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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Feb 7 1972, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 7, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Soviet guns outdated arabs feel by Fred s. Hoffman a military writer Washington a some Arab military men Are accusing the russians of sending them outdated heavy artillery . Defense sources say. The american sources say this is one of the first reports of Arab dissatisfaction with the Quality of military Aid furnished by the soviet Union. As with most intelligence the sources refuse to say How they obtained the information. Syrian officers were described As claiming that soviet supplied heavy guns were obsolete probably drawn from russian army storage. Also. U. S. Sources said the syrians have complained that spare parts cannot be obtained from Russia making it difficult to keep the artillery weapons in Good working order. syrians and egyptians Are the heaviest recipients of soviet military hardware among the Arab nations. Family held three hours gunmen invade Kentucky Home High Point Enterprise monday february 7, 19/2 a Eolia by. Apr sunday afternoon turned into a Nightmare for the Worley Sturgill family. Two men bearing guns barged into the Sturgill Home and held the family prisoner for three hours before surrendering to police. The two were identified As escapees from the Southwest Virginia Camp at Coeburn. James Erps 38. And Robert Charles Blanchard 21. Sturgill and his wife Mary Kay both 29, and their three Small children thought the Man walking toward their Home was a neighbor. A next thing you know he a walking into the House and saying a nobody move a a Sturgill said sunday. He said the Man complained he was hungry and cold. A second Man then entered the House Sturgill said. Meanwhile. Virginia state troopers with dogs had followed tracks in the Snow to Sturgills Home just across the Kentucky Border. A Kentucky trooper with them Tom Wright was a Friend of Sturgill and he approached the House. A those Guys the captors went crazy a Sturgill said a they told us that if we had to go to the door we should just act Sturgill said he told Wright he Hadnot seen the two men and that everything was Fine. A but i winked a Sturgill said Wright returned half an hour later with a note instructing him to move his right foot ii there was anything wrong. A so i did and he told All of us to come outside. A the two Guys said they a come out if Wright could prove he Wasny to a Virginia Sturgill said. Wright passed his Kentucky troopers hat into the door and the men relinquished their weapons and ammunition. They were charged with holding hostages being fugitives and possessing illegal firearms. They refused to waive extradition to Virginia Kentucky state police sgt. Lonnie Leach said Erps a Virginia native was serving to years on a breaking and entering charge. Blanchard a native of Seattle was was serving 15 years for armed robbery. Leach said. Fighting rages at several Points in South Vietnam by George Esper associated press writer governor veto Power advocated Charlotte a democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Jim Hunt says North Carolina governors should have the veto Power and should be allowed to serve two terms in succession. Saigon apr South Viet enemy Hunt said this in an interview names forces battled the. Televised sunday on the Eye North vietnamese and vie Tilliea witness report of to. Cong today and sunday at a Taly inside a 175mm gun at an Hunt said in answer to a dozen pm ints from the Northern artillery base near a Sang killed and said one Marine was Ling to reduce the c communist question he thought the gov end of the country to the South the command said the Accident wounded and in Quang Ngai commands ability to at error should have the veto pm tip. It was one of the heavy w Tong investigated. Province South of Danang Jwj Quot Quot Neil or a i = til la Quot lunar new Mil of Power men be Kaaea. Est periods of action this year the heaviest fighting raged thre enemy were slain in a feb 15 and during president a i Don t think he ought to use military spokesmen said. Through the mangrove swamps raid vietnamese exons visit to red China be it without discretion. I think. _ of the u Minh Forest at the command said. Ginning feb. 21. That if the legislature deliver e a Quot vietnamese com Southern end of the Mekong two Small fights were report i c on i i u a ates and passes a Bill in most Mand claimed 77 enemy troops Delta and on the Ca Mau pen. A the Central Highlands a u aint the cases that ought not to be be killed in the scattered fighting insula to toe East. In five d via quota a Tum and a it toed. While 20 South vietnamese clashes in that Region 51 ene r. H is Uffit nos Scute a Brut there a ,-0, that troops were reported killed and my troops and 15 South Viet. Nor Virtine a maim w ? Northwest but there Are cases that wound i amp soldiers were Rerer ted h e predicting a Niamoi Frontier hitting at enemy troop things go through very hurried a a p North vietnamese offensive. An j supp a buildups. By without the kind of consider a a action they ought to get a and Yevtushenko visits . No american casualties were killed and 40 government troops de killed while South Vietnam reported in engagements with were wounded. Ese losses were put at three troops but the . A Ong the Eastern end of the men killed and to wounded. Command said one i was demilitarized zone South Viet Field commanders attribute and five were injured namese marines reported an the continuing upsurge in fight nine North vietnamese ing to More Active Allied patrol when a Shell exploded a Caen a a a a. Other under those conditions a veto would be effective. Hunt said he thought it even to e important to allow the governor to serve two terms in succession but not More than two. Russian poet a ants to see Carolina state enemy forces attacked a Village defended by militiamen in Korntum province and two of the enemy were reported killed and one militiaman was wounded. Two South Vietnam est infantrymen were killed and three wounded in an engagement in Plesku province while enemy losses were not known. Toothache of denture Pai sore Gums in Chapel Hill apr rus this would never happen in three other Small fights of other recent . Intelligence 5 he is reports have told of increasing friction Between soviet advisers and egyptian officers particularly at the battalion and brigade Levels. Egyptian officers were pictured As feeling there is too much interference by soviet military men stationed with their units. Large numbers of russian advisers also Are attached to staffs of egyptian army b i Gades divisions and higher Headquarters. . Reports say. Industries Burn 1,000 jobless by Philip w. Cannaday associated press writer egyptian army schools where they shape lie courses of study and training. A the mood of the town is one of said Law rence j Mecluskey chairman these russians reported la sex Wakefield mass Al of the City a five Man Board or infin0nr>0 in or Lent inn and a state tas r rce Headin get selectmen. He said Wakefield err influence in promotions and f a inn. ,. ,. Assignments of egyptian offi a a it a a help 1 000 to h is left had up on extra police patrols cers jobless by a $15 million fire in in an Effort to halt the fires. An Industrial Center. P. A. W. Malone a russians also take a direct. ,. A hand in detailed operation d six member group from or. Said the Blaze apparently in mine for the egyptian the Massachusetts department started in a building owned by army sources said and sit in of Commerce and development Continental chemical co., an the faculties of egyptian army to it t0 find space adhesives manufacturer with a the 18 firms which were de payroll of 55. St roved or damaged in the Blaze the latest in a series of he a to Bea a . Officials estimate be fires which have hit Wakefield. Pm clogs Orl a Lefin try tween 12.000 and 15,000 soviet exp Are Larry r mouse Plant 5uper advisers Are with the egyptian non a Ina financial intendant said he suspected a army air Force and Navy. Son. He said a there was Noth about 2,000 of these a r e Kus y ing in the building that could Sian army in e n serving with North of Boston Start by egyptian infantry tanks Artil a there s a whole state want _. 4. F a Quot ing to know How it can Quot a. But Quot Al a a a of he. Thomas Atkins Secretary of chemicals used by the company a a a a a Quot Ere considered very Flam visors from their clients also is or. Ir5u,.tri�?T Mable he added reflected in an intelligence re told t0wn official and a Lustri port to a House foreign affairs Al of aders sunday Meuse firm 5 on it pm subcommittee on the situation the fire broke out saturday ave a Iene a no Startt 1 in Cuba where an estimated 3,-night in the Robie Industrial a per Al in 5r\en years ago. Too russians Are at work. Center. Firemen were Ham a. An in 0 ave a Oak. Hair by i Quot is 8us"n� to so?1 by Quot a 3 toe cubans see them and of Hnud a cd bitty. Visors As dour crude and ilm r 7. U a a a a the report says. Quot even 5 can so Cluj an All it Moncla in the work environment most rolled Early sunday Salidu of had up a we by cubans try to avoid the soviet during 1971, there were 34 m e in a months. Advisers and technicians except fires of undetermined origin in a i Hope we can go to bed where their expertise is Essen Wakefield including four minor some night and know that this Tiai to the Job at hand a blazes at the Robie Center problem is behind a i think that would be far More effective in giving him real persuasion and real weight to see that we carry through on Sian poet Yevgeny Yevtuk Moscow a he said of a bomb curved 20 to 50 Miles North of programs that Are in the Best Shenko in Chapel Hill Over the scare which occurred while he Saigon. Twelve North Vietnam interests of the state a he said weekend for a Reading of his was at Princeton Ese and Viet Cong were report in answer to another ques wants to see tonight lotion Hunt said he did not think basketball game Between North gov. Bob Scott is trying to in Carolina and . State fluence the outcome of the lieu Yevtushenko said in an inter tenant governor race even View Greensboro daily though one of the candidates. News that he intended to re Roy Sowers has been closely Man in Community until aligned with the governor in tuesday the past he touched on Many topics in a i am convinced that the Quot ,"v�?~7v. Governor is not involved in the in Thau Urf he we Quot Tarn race for lieutenant governor Quot it. No a do of Jund Hunt said. Write Quot about the new to ply Ilion num Dent. La ail up Post dental pain of ii Var. Gives you fail flit nuff wid not aesthetic Ana Tesic Antiseptic and really works at drugstores Money pack guarantee 3 7 num rident estrangement of soviet and tremors hit . Again on sunday Orangeburg so. A at least two More Earth tremors have been reported in Orangeburg county after one that entered near Bowman thursday night. Residents of the Bowman and Cordova areas reported two slight tremors sunday at 9 40 p m. And 9 49 p m. They were not reported at Orangeburg. 15 Miles Southeast of Bowman. Thursday night the area entering on Bowman registered a tremor of 4 5 intensity on the Richter scale that runs from Zero to to. That one was Felt through of the Southern and Central areas of the state and in part of Georgia. A the soviet olympic team Bas won three Gold medals already he knew and inquired about the hockey squad. When asked if the hockey team might play american and Canadian professional teams. Yevtushenko replied a nah. But the russian team Are not profession a he is irritated at harassment which Public figures often suffer in the United states. End denture misery Iotti int Tiki Kait nut mired it Udo Dent rite rc6� Loose dentures in ave minutes. This a a Cushion of comforts a secs sore Gums. You eat anything. Laugh talk even sneeze without embarrassment. No Mort food particles under plates. Den to trite lasts for months. Ends daily bother of powder paste or cushions. Just remove when refit is needed. Tasteless. Odourless. Money Back guarantee. Al All drug counters. 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