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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 16, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather occasional rain Mora data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 47 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A wednesday afternoon february 16, 1972 56 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c in co i yoga lessons q. Could you Tell me where i could find out about taking yoga lessons a. The Owca Hopes to offer this some time but presently is not. You can let them know of your interest. The Myca in Greensboro is the nearest that we know about. In it in knit one Purl two. 0. Is there some Way i can take knitting Les on or if possibly there is a Book that i could learn by thank you. Mrs. D. A. Yes to both. The Owca offers knitting classes and bookstores have a or can get you a instruction books on any kind of needlework sewing crafts or whatever. A Mission accomplished q. I would like to thank everybody that helped me collecting my papers so i could get my Bike and i now have enough papers to buy my Bike so thank everybody. Boy. A. You betcha. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or a von acknowledge every one. Only fair 0. Some of the men who work for the City did not clean out our Side ditches in the 400 Block of Manley Street. Some of the drains Are stopped up. They worked out Here the other week but did not do anything in the 400 Block. Thank you. Anon. A. Public works men checked and found the ditches in fair to Good condition with the exception of a few leaves which will be removed. A dog dispersers q. Is there any Way i can Spray something around my trash can to keep the dogs out of it i do not want to Hurt them just keep them out of my trash. Mrs. . A. You can get at the pet shop or wherever pet supplies Are sold dog repellents under various Trade names. Some Are designed for indoor use and others for outdoor application around shrubbery or garbage cans. We believe a Reader once suggested Moth balls for this same purpose. You might even try sprinkling the area with Pepper. A a a you too can can q. I would like to have some books or pamphlets on Home Canning. Is this too Early to be sending for them of not please end the Raleigh address that i could write to. Thank you. Mrs. b. A. You can request them from the n. C. Agricultural Extension office in Greensboro p. O. Box 20428. One Booklet deals with fruits and vegetables another with jellies conserves and jams a third with pickles and relishes. A a at least 8 hours 0. I would like to know How Many hours of sleep you should get from the Ages of 13 to it my Mother and i have been having a Little quarrel and she says one amount and i say another. Just lot curiosity she wanted me to Call action line of you would put this in the paper it would be much appreciated by my Mother and me. L. P. A. We Hope you Haven t lost More sleep waiting for an answer. The word from a paediatrician is that this age is one of intense growth and extra rest is needed. You should certainly have a minimum of eight hours he says possibly More. Individuals vary in their needs because of their temperaments but eight hours would be a reasonable period he believes. A swinging with baby q. This couple i know a this baby who was injured during b rth. The Little Arm was out of the socket. I have been Over there several times and they pick it up by the Little hands and swing it around. In t there a Chance that the arms can get out of the sockets again and it would have to Wear a cast e. A. We were aghast at the picture initially but a paediatrician gives it a perspective we Hadnot considered to wit is the child gurgling with Joy or screaming in pain when the parents do this very few people in this world he says Ever have too much love and affection. It sounds to Nim like these folks really love their child. They May be a Little Over zealous but if what they do hurts the baby he is sure the baby would cry and they would Stop. From the information it would appear the birth problem if True was insignificant. A cast he says would not be the treatment for a dislocation which is a very Remote possibility. A a bed amp Board for boys q. How do you go about getting a boy n a Homo for boy thank you. Anon. A. Of you have a particular Home in mind you can write them directly or you could ask your pastor or Clergyman to help you. There is the Baptist children a Home in Thomasville children a Home Reynolda Road in Winston Salem Thompson Home 1130 e. 4th st., Charlotte boys town 700 Kenilworth Avenue Charlotte boys Home Lake acc maw n c. Jets strike n. Vietnam Saigon apr american warplanes launched substantial air strikes inside North Vietnam today . Military sources said. Radio Hanoi claimed two . Planes were shot Down and a number of pilots were killed or captured. A . Command spokesman told of the broadcast said a i have nothing to the command in the past has withheld reporting i downed planes until search and Rescue missions were completed. Advanced soviet arms promised says Sadat Beirut a president Anwar Sadat gave a Broad hint today that the soviet Union will Supply advanced weapons enabling Egypt to make deep penetration raids against israeli cities. The egyptian Leader told a special session of the National Congress of the Arab socialist Union Egypt s Only political organization that concentrated efforts lie ahead a to master the new and advanced these efforts became imperative he said As a result of the . Decision to Supply Israel with More phantom fighter bombers. Sadat also told the Congress his feb. 2 trip to the soviet Union a brought great successes in the Way of Mutual understanding and analysis of he indicated the soviets have promised to Supply Egypt with More weapons when he said a we carry arms and we shall carry More arms a and again when he said. A we have to add to our forces to insure the enemy pays much More than we have to pay in the coming a we must be prepared for great losses but we will inflict greater losses on the enemy deep penetration losses should our country be hit in this Way a he said. Anwar Sadat a a a Liberal of Long standing Frank p. Graham sex senator unc president Dies at 85 Chapel Hill no. Apr. Frank Porter Graham former president of the University of North Carolina . Senator and United nations mediator died today in North Carolina memorial Hospital where he had been a patient since Jan. 21. He was 85. He had been admitted to the Hospital in Chapel Hill on Jan. 21 for a series of tests for an undisclosed condition and suffered a heart seizure last Friday. His Liberal views had put him at Odds with Many conservative elements in the state. His defeat for democratic nomination to a full term in the Senate in t h e Early 195% came after a bitter Campaign with racial overtones. Opponents picture Graham As a traitor to the South who had signed the controversial it report of the presidents committee on civil rights during the Truman administration. A funeral service will be held at la a Friday at the University presbyterian Church in Chapel Hill with burial in the old Chapel Hill cemetery. A memorial service also will be held at 2 pm. Friday in memorial Hall on the unc Campus. Frank p. Graham Graham was a professor of history at the University in Chapel Hill when the trustees selected him As president in 1930. A few years later he became the first president of the consolidated University of North Carolina which included the school in Chapel Hill North Carolina state University in Raleigh and the woman s College in Greensboro now the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. At Mountain hideaway Nixon works late on China Homework by Gaylord Shaw associated press writer Washington a the lights burned late in a cottage atop a Maryland Mountain and in the White House As president Nixon and his aides raced against the clock to Complete preparations for his historic Mission to China. At secluded Camp David in Maryland a Cato tin mountains where he flew tuesday by helicopter Nixon worked into the night Reading Loose Leaf notebooks containing classified material on China and its leaders prepared by Henry Kissinger a National Security Council. At the White House and in adjoining office buildings an army of aides ate Midnight snacks at their desks As they coped with the Complex logistics involved in sending a president and More than 200 other americans into a country with which the United states has had Little Contact for two decades. The details of arranging a 20.395-mile, 13-Day presidential journey Are Many. For example White House assistants Are making certain that hundreds of suburban Washington schoolchildren tiny american flags in hand will be on the South Lawn with congressmen and Cabinet officials to bid Farewell when the president leaves thursday morning. They Are making certain too that enough american Champagne is carried into China for the reciprocal banquet Nixon will give his chinese hosts in peking. They Are tending to details of presidential Security and Well being from seeing that the sews of secret service agents Are outfitted with warm clothing for peking a wintry blasts to making certain the presidential Jet carries an adequate Supply of blood the same Type As Nixon s. They also Are tending to details of news coverage assuring installation of 15 soundproof Telephone Booths in the peking press Center making certain the reams of paper which will be furnished the 87 correspondents accredited for the trip actually reach China. A a a on Swiss charge his appointment to the Senate in 1949 by gov. W. Kerr Scott a the late father of the present governor Boh Scott a was a political blockbuster which led to the most heated Campaign in recent state his tory and his defeat for democratic nomination by the late sen. Sen. Willis Smith. Supporters of Smith convinced Many voters that Graham stood More solidly for equal rights for the Black Man than Southern traditions called for. Grahams service in the Senate was a Brief interlude Between his concerns As president of the University for 19 years a mediator of labor disputes and a mediator for the United nations in the dispute Between India and the Kashmir. His libera views appealed to president Franklin i. Roosevelt who named him successively As vice chairman of the National recovery administrations Consumers Hoard chairman of the National advisory Council to the Cabinet committee on economic Security a member of the president s committee on education vice chairman of the National defense mediation Board and member of the War labor Board. In 1961 the Freedom association presented him with its world peace award for his work with the u n. Failing health forced him to give up his u n. Post in 1967, and he and mrs. Graham returned to Chapel Hill. Some observers traced Graham s Liberal stance on race relations and other issues to his scotch presbyterian upbringing by his father or. Alexander Graham civil War Veteran and an educator credited with introducing the graded school system to North Carolina. Amire Pai ski during Washington news conference map a trans a peking will seek economic Aid from us., says Malraux what s inside amusements 6d Bridge. 7c classified ads 7-11d comics 5d crossword. Editorials. Financial. Obituaries sports television women s news 9b 4a 2a 6d my 7d i so weather. 3a by Kenneth j. Freed associated press writer Washington a Andre Malraux the French intellectual called Here to Brief president Nixon on China a leaders says peking ultimately will seek massive economic Aid from the United states. A such an undertaking the equivalent of the Marshall plan this is the real issues of Nixon strip to China the 70-year-old philosopher and former French government official said during a tuesday news conference. A the sign of Success will of necessity be economic a Malraux said of the trip Nixon starts thursday. He first told the news conference through a translator that mrs. Irving arrested new York a mrs. Clifford Irving was arrested at the Federal courthouse today on a charge of being a fugitive from Swiss Justice in the Howard Hughes autobiography Case. The Swiss government has charged her with counterfeiting. Forgery and larceny in connection with her alleged role in her husbands claimed Book about the billionaire Recluse. Smiling and composed Edith Irving arrived at the courthouse at 11 10 a m., to minutes late and went directly before a . Magistrate. She was fingerprinted ordered to turn Over her passport Ani was told she would be released on a $250,000 personal recognizance Bond. . Magistrate Martin d. Jacobs issued the warrant tuesday on a complaint charging that mrs. Irving 36, was a a fugitive from Justice of the confederation of Switzerland it said she is charged with a counterfeiting and forgery use of counterfeited or forged instruments embezzlement and theft the charges were the first to be made in the Case under investigation by two grand juries Here. It involves the authenticity of the purported autobiography of Hughes As compiled by Irving. Irving claims the Book which was to have been published by Mcgraw Hill inc. And excerpted in life Magazine was assembled from More than too hours interviews he conducted with the reclusive billionaire. Denials of any such meetings or even knowledge of the author have been attributed to Hughes. Time Magazine has branded the work a hoax pirated from another manuscript. Irving has said that his wife Edith a Swiss citizen deposited in a Swiss Bank $650,000 in checks from Mcgraw Hill using a passport in the name of a Helga r. the Money was intended As payment for Hughes. Mrs. Irving later withdrew the Money and deposited $442.-000 of it in another Swiss Bank under another name Swiss authorities said. Mrs. Irving took the news of the warrant calmly in her hotel suite after her lawyer Maurice Nessen called to say she see mrs. Irving on 2 a he a found the president optimistic As regards an economic agreement and predicted a sympathetic response if Nixon believed the chinese serious. However at a later session with a few reporters Malraux said he does t expect chinese communist party chairman Mao tse Tung to ask Nixon for economic Aid during this visit and he modified his earlier indication that economics was the Paramount Factor of the trip. The White House has not provided its version of the Mal Raux Nixon talks which took place in two sessions monday after the administration announced a liberalization of .-chinese Trade restrictions. However the effects of easing restraints on american exports to the Mainland remain Uncertain and tied to the outcome of the presidents trip according to state department officials. Quot Trade follows politics in these one expert said in explaining the uncertainty of the decisions Impact. He also indicated it is too Early to put any Price tag on the outcome of easing the restraints or to discuss specifics. Under previous policy .-chinese Commerce amounted to about $4 million entirely by Way of third nations and consisting of imports into the United states. Even though the Trade liberalization is not expected by american officials As having any immediate beneficial effects beyond establishing a better climate for the Nixon trip they indicate China does offer a lucrative Market As Well As holding goods wanted in the United states. These include Tungsten and Tung Oil both used in steel production Brush bristles textiles ingredients for hair products Art works rugs and pottery. Commercial experts said even in the chaotic years after world War la the Exchange of these goods and us. Products amounted to $100 million annually. In his discussion Malraux said Nixon strip is a vitally important to world peace. His attempt is a Noble explaining that Mao a interest in raising the chinese Standard of living outweighs the revolutionary propaganda of the peking government. Malraux said the chinese Leader believes Only the United states has the capability of helping the Oriental giant reach Industrial Power. Kleindienst s approval expected Washington Aid Richard g. Kleindienst s nomination As attorney general appears headed for certain Senate approval although some senators May go along reluctantly. The appointment tuesday of the 48-year-old Deputy attorney general to replace John n. Mitchell was applauded by Senate conservatives but Liberal republicans were generally silent and some Liberal democrats critical. However members of All factions in the Senate agreed Kleindienst will almost certainly win confirmation to head the Justice department. Sen. Phillip a. Hart a Mic said a i have the reservations a a knee Jerk Liberal has to any nomination of this but Hart said he expects to vote for the nomination if there Are no disclosures of impropriety or moral defect about Kleindienst. The judiciary committee opens hearings on the appointment next tuesday

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