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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 15, 1972, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise tuesday february 15, 1972 7ademocratic candidates have words for each other by the associated press several democratic presidential candidates have taken time out from attacks on the Nixon administration to spar with each Oher As the first state primary tests of their vote getting strength draw near. Mayor Sam Yorty says his democratic opponents Are surrounded by an army of image builders and sen. George Mcgovern says mayor John v. Lindsay is a substituting Media for issues and Money for sen. Hubert h. Humphrey denies he a being soft on gov. George c. Wallace whose attitudes Humphrey says tend toward racism. The Minnesota senator also took an indirect Jab monday at sen. Edmund s. Muskie who was hit by a More straight Forward punch from Yorty. Former sen. Eugene j. Mccarthy who ran As a peace candidate in 1968 and is in the race again told an audience in Chicago that most candidates from both parties have fallen in line with the stance he took four years ago. Me a n w h i inf o r me r teamsters Boss James r. Hoffa said no candidate Edward m. Kennedy is the Only Democrat who could beat president Nixon. A i done to think any of these other mutts have a Chance a said Hoffa who was sent to prison by Kennedy s late brother Robert. Yorty told a news conference in Chicago he does not use speechwriters but other candidates Are surrounded by them and the voter a does not really know if he is hearing the True feelings of the candidate or those of the image building a take sen. Edmund Muskie for example a the los Angeles mayor said. A the has at least three speechwriters who not too Long ago wrote speeches for other de in o c r a t i c presidential candidates. There is a taint of deception in All Mcgovern charging that Lindsay was trying to drive him out of the Campaign challenged the new York Mavor to a debate and accused him of seeking votes through a a series of publicity Lindsay was not immediately available f o r comment on the Mcgovern Challenge. During a question and answer radio broadcast in Cocoa fla., Humphrey was accused of refraining from Strong attacks on Wallace a for fear of alienating the Blu Collar a not one bit i Don to the Minnesota senator replied. A i done to think that or. Wallace has any programs that Are going to help this country. I think that at times his attitudes Bend on campaigning near Cape Kennedy Humphrey charged that politicians who play Down or undercut . Space programs a Are not looking to the future of this although he named no one. Humphrey put in a special plug for the proposed space shuttle which Muskie has said should be deferred in favor of higher priority issues. Muskie was campaigning in Miami Beach where he told elderly voters the government should spend Sik million next year to establish 180 health in a i Nten Ance organizations across the country to which people would a Low annual fee for comprehensive Low Cost health care. Tet truce ends Guam based b52s hit Vietnam targets Saigon apr b52 bomb from Dawn to dusk monday 23 Miles of Saigon. The . And South Vietnam ers rushed from the United triggered too to 125 secondary the . Command also an Ese commands reported 33 ene states to Guam have joined the explosions indicating hits on bounced the phaseout of Aneth my violations of the Allied massive air Campaign in in ammunition stores and de or 4.580 american troops from cease fire most of them Small topless decision appealed shocking report on mental hospitals to be released Raleigh apr the North the study committee Over the effects most of the patients Carolina mental health Assoc weekend. Within the Hospital super action says it will release before a. The two of finial add Quot the Sochina and tonight the air a stroked 20 bunkers. Vietnam the biggest single Cut attacks and a1 but two of them or court judges ruling that top March i the a a shocking results a Quot most inhumane thine Vou ran Mada resumed operations in . Pilots have been Cornin months. They included 45 directed against the South Viet Jess Danci in in of an evaluation of four state must make Clear that it a do # mentally Rcv son i South Vietnam after a 24-hour cent ration on South Vietnam a army units most of them namese. Der North Carolina Tau u head mental hospitals. Hours the reports of patient t0 it Fth v -.&Quot. F cease fire for tet. Central Highlands where a big Small support companies and the South vietnamese report a 1 John c. Higgins or. Of Char abuses. While these Are most institution that cannot of reinforced sources said the enemy offensive is expected Al detachments two air Force of eight of their troops killed 1 a Lotte. Association president and serious allegations we feel a adequate treatment for the per b52s ordered across the Pacific her during the tet festival squadrons one transport and and 21 wounded and said one peals. Executive director Victor Syd More various Droum in t in songs problem a to meet the threat of a big the lunar new year or during the other psychological War my losses were not known. The mrs. Christine Denson of the nor said monday the evaluation 1communist offensive flew their president Nixon a visit to com fare and five helicopter units . Command said the two at state attorney general a staff was made by an association 1 treatment within the first missions from Guam Mon Monist China next week. But or about 80 aircraft of All Tyr Day. The . Command re the . Communique said the ranging from troop carriers Raleigh a Sydnor said the , . of ii a Quot a a my ,.kciicirn was Maje do an association Quot Quot quotas made at Hronn Ohenn Host first missions from Guam Mon Monist China next week. But or about to aircraft of All types tacks on american forces did said monday the ruling of Blue ribbon committee headed state mental hospitals. I his is. W. L if sep urls to not cause any i s. Casualties. Judge Maurice Braswell would by mrs. Leif a land of Raleigh the greatest abuse because it j Roll no or re nth a fused to confirm or deny this bunkers were wiped out within heavy duty ch47 chinooks. But one enemy was killed saying Only that the air Aper a a talons a could include b52s from the . Command announced that 251 strikes were flown against targets in South Vietnam in the 12 hours before the tet cease fire began monday night plus scores More in Laos and Cambodia. The strikes inside Vietnam included firms making War products face Legal action attempt be appealed. Higgins and Sydnor said in a a topless dancing is not in joint statement state mental lawful merely because the be hospitals a do not offer Ade male breasts Are bras quate treatment for their Well said in a written decision they demanded that he held a hearing on the Issue the a abuse of patients be Jan. 28. Stopped and that the North the state Board of alcoholic Carolina department of mental control issued an order in mid health develop adequate treat january Banning topless Dane ment. Ing in retail Beer and wine out the two officials expressed Hospital at Butner Dorothea Dix Hospital in Raleigh and Cherry Hospital at Goldsboro. The state Bureau of investigation conducted a lengthy probe of conditions at Cherry Hospital. The ski report touched off a shakeup of top personnel at the institution. Sydnor said the study committee findings to be revealed at a press conference were Belfast of a relatives based on an evaluation Center Londonderry Bloodbath probe asked Charlotte n. C. Apr Trie and Standard Oil of new the acc that the disciples had le.t8 j 8roup of no Rbt Rhock an it dismay Over a 242 by fighter bombers and nine Pepra Board of the a Jersey. 414 per cent of their capital in p cd a Quot attorney wow Oman Progress report formulated by of the 13 men and boys killed in my on three Points Basic care in War related de a temporary order restrain a my the Board from enforcing r ,.rr�hrv Fernandez addressed the Gen vestment most of the attacks were on Lineal Council of Hurches. Paft of a report destries enemy staging areas and Mfd acc has been told that the on an Antiwar meeting of or. Thomas j. Liggett chief pending a hearing. Traction routes from the Western Antiwar clergy and laymen Church figures co sponsored by executive of the churches our Appeal end of the demilitarized zone concerned Csc organization the acc. The meeting known United Christian missionary Abou free Var Aro South along the laotian Bordel Aunch a stockholder and As the ecumenical witness society estimated Church in bal breasts were not private through the a Shau Valley. Action Effort against four against War was held Jan. 13-vestment in such firms at not arts a by. 1 e me it Tex during the truce. American a Cal of off it Agam i i in Kansas City to. More than 7 per cent posture statute. Air operations shifted to Laos corporations whose products Hernandez said he corp he said the study examined in Bis ruling Braswell said and Cambodia because t h e Are used in the air War in \ Iet a Jons were chosen because of Only two of four Church units the revocation or threatened release fire applied Only to Viet Nam. Deep involvement in United with holdings and then consid vocation of a clubs License for Nam. Informants said after the the Rev Richard Fernandez a a a is Ajr operations in South cred Only stocks not Bonds or permitting topless dancing is pilots were switched Back to of Philadelphia pa., executive f Agi and because mortgagee Vietnam tonight they resumed director of the Csc said Mon churches have Large in ill operations on the same in Day night the targets were Hon vestments in their Stock he Tensive scale As on monday. By Well. International Telephone a so sad that choosing onh a communique said the raids and Telegraph general elec four corporations meant a re a Archie has 19-year old Londonderry s bloody Sun psychological care and human a it dash with British Para tarian care troopers announced today they would Boycott the inquiry by Britain a highest ranking judge into the killings the relatives called for an International inquiry charging 1niqqq that he Nesli Salon Byky re by 1.1.k l in the Tiger has got a secret wonder what it is Widgery. The lord chief Justice off Giand. Was a neither indent Lywood i api pendent nor a an administrative Effort to in Ranii of Connor the actor who Banc us sent tl�?Tle8ramh Force a statute in an unlawful Beking of stance in our Objet j is a $ x the weather Lively a Small target area for the peace Effort and the corporations have local outlets where protests also can he applied. Fernandez said the Csc plans to have people at meetings of the corporations stockholders to seek three changes. They Are an end of Particia Ford has its second Best year he added a the construction by television series is plays bigoted Archie Bunker Ona the Ccreary the All in the family come hem cd Nat a ans do television it eries. Is in i general of to prune Quot isl Quot a in wild Mal Tep Risic and to my halt jf�?~5creuoc>a.7 Unco a a a a Quot my Quot a a old Wilson Leader of the British Hon of a state Agency. Have Many Hack friends Lagor party Quot a spokes Braswell said state Laws a Over the world a o Connor Nan which cover lewd and immoral in an interview monday. Lord Widgery arrived in dancing and indecent exposure hut when he introduces pret North Ireland monday to be Jas Well As state Law which sets y Rochelle Williams As his Gin his investigation into the certain Beha Voria restrictions Mece he says with his Irish shootings Jan. 30. The British in places holding Beer and wine Blue Eves twinkle. A most government ordered the inquiry Introit apr the Orf permits were constitutional. People think there must be after roman Catholic leaders lion by the corporation in Man Moto. Co. Has reported 1971 he also held that the statute somebody Black in my accused the paratroopers of in facture of products fir he air profits totalling $657 million for under which the a Board go about 3 Rich Diacri mint eff firing into an War disclosure of All defense jts second Best year in history acted in issuing its order that a a who Connor 41 his ant British March. The army contracts and creation of com and anticipates that sales will any club that permitted topless up d h Fri lands a Ca Thath e troops opened mittens to study conversion of continue at Levels above last dancing would lose its privilege f Ca de him the fire after snipers and Nail production to peacetime prod year License was constitutional be Ber a Bomi to it ked them Cool air arrives a Cool front was expected to move into North Carolina late this evening hut Only after the thermometer climbed into the upper 60s earlier today. The Cool front was expected to bring partly Cloudy skies with a Chance of showers tonight. Lows tonight will be in the Low 30s. Wednesday s temperatures will be to to 15 de forecast North Carolina today. Partly Cloudy mostly sunny on the scattered showers up Grees cooler with highs in the 50s. Chance of precipitation is 20 per cent tonight and wednesday. Temperatures noon and to coast tonight. Highs today near 60 mountains ranging to upper 60s to Low 70s Southeast. Partly Cloudy tonight. Lows mid to upper 30s by the associated press 24 hours ending it 7 a . Est station h l or Asheville Clear 59 27 Augusta Clear 64 34 Charleston Cloudy 62 49 Charlotte Clear 59 37 Columbia Clear 62 33 Greensboro Clear 18 36 . Clear 60 33 Raleigh Clear 58 39 Savannah Cloudy 64 46 Wilmington Cloudy 60 44 t of a Ord a per share earnings but Braswell added that the obstetrician Northern Ireland spent a the Cix also Hopes to Spon were $6.18, second Only to the statute is far broader than the gynaecologist a a one of my comparatively peaceful night Sor protest demonstrations at $6 33 racked up in 1965, when one subject matter of topless f. Friends a her a Day of bombing in Bel local outlets in 50 to too cities the company set its profit dancing and that there Are la if ill fast Fernandez said. Record of $703 million Many Way. In which the statute her a her once a or the general Board ended a f Ord last of the big four May be be was in five Day meeting in Charlotte . Automakers to disclose he added a the for several weeks last sum today. 1972 results made its report court will not restrain the re Riner and fall Ricky and her in another development a Public monday. Sharply in Sponden Abc Board in its fun Mother lived at the o Connors representative of the Christian creased earnings also were re Titre efforts to conscientiously Home while considering his Sug Church disciples of Chris ported by the three other major enforce either of the aforesaid Gest Ion that she quit Howard disputed a study by a unit of Auto companies. University and try her wings As Richelle now has her own apartment but does her laundry once a week in the o Connors washing machine of Connor introduced her to new York apr there i want to make something for that was the Day he acquired the Talent Agency that repro were no Flowers or Candy for Nessen a Maurice Nessen a sents him and now her. She s Vidith Irving on Valentine s Day Sherwood said he brought the cry Mana lawyer a the was very working As a stand in and bit but her writer husband did no to irvings to the Chelsea hotel. Iraq to have a Friend a player in a Black Sherwood said mrs. Irving Edith Irving tires of publicity special 4 Days Barbecue tray 80c free Pepsi Coia feb 14 18 with each Troy new phone 88-64974 aleut ibis Barbecue truck line Salvage a plastic pipe a building supplies a clothing a groceries a carpet a furniture a cloth a hardware hundreds of items Mony below wholesale open Mon. Thru sat. Confederate Salvage sales 301 s North main St. High Point n c. Three Day forecast have to go Home empty handed known for its artists and writer a Iii give her a copy of time clientele on Jan. 28. Among roads with disbelief the news quipped Clifford themselves they refer to that dams describing her As shrewd Irving As he passed through As a Helga Hughes Day a and calculating and takes the his hotel lobby with a copy of be Day it became known that of a husband s alleged the Issue which Calls his Auto lev Nufi visas the affair with blonde Folk Singer biography of Howard Hughes a Hughes who deposited the $650, Jna Van Pallando As any worn hoax a Mcgraw Hill checks in a an would but he said that Mailbox however yield Quot a a Quot a the worst and Doea mean crying. Cd a Box of Swiss chocolates Blacker d of a Vcra sent anonymously or the Chille so pm. Said Sherwood Dren. And a Friend told him eds �?�?-1 Ith had had a Happy productive movie version of Fri the cwt Fly win Blooming i Only Cardon and permanent arrangement of a occasions Hazel Wikas decorator 4018 s main Street new Phon number 431. 3101 North Carolina extend Day completing two water color gouache. Mountains ranging to upper de Outlook thursday through Frojen from trying Dave in 40s to Low 50s Southeast. Partly saturday a Chance of showers Cloudy and cooler wednesday. Friday otherwise fair through a a decade highs mostly 50s. Out. Seasonable temperatures. A ,5. Or my old him Gas o y r daytime highs in the Low to 1 m tired of making headlines South Carolina increase mid 5qs except mid to upper ing cloudiness and warmer to 5os Southeast portion. Lows 20 Day. Mostly Cloudy and mild in he mountains and upper 20s tonight and wednesday with to mid 30s elsewhere thursday scattered showers. Highs today morning becoming mostly Low around 70, lows tonight in the to mid 30s to near 40 Southeast 40s. 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