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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 7, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clearing much colder More data on Pago 3-a 88th year a no. 38 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A monday afternoon february 7, 1972 20 pages Call us circulation .812-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2181 daily 10c, sunday 25c i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or a von acknowledge every to the City o. We think our City does an excellent Job of collecting garbage and Trah and we want to cooperate but a great Many Tell me that they Are confused As i am about when we should put it out approximately when it will be collected and How it should be packaged. It it True that after a certain Date no leaves will be collected unless they Are either in plastic bags or boxes please put it All in the Enterprise at one time As i believe a lot of people would try harder to cooperate. Thank you. A. N. A. Leaves put out now and since february i will have to be in bags or throw away containers since the Leaf vacuum machines Are being dismantled. Carl wills says it was a tremendously successful and Cost saving season just ended. Garbage is collected twice weekly and trash at the curb once every two weeks. With the varying Quantity of trash to be picked up and occasional truck break Downs it is nearly impossible to say on what Day a truck will be on a particular Street but the Public works department can Tell you what week the trash truck should be in your area if you Are confused As to what constitutes garbage and what should go at the curb the easiest Rule of thumb for the housewife says wills is that garbage is the organic waste matter not including that which May be drained into the sewer from houses kitchens restaurants etc., and is comprised chiefly of food waste wrappings and the like. Further garbage is the animal and vegetable waste resulting from handling preparation cooking and serving of food. When it is a matter affecting Public health place it in the garbage can. Trash then says wills becomes everything else that in t garbage. For the most part it consists of Yard trimmings discarded a a attic items. The City cannot pick up trash from contractual or demolition work building materials roofing soil rocks stones Concrete bricks old lumber and All tree stumps and tree trunks too Large for two men to Load. If the citizen is in doubt please Call the Public works department for clarification and assistance. Place everything possible As securely As you can. In throw away containers. It cuts Down on ii the strew ability of dogs and wind. 2 the time to Load and 3 the Cost of operation. A a a Tough Luck lady q. The Money that you pay for your girl to Toke piano lessons is that tax deductible please answer quickly. Mrs. L. B. A. No. A or a the Brady Brood q. Could you please Tell me the Ages of the children on the Brady Bunch or. Anon. A. As of june 1971, their Ages were Mike Lookinland to Christopher Knight. 13 Barry Williams 16 Susan Olsen. 9 eve plumb. 12 Maureen Mccormick. 14 its Safe to say a few have added a year since. A a reason for of q. Why Don t they fix the places on Green Street just above Tucker dry cleaning. Manholes i guess you Call them a the things to at stick up in the Street. In trying to miss them i almost hit a car. Anon. A. The state Highway commission has raised the manholes in connection with the resurfacing to be done on Green in connection with the Thissell Street project. They All have to be raised to receive the final top coat. Or or Agun carpentry q. Do you know any place a person could take a course in gun Smithing As my son is interested in Thi. Or. H. A. Schools and institutions offering gun Smithing courses or any other specific course can be found in the reference books at the Public Library entitled a the College Blue the editor of a Field and Stream provided the names of a few. All of which May be too far Distant to consider a Lassen Junior College Susanville Calif. 96130. A Oregon technical Institute. Clemmeth Falls Oregon 97601. A Pennsylvania Gunsmith school. 812 Ohio River blvd., Pittsburgh. A. 15202. A Trinidad state Junior College. Trinidad. Colorado 81082 your son could also inquire at the technical schools and Community colleges in the area which try to provide courses when the demand is great enough and a qualified instructor can be found. Also if you will Call Back with your full name and address Well pass along an offer of help from someone who did not want his name published. We were stymied when we found in the directory ten families with your surname on your route. Our heart goes out to your postman. A dear ski nose q. Whet is the address of Bob Hope As this is very important to me and would like it As soon As pos Ible a. Bob Hope. Paramount studios. Hollywood Calif. 91603.us. Turned Down Swap says Thuy Washington api Hanoi a chief negotiator at the Paris peace talks says the United states was offered a straight prisoners for pullout Swap last year but president Nixon refuse minister Xuan Thuy added however that such an Exchange can no longer be discussed without linking it to the future of South vietnamese president Nguyen Van Thieu. Thuy was asked in an interview in pairs with cd so a face the nation a will you agree to a simple Swap of american troops out for american prisoners Back a a he replied a it is not a Swap Here. You should remember that this approach was advanced in 1971it was our Earnest desire to see or. Nixon rapidly Settle the Vietnam problem peacefully. A that is to say. To withdraw . Forces and to change the. Thieu administration through the election of oct. 3, 1971, it was a very opportune occasion to do so. And it would have allowed or. Nixon to get out of the War very honorable. But or. Nixon refused to do asked specifically whether the Hanoi position now requires handling of the political and military problems As a single question. Thuy replied a was i said the two crucial Points the two key Points should be settled and the settlement of these two Points will facilitate the settlement of the other Points Quot lbs followed the Thuy interview taped Friday with live questioning of Secretary of state William p Rogers in Washington sunday. Asked whether Thuy had Ever offered a prisoner for pullout Trade. Rogers replied a there was never any discussion of that kind in every. Session that we had with the North vietnamese they made it Clear that they would not talk about a military solution. Except in the context of an Over All political solution. A Johnson runs for . Senate Raleigh api a state rep. James c. Johnson or. Announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination to the u. S. Senate today and blasted his Only announced rival William Booe a i do not offer myself As a one Issue candidate nor do i present myself to the Republican party As a Johnny come lately a Johnson said. Booe is known mainly for his opposition to forced busing of school children and changed his registration to Republican last autumn. Johnson a 37-year-old Concord attorney prepared remarks prior to a scheduled news conference in Raleigh this morning after which he planned to Fly to Greensboro and Charlotte for additional news conferences. In those remarks he indicated that he would be a Strong supporter of president Nixon if elected. He said he favored administration policy on Vietnam and welfare Reform. He urged a re evaluation of foreign Aid programs and said the United states should a Stop attempting to police the world and pay the worlds Johnson has been a representative from Cabarrus county for six years serving one term As minority whip. Newry assemblage is peaceful Irish catholics plan March wednesday to stun nation Ufford Small stands outside emf Home of Tok Bryce Durham family in Boone a wir0 clues traced at Boone what s inside by Tom Wells associated press writer Boone n c. Api police detectives Are working systematically and doggedly to piece together the parts of the bizarre crime Puzzle in which three members of a wealthy Watauga county family were brutally slain last week. The clues so far include a frantic Telephone Call for help from one of the victims evidence that the killers knew toe victims had Money in the House and the probability that the murderers knew the Mountain roads Well. The bodies of Bryce Durham 51, his 46-year-old wife and their son Bobby Durham 19. Were found late thursday night in their split level Home about a mile West of Boone. Autopsies by state medical examiner r. Page Hudson revealed saturday that mrs. Durham died of strangulation and that the two men died of strangulation and drowning. The bodies of each bore Marks of possible rope Burns on the necks and each body had been Slung Over the Edge of a filled Bathtub so the Heads were submerged. Police Are not revealing their theories on Why the murders were so brutal since the probable motive for the intrusion was robbery. Possibly the killer became angered when Durham who owned modern Buick Pon Tiac in Boone Tell them where he had Money in the House. A Bank bag containing an undetermined amount of Cash was found by police on a dining room chair apparently undetected by the killers the murderers apparently were looking for a Wall Safe since they had removed pictures from tie Wall. A frantic search also was indicated by their pulling out drawers and dumping their entire contents on the floor but what May have infuriated the killers even More was the whispered Telephone Call by mrs. Durham to her son m Law Troy Hall who lived about four Miles away with the Durhams daughter Hall said the message was Short and terrifying. In an interview. Hail said mrs. Durham said. then she said some men a have got Bryce and the phone line went dead. The Cord on the receiver of the Telephone later was found to have been jerked Loose amusements a detectives can Only suspect Bridge. 10a from that hurried phone Call classified ads 6 9a that there was More than one comics 9a killer. But while mrs. Durham crossword 10a indicated More than one intrude editorials 4a or she did not say exactly How financial 2a Many Hall said. Obituaries s-10b sheriff Ward Carroll denied sports. 2-4b published reports Over the television so weekend that he said mrs. Dur women s news 4-7a see clues on Page 2 a weather 3 a where did your Money go where has the Money gone by John t. Cunniff a business writer first in a series a you have the highest Standard of living in the world a you hear the words so often they irritate. A who me0�?� you say. A Why i can barely pay my Bills. In a perhaps you Are relative to your neighbors. But generically americans Are wealthy if measured in terms of their material possessions they have one motor vehicle to serve every 2 5 persons one Telephone for every two. They Are High among nations in spending for health and education which suggests the Money is available to be spent. The median income of an american family is close to $10,000 a year. In some nations there is Little Money left after the essentials of food clothing and shelter Are paid for. In some More than 50 per cent of income is commonly spent on food alone. In the United states less than 20 per cent of the paycheck goes for groceries and the percentage is falling a result attributable More to rising incomes than to Low prices. To buy a Pound of rib roast the Moscow resident works More than an hour the new yorker less than 20 minutes. For a woman s dress the muscovite works 42 hours the new yorker less than six. Are conditions improving for the Ordinary american you judge in 1911, income per person after taxes was $994 since then it has risen $1,700. Averaged out for every Man woman and child. And those figures Are discounted for inflation. A then Why can to i make ends meet a you ask. For at least three major reasons inflation taxes and the style of living. Inflation is a termite working behind the scenes and observable mainly by its results which Are devastating. Between 1955 and 1970 More than 30 cents was eaten from the dollars buying Power. Inflation is the Economy a Way of taxing for excess. Although unofficial unannounced and unacceptable. It is just As prevalent As a legislated tax. Official taxes have taken their share too. In the years 1956-1970 see where on Page 2 a James c. Johnson by Colin Frost associated press writer Belfast. Northern Ireland api a after a huge but peaceful March sunday in which both marchers and British troops avoided a confrontation. Northern Ireland s militant catholics made plans today for another demonstration this week which they claim will paralyse the province the civil rights association proclaimed a Day a for disruption on wednesday six months to the Day since the protestant government began interning suspected members of the Irish Republican army without trial. A we Are staying tight lipped about the actual organization a said Rory Mcshane a spokesman for the association a but it will be nonviolent it will be successful and it will be More than 20.000 catholics paraded sunday in the Border town of Newry but restraint on both sides prevented any repetition of the a bloody sunday in Londonderry the week before when British paratroopers broke up another Catholic March and 13 civilians were killed. The Newry marchers defied the government ban on parades by both catholics and protestants but made no attempt to a a reach the Center of the town where 3.000 British troops waited and the troops made no attempt to break up the March As Long As it stayed away from them. There were no shots fired no stones thrown and no barricades stormed. The marchers walked in silence changed their route at the last minute and retreated to hold a mass meeting near their starting Point protesting the government s internment policy. Bernadette Devlin the 24-year-old Catholic member of the British parliament from Ulster was one of the leaders of the March and spoke at the meeting. Actresses Vanessa Redgrave and Joan Plowright sir Laurence Oliver a wife also walked in the Parade police said about 30 leaders of the March would be brought to court for participating but they disclosed no names. The peaceful outcome raised speculation in the British press that the time May have come for political initiatives prime minister Edward Heath s conservative government was reported to have prepared a new plan for Northern Ireland. Both the gins Ergative daily express and the Liberal guardian suggested the plan might be launched soon no details were disclosed but Heath in a speech sunday promised leaders of the Catholic minority that if they joined in settlement talks they would be assured of a a real and meaningful part in the decisions which shape their future after ski investigation of abuses Cherry mental Hospital officials fired by Melvin Lang associated press writer Raleigh api resignations from two top officials at Cherry Hospital in Goldsboro were requested today by gov. Bob Scott in the Wake of an investigation into allegations of patient and drug abuse at three state mental institutions. Scott told a news conference the resignations were sought As a result of a state Bureau of investigation study that showed evidence of Low employee morale at Cherry Hospital and a1-�~ a a legend misuse of drugs at each institution. He refused to release specific details of the 800-Page ski report in ii All authorities including court officials had an Opportunity to study it the department of mental health said j w. Gaddy or. Business manager at Cherry Hospital had submitted a resignation effective today. A department spokesman said the hospitals personnel manager. George Culbreth was recuperating from surgery but a a we a a have discussed the matter with Scott said his Call for resignations a in a general Way. Has to do with the conduct of some of the employees toward the la noted that some portions of the ski report could be made Public Only through a court order and added. A i do not want to implicate anyone who might not be guilty of any wrongdoing Quot Scott said investigations at o Berry Center also in Goldsboro. And at Broughton Hosp a a a Tai in Morganton also indicated problems in the control and monitoring of drugs. He said Steps had been taken to strengthen the drug control program at the hospitals the governor said replacement officials would be sent to Cherry from the Raleigh Headquarters staff of the Board of mental health or from other mental institutions. A these gentlemen and the acting superintendent will review a summary of the ski report and make such further dismissals and additions of personnel As deemed called for a Scott said. Scott said the report also would be turned Over to the North Carolina medical society and the North Carolina Board of medical examiners for a review of professional ethics and conduct by staff members at Cherry Hospital. He said a copy of the ski study also will go to Superior court solicitor g. Ogden Parker of Goldsboro a new drug controls and distribution methods have already been implemented throughout the system to assure that we do not return to the Day when drugs were dispensed haphazardly and without proper administrative controls a he said. He added. A the investigation of the physical facilities indicated that a great Deal of disrepair and unsanitary conditions have been allowed to go uncorrected the report concludes that these problems can be solved by the maintenance f Irce already in existence and by proper administrative action this will be Scott said he was taking these Steps so that the a problems of mismanagement poor administration unsanitary Ranis Cherry on 2 a to

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