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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 11, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. A word edgewise Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor 4a Friday january la 1974 dealing in White papers traditional political considerations Are time honoured influences on presidential decision making particularly in Advance of an election. That president Nixon acted in such tradition is the theme of two a White papers about his role in the controversial milk Price increase and the itt anti Trust Case before the 1972 election. A in both these instances favourable government action came amid pledges for and actual contributions of Large a sums of Money for the re election of president Nixon. In neither instance it is asserted was president Nixon acting in response to this financial support. He said he approved an increase in Federal milk Price supports because of congressional pressures and because the Dairy Farmers were a an essential part of his political constituency whose a votes would be important in several midwestern , the other White paper asserts president Nixon intervened in the itt Case to make certain the Justice department was not going counter to his own position on anti Trust action against conglomerates so it was All a matter of political considerations for everyone. The Dairy Farmers were raising Money for president Nixon s re election Campaign because they understood their support would result in an increase in the milk Price support. Both John Mitchell and Richard Kliendienst who were involved in the Justice department handling of the itt Case have testified under oath they had no Contact with the White House on the matter. The White paper states in contrast the president talked to Mitchell about the Case. The result in any event was a settlement out of court to the satisfaction of itt. The White House has indicated that the a White papers Are the end of operation Candor through which the president was to set the record straight about itt and the milk prices among other things. The result however is Only More confusion. The Legal wrist slap. Some of the states District court judges have responded with considerably More heat than Light to the suggestion that the a a prayer for judgment continued device has been used too freely in the traffic courts. The documented cases in which particular individuals have gotten repeated advantage of the judgment method which avoids penalty Points have become serious enough for Bruce Lentz Secretary of the state department of transportation to take official note of them. The fact that there Are individual spots in the state a and Guilford county is one of them a in which courts have been comparatively free with was dug out by inquiring news reporters who documented their findings with eve opening records. Few people in a position to assess court operations have been critical to the Point of saying that a judges discretion should be diminished to the Point of eliminating this Type of judgment but individual records showing multiple traffic arrests and multiple . Orders Point to a problem that ought to get Swift attention. Some judges have responded that the volume of traffic cases handled makes it impractical to exercise the mechanics of calling up the defendants past record in each Case leaving them unaware of what is in the past. That May Well be True even considering that such a great number of traffic arrests Are disposed of at the magistrate level with automatic pleas of guilty. Nevertheless the fact of excessive leniency has now been disclosed and it is reasonable to expect that continued Public scrutiny will be maintained. It seems to us to be a problem that the judges and their councils ought now to be Able to erase without necessitating the possible heavy hand of the legislature to do it for them. And pref Klizing rules although the natural emphasis of this week s meetings of the Board of transportation in High Point was on streets and roads and highways Secretary Bruce Lentz took occasion to Point to another Law problem in addition to the . Issue see preceding editorial. He read to local audiences a couple of examples of unusual Driver restrictions that were products of state courts. The legislature in dealing with License revocation rules has Given judges authority to give limited driving privileges to those who might otherwise lose their driving rights entirely because of major violations such As Drunken driving. This remedy was the outgrowth of a previous tendency to accept lesser pleas in obvious guilty cases to avoid the mandatory revocation procedure and was envisioned As useful when in the projecting the news opinion of the courts As individual entirely dependent upon driving for his livelihood is due special consideration. Unfortunately there have been instances in which the Rule has been Bent so badly out of shape As to make revocation meaningless. Lentz cited one Driver who got special permission to drive in any of seven Southeastern states a to assist his wife with driving while on that is patently out of Kilter with the intent of state Law. Too often the general Assembly has found it expedient to write mandatory punishment into criminal Laws and most judges fret Over their consequent loss of ability to exercise judicial discretion. Well they should but when any of their number Are discovered abusing such discretion As in the Case of limited driving privilege the immediate inclination is to legislate i away. Mass murderers Elmer Wayne Henley is scheduled to stand trial monday on six counts of murder arising from the homosexual torture slayings of at least 27 Young boys in Houston Texas. With rare exceptions murder cases attract Little attention outside the communities in which they occur the Slayer and the victim usually Are related to or acquainted with each other and both Are More than Likely to be poor. This is not the stuff of which front Page stories Are made. Mass murders on the other hand almost always command widespread interest. What piques the Public a curiosity is the killer s or killers motivation. A homicide resulting from a Domestic squabble is easy enough to understand. But the forces that impel a person to kill several people All at once or Over a period of time Are difficult to comprehend. Thus the following trial of Elmer Wayne Henley is sure to receive maximum coverage in the mass Media. Henley and David Owen Brooks have been indicted in connection with the slayings of at least 27 adolescent boys in the Houston Texas area. The killings allegedly took place during and after homosexual orgies at the Home of Dean Arnold Corll whom Henley claims he shot in self defense. Numerous mass murders have been committed in the United states in the Pas Petroleum news catalogue of futility by John p. Roche King features Syndicate i am supposed to be an expert on the operations of american government but i confess i can to make head or Tail out of the a Energy As i drive to work i see one Mobil station out of Gas another one a a couple of Miles Down the Road a Selling to All Comers. The Oil company sent me As ominous a document As i have seen since general Lewis b. Hershey the draft director mailed me his a a greetings Back in 1942, but my neighbors who have Gas heat or electricity seem unperturbed. Out in Concord in a told somebody has taken to stealing woodpile. And to Cap the whole business the Boston to. I Herald ran a photograph of several full Oil tankers gently anchored off Boston Harbor. What for example can you make of this item the Boston Edison company got a ruling from a Energy Czar William e. Simon diverting some 4.2 million barrels of residual fuel from Florida to Massachusetts. Then along came an offer to the company a a fax 7f of at first you Don t succeed. From a new York fuel broker to sell 300,000 barrels at $27.50 a throw. The Utility which currently pays about $7 a barrel rejected this Holdup at which Point it seems Czar Simon indicated that the diversion of the 4.2 million barrels was contingent on Boston Edison a purchasing an additional 300,000 barrels on the open Market. Exports up As you read this sort of news you begin to wonder whether the american Public is being ripped off on an unprecedented scale. Then you notice in the London economist 12-15-73 that a the latest sailings from the Arab Oil terminals Are nearly 40 per cent up on a year note this was ofter the embargo and if you follow business reports you will discover that a prime suggestion for investors is Stock in the huge integrated Oil companies a that is those like Exxon Shell Mobil who take the Oil so to speak from the Cradle to the grave. Conversely the independents a who rely on the giants for their crude a feel they Are under the gun that the big boys will take this Opportunity to get the children off the streets. If you accept the precepts of Raissez Faire economics you will shrug your shoulders and figure that Adam Smiths invisible hand is twisting our Arm. If you Are a suspicious Type you will smell a capitalist conspiracy. Right now i refuse to commit myself because the real problem is that nobody seems to know what the facts Are the facts that would provide evidence for a judgment one Way or the other. Senator Henry m. Jackson for example has been struggling for almost two years to find out who a doing what to whom. A product of this investigation is a staff study for his subcommittee on investigations of the government operations committee. Entitled a staff study of the oversight and efficiency of executive agencies with respect to the Petroleum Industry and recent fuel shortages a this document should he required Reading in All american government courses. It presents a classic Case study of total executive incompetence of a Flat refusal to engage in realistic planning. Jackson a main concern is to find out who in the executive Branch knows what the hard data Are. If the Story were not so chilling a literally As Well As figuratively my fingers Are cold As i Type this a it would be an Ideal scenario for the Marx Brothers. Started in 1972 try this one for size a on May la 1972, president Nixon authorized an increase in Oil imports of 230,000 barrels 42 Gallons a Day because of a rapidly developing shortage of crude required for processing by . Refineries. This action was in response to estimates of the potential shortages from Industry and government agencies that ranged As High As 500,000 barrels a Day to there being no shortage at All in crude Oil supplies. The 230,000 Borrel figure represented a Middle ground Between the two extremes of the estimates. My emphasis for this we pay a president it would be pointless to continue this catalogue of futility. Every so often the voice of sense can be heard. For example on March 23,1972, William c. Truppner of the office of emergency preparedness sent a memo to his Boss general George Lincoln noting that our Energy policy was based on a unreal assumptions and the time had come to a face the memo had no appreciable Impact. Well if the president can to get the facts maybe Jackson can and the senator is no mean Bird dog. His investigation of the Petroleum Industry May bring some interesting revelations of a free Enterprise in action. Washington merry go round have Oil Barons abused saudi Fields half Century. One of the most famous was the St. Valentine s Day 1929 massacre in which seven members of the George bugs Moran gang were gunned Down in Chicago. The bloodiest mass slaying of the immediate postwar years took place on sept. 6, 1949, when Howard Unruh killed 13 persons in Camden n j. That toll stood As a record until Charles Whitman shot 14 persons including an unborn child to death from a Tower on the University of Texas Campus. Thirty other persons were wounded. It was later discovered that Whitman had killed his wife and Mother. More recently labor contractor Juan Corona was convicted of murder in the slaying of 25 farm workers found in Graves near Yuba City Calif. Several other sensational mass murders of the past few years have taken place in California. Film actress Sharon Tate and four others were slain on aug. 9,1969, by followers of Charles m. Manson. Herbert a Mullin was found guilty in Santa Cruz aug. 19, 1973, of the killing of to persons during a three week period the previous february. And Edmund Emil Kemper was convicted last nov. 8, also in Santa Cruz of murdering eight women including his Mother. Some psychiatrists assert that mass murderers tend to share certain traits. A almost invariably mass murders have a sexual motivation a says Charles Wall a professor of clinical psychiatry at Urcla. By Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington the final lifting of the Arab Oil embargo according to secret reports from the saudi arabian Fields won t bring the promised gush of Oil. The reports have been shown to us by sources inside Aram co the multinational multimillion consortium which developed the saudi Fields. There Are four Aramco partners a Exxon Mobil Standard of California and Texaco a each an Oil giant in its own right. In these reports which have been withheld from both the saudi and . Governments Aramco engineers have warned that a severe technical difficulties a have hampered production. Their Best estimate is that production will be a a stabilized at no More than 7.5 million barrels a Day. This is less than half the 20 million barrels that the saudis promised if their political terms were met. Greed but the real scandal if the engineering reports Are Correct is that the production foul was caused by Aram cons greed. For three decades Aramco has been pumping Oil from under the Sands of the Sheik Dom and paying the saudis Mere alms. Not Only Are the fabulous one sided Oil concessions of the past now at an end but the company fears that its whole saudi operation will be taken Over by the government. The secret Aramco memos Are full of references to a possible nationalization Quot and a unstable political a year ago the memos predicted nationalization would come a Well before 1980.�?� More recent memos warn that the takeover May be Only two or three years away. Aramco therefore began draining every drop of Oil that could be sold from its saudi Wells. The daily production was increased from 6.5 million barrels in 1972 to nine million barrels in 1973. The company had set a 9.3-million-barrel production goal by the end of the year. Existing Fields the corporate objective according to the secret memos was to increase production from existing Fields without spending any More than necessary on developing new Wells. The Rush to get the Oil out caused technical problems. As Early As last june engineers warned that production was too fast. Their secret reports Tell of a huge pressure drops Quot and a erratic the hurried production according to the reports created a tremendous volumes a of natural Gas which simply had to be burned off. At a steadier production rate the reports state the Gas could be compressed and re injected into the formation. This would Cost a Little development Money but it would increase the pressurization and permit More Oil to be pumped from existing Wells. However the documents that Aramco is not interested in preserving Petroleum for the saudi government to expropriate but Only in removing As much As possible before nationalization takes place. Of arms and men no shortage there is no shortage of Oil under the saudi Sands. The Barren baked desert virtually floats on a sea of Petroleum. The engineering reports indeed. Are highly critical of Aramco s management for failing to conduct adequate a development drilling Quot and a Reservoir but plainly the company is unwilling to invest substantial sums in developing saudi Arabia s vast Oil reserves unless the government makes the risk worthwhile. One memo estimates that it would Cost Aramco $1 billion to increase production. The Money is needed for drilling new Wells and building More pipelines and storage tanks. Even if this vast investment is made according to the memo no substantial increase in production could be expected before 1977. The Aramco documents show that the company meanwhile is concentrating on draining the Fields it has already developed. Only 14 of the 20 known Fields Are now being worked according to the engineering reports and substantial production is coming from Only 12. Geological surveys indicate that Many More Fields merely await exploration and development. Suspicions when the saudis offered to increase production to 20 million barrels daily they evidently did no to know about the technical difficulties that have developed. Their suspicions apparently were aroused. But the secret reports indicate they were kept in the dark about the seriousness of the troubles. This is vigorously denied by an official spokesman for the Oil consortium. He assured us that the company is developing saudi Arabia s Oil reserves As fast As feasible and that the technical problems Haven t been serious. He specifically denied that the company a carelessness will limit future production to about 7.5 million barrels daily without heavy investments. We quoted some of the memos to him including one which declared the a Reservoir pressures fluctuated so greatly that the engineers estimated the daily production would be held at a no More than 7.5 million this memo said the spokesman was a fall wet completely the welfare of the West May depend to a Large extent on who a telling the truth a the secret memos or the official spokesman. For saudi Arabia is the Western worlds Oil jugular. . Seems intent on destroying military by col. Robert Heinl news Washington this january Marks the first new year in a decade when american soldiers sailors marines and airmen Arentt in combat somewhere and is thus a Good time to take Stock of the armed forces As they slog up the Steep Road from Vietnam. The Vietnam War All but destroyed . Armed services along with numerous other american institutions and assumptions. As a result the military services and behind them the common defense Are now waging one of their hardest fights the Post Vietnam struggle for reconstruction and rehabilitation. With Many of the toughest issues a racial division drugs Soldier disaffection Limp and crippled discipline a still in doubt the Winter ahead promises to be a kind of moral Valley forge for the services. Unless the armed forces can win these and other similarly painful internal conflicts they had better disband. Certainly they will be no use to the country if they continue to be riven by race shaken by Mutiny rotted by drugs poisoned by disaffection and Hamstrung for want of discipline. Outside assaults As if internal problems weren t enough the services continue under unremitting assault some sincere some avowedly seditious from a wide front of ant military constituencies whose Strid ency and malevolent passion is without precedent in american history. Civil libertarians and Radical lawyers often egged and supported by the american civil liberties Union Are doing their utmost to dismantle the Peculiar because inherently and necessarily different system of military discipline and Justice that armed forces require and without which they dissolve. Doctrinaire anti militarists hand in hand with demagogic anti military elements in Congress have All but institutionalized suspicion disdain and hostility toward the armed forces a sign of the times is that some men in Congress a the pro mires the spins the Jav Londalen and their likes a can make so Good a thing out of cheap shots and plenty of them directed at the uniformed services and their leaders. End draft forces it is a notable Paradox that Many who Voci Ferate most against the . Military Are those who called for and gained an end to the draft no bad thing to be sure but now seem Bent by their generalized and vindictive anti militarism on making voluntary service Dis respectable and therefore unworkable. Behind ail these and Many other difficulties that beset the armed forces lie two general propositions the country must face in the name of the common defense. 1 the armed services must be Given Back some would say must earn and demonstrate their institutional and social legitimacy As honorable and necessary servants and segments of american society and government. In turning our backs on Vietnam we also turned unfairly and unwisely on those we sent abroad to wage a no win War made so by Bright civilians. Until our military professionals from generals and admirals Down to privates and seamen Are legitimized and decently respected by the fellow citizens they Are paid pittance to keep alive and free the armed forces will remain the sick men of . Society. Attitudes 2 we must also rethink certain National attitudes largely shared in other so called advanced Liberal Western societies with regard to the legitimacy of Force per seas an instrument of National policy. One Handicap that serves to make powerful states prey to weak Small and adventurous rogue nation blackmailers is the internalized though quite false notion that use of armed Force in defense or prosecution of National interests is anything but Normal and legitimate in International relations. A sibling fallacy we need to re examine is the bleating proposition that Force or War never settles anything the most cursory Reading of history demonstrates the exact opposite. In Corelli Barnetts profound metaphor Force and War Are the auditors of our institutions. To see that Force does indeed Settle issues and dominate history one has Only to look in our own experience to the american revolution or the civil War or the extermination of the indians. If Force decides nothing How could there have been a Congress of Vienna without its preceding Waterloo what would England have been like without the Norman Conquest and the Battle of Hastings

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