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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 2, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page eight Sec. A the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of High Point North Carolina thursday. February 2. 193 a diversion scone a nothing nothing after Hoey speech proposal remains i ii Cut cd it he nov Averill i Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel Raleigh feb. 2.�?opponents of diversion of Highway funds think that they slammed out several Home runs in their turn at Bat tuesday and supporters of to pc in i i o de it. Hoey a policy of a Wappl my the sales tax to gasoline tax revenues Are undoubtedly sincerely of Hie opinion that his excellency hammered capos Way Nick and others completely out of the Box with his radio and joint session of the Assembly address of tuesday night. Lint to the unprejudiced inquiring observer the score at the close of that first inning is still nothing to nothing insofar As any change of votes either by com Mittee hearing or gubernatorial oratory is concerned. Those who opposed diversion before tuesday Are still denouncing decrying and viewing with alarm those who on monday thought the governor right Are of the same opinion perhaps even More so. Just take the Mecklenburg delegation As a Concrete example your correspondent takes it because it is entirely characteristic and typical of All other delegations. On tuesday morning. Senator Joe Blythe representatives Marvin hitch and j. W. Alexander were All against diversion representative j. B. Vogler was noncommittal. Awaiting action on his real legislative Bugaboo the sales tax. The Antis spoke Long and loud tuesday afternoon. The governor talked Long and eloquently if not loud. Tuesday night. On wednesday morning All the inquirer had to do was make ditto Marks under the already announced views of the Meek Len burgers. There had been great argument but so far As they were concerned they All had come out the same door wherein they went your correspondent found not one solitary senator or representative who would admit any change in his views although he buttonhole Many of them. Talking Bird it lilt ago produce Chicago feb. 2. Up Nutter 979,212, steady prices unchanged. Eggs 14.646, easy prices unchanged. Easy a help yourself a shopping with More than 2,500 a Rich Quality items at Low Cost a big Star 314 17 South main free parking South a it a a a a a o picnic mar it Vor yrs. 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Again get the Lead mid have led to de South i a 3 a 4 n t 6 4 West pass pass pass pass North 2 n t 4 a 5 a pass Vul East pass pass pass pass opener�?4 k Wilson s certified beef sirloin Steak la. Prime rib roast la Circle roast la. A genuine Spring lame leg of Lamb shoulder Lamb. La. A Small lean picnic la Poi thy liver pudding la. bus Star Bacon 37c 28c 19c 27c 17c 19c 12k 27c feel proud of the result a he was the Only player in a recent tournament to make in Spades with it. The four no Trump bid followed the Blackwood convention. The five heart response showed two aves. And Richmeyer could rely on some other Aires Goth As j part of North s two no Trump bid. He therefore went to six Spades at once. The my of clubs won the first trick then two rounds of Trumps were taken. At this Point the Declarer properly abandoned the Trump amt. Contract problem solution in next Issue this is the one Trump hold i ing in which Declarer must Lead toward the single Honor. North a contract of six Spades can be made with a squeeze How can he execute it a a q 9 6 5 a a 7 a j 10 3 2 a k 2 a j 10 8 3 �654 a k54 a 6 4 3 4 none a a j 10 9 83 a 87 4 q j 1087 4 k 7 4 2 a q 2 a aq96 a a 9 5 rubber a. And w. Vul opened �?4 q. Want experts for i substitute farm air plane Supply act lacks backing hit of a Tomato juice o no. 2 in Calls 15c Clapp s strained baby foods 94 �?T02 i in cans i Civ Wash i no Tux Fob. 2. Pm conflicting views on the ability of tie american aviation Industry to Supply the army with 3,-000 new planes and fill foreign orders at the same time brought a Republican demand today that the Senate military committee summon manufacturers for expert testimony. Senator Austin a it said the five Republican member of the committee wanted first hand information because thin was a vital question in the controversy Over proposed Sale of the latest Type of military planes to France. The projected Sale aroused a Stormy debate in tile Senate yesterday. With critics of the presid it fit. Demanding that he state ills foreign policy publicly. Increase coverage at no additional expense Washington. Feb. 2.�?-op a con Atren was told yesterday by chairman Arthur j. Altmeyer that millions More americans could be brought under the social Security system without increasing the ultimate Cost of the program. Unemployment compensation the social Security Board chairman testified before the House ways and Means committee is not Only a social obligation but a matter of economic self interest to the nation and its communities. A a experience has a or e a d y proved a Altmeyer said a that Benefit payments help to maintain workers purchasing Power and thereby to stimulate lagging business and Industrial activity Washington. Feb. 2.�?t/p administration leaders in Congreve expressed a growing belief today that a substitute farm program such As a Quot Cost of production system would not be enacted at this session. A if there Are going to be any major change s in the crop control act i think they probably wont be effective this commented chairman Jones i a Tex of the House agriculture committee. Two factors were emphasized by rep. Hope a Kan senior minority member of the House committee. A while there is a great Deal of opposition to tile present act a he said a this opposition comes from such divergent sources that it seems to me unlikely opponents will be Able to effect any immediate major change. A it also seem to me that it would be poor politic for the republicans to Advance any substitute program at this tile administration is expected to offer a few amendments to the present Law intended to improve its operation. Trade increased Berlin. Feb. 2.apr German purchases from the United states during 1938 increased 43.5 per cent Over the previous year despite diplomatic tension Between the two nations during the latter part of the year official Frad figures disclosed yesterday. The volume of Germany s foreign Trade showed a 1.4 per cent i increase during the year but in j ports still exceeded exports by i i 92.400,poo Marks $76,960,-000.> big Relief find Santiago. Chile. Feb. 2.�?up a president Pedro Aguirre Cerda today asked the chilean Congress to set. Up a 2,500,000,000 peso $125,000,000 fund for Relief and rehabilitation of last week s earthquake zone whore estimates of dead run As High As 30,000 persons. Congress was expected to Grant his request without Hes ration. Bobe to Wells Raleigh. Feb. 2.�?up a the farm Security administration has awarded contracts for Boring of to Wells at Wolf pit farms near and for construction of a Peanut warehouse on la Roanoke farms project halite Coil qty. The healer Well Compaq in of Raleigh was Low on the "�?T11 and a. M. Atkinson of Enfield Quot a to wat $3,3 4 5 on the Peanut Ware House project. 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