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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 15, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Variety answer to previous Pun across i departed 5 clique 8 Bambo Olike grass 32 Assam silkworm 13 pedal digit 14 roof Edge 15 transgressions 16 King of Judah bib 17 malaysian Canoe 18 Seesaw 20 obtained by theft 22 consume food 23 stray 24 depot a 27 stitch 20 passages in the Brun highest Point 34 journey 36 reek portico 37 pish sauce 39 term in Bridge 41 hops Kiln 42 Nobleman 44 summer for 45 born 46 cartography 48 slight Flap 50 postage items 53 Click Beetle 57 ice Cream Container 58 River in Switzerland 6ft biblical Weed 61 solar disk 62 masculine nickname 63 leave out 64 Salamander 65 manuscripts a 66 Promontory Down 3 for fear that i iroquoian Indian 3 exquisite �?�4 Sample 5 beginners 6 goddess of the Dawn 7 tantalize 8 accounts 0 boys name 10 cry of bacchanal la College Olla Tai of direction 21 in three ways comb form 24 wound with a Dagger 25 weight of India 26 mimicked 28 stratagem 30 Short jacket 31 Flower 32 glut 35 archetypes 38 remark 40 repast 43 snooze 47 sacred song 40 Wand to scrutiny re 51 carry Coll 52 afresh 54 domesticated 55 Rodgers of discord 56 soaks flax 59 roman Bronze i i 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Roll 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 to 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 44 49 50 51 i 53 54 55 56 57 i58 59 60 61 i 62 63 54 -�?i1165 66 15 Jacoby on Bridge testing for 3-3 is safety by Oswald amp James Jacoby remember the Story about the Man w of quit his Job of sorting oranges because of ten Many decisions a Bridge player has to make decisions also but a Wise declare can frequently eliminate them. Take today s hand As an example South holds Back his Ace of hearts until the third Lead of the suit. He discards a Chi from Dummy. Then if he is mentally Lazy he leads a club and is delighted to see that Bast holds the Ace after All if West held the Ace soul a would be Down one trick automatically. South in t so Happy when mean old East leads a Spade South can count eight top tricks a successful Spade finesse or a 3-3 Diamond break will give him his ninth. Which should he try a of South is a mathematic Tan he knows that the finesse is .�?~>0 50 and a suit Breaks 3-3 Only to per cent of tie time he tries the Spade me be and is Down two. Of he is afraid of going Down two he refuses the Spade finesse and this time the Sun shines for him and he makes his contract. An Alert declare never has to make this decision. He sees that it will stare him in the hearing slated in slaying Morganton. X. C Aig a 20-year-old Man will get a he ring wednesday on a charge that he killed his father with a Shotgun saturday. The defendant. Thomas Eugene Norman is being held in the Burke county jail on a charge of murder in the slay my of Glen Thomas Norman 45. The elder Norman s body was found about 3 a. In. Saturday in the Yard of his Home he had been shot once in the Chest with a Shotgun. North 15 a 10 7 5 v 105 a a q 7 2 a Kio 8 3 West East a k 9 2 a j 8 6 4 3 vkqj94 v76 a 1063 a j a 7 4 a a 52 South d a a v a832 a k 8 4 a j96 East West vulnerable West North East sooth i pass 3 . Pass pass pass opening Lead a k face if he plays first but notes that he can Well afford to test the diamonds before knocking out the Ace of clubs. So he rum tie diamonds sue be a fully and has his nine tricks without any worry about the King of Spades. Erato Conuse Eye trouble in the Young by George c. Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson i would appreciate information about an Eye condition called Kera Toconis. Our daughter 19, has it. I would like to stress the importance of periodic Eye examination for All. A mrs. C. L. Lets Start with the Cornea a that a the covering of the Center portion of the eyeball. Kera Toconis is a protrusion of part of the Cornea due to a weakness of the tissue. Since this changes the smooth exact curve of the eyeball obviously it causes visual distortion. Ordinary glasses do readily Correct vision in a Case like this so Contact lenses have been used. Often the hard Contact lenses Are Well tolerated but it has recently been reported that a a soft Contact lenses Are tolerated quite satisfactorily the a a soft lenses May require spectacles in addition to get Best results. I thoroughly agree with your stress on periodic examinations. In later years after 40 or so the sneaky Cataract and glaucoma problems Are the principal targets but in Young people it is important to detect Kera Toconis or other ailments which if common Are important when they occur. Dear or. Thosteson i had a checkup recently and found i have High blood fats a it sounds like a do you have a pamphlet on this they gave me a diet for it. A mrs s. F. Good try. Ifs triglycerides they Are fatty materials somewhat Allied to cholesterol although exactly the ame and from the same Type of diet. Carbohydrates should be reduced in the diet to lower triglycerides. You la find both of them explained in detail in the Booklet a control cholesterol Send 25 cents and a Long self addressed. Stamped envelope for a copy. And Don t forget to include your zip code on the return envelope announcement Arlan Leonard is now manager in Archdale Artosha Hod 14 a a Are exporter in Auto port and can Sovo you Mont Lewis Supply company 3505 s. Main St Arch dolt i 709 n main St. High Point for watch repair and jewelry j. W. Leonard jewellers located in the Bow Stafford bldg phone 454-1401 c Ell a Sha Kis for distinctive design. Beautiful rustic texture. Available in panels Kern via him Quot or min ii Filar uial Partl for into a All or Ilu Uhli All. F Ohrn 4i, l into 3 ply panel h Long Tail Ahlf Iii Naturel or v or to in i with Nail Iii Lii had Why Sloat up on excess body water \ \ f i Don t overweight i iffy bloated of water retention and water build up that May rom on a tinny the a Trenhom Days of your pre menstrual period. Amazing new x be i a water rills a gentle rim retie helps you to water weight . And relieve body Blo to puffiness Waist enlargement and water recent in a swelling of thighs legs and arms. Tav As slim As von Are guaranteed or Money har k. Get Jour i Al Quot water Pill a at your Iii no store eckers drug stores i is min Sii kit i Dinle Tref w. Icon rf1 it nor Xii a ethic a red butt to ail ii the barn Lunk it Ingle or double Wall. Calif Are kit Quot Long Vivai Rahlf in 7 Beautiful find to la and spit Sii Kis huge a. Handsome Liam Plit shake. A Golf a beaut or a lung available in natural Enlar or Foti trans Par fut finishes skip Lap Edge Prole Lour Home in All kind of weather Complete Stock of Cedar lumber for trim work Hedgecock builder Supply company of High Point n c. Ample off Street parking Stotts locked to g tto Shoro Asheboro of Catoo Wolmut cot a be sure and see our Home planning department Quot 1213 Ward St. Tel 882-4101 dear or. Thosteson several years ago i had several male hormone shots for a medical condition. As a result i now have to Cope with an alarming amount of hair on my Chin and above my lips which is embarrassing. Can female hormone shots reverse this or should i resort to electrolysis a mrs. V. E. After use of male hormones has ceased the hairiness gradually disappears so after several years i would be of the opinion that that no longer is influencing the situation. Remember however that hair growth is unusual in women past menopause the amount varying from one individual to another. Giving female hormones will necessarily reverse this growth. Therefore if i were you id consider electrolysis. O r bleaching if that Wili work for you. Tilting it for water milk this amount of Orange juice the brittleness a but if she Strong Bones Etc. Over a period of years might has been drinking it to the sex the same thought makes me she says her doctor has told contribute to this. A mrs. P. Delusion of milk she May have wonder whether the Little her that her Bones Are Brittle f. Become deficient in Calcium a grandson May be Lac my and in a wondering whether Orange juice would t cause and we All need Calcium for Calcium. That s goo v i i i i i i a i v monday Friday at 11 30 pm dear or. Thosteson my daughter in Law and three year old grandson Between them drink half a gallon of Orange juice daily. S u b most safety first and make it last 1/ Post d highpoint no. Tonight Betty Davis in anniversary a my to Down Home taste it Isnit really that far away. Is / i even now there Are places where you get real Cream in your Coffee and the cake is never the store bought kind. Down Home taste. Yours when you slow Down for a minute. And savor the simple pleasures that Are All too rare these Days. Lake lighting up a Winston and enjoying the taste of filter blend tobaccos. A taste As real As Rich and As Good As a visit Down Home. It Winston tastes Good like a cigarette should. Down Home Good. Alters % of i ?1 it by Viqi us tora cd Cormany i Siu skit n t8ntv St ass Quot his o1 in m a 0o9�fou5 super King 20 by Lafe Jug n Toime super King menthol 21 my 4�f&Quot. 1.5mg. N Tome. A per Heron ajg.71

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