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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina I the weather Cloudy warmer More data on Page 3a 90th year no. To the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., thursday afternoon january to 1974 36 pages Call us circulation. 8821719 classified ads885-2177 All other departments 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Petroleum Institute reports . Oil imports increase slightly by Stan Benjamin associated press writer Washington a imports of crude Oil to the United states last week were 1.6 million barrels per Day lower than the level around the time the Arab Oil embargo began. For the week ending Jan. 4, the imports totalled 2 6 million barrels per Day according to statistics issued wednesday by the american Petroleum Institute an Oil Industry Trade organization. This compares to 4 2 million barrels a Day for the week ending nov. 2, just after the Arab Oil embargo was announced. However imports of refined products which Are not covered by the Arab embargo appear to be holding almost level since september. This could mean that Arab Oil was still reaching the United states through foreign refineries. If so the Impact of the embargo could be Only about half of the 3.5 million barrels per Day Cut off that could result if finished products were withheld. The weekly figures showed an increase of some 200,000 barrels per Day from the import figures of a week earlier. This offered some Hope that the slump in imports could be fuel stuck comparison la Mommi Kiarrah in fuels gasoline Moole distillates Kesi Val my Saart Amant a pts Rakem at Rivta leveling out but there was no Way to know for sure. The total Oil made available for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Western tunes q. I am currently writing lyrics and feel like some could be purchased for country and Western music. Is there any Way you could give me the address of a song publishing company for this . Q. Where is the Best place to get songs published and what would the fee be and what is the procedure to do this is there a place that would buy lyrics for songs d. A. There Are two local contacts with the music publishing world a Jerry c. Wilson an attorney and president of Ace Southern recordings inc., and Wade Staley . Box 5712. There is also a Book at the Library or available in paperback written by a couple of Nashville Fellows. It describes the ropes of breaking into the Field and is entitled a so you want to be in about a year ago Jerry Wilson offered some advice which bears repeating. He said this is probably the most competitive business in the world with very few instant successes. It is their observation though that All publishing companies will listen to tapes and he suggests submitting tapes to any publishing company and attempt to sign As a writer with that company. They will handle the copyright themselves and sign a Standard writers contract. Then should any work be recorded or performed the Revenue is divided with the writer. The copyright Laws and mechanical aspects of the publishing business Are too complicated for the average writer he says and it s better to sign with a publisher. A list of publishers can be obtained by writing either broadcast music inc., Nashville tenn., or american society of composers and publishers in new York or Nashville. Wilson says the Way it works is that should a publisher choose to keep the material he obtains copyrights then pitches the material to an artist or several artists the individual artists then record the material with the company they Are signed with. Then if performances or record sales result and income is1 derived the publisher is paid through one of the licensing firms such As asap or Ami. This then is split with the writer. Oil in a barrel q. I read in the paper about a College using so Many barrels of Oil and am curious to know How much Oil they Are talking about when they refer to a barrel of Oil. How Many Gallons is a barrel b. A. In the United states a barrel holds 31 vat Gallons of liquid. If you want to Start thinking in metric terms 1.06 Gallons equal 4 liners so that barrel equals 118.8 liners hypodermic Purchase q. Where can i buy a hypodermic Needle i need for a science project and please answer soon thank you. A. There is no restriction on the Purchase of one a Only on the misuse of one for drugs of you have a family doctor he might give you an old one so you wont have to buy one for your project. Stuffed schools q. Could you Tell me where the nearest school is for taxidermy anon. A. A local taxidermist c. Albertson said there is the Northwestern school of taxidermy in Omaha Nebraska. There Are some closer but he does no to think they offer the Complete course. You might Check the College Blue Book at the Public Library. One volume in the set is devoted to special Fields of study and the schools that offer training Iii them. Daily during the four weeks ending Jan. 4 averaged slightly less than that of one year earlier signalling a real Oil shortage when compared with demand increases Over the past year. Meanwhile there were promises of an end to Oil Price increases at least for a while. The Arab states said they would freeze their Oil prices at least until Panl. And Federal Energy chief William e. Simon said the administration plans to hold the Price of Domestic crude Oil at its present Legal ceiling. Simon said the governments Price controls on Petroleum helped stabilize prices in general and he sees no reason to increase the . Oil Price in the near future. But in Jackson. Miss., the executive director of the american Petroleum Institute said he would rather see the retail Price of gasoline Rise to 70 cents a gallon rather than have a rationing system imposed. Nixon sees stability threatened by Frank Cormier associated press writer san Clemente Calif. Apr president Nixon inviting foreign ministers of eight Oil consuming countries to a Washington conference next month said today the Energy shortage a threatens to unleash political and economic forces that could cause severe and irreparable damage to the Prosperity and stability of the the Western White House made Public the text of separate letters sent by Nixon to governments of Oil consuming countries inviting them to the feb. La Washington conference and to major Oil producing countries to inform them of the meeting. In the letter to Heads of government of six european countries plus Japan and Canada Nixon used much the stronger language saying the global Energy situation has produced a an historic Crossroads a in which nations a face a Funda mental Choice that can profoundly affect the Structure of International political and economic relations for the remainder of this Quot two roads lie before us a the letter said. A we can go our own separate ways with the Prospect of progressive division. The erosion of vital Independence and increasing political and economic conflict or we can work in concert developing enlightened Unity and cooperation for the Benefit of All Mankind a producer and consumer countries in his somewhat Milder letter to the governments of Abu Dahabi Algeria Ecuador Gabon. Indonesia Iran Iraq Kuwait Libya Nigeria. Qatar saudi Arabia and Venezuela Nixon said a recent developments have emphasized the critical importance of Energy to the Prosperity and stability of the International Economy. Severe disruptions of economic activity and of the world monetary system. Whether caused by insufficiency of Energy supplies or abrupt Price movements could prove disastrous for Consumers and producers alike. A Oil importing nations Are vitally concerned with mechanisms which will assure adequate supplies at reasonable prices. Oil producing states in turn Are concerned with arrangements that will assure fair payment for and rational use of their nonrenewable Egypt reportedly ready to attack israeli forces Beirut Lebanon of Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger hurriedly scheduled his trip to the Mideast this weekend to head off a big egyptian attack on israeli forces on the Suez canal a Beirut newspaper close to the syrian government reported today. The report in Al shark said Kissinger had planned to return to the Middle East after Jan. 16. A but Washington received classified information that Egypt is on the Brink of waging a major offensive against israeli forces on the West Bank of Simon announces move Oil firms profits supplies audited Washington a Energy chief William e. Simon said today investigators from his Federal Energy office and the internal Revenue service Are auditing the Price profit and Supply records of every Petroleum refiner in the nation. A statement issued by Simon said the audit is aimed at making sure the Price increases on Petroleum products reflect Only Cost increases and not jacked up profits. It also will help a to verify the accuracy of refiner reports on crude Oil and product supplies and is a major step toward establishing an Independent reporting and information system on refinery inventories at Feo a Simon said. The Federal government traditionally has relied on information provided by the Oil companies mainly through their Trade organization the american Petroleum Institute or indirectly through reporting to other organizations and state governments. The Federal government now deep in the direct management of the nations Supply and distribution has no Complete system for collecting its own Energy data. Simon said a joint task Force from the Feo and the irs would include some 35 agents at first. He said the agents would be divided into teams conducting audits in corporate offices. The teams including Feo Cost analysts and irs agents trained in Petroleum regulations and refinery accounting will visit individual firms As often As four times a year he said. Simon said the program will cover All 140 refiners in the United states with continual Field reviews of major refiners who control some 90 per cent of the nation s refinery capacity. Smaller refiners will be subject to a desk audits in Washington a which would be expanded into Field reviews As needed. A the program in no Way reflects on the refiners but it will assure us that they understand and Are abiding by Feo regulations a Simon said. The Feo recently took Over Petroleum Price controls from the Cost of living Council. Sacks of mail pile up at London station this morning As rail engineers walk out a wire photo the Suez canal. So Kissinger decided to come to the area Friday a the report continued in Washington a state department spokesman said the department was not aware of any Cia report saying that Egypt was about to launch an attack on israelis forces West of the Suez canal. The paper said reliable Arab diplomats in Cairo told its correspondent president Anwar Sadat decided to resort to military action because Israel was stalling at the Geneva talks on disengagement of forces on the Suez front. Stiff upper lip curls in Britain by Hugh a. Mulligan a special correspondent London apr and some Calls this the most civilized City in the world a sneered George the Barman at Waterloo station. He was looking out at a mob of commuters storming the Gates of the 5 42 to Guildford already an hour late. They stampeded across the great vaulted terminal like a Nightmare Backfield in motion at some super super bowl game then reversed their Field when the train caller rasped out an alternate Choice a the train now standing on platform 13 is the 1705 to Exeter. Four coaches two helmeted bobbies Cut off the surging crowd by clanging the Gates shut. A rejected see stiff on 2a British rail engineers quit chaos prevails Energy supplies. Talks on the miners pay claim remained deadlocked raising the threat of Supply shortages in Basic commodities like steel which eventually could Force Industry onto a two Day week. Non binding pact would return canal to Panama by Edmund Pinto associated press writer Washington a a preliminary agreement to return the Panama canal and canal zone to Panama has been reached by negotiators for the two countries . Sources say. The Accord is said to cover such issues As panamanian sovereignty Over the area defense of the canal and the construction of a new canal Large enough to handle super tankers. . Government sources stressed the agreement is not binding on this country but merely a preliminary step to be used As the basis of further negotiations leading to the drafting of a new Panama canal treaty. Such a treaty would have to be approved by Congress. The sources said the Accord was reached by roving . Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker and panamanian foreign minister Juan Antonio tack. Bunker held talks with tack in Panama nov. 28 through dec. 3, and Jan. 6 through Jan. 8. The preliminary Accord does not set a Date by which the United states would relinquish jurisdiction Over the canal and sources say this one area could be the most difficult for negotiators to overcome. One source said that while Panama would like to have the canal within to years the United states would like to relinquish its control gradually Over a period of 40 to 50 years. And still to be gauged before the Broad set of principles can be used for further negotiations towards a draft treaty is the reaction of Congress and other . Agencies with an interest in the canal. These include the defense Commerce and Interior departments. A government source said an Adverse reaction by a number of key congressmen could create difficulties for the tentative Accord. In any event the source said months of additional negotiations lie ahead before a new draft treaty could be ready for presentation to Congress. The 53-mile-Long Panama canal has been under . Control since 1903 when the two countries signed a treaty giving the United states jurisdiction Over the canal zone and canal a in negotiations to rewrite the treaty were started in 1964, shortly after anti-. Riots in Panama that stemmed largely from . Control of the canal area. Tuesday was the loth anniversary of those riots. J London a angered by disciplinary action against some members of their Union railway engineers quit their trains at Many depots today and plunged the British railway system into worse chaos than Ever. Huge traffic jams built up around London As commuters took to their cars. A a it a sheer. Chaos a reported the Automo Dlf 5 How re i is bile association. A i passengers who found a train into London were warned they could not be guaranteed one Home. A everything is subject to cancellation or delay a said a spokesman for British rail. The railway men were angry because the railway Board started sending Home Union by Warren e. Leary men who refused to take out up science writer trains in violation of the slow Cambridge mass a Down the Union is waging in _ leading Comet expert save support of wage demands. The the Comet Kohoutek still could rail men have already knocked be the Comet of the Century out much of the nation s com t0 scientists. Muter services by strict Adhe while Early predictions of a rence to the numerous time spectacular sight on the consuming rules a Many of horizon will not materialize them outmoded a with which l r Brjan Marsden of the tradition has saddled the rail smithsonian astrophysical roads. Observatory said wednesday ,.that Kohoutek a behaviour is not leaders of the nation s 280, and More unpredictable than too miners voted unanimously other comets to continue the overtime ban a Kohoutek is a better than that has Cut Coal supplies by a average Comet a or. Marsden third Asaid. A but there is just an a Coal provides 70 per cent of Jol we done to of. About Britain s electricity. Because these things. Of the miners action the a we never had a Case like government put Industry on to this of a Comet which came in three Day week to conserve so close to the Sun being Dis covered so far out in space As i. This one. And this presented.,. I Many interesting possibilities what s inside about what it could do a he 1 said. Amusements .3d Comet Kohoutek was dislodge. Id covered March 7 of last year classified ads 4-9d by or. Lubos Kohoutek an As comics 6c Tro Nomer in Hamburg West crossword 3a Germany. Or. Marsden said editorials 4a ordinarily the Comet probably financial.2a would not have been Dis obituaries2d covered until october and it sports. 1-7c would not have attracted so television4d much attention. Women a news see. B Quot but because it was Dis weather 3a covered so Early scientists both the Coal miners and the rail men Are demanding pay increases above the ant inflation ceilings set by prime minister Edward Heath. Heath told the House of commons wednesday that he would not breach the guidelines. Kohoutek still great for science could prepare and speaking As an astronomer in a delighted at t h e scientific observations made. No Comet has been studied As extensively As this one and what is Learned should be or. Marsden said. As to Kohoutek s dimness. Or. Marsden said comets Are extremely unpredictable objects which can suddenly grow brighter or dimmer Burn out completely or even split into two or More other comets. Recent studies of new comets show that they often appear brightly at a distance from the Sun but when they Loop around for a return orbit they Are dimmer. A a a e feel that there May be a volatile substance on the outside of the Comet head which is lost on the first pass leaving just water ice and other material which does no to vaporize As easily a or. Marsden said. It is the vapor reflecting Light that is seen in the sky and Kohoutek could have lost its vaporizing substance passing the Sun. This kind of optical illusion could have made the Comet seem bigger than it turned out to be. Combined with its Early discovery this led to some initial predictions which later had to be toned Down or. Marsden said. A

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