the president on his desk with its top off. Nixon picked it up puts its top on and tried to sign the Bill. Realizing his mistake Nixon took the top off the pen started to sign his name but Only managed to Jab himself in his left hand. At that he dropped the top of the pen to the floor and total chaos ensued As half the Cabinet dropped to its Knees trying to find the top of the pen. To understand what happened during this crucial period that led to watergate you must know some of the people around the president. The Man to begin with the one figure who was absolutely Central to the Nixon White House is Bob Haldeman i was working directly for Haldeman in my first months in the administration and i would be working for him indirectly throughout my stay in the government. Almost everyone in the administration was working directly or indirectly for Haldeman because that was How his Boss the president wanted it. Quot every president needs a son of a Bitch Quot Haldeman used to say Quot and in a Nixon a. In a his Buffer and in a his Bastard. I get done what he wants done and i take the heat instead of Bob was tall Crew Cut self confident efficient disciplined impatient Tough fair and ultraconservative. He dealt with most people by memo because memo were Quick and impersonal Haldeman had a fetish Abou memos. One of the first one i sent him was returned with orders that it be retype because of some Mino defect in style a his Nav Wasny to capitalized o something like that. One of Haldeman a Mai jobs was to keep away Fror the president people who he didst want to see number that was Ever ii creasing. People like her Klein vice president Agne and the Cabinet. Haldeman often took to St. Passengers on 7 a

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