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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Feb 7 1972, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 7, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper d. A. Rawley president mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Randall b. Terry treasurer David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Joe Brown editor Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Page 4-a monday february 7, 1972 the people May win the latest chapter in the Blue Ridge Power Case contributes to Hopes that the mountains of North Carolina virtually ignored by Raleigh May yet escape the inundation which had been named for the purpose of Flushing away West Virginia a Industrial pollution. If you Haven t kept up. The Story is this the appalachian Power company for the past nine years has been trying to get Federal permission to construct a giant hydroelectric Reservoir in the Blue Ridge mountains. The Federal Power commission which w o u i d Grant the licenses was told by the Interior department not to do so until it was assured that the Power company would impound huge volumes o f water that would be available in dry seasons for Flushing out the chemical wastes which West Virginia industries Are pouring into the Kanawha River. Such an arrangement would flood great expanses of Valley land in the Northwestern counties of North Carolina. While Virginia and West Virginia the Federal government the Power company and the affected industries have been going at it one hearing after another official North Carolina has been largely silent. Now for the latest developments the opponents seek to invoke a recent court decision which held that the Federal Power commission had violated a Law in failing to make a de. Tailed study of environmental Impact in another Power development Case. The National environmental policy act of 19ii9 requires that All agencies involving in licensing of such projects must file such a report after proper hearings and testimony. Knowing How Federal commissions operate it is not an overstatement to suggest that this simple ploy could hold up a decision at least two years. Nor is it unreasonable to suggest that with such a delay in Prospect someone might say to those West Virginia industries that they must clean up their pollution at the source and not wait several years for an artificial River flow to flush it away for them. The Winston Salem journal self appointed watchdog for the Northwestern Hills of North Carolina chortle Over the Prospect that everybody might just eventually decide that there Are More hurdles than the project can stand and simply cancel off the applications. And it Points out a we should remember that the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia will Benefit in no Way from this project not even from the kilowatts to be produced up there. The kilowatts like the stored water will All be sent elsewhere. All we will get Are mudflats mosquitoes and houseflies a All the More reason for hoping that company officials will soon throw up their hands and admit that they have had can t get there if the Piedmont Crescent of North Carolina is going to find a mass transit route out of its imminent choking to death on its own traffic it had better Start looking for another map. Fred Mills who is Secretary of the new state department of transportation and Highway safety said in Raleigh last week that he opposes spending any Money from the states Highway funds to pursue the prospects of new ways to move the population around. Supporters of mass transit should he said seek their own source of financial support and leave the Highway fund alone. Mills does no to seem particularly concerned with the obvious fact that it is no longer possible to build new highways As fast As the demand for them increases. By the time a new Highway is planned and constructed the volume of Auto truck and bus traffic upon it is of a size to make it obsolete. And this will continue to be so until we find some better faster and More economical Way to get people from Here to there. Projecting the news faced with the fact that interstate-85 from Charlotte to Durham is already pretty Well swamped a As evidenced in the sunday after thanksgiving debacle there were suggestions from some Highway enthusiasts that a parallel 1-85 route be built to relieve the pressure. The instant response was that entirely disregarding the Cost to the people in loss of thousands of acres of land for a new Concrete strip by the time it was done there a be More cars that it could carry. Precious Little is being done in the triad or anywhere else along this Crescent to seek serious solutions to transit needs. Perhaps it is As Fred Mills suggested that people Are not going to give up their cars until the roads Are filled bumper to bumper. If we done to Start doing some serious thinking and serious planning and Stop guarding funds in a dog in the Manger attitude the Day that we arrive at the bumper to bumper standstill will find us past the Point of being Able to find alternatives. Cosmopolitan in Britain London a English women have always regarded their american cousins As boldfaced Man snatchers who once they snared their prey spent the rest of their lives working him to death there has nevertheless existed a reluctant admiration for the purposeful Way the american female mastered the Art of trapping a Man. This will openly be conceded in february when the British version of cosmopolitan Magazine goes on the Newsstands Helen Gurley Brown author of a sex and the single girl Quot and other instructive bestsellers became the editor of cosmopolitan Magazine in 1965 she has since transformed it into a do it yourself monthly for female Man catchers Between the Ages of 18-34 the sunday times suggests that mrs. Browne a formula has been that a fall her readers Are just like her gossipy gut Sily glamorous girls shy thin sophisticated and ruthlessly future sociologists surely will find cosmopolitan a Gold mine of information on the wily ways of women. If editor Brown has been unabashed in pushing her personal predilections on millions of americans she now feels compelled to convert britons to her Battle of the sexes methodology. Joyce Hopkirk was hand picked to run the British edition. As women a editor of a new tabloid the Sun mrs. Hopkirk had not hesitated to bring a the sensuous woman a to London readers. Joyce Hopkirk told editorial research reports that she wont have to borrow any hangups from Helen Gurley Brown she has plenty of her own As an attractive Divorcee a working Mother and a successful executive. She sees herself As the editor of a specialized Trade Magazine catering to husband Hunters. A the Rev. Marcus Morns managing director of the company that will be publishing British cosmopolitan told the rec that he hoped it would help women a with their sexual mrs Hopkirk was Quick to claim that the British version will concentrate on women a emotional problems and not on the physical aspects of their sexual experiences. A English women Are much More romantic not so carnal As the american a she stated. While the girls on Carnaby Street May not have much to learn about sexual liberation it is still difficult for them to compete in the american fashion. A top British Secretary earning Sto a week cannot entertain on a comparable scale to a new York Secretary earning $200 very few English working girls have an apartment of their own. Many still live at Home. So Cosmo u.k., will try to suggest places where a working girl can be alone with a Man. In recent years the Media have spawned and nurtured the popular image of the a swinging singles but one critic of Playboy Magazine has penetrated some of the mystique when he notes that Playboy s attractions a depend on the disparity Between the life it describes and the one its readers a recent sociological study also finds that most Young single College graduates in the City of Chicago a do not Lead lives of wild sensual rather a they Are people coping with the same problems we All face finding a place to live searching for satisfaction from their jobs and seeking friends dates and ultimately mates in an environment for which they have been ill prepared and which does not easily lend itself to the formation of stable human a key question is whether the a with it magazines help Young people Cope with this reality or merely feed the fantasies of those on the front line of Urban existence. A recognize you goodness i can t even see you a Reagan purchased Washington conservatives have been caterwauling Over president Nixon spending peking trip deficit spending and economic controls. But there has been a strange silence from their spokesman in Sacramento. Governor Ronald Reagan the voice of conservatism in the West has uttered Only one complaint about Nixon in recent months. He rapped the president s welfare program then hastened to qualify his criticism with the comment that Nixon himself did no to favor it any longer. There is Good reason for Reagan a remarkable restraint. He has been paid off. And ironically this Arch foe of Public spending has been paid off with Public funds. Our investigation shows that Nixon has pumped nearly $600 million from the Federal till into California in the past 18 months. Much of this has been in the form of straight handouts buried in a bog of bureaucratic gobbledegook. The flow of Boodle has become so great in fact that White House insiders irreverently refer to it As a California voter last summer for example the administration pushed a $1 billion a emergency employment assistance appropriation through Congress. This Federal slush Funi is doled out directly to state county and City officials who can use it to hire almost anyone they wish for almost any Job they wish. To squeeze the Money out of Congress Nixon put in a Call to House appropriations chairman George Mahon a Tough Texas Democrat who nevertheless has a tendency to Wilt in the presence of presidents. The a scientific formula for allocating the emergency funds is a mystery. The results however Are perfectly Clear California received $184 million Well Over twice As much As any other state. Reagan sweeteners again Nixon took advantage of the congressional confusion which always develops before a recess to camouflage another Reagan sweetner last december. As part of a supplemental budget be sought $5 million for a Forest Protection and a this proposed supplemental request a went the presidents pitch a would provide funds to be used to reduce the buildup of High Hazard fuel materials in critical fire areas of the the a West a it turns out Means California. A High Hazard fuel materials refers to Brush. This will be a a reduced a or Cut Down by several thousand californians whose government paychecks will make them happier voters in november. On top of the straight handouts. Nixon has funnelled additional millions into Reagan county Iii the form of Loans and subsidies in private Enterprise. The $250 million Federal loan guarantee to Lockheed for example is essentially employment insurance for California workers. Lockheed is a California based company and nearly 60 per cent of its total operations Are located in the state. Then there s $202.7 million in shipbuilding contracts which Nixon has arranged for California firms during the past 18 months. Some $90 million of this Kitty is in the form of outright Federal subsidies. He personally flew to san Diego to announce the latest ship building Deal. On the same Day the Pentagon kicked in another $66 million in contracts for California shipyards. Merry go round by Jack Anderson the Cornucopia flow of Public funds to Reagan furthermore has yet to run its course. Insiders working on the anti poverty program a favorite Reagan whipping boy Tell us the Nixon administration is in the process of setting up a few Pilot a showcase projects to be located where else a in California. If Richard Nixon does t carry California in november it won t be for Lack of Federal Gravy. Vietnam withdrawal president Nixon was prepared last summer to set August 1972 As the deadline for the total withdrawal of . Forces from Vietnam. The secret peace negotiations Between Henry Kissinger and be due Tho were going so smoothly last july that a White House insider cracked a tile Only question now is who will get the Nobel peace prize be due Tho or Richard but the talks broke Down without any explanation from Hanoi before t h e president could set his intended withdrawal Date. He confided to Republican congressional leaders what he had planned to do. A i would have set August 1972 As the Date for the withdrawal of All our forces from Vietnam a he said Quot if they the North vietnamese had accepted our july the president added that a Hanoi can still set the Date any time it he was willing to declare an immediate ceasefire or a to work out the cease fire and pow release on a phase he suggested that political and military agreements could be separated. But he told the leaders tersely that a we have gone just As far As we can. Secretary of state Bill Rogers who also attended the secret briefing for Republican leaders broke in a anyone advocating that we go further than this would he advocating surrender. It is just As simple As Senate cop Leader Hugh Scott asked whether the contemplated withdrawal would be a total lock. Stock and Rogers gave a categorical All american forces would be pulled out of South Vietnam. Cambodia and Laos. Bases in Thailand which supported operations in Indochina would also be shut Down however he said the United states still has in mind using thai basis for other purposes. House gop Leader Gerald Ford asked Kissinger whether be due Tho during the secret negotiation a had demanded the overthrow of the Saigon Kissinger also answered a a yes categorically. He said Hanoi had sought either the a direct overthrow of the Saigon government or the a indirect overthrow by insisting upon the Complete withdrawal of All u. S. Military assistance. Footnote Kissinger told the cop leaders incidentally that Hanoi had been advised the president would divulge the secret negotiations earlier the same Day that he delivered his to report. It Good w of Lernon by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus those doctors wives who constitute the medical auxiliary Are engaged in quite a project to provide an atrium or Garden court that they Hope will be a Beauty spot in readiness for formal dedication on doctors Day March 30, As a permanent memorial to the doctors living and dead who have served the local Hospital. The area is a natural being some 60 feet Long and 20 feet wide with Access View to much of the new Wing As Well As parts of the old. The walled window corridor gives it easy visibility through the connecting area Between the older and new structures while it is readily viewable from the main lobby. Three Large prefabricated planters were installed As part of the construction to which the auxiliary is adding several smaller wooden planter boxes As Well As other plantings and shrubs to create the Beauty they wish to characterize something literally in the heart of the institution. The auxiliary asked and obtained permission to make a project of that beautification feature in the Hospital. They enlisted the counsel of mrs. Chris Florence the Greensboro landscape designer As Well As that of Leon Schute a principal architect in designing the new Hospital and they have put a lot of work into implementing plans looking to have it in readiness of the dedication Date mrs. Ralph Brooks is directing the project As special chairman. In addition the auxiliary is planning a Beauty shop in the new Hospital although it will be located in one of the last portions to be completed so that it May be close to the end of the year before it can be activated. Or. Eldora Terrell president of the auxiliary is directing that project. Highway commissioner t. Lynwood Smith has checked carefully with the attorney general s office and finds no conflict of interest in his candidacy for the state Senate and his work As Highway commissioner. It Means he can Campaign and carry on his effective Road work in his District so Long As he does t let the former impinge on the latter. Inasmuch As he is running in a Guilford where some 90 per cent of the Road funds expended Are for primary and interstate highways there seems Little Prospect of any such conflict. His formal announcement today is especially pleasing to friends who hoped there would to no interruption of his vigorous work in behalf of better highways. Of course before he can take office As a state senator he will have to divest himself of Tho Highway commissioner ship but that s almost a year hence. There a nothing new in that plan of two Arizona scientists to trap Power of the Sun. When we lived in Florida it was common practice to heat water by a solar unit but somehow that has with cheaper electricity Given Way to the More dependable electric Type of heating. The potential is terrific As doctor Aden b Meinel and his wife pointed out in winning a $25,000 Grant from interested Utility companies hoping they can successfully convert sunlight into heat sufficient to energize conventional electrical generating stations. They expect to develop with help of special lenses water heat to As much As 1.000 degrees from the boundless Energy of the Sun thus freeing if they succeed dependence on nuclear fission or such fuels As Coal and natural Gas. Aside from the Cost of installation it could Lessen materially the expense of generating and delivering electricity. Once built the solar converters would entail no Cost for the heat they generated. Keep your fingers crossed this holds potential. Learn to laugh a laugh is Batter than Medicine. Learn to attend to your own business. Few men can handle their own Well. Learn to Tell a Story. A Well told Story is like a Sunbeam in a sick room learn to say kind things nobody Ever resents them. Learn to avoid Nasty remarks thay give neither the hearer nor the speaker any lasting satisfaction. Learn to Stop grumbling of you can t sae Good in the world keep the bad to yourself. Learn to keep troubles to yourself nobody wants to take them from you. Above ally learn to smile it pays Joseph i. Clark professor emeritus of English at North Carolina state University writes in a North Carolina folklore that a Burke Davis probably is at his Best in using Folk expressions in the development of the narrative and characterization in a the summer land a some of the More familiar expressions he uses include Worth As much As a plugged dime. Pot Calls the Kettle Black. Tight As a drum. Across hell and half of Georgia. Strong As an of. Play Possum. Ugly As homemade sin. Hook line and sinker. Work like beavers. Living High up on the hog live and let live. Pay you no mind one Swallow never makes a summer. Poor As jobs Turkey. Even Stephen. Like a Duck on a Junebug. Grinning like a mule eating Briars. The More the merrier. Quot maybe we could arrange to get Jack Anderson on that wartime to show the who what where Gornev

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