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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 8, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather hot showers More data on 3a 90th year a no. 188 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., monday afternoon july 8, 1974 20 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c before Supre Jaworski St. Clair present arguments by Vav. Dale Nelson associated press writer Washington a White House lawyer James d. St. Clair told the supreme court today it is being drawn inevitably and inexorably into the impeachment proceedings against president Nixon. Asking the court to Over turn a lower court order directing the president to produce tapes and documents sought by special prosecutor Leon Jaworski for use in the watergate coverup trial St. Clair said a no one could argue that the proceedings before this court will have no Impact on the impeachment deliberations of the House judiciary committee. Quot the special prosecutor is drawing this court into those proceedings inevitably and inexorably a St. Clair said. Jaworski who preceded St. Clair in the Oral arguments before the court said that if president Nixon or any president is free to Rule that the after travels Nixon is Back in Washington Nixon shakes hands at Andrews a wire photo for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Chives in Winter q. How do you dry chives for use in the Winter mrs. G. A. Since dried leaves lose their flavor it is better to pot a few clumps of bulbs late in the fall and keep them indoors on a Windowsill during the Winter so fresh leaves can be used As needed. Several pots brought in at intervals during the Winter will insure a constant Supply. The soil should be about half Sharp Sand and half screened compost. Chives can also be Frozen. Witnesses Are due in trial san Antonio Tex. Apr if they can qualify a final juror lawyers Are expected to Start calling witnesses today in the trial of Elmer Wayne Henley 18, accused in the Houston mass murders. By Frank Cormier associated press writer Washington a Back in the White House where he has spent Only two full Days in the past month president Nixon plans a a very Active Washington schedule of meetings and conferences this week. Press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler who described the schedule said Nixon would meet today with vice president Gerald r. Ford and on tuesday with five of his top economic advisers. On wednesday morning Nixon meets with democratic and Republican congressional leaders on his june july trips to the Middle East and the soviet Union Ziegler said. Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger due Here tuesday after reporting to european leaders on the soviet journey will join the president in briefing the congressional delegation. Ziegler said Nixon also will meet with the Cabinet thursday. Nixon is expected to Fly to his san Clemente calif., Home late in the week for a stay of about to Days. He flew Here from key Biscayne fla., sunday night. Unannounced Nixon flew by helicopter sunday to Palm Beach to inspect the palatial mar a Lago estate willed to the government by mrs. Marjorie Merriweather Post who died last year. The 17-acre spread which boasts its own nine Hole Golf course will be available As a presidential Retreat meeting place and guest House for visiting world leaders. Constitution Quot Means what he says it does without supreme court review then americans Are no longer equal under the Law. The special prosecutor said it would be particularly inappropriate to Vest such Power in president Nixon Quot in a personally delicate situation involving criminal charges against two of his former closest aides and devotees a John d. Ehrlichman and h. R. Hal deman. Justice Potter Stewart asked St. Clair whether he meant the court should be a stopped dead in its tracks because the impeachment proceedings were under Way. St. Clair said he did not but argued that impeachment itself should be left solely to the legislative Branch of government As provided in the Constitution. Jaworski consumed nearly an hour of the historic hearing presenting his opening argument and answering numerous questions from the eight justices taking part in the Case. The supreme court extended its 1973-74 term originally scheduled to end late last month to hear the arguments from Jaworski and St. Clair Over whether president Nixon must surrender the material sought by the special prosecutor. Jaworski said he was told when he was hired As special prosecutor that a i would have the right to take the president to but St. Clair argued again and again that president Nixon had not relinquished his right to decide what confidential conversations should be made available. Quot the right to Force the president to give up confidential communications a that was not delegated a St. Clair said. He said it was Jaworski s Point of View that As special prosecutor Quot he s a fourth end a Jaworski on 2a Ehrlichman on stand aide testifies about break in by Mike Shanahan associated press writer Washington a John d. Ehrlichman took the stand in the plumbers trial today and directly contradicted the testimony of a former assistant about files relating to the break in at the office of Daniel us bergs a psychiatrist. Ehrlichman testifying in his own defense said he never read files delivered to him by David r. Young once co director of the special White House investigative unit known As the plumbers. Henley is on trial for six of the 27 murders of Young teenage males killed in a homosexual rape torture ring in the Houston area. The trial was moved Here on a change of venue because of extensive publicity of the Case in the Houston area. Rezoning opposed q. I have heard that there is a request to rezone to Industrial an area along Eastchester drive near Countryside drive. As a resident of this general area i think it would be terrible to allow Industry to develop along the Only Beautiful approach to our City and so near Oak hollow Lake which is far More suitable for residential growth. Could you Tell me exactly what Section is being considered for this rezoning what uses would be permitted and what we can do to keep it As an area for Homes anon. A. According to Jerry Yarborough the City planning director a request has been made by a trucking firm to rezone 2.8 acres from residential a-20 single family residences to Industrial. The tract is on the North Side of Eastchester drive at the Point where Lassiter intersects. It covers 325 feet on Eastchester and 150 feet on Countryside running in an irregular line at the Back. Industrial zoning permits any Type of manufacturing with 13 uses prohibited animal fertilizer manufacture garbage dead animals or refuse disposal or storage dwellings explosives proxy Lin plastic manufacture slaughterhouses stockyards junkyards unless screened outside storage of paper rags or Cotton any use that would create smoke noise odor dust or other condition detrimental to health motels and go cart tracks. The trucking firm existed prior to the zoning of this residential area and operates under the a Grandfather clause concerning non conforming uses. A Public hearing on the zoning request will be held tuesday at 7 30 p m. In room 200 of the City county building. The planning and zoning commission welcomes citizen input on zoning requests. After hearing both sides the commission makes their recommendation to the City Council. The City planning department provides staff assistance to the commission and recommends a request be granted or denied after the hearing and in keeping with zoning studies. When a request goes to the City Council citizens Are Given another Chance to be heard. Plastic of but. Q. If you put Black plastic around Small plants and Young Trees during the summer would it damage the Root system it keeps it moist but will it do any damage mrs. S. A. As Long As the plants have Light and air and Good drainage it can be used but it would be More beneficial to ring the plants and Trees with compost. This holds the moisture keeps the weeds Down and nourishes the Plant at the same time. You can make your compost in a pile using Plant wastes leaves Kitchen scraps Wood chips manure and a layer of topsoil and let the Worms and nature do the work of turning it into Fine material for your plants to thrive on. Jury selection started last monday and when District court judge Preston dial recessed court late Friday night 31 of the 32 prospective jurors had been qualified. After the 32nd is chosen defense and prosecution lawyers will be allowed to disqualify to each. Since the strikes Are not announced in sequence it could be that the two sides would make some duplicate eliminations of so the top 12 left on the list will make up the jury. If there Are no duplicate strikes the Only 12 left will form the jury. Dial said Friday he plans to Start hearing testimony immediately after the jury is chosen. The Young has testified that m i a i a Ehrlichman told him last Arab Oil Mon amp a March that some plumbers. A a a a a a memos a a were a Little too f m sensitive and showed too my _ in m Al m a much forethought about the in Issi he 6 British Quot Anju 2 three others Are accused of a m _ violating the rights of the in in Mem psychiatrist or. Lewis j. Talk on investments Wagon papers at the time of by Barry Schweid governor of the Bank of states and West Germany have touched on the subject., the break in. Associated press writer England. Their spokesmen reported. He described the talks As. F. London apr the american visitor also a West German Quot very open and instead lot Reading i Secretary of state Henry a. Was to meet with former spokesman said Kissinger Al the ume Ine re Kissinger flew from West prime minister Edward and Schmidt agreed sunday a i came. U Germany to London today for Heath Leader of the oppose that the East West european a hat in tip Fth Rychman testified that he talks with prime minister non conservative party. Security conference in a Vinot s inside i Ehrlichman testis it that he Harold Wilson and key Kissinger goes tuesday to Geveva could be completed amusements.6b a Ere members of his Cabinet on Madrid the last scheduled before the end of the year bridge12b oun8 world financial and Energy Stop on his tour to Brief West and if the outcome of the classified ads8-12b Ehrlichman 49, portrayed problems and president Nix european leaders on Nixon s negotiations was satisfactory comics6b his own role in the plumbers ones trip to Moscow. Summit trip. To the Western allies it could crossword. 12b operation As merely Kissinger a schedule in West Germany sunday end with the Mammoth sum editorials4a peripheral. Included meetings with Kissinger and Chancellor Mit conference the russians financial2a foreign minister James Helmut Schmidt agreed in want to give it Luster. Obituaries .2b Hen the papers were first Callaghan Chancellor of the Friendly talks on a wide asked if the two men talk sports3-5b a be press exchequer Denis Healey variety of subjects including de about watergate the television. 5b a. Yuth Energy minister Erie Varley Energy currency and spokesman said it Quot would be women a reworked with the Justice and Gordon Richardson relations Between the United mite natural for them to weather.3a i apartment at Tresi ent Nixon Behest to prevent the new York times and in a in m in a a other newspapers from con j i i of Wim a u a a Al a. I i tinting publication of the Koala Lowa i Ergo re la itt offers $400,000 in Cash services at time of suit the of a Ternate Saga continues to unfold but for one of the participants a Jeb Stuart Magruder a the Story Hun been told. Today he is in prison for crimes he com netted and helped tithers to commit. This series of seven articles is his version of what happened and u by excerpted from Quot in american life one Man s Road to in Ternate. A it is reprinted by permission of athenaeum publishers by Jeb Stuart Magruder North american newspaper Alliance we set up the committee to re elect in the Spring of 1971. At the White House we had often talked about Long Range planning but we rarely did it a we were almost entirely crisis oriented. The most exciting thing about our work at cup was that we did plan ahead and As the months went by we saw our plans transformed into what we believed would be one of the Best organized most scientific presidential campaigns in history. At the top of the cup apparatus its unofficial but very real Boss was attorney general John Mitchell. I reported All major issues and decisions directly to Mitchell but it was also necessary to keep Haldeman involved. I reported to Haldeman through Gordon Strachan who had become Haldeman s assistant for political matters. My first important Job at cup was to Divide the Campaign into planning task forces which included advertising youth polling candidate support research the convention direct mail Media minorities administration and so on. My three initial assistants Rob Odle Bob Marik and Bart Porter each served As project manager for several of these task forces and i headed the initial planning for one advertising. The cup operated independently of the Republican party and this sometimes created problems. The Republican National committee consists of party leaders from every state. It has a paid staff in Washington and a National chairman who is in theory selected by the National committee members but who. When a Republican occupies the White House must be the president s Man. Sen. Robert Dole was a hard hitting outspoken conservative quite Able and willing to take on democratic chairman Larry of Brien the Senate doves and others of our critics but even Dole was not always harsh enough to satisfy some of the White House hardliners in particular Chuck Colson. The first major decision in our planning for the 1972 Republican National convention was where it should be located and a controversy soon developed that caught Bob Dole Between his one Man presidential con Titu Tency and his official constituency of the Republican National committee. The National committee had appointed a site selection committee whose members were examining the merits of several cities that were interested in playing Host to our convention including Houston. Miami Beach Louisville and Chicago. However the president one Day informed Haldeman that he wanted the convention in san Diego. Bill Timmons of the w Hite House congressional relations staff was in charge of convention planning Timmons a tennessean had worked on the 1968 convention and was considered politically astute. When he got word from Haldeman that the president wanted the convention in san Diego Timmons went out to Check the facilities. He reported Back that the hotel and Arena facilities were adequate but just barely and that Security might be a problem. However he indicated if the president insisted a convention could be held in san Diego. Our convention site deliberations were taking place at the same time that the Justice department was moving Tow Ard its controversial july 1971 settlement of antitrust suits against the International Telephone and Telegraph company. Timmons told us that itt had offered $400,000 in Cash service and discounts to the Republican party if we used the new Sheraton hotel in san Diego owned by one of itts subsidiaries As Nixon convention Headquarters. I took that As a not unusual Public relations gesture a presumably the presence of the president and party leaders in the new hotel for a week would be Worth $400,000 in publicity. It was Only later that Tim Sitt on 5 a Ehrlichman quoted Nixon As saying later in mid july 1971. Quot you get Back onto Domestic policy matters and leave Usberg and the Pentagon papers stuff to the Man i that Man was Egil Bud Krogh who frequently reported directly to the president on the investigation into Ellsberg a motives and associates Ehrlichman said. Ehrlichman until last april 30 among the closest of Nixon s inner Circle said the president was fearful that Usberg had not acted alone and that there May be More leaks coming in the summer of 1971. Of the plumbers files which Young said he reviewed with Ehrlichman Ehrlichman testified he remembered a Busy schedule after the files were delivered March 21 or 22, 1973. A i remember saying i m not going to get to this. In a leaving town for several Days. In a sure i caused them to be sent Back a he testified. Ehrlichman said the files were sent Back to Youngs office

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