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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 14, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warmer More data on Page 3 a 88th year a no. 45 the High Point Enterprise for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Diabetics Camp q. I was hoping you could help me get some information on the Camp for diabetic children. The Enterprise carried an article last summer or last fall and i have misplaced it and i have a granddaughter 10-years-old and i would like to get her in a Camp for diabetics and if you could help me i certainly would appreciate it. Thank you. Mrs. R. H. L. A. The Carolinas Camp for diabetic children is located at Eagle s nest near Brevard. N. For information write the Greenville Lay society of the s. Diabetic association p. O. Box 8248, Greenville s. Abracadabra amp Presto q. I called action line about three weeks ago about a private Telephone for which we have waited about eight years and since then they have installed a private Telephone within two weeks of the Call of action line had anything to do with it we certainly appreciate it. Just disregard any future Calls on that because the results Are excellent. Thank you. Anon. A. A a my name is ozymandias King of Kings look on my works be mighty and despair a a it might very Well have been sheer coincidence. All we did was suggest to the company that Jacob did no to have to wait and work for the hand of Rachel As Long As you had had to wait to get your hands on a private Telephone. Its too bad All requests can to be met so expeditiously whether by Effort or Accident. Ieie in the missing w-2 q. I quit this Job three or four months ago and i Hava not received my w-2 form yet and what must i do and is Thor anything or Lagal action i could take against the company and the company is in the same town that i live in and that is High Point thank you. A. If you Haven to received it yet Call or go by the business office of the company and ask for it. They should have been mailed by now. A a a arcs zip q. Could you please print the address of the american Kennel club in the paper thank you. A. B. A. 51 Madison Avenue new York n. Y. 10010. In it in Rover s water ration o. Please Tell people that have their dogs tied in the Back Yard to please provide water for them As i love dogs very much and hate to see them suffer. They have been left out As Long As two Days at a time without any water whatsoever. Thank you. P. M. A. We received another Anonymous Call about the neglect and mistreatment of a German Shepherd which May have come from you or another but in either event we referred both Calls to the Guilford county humane society. The investigator mrs. Rhonda Bost. Is a victim of the flu at this moment hut she will look into the complaints the minute Shes Able it in Facelift for Joshua q. We would like to know Why the Street department has not fixed Joshua Circle. The Street is so bad that the trucks have started using our driveway beside the Plant. We have called them but no action. Thank you. A. This Roadway was on schedule for scraping Jan. 6 and Jan. 20 and director wills says he will a keep tabs on it to see what the trouble is. It Ieie water cutoff rules q. Could you please print in the paper whether or not it is against the Law to shut off someone s water for Days at a time the water is needed in the bathroom and for cooking. This could be unsanitary to a person s health. Thank you. Without water. A. It would help if we knew who shut it off and for what reason. If the City did for non payment of Bill they Are within their rights. A City code Sec. 20-24 stipulates that All Bills Are payable on or before the 20th Day after the Bills Are mailed. This fact is also printed on the Bills. If not paid the discontinuance and restoration fees prescribed in the code shall apply and service will be discontinued without further notice on the 21st Day after they Are mailed. Sound off the Dogwood Garden club makes an urgent plea to the guilty party to refrain from dumping branches grass and other trash in the clubs Garden plot in the median at Emerywood drive at West Lexington Avenue. It is very discouraging to spend time and Money to beautify High Point and have your efforts destroyed by uncaring jitterbugs. Mrs. Ernest Freeman. High Point n. C., monday afternoon february 14, 1972 electric Power Cut Britain crippled by Coal strike 20 pages Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c by Fred Coleman associated press writer London apr electric Power cuts brought on by Britain a Coal strike threw thousands out of work today. St. Valentines Day became a a misery monday across the nation the Stock Market plummeted and the value of the Pound Sterling dropped. The government warned of a possible total shutdown in two weeks if the strike of mineworkers does t end. Violent clashes Between picketing mineworkers and police broke out in a number of Points in England and Scotland. Rail services around London and other Industrial centers were disrupted. Thousands arrived at their offices to be told to go Home because of Power cuts in sector after sector. The picture in Industry was confused but it was Clear that thousands were Laid off As factories w ent on a government decreed half time operation. Nixon prepares for departure on China trip Washington a with his departure for peking Only three Days off. President Nixon has asked his staff for More information and called in French intellectual Andre Malraux for expert answers on China. Nixon has been preparing for months for his historic talks drug cuts Down heart seizures Chicago a a drug used to lower blood fat Levels has been found to reduce significantly the number of nonfatal heart attacks in men. Ors. Louis r. Krasno and George j. Kidera of ignited air lines division of clinical research report on the effects of the drug called clo vibrate in this weeks Issue of the journal of the american medical association. Their study involved More than 3,000 men but the report regards As most conclusive the findings on an initial group of 1.068 men with an average age of 47.5 years. Among these men 1.001 did not have known heart disease and 67 did. The group was divided into two parts those in one received clo vibrate capsules four times a Day those in the other remained untreated for the first 39 of the 63 months covered in the report. The rate of nonfatal heart attacks for the treated men was i 89 per 1.000 a year. For those who did not receive the drug initially it was 6 6 per 1,000. The researchers then began to study two groups of younger men to determine whether there was any advantage in starting the drug therapy at an earlier age. These groups averaged 37.8 and 37.2 years of age. More dramatic differences in heart attack rates Are shown in the interim results on the second and third groups among younger men who received clo vibrate the rate of heart attacks was 64 per 1.000 a year among those who did not receive it the rate was 5 per 1,000. There were no restrictions on the diets of the men studied. Clo vibrate apparently had Little effect on death rates from heart disease in either the treated or untreated men. During the study six treated men died from heart disease and eight untreated men died. Among men with High blood fat Levels the researchers found that clo vibrate apparently was just As effective in reducing heart attack rates whether the men showed no reduction in blood fat a partial reduction or a More Complete reduction. None of the men in the study with Normal blood fat Levels developed any evidence of heart disease regardless of whether or not they received the drug. Since the heart disease rate was lowered regardless of the effect of clo vibrate on the blood fat Levels the researchers said the drug May be having effects which Are not yet understood. With chinese leaders and has everyone doing Homework on it. That a the reason for today a White House meeting with Malraux the former French cultural minister. Nixon in disclosing plans for the meeting said he was impressed with Malraux analysis in his a anti memories a of China and communist chairman Mao and Premier Chou in Lai. Nixon still is not satisfied with the mountains of material he a been provided. Press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said Nixon returning from Florida sunday night had asked the National Security Council for More answers. The China trip is considered so sensitive in the White House that for a time members of Nixon s Advance teams did t want to talk about the books Nixon was Reading on China or even to give an opinion of what they thought of peking Duck. One insider conceded a there san extra dimension of secrecy to avoid expectations that be but. The process of getting the president briefed and ready was begun Well before Henry Kissinger a secret trip to peking in july 1971. Literally hundreds and hundreds of pages perhaps 50 pounds an aide estimates have been compiled for Nixon by the state department National Security Council Central intelligence Agency and individual experts. There Are huge notebooks filled with political cultural and historical information. Malraux Isnit the Only China watcher to get the Call. Many other recognized authorities a with a feel for the Peoples Republic of including authors diplomats and journalists have been tapped the White House says. However spokesmen generally have shied away from identifying these sources. School Boycott launched Augusta a. A a massive Boycott of Richmond county schools became evident today As desegregation via busing under a Federal court order became effective. Although Only seven elementary schools Are involved directly in the desegregation order other schools reported heavy absenteeism. The county a 85 school buses were carrying Only a handful of pupils each Many had Only two or three. Raymond Duford principal at Richmond Academy Augusta s largest High school with More than 1,400 pupils said after classes began it appeared that absenteeism would run about wiper cent. Some parents however took their children to newly assigned schools in automobiles and walked with them into the school. A group of parents calling themselves the save our schools committee has urged a week Long Boycott. Ervin Clack jr., chairman of the committee said about 400 attended a rally in the second Baptist Church sunday and that an overwhelming majority of them approved the Boycott. The court order is the first major step to achieve a ratio of 60-40 White to Black in the school system. The order was issued by judge Alexander a Lawrence who earlier this month issued a restraining order prohibiting anyone from taking action to impede the implementation of the desegregation order the action provides for a $1,000 Fine or one year in prison or both for anyone convicted of ignoring the order hardest hit was the state owned British steel giant and the motor firms. Britain a biggest Export Industry. Jaguar motors halted All production at its Coventry Plant and sent 3,� 500 Home. Triumph motors Laid off 2.500. Hovers halted All car production. The company said All of its 14.000 workers will be affected at some time during the week British steel a big electricity consumer was badly Hurt because blast furnaces can to be turned off and on. Five thousand men were Laid off As a starter. Up to a third of the nations 24 million workers were threatened with losing their jobs. At least temporarily. For All it was a Day of dark cold Homes cold meals and delays or cancellations of electric commuter trains As the Power was Cut off in rotation for varying periods around the nation. Trade and Industry minister John Davies charged that the miners were a holding the country to Ransom and warned that the nation could come to a standstill. A within two weeks or so at the present rate of run Down virtually All Domestic and Industrial supplies will be Cut off More or less the whole he said. A we would he moving into a situation Here we could not be sure of maintaining the essential however Britain has 44 Oil. Nuclear. Natural Gas and hydroelectric Power stations that can meet approximately 25 per cent of the nations demand and keep most essential services operating. The government could also order the army to move available Coal supplies into generating plants. With the strike in its sixth week a panel headed by lord Wilberforce starts hearings on the strike issues tuesday. It said it hoped to have recommendations for a settlement ready by Friday. Leaders of the 280.000 striking miners said the recommendations could be put to a vote in 48 hours. This Means the strike could be Over next week if the recommendations were acceptable but Union Leader Lawrence Dally warned a the miners Are determined to continue their strike action until the government and the Coal Board see the minimum wage for the miners has been $49 40 a week they Are demanding $65.10, while the government has offered $57.20 the conservative government of prime minister Edward Heath although badly trailing the labor opposition in Public opinion polls was certain to survive a Confidence vote tonight on its handling of the Power crisis because it has a majority of More than 20 votes in the House of commons. Waiting for a lift troopers of the i s. 1st cavalry division Are reflected in the water of a bomb Crater As they wait for a helicopter pickup after completing an operation near firebase Melanie 30 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The division has one brigade remaining in Vietnam and is charged with Security for the general area East of the Saigon Rien Hoa area. A opens policy meeting Meany refuses to pick candidate Miami Beach. Fla. A Al Cio president George Meany opens a to icy conference heavily Flavoured with National politic today keeping democratic residential hopefuls guessing about organized labor s support Meany even declined to Rule out backing president Nixon a reelection. A the chances Are very slim a that the big labor federation would support Nixon hut a i done to want to see him Defeated by somebody who i advocating surrender in Vietnam Meany source of manuscript unknown much of Irving s volume on Hughes taken from another Book says time new York a Nina Van Pallando. A Beautiful blonde Folk Singer went to the Federal courthouse today to testify before a grand jury probing her Friend Clifford Irving so a autobiography of Howard Hughes. The 39-year-old danish born Baroness who is estranged from her dutch husband has said Irving did no to leave her sight Long enough to interview Hughes when she and Irving were together in Mexico. The Federal grand jury continued its investigation of possible mail fraud in the Case As of it was pirated. Proved time calling Irving a icon Man of the year a said Irving had admitted the hoax to Federal prosecutors in an Effort to spare his wife from jail. Irving a lawyer Maurice nes sen called the time article Quot a gloating prancing distorting piece that is irresponsible in the the Magazine printed part of Irving s Book alongside excerpts from an unpublished manuscript by free Lance writer James Phelan to emphasize the similarities. Time said it did not know How Irving gained Access to Phelan a manuscript. The Magazine said Irving told Federal investigators he would accept a prison term for fraud and perjury in Exchange for leniency by Swiss authorities on forgery and Bank fraud charges against his wife. Edith. The new York daily news said it had Learned that . And Swiss authorities had agreed secretly to drop charges against mrs. Irving if her husband cooperates and a someone goes to . Attorney Whitney North Seymour or. Declined comment. But Swiss officials dismissed the report As a they said a courier was in route to the United states with a demand for mrs. Irving a extradition. Baroness Van Pallando who is a neighbor of the irvings on the Spanish Mediterranean Island of Ibiza declined to talk to reporters As she arrived for the grand jury hearing time said Irving might have sought the Deal for his wife a Freedom in fear that she might Tell her Side of the Story in anger Over his affair with mrs. Van Pallando. The Magazine also said that when Irving was confronted with the new evidence of manuscript similarities he commented a it s More Complex than you Ever think. You Haven to seen the Bottom line yet. There is going to be some big news breaking so be time s Parent firm time inc., owns life Magazine see much on Page 2-Aj said in a copyright interview with . News and world ref tort democratic presidential candidates. Including Sens. Edmund s. Muskie. Henry m Jackson Hubert la. Humphrey a and George s Mcgovern have been informed they Are Welcome to drop by and talk loaf Cio leaders at their annual w enter meetings Here. Bul the invitation has not been extended to the Nixon administration. Reflecting labors unhappiness with White House economic and foreign policy including Meany s opposition to Nixon strip to red China and a Host of other issues Meany led the 13.6 million member federation in heavily backing Humphrey s losing 1968 presidential race against Nixon. The Only democratic president.a1 candidates Meany specifically ruled out for Al m support this year were Alabama gov. George a Wallace a because of what Meany said was Wallace s record on civil right and labor matters and new York mayor John v. Lindsay. Meany said Lindsay had done a bad Job of running new York. Meany did not indicate who he thinks is advocating surrender in Vietnam. Asked whether he would Rule out any other democratic on the basis of their record on Domestic social issues that labor supports. Meany said a it is much too soon to the 77-year-old labor chieftain s political strategy this year reportedly is to increase labors influence by keeping the democrats guessing until the crowded presidential Field Narrows Down toward the time of the party a convention Here in july. Quot if we said we would support any candidate that the party nominates it would mean that the democratic party could take us for granted and we Are not about to he taken for granted an Al Cio source close to Means said. What s inside amusements 7b Bridge 4b classified ads 8-11b comics 5b crossword 6b editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2b sports 4-5b television 6b women s news 6-8a weather 3a i a i

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