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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jan 11 1974, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 11, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Compromise supported a Ford Gerald r. Ford by Carl p. Leubsdorf associated press writer Washington a vice president Gerald r. Ford says the White House May be willing to release some of the 500 tapes and documents demanded by the Senate watergate committee. In an interview he said he received support for his proposal for Compromise efforts in a Telephone conversation with White House chief of staff Alexander m. Haig or. A a they re willing to sit Down and negotiate As i understand it a Ford said. He said the White House has Given its support to the Compromise proposal he made last weekend. Committee chairman Sam j. Ervin jr., d-., has said he is willing to Compromise on the subpoenaed tapes and documents. Ford said he thinks the White House is willing to a release tapes and other material on a selected basis where the information Falls within the jurisdiction of that on other subjects in the 40 minute interview Ford said a he called for Early action on measures to curb Windfall profits by Energy related industries set up an Energy research program and establish a permanent Energy Agency. A he believes a there Are some pluses that the president will achieve including a Middle East breakthrough that will make him by september a very helpful campaigners for republicans. A he has made no change in his announced intention not to be a 1976 presidential candidate but when asked about the Impact of continued High ratings in polls said a a we la Analyse the situation As we go a he plans to follow president Nixon s example and take a commercial flight on a speaking trip to Columbus Ohio and Florida later this month. A his role in supervising Nixon administration Domestic activities May be defined More clearly after a meeting next week with outgoing White House aide Melvin r. Laird and top officials on the president s Domestic Council. Ireland s peace Hope diminished Belfast Northern Ireland apr Britain a program for peace in Northern Ireland has 8-year-old traffics in mice Charlotte a John Harris is Only 8 years old but he is president of the Charlotte mouse club and deals in mice. To buy equipment and food for his 40 mice he Sells mice at about 50 cents apiece to pet shops in Charlotte and As far As Chapel Hill 130 Miles away. Creighton Humphreys owner of the Chapel Hill aquarium shop says he buys Johns mice because they Are prettier and sell better that other mice. John a third grader has a red and yellow plastic Maze of equipment in which he Breeds his rodents. He started his Hobby four years ago with a Black and White mouse later to be named doodles that he rescued from a neighbourhood pal who was feeding it to a Snake. Doodles unnamed mate which was a class pet at school was Given to John by his teacher. After the pair produced their first couple of families John began what he Calls his selective Breeding. He trades with local pet stores to get mice with different traits and colors to Breed with his Stock. Run into another setback less than two weeks after it seemed to Start getting off the ground. Brian Faulkner the protestant chief of Ulster s first protestant roman Catholic coalition government has been repudiated by a Small majority of the leaders of his unionist party. He is going to the rank and file for support a move that could split the protestant faction that ruled the province for 50 years. Ratification of the agreement for a Council of Ireland bringing the North and the Irish Republic together for very limited cooperation is Likely to be postponed. Faulkner 52. Quit monday As Leader of the unionists after the party Council voted 457 to 374 against the Council of Ireland. The outcome was a Victory for hardliners who oppose sharing Power with the catholics. Faulkner moved into new offices on Belfast a bomb battered Victoria Street and said he would build a new political base among the moderate members of the party. He vowed to remain at the head of the new coalition government known As the Northern Irish executive which began operating Jan. I. Flowers for All occasions High Point loading floret Grace Flower shop North Wrann St Wolf Wood phone ass 4015 and it it 7 to of i 2. Tuesday All Day no. 2 rib Eye Steak Reg. $1.99 for $1.49 3. Wednesday All Day no. 7 Boneless sirloin strip Reg. $2.89 for $2.19 thursday treats for the kids. 4. Sunday All Day. No. 6 t. Bone Reg. $3.99 for $2.99 a bring dad out for a treat buckaroo Steak ranch j in High Point 171 i North main St. Lindale Plaza 1529 North main St. High Point . Children s shoe sped lists when you re just learning to walk you need More than feet. Your baby a feet have curly toes terrible muscle tone underdeveloped Metatarsals and inexperienced tendons. They May be the cutest things you be Ever seen but the last thing they re equipped to do is walk. What your baby needs is a pair of shoes that help hts feet along. Stride rites. Stride rites Are designed to help your baby walk. They provide the right blend of support and flexibility for each stage of your baby s development beginner through intermediate through advanced Walker. Well fit your baby to the shoe that s exactly right for him. No matter what size his feet or How Well he uses them. High Point Enterprise Friday january 11, 1974 -5a Sills guarantees to fit your baby correctly closed mondays sizes from b to eee. Most baby shoes 9.50�?13.50 open fridays til 9 pm doctors prescriptions carefully filled classified Case histories or. F. A. Voncannon Frigidaire Freezer 12 cd. It. White like new $100. Pm. 431-xxxx this is the and that or. F. A. Conconnon ran to sell Freezer. This and was originally set up to run for 8 Days but Only 4 Days were needed. The total Cost of this Enterprise want and was Only $2.28. Call 885-2177 today i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i Long enterprises wanted laundromat attendant. Evening hours. Call 883-xxxx. Long enterprises needed a laundromat attendant to work evening hours so they placed an Enterprise want and to do their searching. It took them Only 5 Days to find the person they needed at a Cost of Only $2.70. Place your Low Cost want and today 885-2177 Enterprise lbs sized a Mew gnat Coll Nett now Mem 885-2177 read the Enterprise classified ads television log 1 dirty Sally carries potential i hid Mie by Jay Sharbutt a television writer new York apr a new Western series Rolls on to tonight Banjo and Harmonica music akimbo. Its title song goes. Quot there was an old woman known As dirty Sally found an outlaw wounded in the the Odd Couplet is about an Odd couple. It is a suitable Alert for things to come in cd so Quot dirty Sally a a spin off series from a two part a gun smoke opus a make that Opi a shown in March 1971. It stars Jeanette Nolan As an unkempt irascible lovable old Battleaxe and Dack rambo As a reformed Young gunfighter who is accompanying her As far As the Gold Fields of California. The Best one can say about it is that it is bound to pave the Way for a humorous version of a a Gilligan a it ends with Cyrus Pike rambo advising dirty Sally he a leaving her when they reach California because he does t want to be Mother penned forever. A Shaw a she cackles. A you Ain t even Learned to How does it begin Well Okay but we warned you. The duo is travelling by Wagon through the desert. They see a Well dressed but tired and tearful fair Maiden sitting on a Rock. She a in great distress and not because of the Rock. Her husband an incurable Gambler has tarried at a Shack a few Miles outside town for poker matters with five cutthroats. He won handsomely at first but. Dirty Sally puts it Best a a in a Lay Odds your husband s Luck turned to clabber did no to it a a yes ifs the old Flim Flam game and Hubby a been picked cleaner than a censor s mind. He s left her in the desert and hoofed to town to buy a new horse and Wagon with their remaining Cash. We Don t want to reveal the Middle and spoil it All. But suffice it to say that All ends Well except for the Flim Flam five. It could have been a funny show had the producers tried to bring the flavor of the old a a Maverick series to it. After All there is a Noble ring to such dirty Sally lines As a if i had my druthers i d take my Musket and blast a Quot and a red Eye neat. Sarsaparilla for the kid a but a a Maverick this Ain t. Right now its just a a and Junior Kettle in an old West setting for 30 minutes. Maybe it la improve in coming weeks. Let us Bow our Heads in prayer. J a my Greensboro j a Btu Chorlotte go we no University station a a Gap High Point j soc Charlotte Wols Roanoke to w5js, Winston Salem 8 00 . 2 news weather sports 11 news i observing Eye 8 Abc news 0 eyewitness news to i 6 0 clock news 12 news 8 30 . 2 lbs news t zoom 8 anything you can do 0 to 12 Abc news 7 00 . 2 beat the clock news i you the deaf 9 to Tell the truth 8 10 truth or consequences 12 what s my line a 7 30 . 2 Black african heritage 3 Ozzie s girls i people 8 Lassie 9 Sanford a son 10 12 to Tell the truth 8 00 pm. 3 dirty Sally i Washington week 8 the Brady Bunch 8 Hee Haw 10 12 Sanford amp son 8 30 pm. 2 3 movie 4 no this week 8 the Odd couple to lots Luck 7 00 truth or consequences 7 30 Lassie a 8 00 the Brady Bunch 12 girl with something 9 00 pm. 8 room 222 9 10 girl with something 12 Needles a pins 9 30 pm. 8 love american style 9 to 12 brain Keith 10 00 . 9 10 Dean Martin 11 00 pm. 2 it 3 news 8 news 9 to 12 news weather sports 11 30 . 2 i late movie la Abc entertainment by Fox 12 tonight a Gnu to 0 00 a. 12 tobacco workshop 8 30 \.m. To news 7 00 \.m. 3 the Happy Jester 9 Popeye 10 insight 7 30 %.m. 2 hair Bear Bunch 3 Flintstones 8 Apt. Noah 9 Stop. Look listen 10 lid Vilie 8 00 \.m, 2 Flintstone comedy 3 whistle Stop 8 bugs Bunny 9 12 lid Vilie to vision on 8 30 \.m. 2 3 Bailey comets 8 yogis gang 9 it 10 12 it Adams family 9 00 %.m. 2 3 Scrooby Doo 8 super friends 9 10 12 emergency plus 9 30 \.m. 9 to 12 Inch High 10 00 t. 2 3 my favorite Martian 8 Lassie s Rescue rangers 9 10 12 Sigmund and. 10 30 \.m. 2 3 Jeannie 8 Goober 9 10 12 Pink Panther i 1 00 \.m. 2 it 3 Speed buggy 8 the Brady kids t8 9 to 12 Star trek 11 30 a. 2 3 Josie a the pussycats 8 Mission magic 9 to 12 Butch Cassidy 12 noon 2 3 everything s Archie 8 super movie 9 to 12 the Jetson 12 30 . 2 3 fat Albert 9 i0 i2 go 1 00 . 2 3 children s film 8 american bandstand 9 10 12 senior bowl 2 00 . 2 this week in Aba 3 Nashville music 8 soul train 2 30 . 2 Aat sports 3 wrestling 3 00 . 2 3 acc basketball 8 Bowling 3 30 . 8 pro Bowling 4 00 . 9> movie 10 nil hockey 12 Carl Tacy 1 30 . 2 Bighouse basketball 3 . 2 survival 3 gun smoke 8 wide world sports 12 Black on White 3 30 . 2 dirty Sally 9 survival 12 untamed world capsule views of today s evening programs 7 30 . 2 Black african heritage the premiere of a four part series on the history traditions culture and Beauty of the african people. Tonight a segment is a the Congo a narrated by Julian Bond. 8 a Lassie a a the a recently born calf accidentally escapes from the Security of his Mother to face danger and bewilderment in the world outside. 12 to Tell the truth a the panel seeks the real Lou Brecker founder of the famous ballroom cafe Roseland and also the True Frederick Newman who underwent surgery with the Only anaesthesia being acupuncture. 8 . 8 the Brady Bunch a the Drivers Marcia bets Greg that she will score higher than him on the Drivers test when she goes for her License. 8 30 . 2 movie a Hawaii a with Julie Andrews. The film version of James Michener a Best seller chronicling the lives of Early missionaries in Hawaii. 12 lots Luck Stanley discovers a Friend in need when an old school chum returns to the neighbourhood As a famous singing Star. 9 . 8 room 222 a cry a students obsession with becoming a standup comedian interrupts his school work and when he is Given the Opportunity to be master of ceremonies he gets stage fright. 12 the girl with something extra a guess who a feeding the pigeons a Sally befriends an elderly Man in the Park who turns out to be a crime Syndicate Boss. 9 30 . For love american style a guest stars include Pat Buttram. Bobby Riggs Rosemary Casals Gavin Mcleod Robert Morse and Larry Storch. 12 Brian Keith a there comes the what a the first baby delivered by or. Jamison shows up As a Beautiful Bride to be and asks him to officiate at her 11 30 . I late movie a Village of the George Sanders stars in a gripping Story about supernatural children in an English Village

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