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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 11, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The weather Clearing colder More data on Page 3a a oth year a no. La the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., Friday afternoon january la 1974 22 pages Cail us circulation. 8821719 classified ads 885-2177 All other departments 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c scheduled for Washington nations invited to world Energy meeting by Stan Benjamin associated press writer Washington a the Nixon administration has proposed unprecedented diplomatic cooperation to solve an unprecedented global Energy problem and says the worlds Prosperity and stability is at stake. President Nixon in a letter to Oil producing nations released thursday said the world stands at a Crossroads Between cooperation and a increasing political and economic in another letter inviting the Industrial Oil consuming nations to a meeting feb. La in Washington Nixon said this would be a a first and essential step toward the establishment of a new arrangement for International Energy and related economic Nixon said a further meeting Between both consumer and producer nations would be held within 90 Days after the feb. 11 meeting. Elaborating on the plans in a news conference. Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger said still another meeting would be planned in Between bringing together both the industrialized and the developing Oil consuming nations. The planned series of inter National conferences Kissinger said is unprecedented in diplomacy a but so is the worldwide Energy problem. Kissinger said the Arab Oil nations cutoff of Oil shipments to the United states and the Netherlands to bring indirect pressure on Israel was a be coming increasingly inappropriate a but was not the Basic cause of the worlds Energy problem. That was caused he said by two factors a excessive Energy demand and drastically increased Oil prices recently imposed by a number of foreign producers. The Price increases he said would hit especially hard at underdeveloped nations using Oil As they try to build up their economies. All of the foreign Aid Given to those countries Kissinger said was cancelled a in one afternoons decision by the Price increase that has been imposed on these he said the new Oil Bill could reach $30 billion and the developing nations could not pay it. Kissinger said the United states could go it alone developing its own Energy resources and making separate deals with Oil producing nations. But Competition for Oil through such bilateral agreements would damage the economies of other countries and eventually the entire world Economy he said. He said the United states rejected that approach and urged International cooperation. In the Long run a to to 15 years a the United states will become self sufficient in Energy and May even have a surplus. When it does Kissinger said it May share its Energy with others. Invited to the feb. La meeting in Washington were the foreign ministers of Canada Japan. West Germany France Italy the Netherlands. Norway and Britain. These eight countries plus the United states account for 75 to 80 per cent of the worlds Petroleum consumption Kissinger pointed out. 20 million give up cigarettes to years after hazards outlined by John Stowell associated press writer Washington a ten years after the surgeon general a report on smoking and health efforts continue to regulate cigarettes As a hazardous substance. Sen. Frank e. Moss a Utah and at least two voluntary health organizations Are preparing a petition asking the . Consumer product safety commission to regulate cigarettes As it would other hazardous substances Banning those with excessive tar and nicotine. Meanwhile or. Luther l. Terry the surgeon general who issued the famous report ten years ago today was scheduled to attend today a signing of a nonsmokers Bill of rights by 33 Public and private health agencies in Philadelphia a historic Congress Hall. The 1964 report and six succeeding volumes produced evidence that cigarette smoking contributes to cancer for answers to questions or help with a problem Call of write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. He s or. President q. How could i write president Nixon and How would you address him. Dear or. Nixon to whom it May concern or dear sir or dear or. President i would like to write him concerning i matter i think concerns All. Thank you very much. . A. The address is the president the White House Washington . The salutation of the letter is dear or. President. Cookies amp apples coronary heart disease and respiratory ailments such As emphysema. A cigarette smoking is a health Hazard of sufficient importance in the United states to warrant appropriate remedial a committee of to of the nations leading scientists concluded a decade ago. Sen. Moss who has been a Leader in the fight for safer cigarettes said in an interview that a we have not come nearly As far along As we had hoped after to he said he intends to press Forward with his Bill which would tax High tar nicotine cigarettes More heavily As Well As the petition to the con Sumer product safety commission. A i done to think its feasible right now to look for a Banning of cigarettes and cigarette smoking a the senator said. A that would be like our ill fated flirtation with prohibition of alcoholic beverages. It just did no to developments since the sur Geon general a report include a Twenty million americans have Given up cigarettes according to a . Public health service estimate. A average cigarette tar and nicotine Content has dropped 43 per cent. A smokers and nonsmokers Are segregated on commercial planes and Amtrak trains. A radio and television commercials for cigarettes and Little cigars were legislated off the airwaves. A Public health warnings appeared on cigarette packages and in newspaper and Magazine cigarette ads. The Public health service estimates that 52 million americans now smoke cigarettes 45 million of them adults compared with 48 million a decade ago a decrease that a More significant when the population Rise is taken into account. Q. In regard to moles being in the Lawn i find that the cookie Apple test is the Best method and it will last for three Days. The first Day you go to the Hole and drop an Apple and cookie. The next Day return to the Hole and drop another Apple and cookie next and final Day drop in an Apple and when the mole pops up and asks where the cookie is Knock him on the head. Thank you and Hope you have a Nice new year. A. Thanks. It sounds like yours is off to a Good Start. 16 not old enough q. Can a girl who is 16 leave Home and stay with somebody that it 18 or older and let them be responsible for them without getting into trouble with the Law and would like this answer within next three weeks please thank you. . A. If you done to have your parents consent to leave Home they could bring you Back through civil action with a judge issuing the appropriate orders. In 1972 the general statute was changed so children under the age of 18 Are subject to the parents control. It had been 16. Family service Counselor q. I would like to know the name of a Good family Counselor. Thank you. Anon. A a. The Counselor at the family service Bureau have helped Many families with problems. You May Call 883-1709 for an appointment with Lester Hamilton Sam Cloyd or Hugh Evans. The family service Assn. Of America recently completed a study of families served by family agencies with the Sample based on about 3,600 cases involving 13,000 persons. Both Counselor and clients reported improvement in the total problem situation in about 7 in to cases. The most Progress was made in problem coping with clients saying they had changed their feelings about the problem and their understanding of it. Communication was the area showing the greatest improvement and More Progress was made when both husband and wife came in for service. A satisfactory Counselor client relationship was the most important influence on effective treatment and More than 4 out of 5 clients were satisfied on this score. The study showed that the top three areas of complaint in marital conflict involved problems in communication relationships with children and sex. Better Progress was made. When clients came in during the Early years of marriage As most clients had several problems and sought help Only after those problems became relatively severe. Among the changes noted since 1960 were that More family members especially More husbands Are involved in treatment that the use of group treatment has increased As has the number of clients who Are divorced or separated. One of the surprises revealed by the study was that Lack of recreational opportunities and transportation facilities ranked higher than anticipated As problems causing serious difficulties for families. Another was the relatively High rate of concern Over rundown or unsafe neighbourhoods and drug use in the area. A writer Harry Atkins and wife Lynn Chat with Al Mayo Cente used car Salesman the Atkins Vega left and Impala Are parked behind them a wire photo Gas tank blast kills 4, damages apartments by James Wilson occurred As firemen arrived on associated press writer the scene to fight a fire which West St. Paul Minn had broken out on a Tanker apr a propane storage truck loading the storage tank exploded in the Middle of tank. A Large apartment Complex most apartment residents Early today heavily damaging had been evacuated before the two apartment buildings explosion but authorities sex authorities said at least four pressed concern that some persons were killed and nine May have been trapped in the injured. Building by the explosion. Officials said the explosion the known dead included three firemen and a woman a i resident of one of the the injured four were and what s inside i fitted to hospitals at least 1 one of them in critical amusements. 9a condition. Five others were Bridge. 5b treated and released. Gassi fied ads .7-11b the explosion which of comics. 12b curved about 12 30 a.m., sent a crossword. 5b huge fireball into the air that editorials. 4a could be seen in downtown St. Financial. 2a Paul some four Miles away. Obituaries. 2b the storage tank held 10,000 sports .3-4b Gallons and the Tanker truck television. 5a had a capacity of 16,000 Gal women a news .6-8a ions said Russell Scheibel i weather. 3a Rector of Public safety. Bread prices blamed on Middle Man costs drug Case witnesses murdered by Kristin Goff associated press writer Dover Del. A a shooting spree that left five persons dead and three wounded was triggered by an accused heroin dealer who was trying to systematically kill witnesses who could have testified against him in a drug Case a Delaware state official said today. Authorities said the gunman killed two possible witnesses and a woman thursday then killed his girl Friend. Three persons were wounded before the gunman apparently shot himself in the head police said. The head wound was fatal. The shooting spree and a High Speed Chase ranged across the state. A police identified the dead suspect As Ronald w. See drug on 2a Vega Impala get same Trade Price by Harry Atkins associated press writer Utica Mich. Apr even in these Days of the gasoline shortage can a subcompact 1972 Chevrolet Vega really be Worth As much or More than a powerful option Laden �?T72 Impala i took my used Vega and Impala with me and went new car shopping in suburban Detroit this week. I saw my doubts about the question go right out the window. I paid $4,049 for the Impala and $2,445 for the Vega in june 1972.1 tried to Trade both on �?T74 intermediate cars during visits to several dealers. A fall i can give is $1,350,�?� Denton Riopelle Olds Salesman Bob Denton said after appraising the air conditioned Impala with its editors note associated press newsmen surveyed the used car Market this week for effects of the Energy crisis. Among them was a Detroit newsman who tried to sell his 1972 Chevrolet Impala and 1972 Chevy Vega. Power steering brakes and seats automatic transmission am pm radio rear windows defroster and luxury trim. A we have to sell it for a profit and i know i can t get $2,000 for a Titi give you the same Money for the Vega a Denton said of the Little car equipped Only with automatic transmission am radio and an extra suspension package. Both cars Are in mint condition and have no dents and about 27.000 and 28,-000 Miles on them. But gasoline is at the top of Peoples minds these Days and the Vega gets 21 Miles per gallon to the Impala s 13. A a in a rather have the Vega than the Impala a Denton said. A the big cars just Arentt moving. In be got 72 Oldsmobile on the lot big ones with All the equipment and i can to get $2,-000 for the situation was the same at two other dealers in this suburb. And an associated press Survey of the nations used car Market shows Utica is no exception. The Price of the Large cars is Down while the Price of compacts and subcompact is going up across the country. Because of the gasoline shortage there see Vega on 2a s. African Sext plets Are Given Good Chance by Don Kendall a farm writer Washington a the government says rising middleman costs not record farm prices for wheat have accounted for most bread Price increases since huge Grain sales were made to the soviet Union 18 months ago. An analysis of bread costs compiled by agriculture department economists shows that a one Pound loaf sold in supermarkets in july 1972 for an average of 24.5 cents. Last november the same size loaf Cost 31.5 cents the department said. The increase of seven cents included a boost of 2.7 cents in the Cost of All farm ingredients used. Of that wheat flour the main item accounted for 2.2 cents. But other markups including margins for flour Millers and Bakers added about 4.3 cents per loaf to the retail Cost during the 18-month Span according to a study by the departments economic research service. The figures however did not indicate what May happen to bread prices in the next few months. Neither do they reflect Sharp increases in wheat prices since last november. Bakers say huge wheat exports Are siphoning off reserves to such an extent that bread prices May soar perhaps to $1 per 24-ounce loaf if shipments Are not curbed until the new Harvest is ready. At that rate a 16-ounce loaf used by the economists As the Basic indicator would Cost about 65 cents in retail stores. That would be More than double the Price of bread reported for last november. Cape town South Africa apr a 25-year-old woman gave birth to Sext plets today after a full nine months of pregnancy and doctors gave the three boys and three girls a Good Chance of survival. The weight of the babies born to Susan Rosenkowitz at Mowbray maternity Hospital ranged from 2 a pounds to 4va pounds. They were delivered by caesarean Section. Mrs. Rosenkowitz a husband Colin is a local businessman and they have two other children a 6-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son. The woman had taken one of the hormone Fertility drugs which have made births of four or More babies a frequent occurrence in recent years. Sext plets have been born to a number of women who have taken such drugs but the largest number known to have survived to Date Are five of the six babies born in 1973 to Edna and Gene Stanek of Denver Colo. Mrs. Rosenkowitz had been confined to bed most of the time for the past two months and had been under the close observation and care of a team of specialists. X rays indicated several weeks ago that she could expect six babies and a muscle relaxing drug called or Ciprina line developed in South Africa was Given her to stave off premature delivery so that the babies could continue to develop normally. The x rays showed six Well formed babies lying a like sardines a one source said with 12 perfectly formed and legs clearly visible. The first baby a boy was born at 8 02 a.m., followed half a minute later by a girl. The other four were delivered at half minute intervals a a boy a girl a boy and finally a girl. The Hospital introduced tight Security measures to protect mrs. Rosenkowitz from intruders. For the past few weeks she has been on the top floor of the building in a room with one Way windows. Susan Rosenkowitz High schooners take to snuff Copperas Cove Tex. Apr the old fashioned habit of snuff dipping has become the rage among some High schooners Here and the authorities done to like it. This is not the effete old English habit of opening a Silver snuff Box taking a Pinch and delicately sniffing it. This is the Pioneer and deep South procedure of pulling out the lower lip shaking in a generous portion of tobacco closing the lip and letting it seep around. The problem is that snuff begins to make the Mouth water. Sometime or other the user must discharge the overflow or drown. If a Pupil were in a corridor there went a new Brown splotch on the floor. Sidewalks took on a speckled look. The youngsters solved the Issue at such affairs As basketball games by using paper cups As spi Toons and then leaving them. A it Wasny to sanitary a said Copperas Cove school principal Glynn Powell. A a it a just a fad. Mostly Cowboy types doing the school trustees spitting mad so to speak took action this week. There won t be any More snuff dipping or tobacco chewing in school they decreed. Tobacco chewing a a few Chew a said Powell. He estimated 50 boys use snuff or chewing tobacco in the 1,200-Pupil school. Then he thought a minute and raised the number to 65. Any actually dipping in class a ooh we be had a few kids coming to class with a jaw or a lip full a said the principal. Have the girls taken up the habit As did their Pioneer great grandmothers a a in be heard of it but i Haven t seen any of it around Here a Powell said. It seems that the new snuff dippers have added a new twist that probably would make an old time dipper ill. A a it a not powdered stuff like that Garrett snuff. Its a moist powder a Powell said. A and this new stuff is Sweet and it comes in flavors like Wintergreen and Raspberry and two or three

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