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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 9, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather hot humid More data on 3a Soth year a no. 189 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon july 9, 1974 20 pages classified ads 885-2177 other dept. 815-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c in plumbers Trai Ehrlichman s memory is fuzzy by Mike Shanahan associated press writer Washington a former White House aide John d. Ehrlichman testified today that he was unable to recall a 1971 Telephone conversation in which he allegedly asked a top Cia official to provide Quot carte Blanche Quot assistance to e. Howard Hunt or. At the same time the former White House Domestic Counselor recounted in detail a phone conversation he had with the same Cia official in 1969. Taking the stand in his own defense for the second Day of Cross examination Ehrlichman again denied knowing in Advance that his subordinates planned to break into the office of Beverly Hills calif., psychiatrist Lewis Fielding or. Gen. Robert Cushman for Mer Deputy director of the Cia. Testified last week that Ehrlichman called him july 5, 1971, and asked for a a carte Blanche Quot assistance for Hunt one of the planners of the sept. 3, 1971, break in at Fielding s office. Ehrlichman said he had no memory of that july Call but did remember talking to Cushman aug. 27. 1971, when Cushman asked if there was any objection to ceasing Cia assistance to Hunt. Wehrli Caiman also said he remembered a 1969 incident in which president Nixon wanted the Cia to take some action in the Domestic area. Ehrlichman said he was advised by Cushman that whatever Nixon wanted was beyond the Ciao a mandate. Quot Are you telling the jury you remember a Telephone Call you made Back in 1969, but not one with Gen. Cushman in 1971?&Quot Merrill asked. A a that a Correct a Ehrlichman said adding that the july 5, 1971, Call was out of his memory even seven weeks later in 1971. At another Point Ehrlichman testified that on March 20, 1973, Hunt was threatening to blackmail White House officials by making Public All he knew about the plumbers a special White House unit set up to plug leaks to the press. It was for that reason Ehrlichman testified that he called in a co director of the plumbers David r. Young on March 21, 1973, to find out what Hunt knew about the break in and other sensitive projects the plumbers had undertaken in 1971. Young has testified the meeting took place on March 27 and was inspired by Ehrlichmann a fear of an Fri investigation of the Fielding break in. On monday Ehrlichman said he had no idea the plumbers were planning an illegal burglary when he approved a Covert operation to examine Fielding s files on Pentagon papers figure Daniel Ellsberg. The former White House Domestic affairs chief either challenged or said he had forgotten every single element of the prosecutions Case during his testimony monday. Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger said Early today he will appear at the trial wednesday morning to testify. Speaking to newsmen before leaving London for Madrid to Confer with see Ehrlichman on 2a Mitchell is to appear in judiciary hearing Washington a former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell will appear before the House judiciary committee As White House lawyer James d. St. Clair keeps the impeachment inquiry focused on a $75,000 payment to watergate burglar e. Howard Hunt or. Mitchell under indictment on watergate cover up charges reportedly has agreed to undergo limit Al questioning on his role in approving the March 21. 1973, payment. The committee will hear from Hunts lawyer William o. Bittman. Before examining Mitchell today and will wind up St. Clair s list of witnesses with former White House counsel John w. Dean Iii probably on wednesday. St. Clair is attacking the charge that president Nixon approved the payment to keep Hunt from talking about Quot seamy things Quot he did for the White House. Monday however one of his witnesses. Frederick c. Larue reportedly was not As Strong a witness As St. Clair had anticipated. Larue a former official in Nixon s re election Campaign committee was expected to testify that Dean called him on the morning of March 21 a to relay Hunts request for Money. St. Clair who described Larue s expected testimony to the committee in a letter requesting he be called hoped to establish that the payment was thus set in motion before Deans March 21 conversation with Nixon in which the president appears to order Dean to get the Money to Hunt. However members who left the closed session after Larue a testimony said in Lebanon Larue was Uncertain about the time of Dean s Call. He is reported to have said that while to the Best of his recollection the Call came in the morning it could have been some other time. Quot if he was called by St. Clair to say he got a morning Call from Dean he did no to do said rep. Charles Rangel . Rep. Robert Mcclory r-111., a senior committee Republican agreed. Quot i done to think it became any clearer As a result of his testimony Quot Mcclory said. He expressed impatience with the time the committee has taken with St. Clair s first two witnesses Larue and Paul of Brien a former lawyer for the Campaign organization who told Dean that Hunt was demanding see Mitchell on 2a for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered hut please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Bride to be q. Of you get married How much will it Cost to have your picture put in the paper How far before do you have to Send your picture thank you. A sister. A. There is no charge. Pictures have to be in by monday noon before the sunday ibis to run. You can pick up Blanks to fill in at the Enterprise. Playing by ear q. Is there someone that gives Organ or piano lessons by ear my d. A. We believe this request comes from a person with very Little vision of there is a piano or Organ teacher who could teach someone unable to read music please Call action line and we will give her the names. Israeli Navy shells ports new fire escapes q. I walked by Ferndale school today and noticed they were taking the fire escape Down and what Are they going to do thank you very much. J. P. A. They Are being rebuilt says Jack Cox the schools Infin Terence supervisor. After so Many years the steel has deteriorated. Shower cleaner q. What can i do to clean the Black in a Shower and it is in Between the tile and would like to know soon because it is bad or. D. P. A. There is a product called Quot instant mildew remover Quot which you can find at paint stores hardware stores or most places where cleaning products Are sold. You Spray it on and Viola a that old Black mildew vanishes in a Short time. Smell of the greasepaint. Q. Where can i find some pantomime make up As i need it by july 16 for a concert Date. Thank you. . A. There is a place in Greensboro the Standard theatre Supply co., 125 Higgins St., that carries theatrical equipment including makeup. Abortion clinic j. Please print the name of the abortion clinic and address please in Winston Salem. A. Forsyth pregnancy termination clinic 3010 Maplewood ave. Telephone 768-2980 its open tuesday through saturday from 8 . To 4 . Insuring their choppers q. Are there any insurance companies that sell dental insurance anon. A. The state dept of insurance sent us a list of 14 insurance companies licensed in North Carolina which have filed some form of dental Protection with their department which filings have been approved. Fred Seaman assistant director of the consumer insurance information division says it is possible that some companies listed May not now be prepared to write or May elect not to write the Protection required. If you la Send us your name and address Well Send you a copy of the list. By the associated press the israeli Navy shelled three ports in Southern Lebanon sinking More than a score of fishing boats in retaliation for the palestinian guerrilla raid by sea two weeks ago on nah Ariya. The israeli military command said it had Quot numerous indications that the terrorists were preparing More seaborne attacks. The command said its raid on the ports was intended to Quot disrupt the preparations and warn against the use of these harbours Quot by the guerrillas. Israel said the monday night attack was Quot limited in scope Quot and every attempt was made to avoid injuries to civilians. The lebanese government reported one casualty a civilian wounded by an explosion in Sidon. The lebanese defense ministry reported 21 fishing boats sunk to at Tyre to at Saraband and one at Sidon. An israeli spokesman claimed about 30 sunk or about to in each port. Sidon the northernmost target is 30 Miles South of Beirut. Tyre is 20 Miles farther South and Saraband is Midway Between. The Palestine guerrilla Headquarters in Beirut said israeli frogman blew up wooden jetties at Tyre but the israeli announcements made no mention of this. The israelis said the attack was made by a flotilla of gunboats but did not say How Many. The lebanese defense ministry said israeli helicopters also dropped leaflets warning the population against cooperating with the palestinian guerrillas. Quot we Are warning you Quot the leaflets said. Quot you have the Choice Between peace or trouble. We know that they Are planning additional operations from your harbours. The Road to the of a Ternate Toga con minuet to unfold but for one of the participants a Jeb Stuart Magruder a the Story hat been told. Today he it in a prison for Crimet he com melted and helped other to commit. Thit Tenet of Tevenar tic let it hit Vert Ion of what happened and Why excerpted from a in american life one Man t Hood to it it it reprinted by pet minion of athenaeum a a Blehert by Jeb s. Magruder Norott american Nat paper Alliance g. Gordon Liddy entered my life on Friday afternoon dec. 3,1971, when John Dean brought him to my office. Quot Jeb Quot Dean said Quot the attorney general thinks Gordon is the Ideal Man to be your general Liddy was vague about what head been doing at the White House. It later became known that in the aftermath of the Pentagon papers leak Liddy had worked on Quot the plumbers Quot unit with the break in at the office of Daniel us bergs spy Liddy. Chia Trist As one of their major undertakings. That was carried out during the labor Day weekend about three months before i met Liddy. All this was unknown to me at the time i met Liddy. Dean Liddy and. I discussed the work id expect from our new general counsel. As we talked Dean added that there was another area that Liddy could handle for us a our intelligence gathering program. Liddy started to work for us about to Days later on monday dec. 13. One Rainy Day Liddy came to my office to discuss a Legal matter and when we finished i grumbled about some columns Jack Anderson had been writing that were embarrassing to the administration. Quot boy it a be Nice if we could get rid of that Guy Quot i commented. Liddy left and a moment later Bob Reisner my administrative assistant burst White House lawyer James d. St. Clair signs court monday after his appearance before the High autographs for people lined up outside the supreme courts hearing on the White House tapes. A wire photo election confession is read is setback Henley murder trial for Tanaka opens with statement As the major Factor in the setback for prime minister san Antonio Tex. A Elmer Wayne Henley an 18 neighbors he procured for Kakuei Tanaka a ruling a Quot i killed several of them year old High school dropout Dean a. Corll 33, who has conservative party in the myself with Deans gun and gave police after his arrest in been described by police As senatorial elections sunday. Helped him choke some connection with the slaying the Leader of a homosexual although it was much too others. Then we would take of 27 Young men in the torture and murder ring. Soon for solid developments them and Bury them in Houston mass murders Case. Henley said in the state in the factions of the Liberal different the statement taken last men he gave Mullican that democratic party there was so reads a statement aug. 9 by sgt. David he helped kill and Bury at speculation that there might Mullican of the police depart least six of Corll a Youthful be a move to replace Tanaka a a ment in the Houston suburb victims. As party Leader and prime i what s inside i Pasadena was read into Henley was arrested last minister. A .,8 us 1 the court record monday As aug. 8 after he phoned police still unofficial results from amusements.7b testimony started in and told them he shot and the election of half the Mem bridge12b Henley a murder trial being killed Corll following an All be ship of the House of coun classified ads7-12b held Here on a change of night sex and drug party at Pillors of the diet gave the comics6b venue. Henley is charged Corus Home in Pasadena. Liberal democrats 126 seats crossword12b with six of the slayings. Corll a slaying was ruled just half the total in the up editorials4a As the jury of six men and self defense. Per chamber and a drop of financial2a six women listened dist. At another youth David eight from their previous obituaries.2b to. Carol Vance read the Owen Brooks 19, has been holding. Sports3-5b statement in which Henley charged in four of the 27 although the upper House television 12b told of being paid $200 for deaths. Brooks trial Date has women a news6-7a each teen aged male Many 5 election on 2a weather.3a of them his friends and so Henley on 2a watergate Iii. Said you d told him to rub out Jack Anderson in with a look of horror on his Torney general a reception Radical leaders a a he men girls Quot Liddy stressed. Quot Only face. Quot did you Tell Liddy to room and we went in prompt toned Jerry Rubin and a the kill Jack Anderson Quot he by at four for our a Hie Hoffman a and hold the whole plan would Cost asked. Quot Liddy just rushed ointment. Mitchell did not them in a Quot Safe House Quot in a million dollars past my desk and said you a work in the huge ceremonial Mexico during the Republic when Liddy finally told him to rub out Jack attorney general a office that can convention. He also had a finished there was a Long most of his predecessors had plan for the democratic con silence. Mitchell puffed on Quot my god Quot i said. Quot get used. Instead he used a mention. His pipe for a minute then him Back in Small office just off the a a we la sabotage the air said Reisner found Liddy before ceremonial office. Conditioning at the Arena Quot a Gordon that a not quite he left the building for i always thought it he explained. Quot can to you see what we had in mind and the Unateny. Characteristic of Mitchell to All those delegates sitting Money you re asking for is cordon i told him i use the smaller office he there dripping wet in 120 a out a one a done to was just using a figure of was a self effacing Man not degree heat on National you tone it Down a Little then speech about getting rid of overwhelmed with the glory television9 Well talk about it Anderson a a Well. You a f himself As attorney he wanted to emn Lov Call Liddy quickly got Back to better watch that Quot Liddy eneral girl. S a was and Quot in and said he was ready to said with annoyance. When none of us was prepared a Miami Beach during the present his toned Down you give me an order like for the nature of the plan that a ring proposal and i arranged a be that i carry it out Liddy was outlining with self would used to Compro a Quot a around the Middle of Jan Assurance mugging squads Mise Reading democrats he a a 11 on Heb. 4. Uary Liddy told me he was kidnapping sabotage the use proposed renting a yacht in. Is a proposed ready to make his Intelli of prostitutes for political Miami Beach that would be gence gathering presenta blackmail break ins to of set up with hidden cameras a a a a a a a stance of the tion to the attorney general. I Tain and photograph and recording devices. The fan now f used mainly or scheduled an appointment documents and various women would lure usus m1, wiretapping ant with Mitchell on Jan. 27 and i forms of electronic sur peering democrats there for e Tromp surveillance also invited John Dean since veil Lance and wiretapping what would be unbeknownst jct again Dean joined us he had recruited Liddy and f t0 them a candid camera and once again we had an in expressed interest in his in the mugging squads he session a conclusive talk with Mitch Tell gence plans. Explained could rough up camera session hostile demonstrators. The the second meeting ende Dean met us in the at kidnapping squads could seize Quot these would be High class so a Liddy on a

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