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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 1, 1939, High Point, North Carolina E ale r Cloudy ail warmer tonight. The High Point Enterprise Hilt Industry ii i High Point Otic Opportunity for year around v vol. 55�?no. 52 member associated press High Point n. A. Wednesday afternoon. Ferri Ary i. 1939 Complete sea service Price five ask open foreign policy last minute bulletins wed by Sono London Reb. I. Map a i Tain a plump Little air Mlls a sir Kingsley Wood Sang a god save the King to Stop a of Litreal Brawl last night. Then e fuelled out the door. Officials blamed followers of f the fascist sir Oswald Mosley or the disturbance in Lime ouse town Hall. Hissing started when sir Kingsley praised Premier Ham Terlain toy balloons sailed into he air when he spoke of a your Albion barrage defense Sya pm. Fireworks exploded. Some Aneed. Some Sang. A conservative party member hosted from the platform a you Oley the fight began Fen started for the platform. Or Kingsley Sang. Employee s error results in loss of $1000 to City Florida buyer at local Market a red radio London feb. I. Map a he British broadcasting co rotation derided today to ignore warning by Chancellor Hitler hat a Elf broadcasts sent from Ertain foreign countries to Germany do not cease we will in end official circles said that there Vas no intention of Dise Onton a the rec nightly news bulletins in German. I ant Elk dood Galveston tex., feb. I. A four Lusty lunged girl shies made their Entrance into he world today and physicians a ave them an excellent Chance o live. The babies weights ranged rom 3 34 to 4 pounds 9 ounces. The Mother mrs. A. E. Bad a Cut so. Wife of a construction company Foreman was also reefed doing Well at St. Mary a nil Mary. A blood transfusion As Given her As a protective ensure. Or. A. J. Jinkins the attend no physician possibly was astonished As the parents at the truth. Preparations had been Wade for the arrival of triplets Hospital attendants said. A a a a a a a a a a tobacco exports How in a ederal reports British manufacturers i Ere buying to replenish lowered stocks Washington feb. ill Quot by of n. In a1 reputed Toda it that sex Ort of flue cured tobacco Dut pkg the last six Montip of i Lilied 256 562,823 pounds Coin lured with 231,262.679 in the i Marahar period in i a a the Bateau said this increase us Dike principally to purchases r British manufacturer to re punish inc is consequently hic port rate May not continue Dur a the nest few Mouths it said. Exports to China the second do important foreign Market r United states flue cured totem. Have been larger so tar the Batteau estimated that Doest in Fob tits i Ion and exports if flue cured tobacco huh season on id be about the same As last a son s 783.600,000 pounds. This Ould be about equal to the 1938 eduction the Bureau said. From in ii54.500,000 pounds on the corresponding Date in 1037.the Bureau said the Long time it Loo for the demand and con ump Iod of dark Type tobacco continued unfavourable. Factors to which it attributed he poor prom it. I in-1 ii to d a Poi i Tiv id sin 11 to Quot d v a Lade from the lighter Milder to last Jos and the continuation of Vetre Trade barriers pud big ii Sivels of production of competing yes of Leaf in foreign countries. The Bureau said that the Indue for the 1938 crop of dark yes would be consider Dix i s Han that of the 1937 crop Bose of a combination of Lowes and a sharply reduced pro ton. A. Is estimated to be Ltd a it than ii , Pound \ a the nearly i 2<uiohim o Pound i . Tile ail cured i cop a situated at 37,900.000 Pound Din pared with 4 7.1 of too in s it a prices of the fire cured types averaged 10.7 cents a Pound on he 1937 crop Atid s.9 cents on he air to ii red t yes. Crisis nears in fight on budget Issue i Nav Oracle report Iii anti diversion Bill by Senate committee Raleigh n. C., feb. I. A up a the Senate finance committee by an overwhelming majority unfavourably reported today the Quot Good roads Bill introduced in the legislature to pledge the Assembly against any Highway fund diversion. The Senate portion of the joint finance committee met earlier than representatives who have an identical Bill. Senator Larkins of Jones made the motion for an unfavourable report which usually Means a Bill i is dead. Senator Hatcher of Burke made i a substitute motion proposing a favourable report. He got no second. On the Larking motion hat Cher cast the Lone negative vote. I later after senator Umstead of i Orange arrived at the committee meeting another vote was taken i and Only senators Hatcher and Umstead opposed the unfavourable report. Umstead indicated he might take the fight to the floor on a minority report which would require a two third favourable vote i to be considered for debate. The Senate at a Brief mid Day cession set for special order at mondays session three Bills to Amend Laws on unemployment compensation so As to cover seasonal Industry give employers tax reduction if they stabilise employment. And provide new Scales of i Benefit payments. The House received front rep i Resen Talve Tompkins of Jackson la Bill to appropriate 930,000 for a soil poisoning program for Jap i anese Hettle control. The Bill said a Plant quarantine would he in a pose d unless the state takes some action. Representatives working on election Laws indicated they were determined to revise present voting statutes. More than a dozen Hills introduced to prohibit Absentee voting in individual counties got favourable reports with the chairman being advised to withhold them from the floor until a state wide Bill is devised and act and upon. Work was started on a state wide Bills. Son 200 cosmetologists after i warm argument succeeded in getting a Senate judiciary committee i to report unfavourably a Bill to re a write Laws on practice of cosmetic arts. The joint agriculture sub committee working on elimination of alleged duplicating services by the Extension and agricultural departments heard representatives of hog marketing cooperatives oppose any change. A hearing on a Hill to abolish capital punishment was postponed until next week. The joint appropriations Cornin ii tee. Already having Cut approx i nations recommended by the budget commission by $25 7,000, i resumed its work this afternoon. I the Gardner Bill to Amend statutes on motorists stopping after an Accident involving properly damage was enacted into Law. Senators concurring in a House amendment. Senators killed the Bain Bill to prohibit Sale or discharge of fireworks at Christmas. City laurels Street assessment because employee Hail told purchasers it As paid a clerical employees unintentional error Cost the City of High Point a Little More than $1,000 today. Uncle a decision of the City Council made this morning on recommendation of its Law committee the City released without assessment a tract of property on which Street assessments including principal and interest amounted to a Little Over $1,000 because a clerk in the tax department had told purchasers of the property that the Street assessments had been paid. The bad condition of the Street assessment records was held partly responsible for the error and mayor c. S. Grayson took occasion to comment that similar errors in the past have Cost the City hundreds of dollars. J. B. In Ovelace representing r. Boyce purchaser of certain pieces of property on Cable Street appeared before tile Council and declared that prior to the Sale of the property he l. J. Fisher attorney and Henry v. Koonts real estate dealer had been told by Lewis Bennett former employee in the tax department of the City that no Street assessment were due on the property in question. Or. Bennett he declared had Given him a written statement about the Street assessments but having his attention for the moment diverted by something else had forgotten to fill out the signed slip completely. However he added or. Bennett later signed an affidavit to the effect that he had intended to Complete the written slip to the effect that Street assessments had been paid a later checkup revealed however or. Lovelace pointed out that Street assessments in the sum of $716 plus interest were due on the Wren arts City attorney Grover it Jones said that the City a Street assessment record were in Quot bad conditions and that codification of them is needed. Councilman f. Logan Porter. Sr., joined with him in urging the Council to take immediate action to prevent a recurrence of such a loss to the City and the Council instructed to the Law and finance committees to work out with the c Ity i Anaider a More Businesslike method of handling the records and to make the City collector responsible. The Council then released the property of or. Boyce from payment of the assessment and c barged the Cost to experience. The councilmen approved segregation of Street assessments on the Morton property on West Green Street and that on property of Charles Barrier and a. E Taplin on Woodlawn dive provided the assessments on the latter ire paid As stipulated in an agreement. Approval or disapproval of maps subdividing property of r. Ii. I jew and h. 8. King Between South main and South Wrenn streets and property of r. F. Kearns Between Green and Russell streets was deferred. A Quot a forced to adopt weapons of War assistant Secretary of Viar says i Uit cd states has no other Choice Charles f. Helmly left of the i. A Helmly furniture company Miami fin., is shown Lier talking to George h. I Eagle Florida representative of the Continental furniture company Center and Fred v. Tate rigid president and treasurer of Continental. I Small orders placed at furniture Market with Iii persons registered at noon marts total attendance thus ear is past 2,250 Day the rut mar it nth it saw an attend 14 4 buyers by noon today considerable number of others i parted during the afternoon. Business was not on any Boc basis but a steady amount trading majority of which w in Small orders was noted. Exhibitors Are looking to fairly Good Day tomorrow with a decided tapering off on Friday when exhibitors and buyers alike will look Forward to the closing of the Winter show on saturday. Thus far the Market has held up exceptionally Well with exhibitor a literally pleased by the i amount of transactions and the distribution of business. Today a attendance through noon pushed i the total registration for the two weeks Market thus far to More than 2,250. Washington. Feb. I up a Louis Johnson assistant Secretary of War declared today the United states was forced to Arm a against those who Are determined to dominate world affairs by military i Secretary Wallace reported today the administration s defense that a to hour conference with program he told a radio forum senators and representatives from of the general federation of to Southern state had failed to pro men s clubs is the nations sole Duce a definite solution for the Road to safety in a disordered huge Cotton surplus problem. I a who agreement reached in farm help conference Washington Fob. Pill him. Ills a Berlin. Feb. pm the in a love mental refugee com in ii a delegation headed by 1 1-Ctoi George Rublee planned to turn to London tonight but Bra cited silent on the outcome f its talks designed to remove on Ary ans from Germany. Ivy let of i n i Ion Goldsboro Fob. pm Iff jeers and executive committee embers of Tim n of ii Carolina Araca Phi Cathca Union have Hil actively fixed april 14, 15 and 6 As the dates for the annual invention which will to held hit year. A different senators presented their different proposals but there was no definite agreement a the Secretary of agriculture told reporters. Senators who sat Iii the closed conference said Wallace had agreed to meet again tomorrow with the chairmen of the Senate and House agriculture committees senator Smith dec and representative Jones a Texin an attempt to draft legislation. In another part of the Capitol today seventeen senators opened Public hearings on their Quot Cost of production Bill As a substitute for the present crop control act. To talk pea mtg Raleigh. Feb. a3 a officers of county farm bureaus and of Tho Peanut stabilization corporation will meet at Ahoskie at 2 o clock tomorrow afternoon to prepare briefs to be Given a i Gisla Tive committee on Tho need of Peanut research work. World a to some he said a the invasion of America May appear a mad dream hut even they will have to admit that the wild fantasies of yesterday have become the realities of today. A because of our tremendous coastline on two oceans and because of our far Flung possessions in Distant seas we need a Navy second to none. A because of our responsibilities to the Western hemisphere under the Monroe doctrine we need a powerful air noting that president Roosevelt a defense message to Congress emphasized increased air Power and Modem equipment Johnson said a the air plane has become a psychological Factor that no nation can afford to ignore. Whether the fear for its prowess is justifiable or not is beside the Point x x x x a an adequate air Force ready at All times to resist invasion e. F. Arnold state farm from the skies will minimize Hys Bureau Secretary said the Peanut Tetia in the face of danger. It growers would appear before the i will give America Confidence to legislators february 7. Resist will take tolls from pay checks of stockholders to eminent proceeding i tier president s suggestion ii that direction Washington feb. I up the House ways and Means committee is fashioning a tax Sieve through which to sift a three billion Dollar pay Roll. It is preparing legislation at president Roosevelt a suggestion for reciprocal taxation of salaries paid to Federal state municipal and county employees. Yet out of the billions Given every year to several million workers in those groups the Federal government expects to collect Only about $16,000,000 of taxes an Purily the reason is that by far the largest group of these state and local employees receives salaries payments. The exemptions More than cover the wages. Into this group fall most of the policemen and firemen and Many thousand school teachers most of the employees in Rural counties the average clerk in City and state offices and quite a few of those with More exalted titles. In some states even the governor would pay Only a Small Federal tax on his salary. Average pay for a governor is $7,837 a year but 33 governors get less. The three highest paid governors Are in new York at $25,000, new Jersey at $20,000, and Pennsylvania at $18,000. The National Low is the $3,000 paid by South Dakota. There is some slight variance in the Agures on How Many persons get pay of one kind or another from the 182,000 different state and local governmental units that Dot the land a All of them with taxing Power of their own. The Treasury Atis the figure in round numbers at 2,600,000. I this is close to the total worked out by the Commerce department but Only a Little Mort than half i As High As calculated of one private study. My 5bt Ere i the i of i rat i Hoey defends taking fund from roads governor discusses Lilly Iii \ jew it if the proposed diversion Raleigh. Feb. t/p had 1 ministration supporters pointed a warning Finger today to governor 1 Hoey a assertion that failure to divert Money from the Highway fund might Lead the state into serious trouble. The governor told the legit Ture last night that school Chil-1 Dren needy aged person handicapped individuals stiffer unless a provision made for the Transfer Dor next 30 months of $7.< from the Highway to the fund. Legislators who Are openly re voting against the suggested Transfer claim that All Money col-1 looted from a tax on gasoline should be spent for rebid. To that governor Hoey replied i a i am unwilling for some to i Amish and perish while others grow Strong and powerful. Lets i comprehend a Commonwealth of i human beings and visualize our Fluty to predict the whole state a i maintain that the state Owna i the roads the roads do not own i the he asserted that a solicitude has been expressed lest tile roads y i the school Bouses Shalt not be kept in proper repair. I share that solicitude and have provided and am providing the fund i for that purpose. A but what shall it profit the children to have a Road to the school House of there is to Money to run the school Quot tile governor facing his first i major legislative revolt since he was inaugurated two years ago spoke in the crowded Hail of the i House a number of persons in the Balcony wore red ribbons on i which was printed Quot oppose Hoey said he gladly would defend the states policy in applying Hie sales tax to gasoline to the extent necessary to meet the appropriations if the general fund should prove insufficient for the purpose. A that policy a governor Hoey explained a is no diversion of tile Road fund. It is the safest Way to protect the roads from real Di-1 version. Why do i say this because when you once begin Levy i log a direct tax on gasoline for i general purposes the Way is open and the bars Are Down and there will be constant increase. A the present policy has Heel established for four years and it sets a definite limitations the amount of the sales tax wit ii the provision that none will be used unless needed and under the same Law none has been used la this he asserted that anti div it i St is were a exec Polonis tsp a or they did not want the Sal applied to the gasoline a they Are asking special for a special class and Are Trade Likely to take nazi first place Hitler s determination to increase foreign business appears Berlin. Feb. apr it became increasingly apparent today that Chancellor Hitler determination to increase German Trade might rut nazi political demands temporarily in second place. While the press kept up the colonial arguments which Hitler strongly advanced in his Reich Stag speech monday night the economics ministry concentrated on the More immediate question of Export. It was announced German and British Industrial representatives would meet in Dusseldorf feb. 28 to consider Mutual Trade and economic problems the British minister of overseas Trade indicated last night that a British German agreement to end conflict in world Trade might be reached upon a lessening of International tension a German representative departed for Moscow and usually informed germans hinted at the possibility of Trade or political negotiations. Economics minister Funk began conversations with the czechoslovak Trade minister. A visit to a brix Ivian air Force commission and the arrival of the new mexican minister Jeu. Juan f. Accurate later. Thin month were seen As indications of improving relations with the latin american Bun tries Trade with which Hitler warned the United states not to interfere. There was speculation in banking and Trade circles without any official interpretation of his new duties that or. Hjaltar so Bach i might become Germany so sales upon his removal last month As economic finister the financial r was delegated to a special Hitler made the need of Export a question of life for the nation in his Reich Stag address. Germany must a Export in order Idaho senators planes ill with Grippe l Story touches off fireworks opposition in Congress wants to know More of president s purpose r i b of Mau foodstuff i haul. Made Sion aug i in % und continued on Cage by a Ade the and Fiance for return of germs nyx War lost colonies. But he said this question could not cause a War and he went further to state that the Export question was the More anime the press gave prominent display o report of prime minister Chamberlain s speech in which he offered to negotiate upon evidence of deeds along with Friendly words in favor of peace. Comment however was Brief and general and an official spokesman said the foreign office Etui a studying the text. May Lead to tit Kaiv by u itt Hancock London. Fob. a a hint that Adolf Hitler a Reich Stag speech might Lead to a Gor Man British Prate in world Trade Wii adva a cd Day a the Cabinet studied reaction to Premier Chamberlain cautious proposal for a limitation of world armaments. The suggestion of an end to Trade warfare came from Robert Spear Hudson Secretary of the overseas Trade department who two week ago a smiled the barter system Germany uses to go business a a a reversal to the practice of the Middle both Germany and England Aie now in bitter contest for the markets of Southeastern Europe. Hitler in his exposition of the German need of Trade to feed his people declared a we Nfn to Export or die a and Hudson if an address last night declared Quot that his phrase was a one of the most continued on Page 2 a a a a a a a merchant loses Appeal to court Belk Chain held to be included in tile Chain store lax of stale Raleigh feb. I. A 4/p a the state supreme court ruled today that the a a Belk stores were subject to North Carolina s Chain store tax. In one of 4t opinions the tribunal held that the 1933 Legislatures a enlargement and expansion of the Revenue act was clearly Cinadr for the purpose of bringing the a Belk stores and others similarly situated within the Purview of the Chain store License directly involved was $3,620 Hie a Belk system paid under protest As the tax for the 1 933-34 fiscal year and t. Wade Benton. Assistant attorney general said the stores now would be subject to the Levy for the years since that time. In another opinion the court granted a new trial to Glenn Maxwell sentenced to die for the murder of Charlie Shepherd in Alleghany county. Just before handing Down Tim opinions the court adjourned ii tall session leaving four other cases for a later opinion Date. The Spring term will begin tux1 tuesday. William Eborah Washington. Feb. I. A up a senator William e. Borah entered emergency Hospital today i suffering from a a very severe Case of the 73-year old Dean of the Senate was taken to the Hospital in an ambulance accompanied by i mrs. Borah and or. Worth Dan a iel8,�?~ his physician who declined i immediate comment on the senators condition. I the Idaho senator was heavily i wrapped in blankets and was car i ried into the receiving room by attendants. Clan seeking Justice for abused woman Mountain Folk of new York deeply inter Tel in criminal trial new City n. Y., feb. Us it pjs grimly Bent on seeing a Justice done by our a Otlie a a a crowd of hamper Mountain a abit dwelt Ere. Some in Gingham dresses and a Coonskin Caps. Cam to tile Rockland county courthouse today Tor the trial of Albert Allen 30, of Mahwah a j., on a 29, v a our the comp was mrs. Lottie Conklin i Mother of five child a. Restrict attorney Ger re Dorsey a d Allen was captured by a posse of Deputy ?hrriff.-, and state police after mrs. Conk i tin complained of being the target of a g in Point assault two i months ago in the two Story log Cabin on a winding Mountain Trail near Suffern n. Y., where she lived with her husband. Eugene and Kinfolk. The locale a within a few hours of manhat in squad today the whole Mountain clan too Strong turned out. As the selection of jurors began feed Conklin. 63. Father in Law of mrs. Conklin became a figure of interest when he told How he had a just got undressed and gone to bed before the alleged assault look . Asked How Long it took him to perform that bed time operation Conklin drawled a ooh. A bout 15 or 20 seconds la just took my a hots simple ceremony for the fascist anniversary by Cha it Lek in Guptill Rome. Fab. Premier Mussolini paid ceremonial homage to fascism a Black shirt fighters in Spain and reviewed 20,000 Framst militiamen today Wilhoit indicating on what front they might fight again. I la Duce refrained from saying a even a few words to his follow Era As he distributed medals to i the survivors of Spanish and ethiopian War dead in services Jai the great National Monument beside the Piazza Venetia and i later watched the troops ii i past in the Broad via Nazionale. The events were in Observance of the Leith a Mil a i nary of the i fascist militias organization. Consider How War May be carried on in Spain i Figueras Spain feb. I. By Currier to the French Border a a i i pm the parliament of government Spain a the Corte a assembled today for a secret session to display its determination for continued resistance to the insurgents. Tile parliament was convoked a somewhere in Catalonia just behind the Battlefront in northeastern Spain where tile government succeeded in establishing its lines after last week s rout from Barcelona the former capital. The Agenda and the exact time and place of the meeting were kept secret lest insurgent air raiders break up the proceedings and lid Al xer the lives of Gover sch Kuner beheaded Berlin. Feb. I i re ii St Haffner a in Tom cd i november 18 for beheaded today. Washington feb. President Roosevelt s reported willingness for the United state to sell War materials to democracies in Europe touched olt Republican demands today for full pub Kiclty on the administrations foreign policy. A there is no precedent in history for taking such liberties with the internal affairs of other people a said senator Lodge in mass in calling for Light to be shed on the Treasury a stabilization fund. This fund is used to help keep the Dollar stable in relation with foreign currency. Senator Austin Levi demanded that ail committee hearing dealing with neutrality foreign policy and National defense a opened to the Public. By throwing open these hear lugs Austin said a we do not lined to Burn our Bridges behind us a Austin spoke after senator Reynolds dec announced be had ready for introduction a Biti to provide for military training of youths in the civilian conservation corps. The idea of Selling planes to foreign Powers which oppose the threat of aggression by dictatorships met a varied reaction. Accounts some in conflict with others of what the president said to members or the committee yesterday continued to dribble out to the pres and Public causing lib i Tat Ion abroad in the democratic state Aud condemn Hon in Germany and Italy. The military commit iceman. Who asked anonymity said or. Roosevelt a discussion with the committee of this country s policy of permitting sales of air plane to France had made it Plain the president was committed to a course of allowing other nations to obtain War supplies in this country As Long As they could pay Cash. The senator said the conversations had entered on the dem totalitarian countries which be said were referred to As a Independent states a and had not Bee confined to England and France. One conflict of opinion Over what was said concerned How Tai the president had gone in outlining the foreign policy involve one member of the com in utes led the ditto d said de is event of ices of Tbs e in Frau pm in dense labor act under new a. Danger resort that Green Torres Arr Coneen inning for attack Aid that As he i men i 84 i i full f on id cd that. In the Orrid athe from jolted states w Ould i two other Cor ii in Rte Mph Ticay h Tow eve a resident had said >9 Miami. The a Mer Bor was lab f. Com a i., feb. I. A up a federation of Lawn reported concentrate us y on a Campaign to mob Hist strength of its affiliated a amp betting the federations e for revision of the National or relations aet. A Illian Green the Alf pres indicated ail National and National unions with a claim membership in excess of 3,-000,000 workers would be asked to support the revision drive already underway in Congress. Gre a himself aides said will appear before Senate and roust com Mil tees handling the amendments to explain Why the fed wants the Law revised to some of the National dilation boards Powers Rig the last two years the d Erat a Curt a Bor t do Alfha become an increasingly bitter critic of the Board and in recent months has charged the Board and its staff with Blas in favor of John l. Lewis rival Cio. Tit France puts Spanish refugees at hard work in edibles s. Foltz or. Perpignan France feb. I. Up France unwilling Host to thousands of Able bodied hut was weary spaniards began today to put to we Ork those who inured to return to Spain. The to 200 Spanish gov Ernst sent army deserters sent to the site of the French Coneen Tulion amp at Aige ies sur Mer discovered they had to build it. A Tough Mobile guard Captain gave the 200 a Brief introduce i tory talk in Spanish on that wasteland at Angeles where they found Wood for the Barracks to House them and barbed wire for once to enclose them. A gentlemen a maid the Captain a you will he fed Well and lodged Well. But you must work for it j \ Fin ate now in France nor i Spain Aud Long a you Ria la Quot. I w la lie re ii Lect cd t French military 4i�ciplm6.�?�

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