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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 15, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy cooler More data on Page 7a 88th year a no. 46 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A tuesday afternoon february 15, 1972 26 pages Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885 2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Special she rules o. I am a travelling Salesman and i have always been told that it was against the Law when travelling on interstate highways to turn around easing through the Grassy median dividing the four lanes of the Highway. I have however observed Highway patrolmen apparently clocking speeding cars constantly making these apparently illegal turns. My question actually is Are these turns illegal and if they Are Why Are the state Highway patrol allowed to do this when other Driver. Are not. Thank you very much. A. It is the duty of Law enforcement officers to arrest violators within their jurisdiction and immediately bring them to Justice. One who neglects or refuses to do so is liable As provided by Law. If an officer is ordered to pursue a speeder or observes a traffic violation by a Motorist on the other site of a Highway median and did t move to Stop him in the fastest Way possible without jeopardizing of tier motorists he would be derelict in his duty. If the officer had to travel Miles in the opposite direction to find a Cloverleaf or crossover the violator would be Long gone. A a the irs if q. My father is getting medicaid and social Security disability. Can i take him on my income tax without getting in trouble and Hurt his medicaid please Rush the answer. Anon a. As Long As you have reported to the department of social services what you contribute to your fathers support since that figures into his medicaid benefits and As Long As you have proof you provide More than half of your fathers support counting All his income from ail source you wont get into trouble. A a a the sunday blues q. Since it is not a violation of Tho sunday Blue Law to soil jumper cables on sunday because they Are an accessory would it be a violation of an Auto accessory store to be open on sunday in High Point e. H. A. Yes. Since they Are not listed As the Type of business that can be open. Even Public garages and filling stations Are limited to the a hiring and storage of automobiles and for the Sale of gasoline and oils soft drinks ice Cream Candy cakes and tobacco at All apparently you can keep the car running with Gas on sunday but rot buy a jumper Cable As the latter Falls in the forbidden Sale categories of a hardware and a it s been ordered 0. I own property on Elain Avenue. The Street a reached the Point that it is almost impossible to get to my property. I would like to know the person in the Street department to Contact. The Street has not been graded in several months and the holes Are terrible. I would appreciate any help you can give me on this matter. Mrs. C. H. A. A work order has been out on this project says Public works director Carl wills. For future reference it is not necessary to ask for a particular person in the Street department. If you will Cal the City Hall switchboard and ask for Public works that office will relay the message to the appropriate party. A a a sound off q you recently had a question from a housewife who asked How she could feed her family on a very Small income when food prices were so High. She and others in the same predicament might be interested in a special program on a your Money s Worth in foods which will be Given tuesday february 24. From to a. In to noon in the lab of the agricultural Center in Greensboro 3309 Burlington Road included in the two hour lecture demonstration will be discussions of your food budget your family s food needs food planning and buying and shopping for meat and other foods. Since one third of the family food expenditures goes for meat. Major emphasis will be Given to meat buying and preparation one or two Money stretching meat recipes will be prepared the Public is invited hut since space is limited reservations will be necessary. They May be made by calling the Home economics Extension office by february 22. A direct line from High Point is 883-9919. Extension 30. Maude Middleton Home economics Extension agent. A a Allez top 0. Could you Tell me where a 16-Yearold girl could take up acrobatics such As gymnastics anon. A. At dance studios or the Myca. The latter has gymnastics every wednesday afternoon from 4 to 5. Its an on going class you May enter any time a and the girls outnumber the boys presently. A a reaction q. Anyone who will attain residence requirement of one year or age requirement of 18 by general election november 7 May Register to vote both in the primary May 6 and general election starting March 7 through close of books april 7. Mrs. Elva Small. Mitchell trikes Over Nixon Campaign Kleindienst appointed m new attorney general u amp Law a in my Washington a atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell resigned his Cabinet Post today to head up president Nixon s re election Campaign. Nixon immediately named Deputy atty. Gen. Richard g. Kleindienst to succeed him. Mitchells resignation effective March i had Long been expected. He directed Nixon s 1968 Campaign Effort and the president s political advisers had been anxious for him to take Over the same Post for the 1972 re election Effort. Nixon a nomination of Kleindienst. A conservative identified with the Law and or Der Issue is expected to draw Strong opposition from Liberal and civil rights forces. But White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler replied. A yes. Indeed when asked whether the administration was \ fiery i. Markelov apr rep Oto russian accused of espionage new York a Fri agents have arrested a russian employee of the Ini ted nations on charges of espionage in connection with the solicitation of classified documents on the Navy a new Fua fighter plane. Valery i. Markelov .12. Was seized monday night in a Long Island diner after receiving certain documents from a Grumman aerospace corp. Engineer. The Fri said. The Engineer was work Rig with the Fri. Markelov a translator at the . Secretariat was held overnight in the Federal House of detention for arraignment today before us. Magistrate Max Schiffman. A spokesman at the soviet Mission to the United nations declined comment on the arrest saying the Mission would have to study the situation he would not say whether Markelov was a soviet citizen. Grumman is in the developmental phase of building 12 prototypes of the twin Jet Carrier based f14a. Details of the armament and performance characteristics of the swing Wing plane Are classified. A spokesman at the c it a Panyk a Headquarters in Bethpage on Long Island declined to comment on the arrest. The Fri said investigation of Markelov began in the fall of 1970 after the Grumman Engineer. Who was not identified reported to authorities that the russian had made his acquaintance. In the arrest announcement in Washington Fri director j. Edgar Hoover said Markelov had la meetings with the Engineer at various restaurants in the new York area. He a persistently requested confidential information on the f14a and supplied the Engineer a portable copying machine and a 35mm camera to reproduce the material the Fri said Markelov who was born in Russia arrived in the United states in november 1967. And lives with his wife and daughter in new York City. Maximum penalty for conviction of espionage is to years in prison and a $10,000 Fine the by said confident the Senate would act favourably on Elevation of Mitchell s chief assistant to the Cabinet. Zegler said Mitchell handed Nixon hand written personal letter at a meeting in the president s Oval office monday afternoon the letter s contents were not immediately disclosed but the White House released Nixon s letter to Mitchell accepting his re signal in with a note of a utmost but. Nixon wrote Mitchell. His former Law partner the regret is a compensated by a sense of personal and Heartfelt g attitude on behalf of myself and All americans a a tvs chief Legal adviser to the president and As the Leader of our fight against crime and lawlessness you have left a permanent imprint for the better of our nation of which i am immensely Nixon continued. Nixon s four paragraph letter made no reference to Mitchell s new role As head of the committee for the re election of the president. The Navy a new Fua fight a a a a a a Trade restrictions eased Nixon to see red China sights by Gaylord Shaw associated press writer Washington a after opening wider the door for Trade with China. President Nixon has received a two stage briefing from a French intellectual who knows the chinese leaders Nixon will meet next week. An 89-minute meeting with France s Andre Malraux and a private White House dinner i it a him monday night came As spokesmen sketched a rough itinerary for Nixon s week Long China visit. Included Are an open ended series of meetings with communist leaders a round of four banquets in three cities and sightseeing trips to the great Wall and other chinese shrines. Nixon who leaves thursday on the first leg of his history journey sought the meeting with Malraux to get the Frenchman impressions of Mao tse Tung Chou in Lai and other communist officials As part of his last minute cramming for the trip. A few hours before greeting the French author and former culture minister the White House announced Nixon was taking a series of Steps to place China on the same Trade footing As the Sivie Union and most other Eastern fur Pean communist countries. Basically Nixon a actions allow the Export to chill i j such . Products As locomotives construction equipment Industrial chemicals internal combustion engines and rolling Mills. These will now be added to the list of products which can he shipper to China through commercial channels by holders of a bread general License As opposed to special ii red China expert Edgar Snow Dies Lysine Switzerland apr a Edgar Snow the Veteran american foreign correspondent and expert on communist China died in his sleep Early today of cancer of the pancreas. He was 66. Snow had been ill for months and underwent surgery six weeks ago. The journalist s wife. Son and daughter were with him at his Home in this Village overlooking Lake Geneva. Two chinese doctors sent to Geneva by Premier Chou in Lai. Had joined local physicians in attending him for the past two weeks. Snow first went to China in 1928 at the age of 23 and became a correspondent for the Chicago Tribune in 1929. Eight years later in Ais Book a red Star Over he told the world of the Long March in which Mao tse Tung led the chinese communists to Refuge in Yean. He became a personal Friend of Mao Chou and the other communist leaders and for years after the communists expelled Chiang Kai Shek s regime from the Mainland and the c s. Government maintained its Alliance with Chiang. Snow was the Only non communist american newsman Welcome in peking. Snow s illness forced him to Stop work on a new Book in China and to abandon preparations to cover president Nixon s visit to peking next week for life Magazine. He had hailed the announcement last summer of Nixon a visit As the beginning of a a new Era of far Eastern and world Nixon a new China policy he said meant a the liquidation of two decades of United states East asian policies dominated by the ghost of John Foster born july 19, 1905 in Kansas City mo., Snow got his first exposure to journalism As a boy in his fathers print shop. He edited a newspaper while in High school took courses at a Junior College and the University of Missouri journalism school and held jobs briefly As a reporter on the Kansas City Star and the new York Sun. Snow later wrote for the Sun while in Asia. The London daily Herald signed him As a Edgar Snow staff correspondent in 1933 and four years later promoted him to its chief correspondent in the far East. While in China Snow gave lectures at Yenching University in peking. He gained Fame in 1936 for his accounts and photographs of five months travel with the chinese red army in what was then soviet China. The accounts were the first in nine years out of the Region and made him valuable contacts with the chinese communist leadership. In 1938, he and his wife. Lois coauthored a China builds for democracy a detailing plans for chinese Industrial cooperation. Census which require Case by Case decisions. Ziegler outlining a a very rough itinerary fir Nixon Schina rip. Said the president will use chinese built limousines while there and will Fly from peking to hang How in an air plane supplied by the chinese government the first time he will have used non a s. Aircraft Duim his extensive travels the president mrs. Nixon and the official party of 13 White House and state department advisers will five thursday from Washington to Hawaii where they will spend two nights and one Day before heading on to Guam or an overnight Stop. From Guam Nixon will Fly to Shanghai arriving there about 9 am. China time. Monday feb. 21. Alter leaving the plane for a Brief rest he will Fly on to peking arriving at 11 30 a in. Monday <10 30 pm. Est sundays there he will be officially greeted by chinese officials probably including Premier Chou in Lai. After being driven to the peking guest House Nixon will begin a series of meetings with Chou and possibly Mao tse Tung. Ziegler said these will dominate the five Days Nixon is in peking. Also on the schedule in the capital Are a cultural show a gymnastic event and two banquets one hosted by Chou and the other by Nixon. In addition Ziegler said Nixon probably will visit the great Wall the Ming tombs and the forbidden City. Mrs. Nixon probably will tour a children a Hospital a commune a glassware factory and such historical Sites As the Temple of heavenly peace. The White House provided scant details of the Nixon Mal Raux session in Nixon s Oval office monday. But it is known Nixon was especially interested in getting his personal observations on Mao whom Malraux has known since the 1920s, and on Chou whom he has interviewed in recent years. Ziegler said the pipe smoking Stern laced Mitchell would he participating in the reelection Campaign but said Mitchell himself would provide other details of his new position. In a Brief statement issued by the Justice department Mitchell said he resigned in order to be Able to participate in the Campaign for the reelection of the president. Quot although i am most mindful of the importance of the office of attorney general and its function curing our current period of history i sincerely believe that whatever abilities i possess should lie dedicated to the undertaking that will in most beneficial to the american people this year namely the re election of president Nixon. Mitchell said. John Mitchell Richard Kleindienst . Speedup cited soviet Power grows Laird Washington a Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird said today soviet nuclear Power is growing faster than he had forecast. He said a . Speedup in submarine missile development signals americans will to keep a Strong retaliatory punch other defense officials said the recent decision to push the undersea Long Range missile system lulls also indicates to Russia it s. Uld not stall on agreeing to limit nuclear weapons including submarine launched missiles. An initial .-soviet nuclear arms a imitate n agreement is expected by May hut the russians Are reported opposed to including submarine launched weapons until they overtake an american Lead in this department. A the soviet buildup is showing even greater momentum than i projected in last year s defense Laird told Congress today in his annual review. A it would be diplomatically and politically unacceptable for the United states to allow the soviets to achieve a Large numerical superiority in both i a n a based and sea based strategic Laird reported that by midyear the russians will have 1.-550 land based intercontinental ballistic missiles icbms in tiring h sit Ion compared with 1.054 for the United states. The soviet Navy will have 530 submarine mounted missile compared with 656 aboard . Subs with the Gap closing swiftly. The i s. Bomber fore e will continue its downward slide from 565 planes to 531 while the Sov let heavy bomber Fleet remains at about 140 a fast new russian bomber has been tested and could by a threat in a few year. Laird said Laird s 203-Page report contained these Points Vietnam a situation remains encouraging. The major part of our Vietnam nation program has been accomplished and we Are ahead of schedule on the tasks that remain a we seek to avoid the err to of the past which led to our Ever increasing commitment in Vietnam a Laird said. A that is a mistake we cannot afford to make again draft inductions thl year will to a substantially Tower than a get year when draft Calls fell to a 10-year Tow of 98,000. He gave no 1972 figure while sticking to his goal of an All Volunteer Force by mid-1973. Laird cautioned that a no one can guarantee that the incentives. Will suffice to sat see soviet on Page 2 a chinese missiles threaten Large area Washington aim Sec ret Ary of defense Melvin k. Laird told it egress today communist chinese missiles threaten most of South and East Asia and a substantial part of the soviet Union a we believe that the chinese could begin deployment of intercontinental ballistic missiles with a Range of 3.000 nautical Miles or More capable of striking All or most of the i s s r. By 1975," Laird said in a statement to the Senate armed services committee. He said the two chinese satellites launched in the last 18 months and a dozen nuclear tests since 1964 a indicate a fairly High degree of sophistication what s inside amusements 8a Bridge 10a classified ads 4-7b comics 9a crossword 10a editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries a sports 2-3 b television. 8a women s news 6a weather 7a in both missile and warhead he said the two satellites probably were orbited by a multistage vehicle based on their intermediate Range ballistic missile Quot therefore he said they should to co. Dered As part of China a progressive development of an icbms. Quot we have not As yet been Able to confirm the initial flight testing of an icbms Laird said in his annual report to Congress. He said it cannot be predicted when China will have an icbms capable of striking the United states but estimates Are that deployment could not take place before 1975 with to to 20 missiles available by nud-1976. Laird also said the chinese Are interested in nuclear submarine technology and probably will develop a prototype in the next several years. But ballistic missile submarines Are not Likely to be available until the last half of the 1970s, he said. I Aird said the United states does not plan to maintain a Large . Combat Force specifically for the asian theater. But he said a we do intend to maintain Strong air naval and support capabilities in the area

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