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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 6, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Sonny and warmer More data on Page 2-a 88th year a no. 37 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., sunday morning february 6, 1972 92 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Row i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Septic tank Hazard q. At least half the septic tanks in Oakview estates Are running Over this Winter. As per or. Cates column in the High Point Enterprise the Only Way the City of High Point would consider annexation is for it to become a health Hazard. Is this not a health Hazard of not what constitutes one it certainly is polluting Beautiful new Oak hollow Lake. Signed the sewer lady. A. Your message was referred to both mayor William Bencini and the county a director of environmental health Owen Braughler. Mayor Bencini said that As he understands it the Laws of the state of North Carolina provide for forced annexation if its purpose is to eliminate a health Hazard. This has not been done he says but part of the Ridgecrest area had a condition and it was used in the argument for annexation in that instance. Owen Braughler states that in june of 1971, his department conducted a sanitation Survey that is malfunctioning septic tanks and unprotected Wells. In the area North of the City of High Point known As the Oakview area. The results of the Survey Are As follows a number of houses checked 190. A number of houses with malfunctioning septic tanks 31. A number of houses with possible malfunctioning septic tanks 15. A number of houses with unprotected Wells 67. The number of septic tanks that Are malfunctioning or possibly Are. Represents slightly less than 25 per cent of the properties. A this a says Braughler a would hardly provoke a Public necessity at this his office recommends that for All concerned it would be Best to petition for annexation and or county sewer to serve the area. It h it no waiting period o. How old dots a baby have to be before he can have a blood test to determine the father anon. A. Anything that can be determined from a blood test can be determined at birth says an m. D. A it the High Cost of court 0. Why do you have to pay court costs if you do not go to court for instance if someone is guilty of speeding and knows it and pays the t Ciket Why the court costs also when he is not taking up the time of the judge and the arresting officer even a murderer gets a break for pleading guilty at times. Mrs. B. A. It might better be called Quot administration of Justice costs for even if you done to set foot in the courtroom the charge has involved the time of the arresting officer a car to Chase you in. A magistrate clerks the use of heaven knows How Many forms and papers which involves costs of printing filling out filing filing cabinets buildings to House the cabinets and clerks and so on and Infin Tum. Your $16 is divided in this Way a to the general court of Justice the state$9. A a facility fee to offset the Cost of operating the building in which the court is situated $2. A an officers service fee to the department which made the arrest police sheriff or state Highway patrol $2. A to the Law enforcement Benefit fund the state retirement fund for officers $3. Find Comfort however Small that you were spared a jail fee. The accommodations Are inexpensive $3but the View is Lousy. It a paper collection q. Would you pleas put in action line again the Nam of the Little paper boy who needs a new bicycle and is collecting papers to sell to buy it. I have two Largo boxes of paper and will a glad to deliver it to him thank you. Archdale resident. A. The boy lives at 513 Clover drive and his phone is 8836843. If you find he is up to his eyeballs in papers and can to Cope with More Here Are three other numbers of those who will pick up newspapers 431-4630 882-4946 431-4146. Housing problem q. My question is to whom one would go to see about finding a place to live when you Don t have a Home and a not Able to pay the rent that Are asked for houses and apartments. P. D. A. A. Try the Public housing authority at 701 e. Green drive first. They Are swamped with hundreds of applicants but priority is Given to those in the most dire Straits and rents Are based on ability to pay. Beyond that not too encouraging Prospect you might advertise for the accommodations you need for your numbers. A a sound off q. Check books would be easier to balance and people More willing to make contributions if churches and organizations would Cash their checks when they receive them. Mrs. J. A. E. Conflict widens British Irish bleed violence erupts a policeman holding a Truncheon drags away an injured demonstrator after violence erupted in front of the Downing Street residence of Britain a prime minister saturday night during a protest of British policy in Northern Ireland. More than 90 people including 20 police officers were injured in a Hail of bottles rocks and Staves. A wire photo Newry Northern Ireland map a bombs bullets and Street fighting shed More British and Irish blood saturday As this Border City Tensed for a looming confrontation Between British troops and civil rights marchers. The British army claimed to have hit two guerrillas in gun Battles in Londonderry where a civil rights March last week left 13 dead and escalated the Odds for violence Here. Five soldiers were wounded when a military Convoy was bombed. Another trooper was torn by shrapnel when a mine blew up a jeep near Northern Ireland a Border with the Irish Republic. The conflict came Home to Britain also with More than 90 persons injured in a Hail of bottles rocks and Sticks in a violent protest in front of the prime ministers Downing Street residence in London. Twenty of the injured were police. The injuries came when about 3.500 marchers protesting Britain a Northern Ireland policy clashed with police. Twenty persons were taken to hospitals and Scotland Yard said it held about too for questioning. The anti internment league organized marches in other major British cities As Well. About 800 marched in Manchester and police had to intervene in Glasgow. Scotland when marchers ran into opposition from protestant crowds. The violence seemed an ill Omen for a March planned in Newry sunday by civil rights activists in Defiance of a government ban on All parades. The British government has said its soldiers will not allow the illegal demonstration. About 3.000 British troops were reported encircling Newry trying to prevent guerrillas of the outlawed Irish Republican army from moving arms a men into the town. The army claims Ira agents already have slipped through the net. But leaders of the iras two wings claimed they were determined to avoid bloodshed and had advised members to steer Clear of Newry. Dec accused of distorting nuclear Plant safety data Chicago a the National intervenes a coalition of 45 environmental groups asserted saturday that the atomic Energy commission is suppressing information coaching witnesses and tailoring testimony at hearings on nuclear Plant safety. In an Effort to Back up the tailored testimony and witness coaching accusations the inter Kennedy Democrat favorite tar Heel voters favor Nixon by Mary Junck and Maury Damien Klein Chapel Hill president Nixon will be a Tough candidate to beat in North Carolina in 1972. A recent state wide Survey conducted by the Institute for research in social science at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill shows Strong Nixon support across most population groups. The results discussed below Are based on a Small part of the Survey of North Carolina. The Survey also spanned a wide Range of nonpolitical topics including Southern ism patterns or residential history and use of television and newspapers. According to the Survey Nixon can win Over senators Edward Kennedy Edmund Muskie and Hubert Humphrey and gov. George Wallace of Alabama. A Cross Section of 1.091 adult North carolinians was asked who they wanted for president in three trial races Nixon Kennedy or Wallace Nixon Muskie or Wallace and Nixon. Humphrey or Wallace. Although Nixon leads in All races Kennedy edges to within 3 i re engage Points of him. Wallace attracts a sizable Core of supporters in North Carolina and comes in second in the race with Nixon and Humphrey. Wallace a strength has not lagged much since the 1968 presidential election in which he finished second to Nixon. 40 per cent to 31 per cent and Humphrey trailed with 29 per cent. In 1971 Wallace averages a solid 26 per cent of the vote in All three trial races. Muskie finishes second falling 12 percentage Points behind Nixon and a scant i percentage Point ahead of Wallace. Humphrey comes in third�?22 percentage Points behind Nixon and 4 Points Behms Wallace. The Survey shows that the Man Blacks want for president and the one Whites want is usually the same person. North carolinians of the two races Divide sharply on presidential preference. The significant trends Are a the Whites Strong backing of Nixon pushes him into first place in every trial race. Nixon a White support is two to five times greater than his Black support depending on the democratic candidate. A Whites prefer Kennedy and Muskie about equally b u t Kennedy a overwhelming Black support makes him the leading democratic contender. A although a majority of Blacks would vote for Muskie. His Mack support is surprisingly Low for a democrats even less than Humphreys. A Wallace a Appeal to Blacks is insignificant but his support among Whites is substantial. He finished second with Whites in All three trial races. Because race divides the political preferences of North carolinians so decisively various population sub groups see tar Heel on 7-a vendors released copies of what it said was a secret memorandum the dec issued to its prospective witnesses. The dec began a National hearing on the safety of nuclear Power plants last week in Bethesda. My. The National intervenes contend they can prove the emergency Core Cooling systems in the facilities arc unsafe. They assert safeguard research should be put ahead of operational research. The dec hearings directed More to the future involve a $40-billion Power Industry which has 23 nuclear Power generating units operational in the country. It has too More either under construction or on order and several Hundred More earmarked it is estimated that in the next two decades nearly half of the nations electrical Power will be generated by nuclear equipment. A the present criteria Are unsafe and they Are going to have to phase out the present reactors As a piece of bad technology a Myron m. Cherry a National intervenor attorney told a news conference saturday. Cherry said that the dec has a refused to let any witnesses appear from the advisory committee on reactor safeguards which has been pressing for several years for More tests on the emergency Core Cooling he added that this a is tantamount to suppressing important information and that a some of the old hard line bureaucracy of the dec still seems to be Able to undermine Federal housing operation to greatly alter patterns by Tom Seppy associated press writer Washington a the Federal housing department will put into operation monday its disputed new regulations intended to break up concentrations of federally subsidized Low income and minority housing in inner City areas. The new regulations have been interpreted by Many As almost entirely precluding the Bill to end Dock strike is readied Washington a a House labor subcommittee is drafting legislation that would end the 120-Day West coast Dock strike but still Hopes a lost minute settlement will make it unnecessary. The subcommittee will meet monday morning in an Effort to agree on a Bill that can be brought to a vote in the House by wednesday. A it will be a Bill that will end the strike a chairman Frank Thompson jr., dnh., said saturday but he would not give any details of the proposal being worked on. Negotiations Between the International longshoremen a and warehousemen a Union and the Pacific maritime association resumed in san Francisco As the subcommittee staff set to work on a strike ending Bill. Construction of Low and Moder income housing in Model cities and Urban renewal areas. The regulations which in an oct. 2 draft had made specific provisions for housing construction in those areas deleted those provisions in the final draft published in the Federal Register Jan. 7 by the department of housing and Urban development basically the regulations Are aimed at stopping further construction of subsidized housing in inner areas providing a rating system for every housing proposal funded through Hud or through the Federal housing administration Fua. The changes Stem in part from a series of recent court decisions that Hud cannot be color Blind in the administration of its programs and must take positive Steps to decrease the effects of past housing discrimination. Hud Secretary George Romney said of the new regulations a it is our purpose to pursue the administration policy of not contributing to minority concentration of housing and to obey the orders of Federal courts which have ruled on these the new requirements set Forth eight criteria by which Hud will give priority for funding to proposed multifamily housing i ejects including Public housing and other subsidized developments. A major criterion is that the new project open up no segregated housing opportunities but others include need and improved location for All lower in come families and creation of Job or business opportunities for business. The chief complaints have been that the criteria favor suburban and Rural areas and will make it almost impossible to build new housing projects in the cite. Inside i trading no to women Page 2-a civic 1040 test Page to a waiting families Page 1-d editorial. Page 4-a women a news. Sports. Section c television. Page 12-c entertainment pages 12-13c obituaries Page 11-a classified pages 2-16d the efforts of the new dec appointees who want to ensure that this is a free and open David Dinsmore Conley of Chicago director of environmental research for Busine a men for the Public interest one of the intervener groups said a the dec is not permitting the Best scientists to come Forward at the hearings and Are coaching those the it Irving s wife is charged Zurich. Switzerland a the prosecutors office announced saturday night it wants mrs. Clifford Irving extradited from the United states in connection with the Howard Hughes autobiography mystery. Zurich i is. Atty. Peter be Luff said Interpol the International police network had relayed an International warrant for her to . Authorities. She has been charged with suspicion of fraud and forgery. Mrs. Irving the american authors Swiss born wife. Is with Irving in new York. Legal authorities there also Are investigating what happened to the $650,000 Mcgraw Hill inc., paid to Irving for relay to billionaire Howard Hughes in payment for a purported autobiography. Irving could not be reached for comment. Veleff said Swiss authorities cannot demand Irving a extradition because he is a . Citizen on . Soil. But the District attorney added that they will try to get him arrested if he enters another country. The Swiss also have issued a warrant charging him with suspicion of fraud and forging documents in connection with the $650,000. Mrs. Irving posed As a Belga r. Hughes to Cash three checks from Mcgraw Hill Irving s new York publishers who bought the Book on his claim that it was the fruit of personal interviews with Hughes. Killers still at Large Boone murders puzzling Boone . A Troy Hall and his wife had just settled Down on the Couch in their trailer Home in Boone thursday night to listen to some taped music when Hall got a terrifying Telephone Call the couple will Long remember. A help a said a voice in a barely audible whisper. Then the urgent warning that some intruders a have got Bobby and the Telephone went dead. Less than half an hour later Hall was standing in the Home of his wife a parents or. And mrs. Bryce Durham staring at their bodies and the body of their teen age son Bobby. All three had been savagely choked possibly with a rope authorities concluded. Then their three bodies had been Slung Over a Bathtub and the faces apparently shoved into the water. A Small army of police detectives have been scouring the Snow covered mountains around the Durham Home in Western North Carolina near Boone searching for the killers. Theories of investigating authorities vary. Some like Watauga county sheriff Ward Carroll think it was a revenge killing because the killers Hadnot taken a Money sack full of Cash that was in the House. Other investigators like state Bureau of investigation supervisor Jess Minter of Asheville think it was robbery and that the killers simply did no to see the Money sack. Whatever the motive the killers came close to being seen at least twice immediately following the brutal murders As they fled in a four wheel drive vehicle stolen from the Durhams driveway. Hall says when he got the Call from his Mother in Law he thought that perhaps it was a practical joke. He said he tried to Telephone Back thinking he probably would find the Durhams in no danger. But All he got was a Busy signal. He and his wife pulled on the Coats and jumped in the car. But it Start. They got a neighbor who is a private detective Cecil Small to drive them to the Durham Home four Miles away. The trip was agonizingly slow because the roads were completely iced Over and wind swept Snow Cut visibility to a few feet. Hall and Small went inside the Durham House and left mrs. Hall in the car outside where it had partially slipped off the Steep driveway. The two men found the door from the garage to the House open. Drawers and closets in Hie House had been opened and the contents thrown Askew. Spots of blood were in the living room and the water in the Bathtub still was running. The Cord on the Telephone receiver had been yanked from the Telephone. Small with his gun drawn said he had to pull Hall by the Arm away from the tragic see Boone on 7-a

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